17 November 2010

Doshy - Scatter remixes EP (Robox Neotech)

Doshy - Scatter Remixes EP (Robox Neotech)
Release date: 7.12.2010

Doshy - Scatter Remixes EP is a perfect, versatile and powerful release
10 out of 10*** in Doktor Krank's personal ranking!

Robox Neotech is THE LABEL OF THE FUTURE. Trust my werd! Music they serve is soooo refreshing, mind-boggling, full of this kinky, bleepy, twisted lazers and sick beats, dipped in hard to describe RAW, post-industrial spices.  Future beats attacking the listener with full force, engaging all your senses and making your wetware circuitry go high high high with liquid, digital emotions. Just listen to the latest offering from Robox Neotech - Scatter Remixes EP. I liked the the original EP  by Doshy a lot, but these remixes really made my jaw drop low low low.

Super talented beatmakers from across the world, some of whom I have covered recently on my blog - including Rudi Zygadlo, Pixelord, Lakritze, Democracy,Halp & Coco Bryce, Monky, P45, Zeno and Doshy himself plus the rest of the robot gang (new to me), delivered a bass-heavy, lazerized, neon-synth bomb glittering with bold, fantastic ideas built on a stomping, ass-twisting beatz.

There is not a single weak track on this release, but at least a few masterpieces like Sunset's remix by Democracy which was the love from the first hearing a few weeks ago, it has probably the best synths I've heard this year. For real - just listen to them - it's a work of art! I want moar Democracy :) Halp & Coco Bryce brought the title track Scatter to yet another level of electro frenzy. Oh boy, they know how to handle their gear. Rudi Zygadlo's improvisations and vocal samples in Space Attack are top-class. Curtamos refixed Chip into slow-burning sub-bass monster, while Pixelord treated the same track with even more 8-bit chipness and great, overwhelming synths. Tip! Monky in his spacey remix and Zeno in a more drilling, angry rework of Chip did equally good job. Lakritze in his Battleship remix glitched up and slowed down the Space Attack to the max creating a brutal soundtrack to your worst nightmares. VIP version of Space Attack is simply amazing and in the package you will also get a few Doshy's collaborative tracks with a duo of French producers Esia (who is singing on Side on Music and Take Me) and Didjelirium. All proper quality again.

Robot Neotech with this release catapulted itself very high on my personal list of best labals out there. These dudes share like 99,99% of music taste with me!
Robox Neotech were kind enough to drop a few high quality tunes from this EP to be posted on my blog for you to download and f***g destoy your neighbors with this sound of the future.

Doshy - Space Attack (Rudi Zygadlo Remix)
Doshy - Space Attack (VIP)
Doshy - Chip (Monky Remix)
Doshy - Sunset (Democracy Remix)

Preview the entire set below. The official release date is December, 7th 2010. You better start scraping monies - you know you'll want this release badly when the right time comes!

Rbxep16rmx - Doshy - Scatter Remixes by Robox Neotech

Watch out for new stuff coming from Robox Neotech labs -

Demokracy - Wintermute Single and Double Star EP will drop soon, including rmxes by Zet., Coco Bryce, Bass Science,Montgomery Clunk, Doshy, Stagga and more... Holy shit, can't wait! Nasty Nasty (yes!!!!) will drop more ill goodies on Robox Neotech soon. CRYPTICAL from France - fresh beats to be heard on R/N soon.

New additions to R/N roster: Damscray from Russia and p-fang from USofA (check his creepy mix on my blog)