25 November 2010

Heavy bass vs. glitch hop, with occasional beatz mega post

Interesting mixes have been accumulating on my hard drive incessantly, now is the time to share some of them with my readers. I highly recommend checking all of them - they are creme de la creme, the best part, and just a small fraction of what I listen to daily :)) Most of the tracklist at the bottom of the stage "after the jump".


 Let's start from some serious mind-boggling beatz served by Project Mooncircle in their Neumond (New Moon) podcast - Episode 2. Project Mooncircle is one of the best, most eclectic, versatile, open-minded labels out there, their podcasts are quality, as a rule! This episode gives you an insight of upcoming or latest releases and is crowned by interviews with Robot Koch, Dday One & Jinna Morocha. The show includes new exclusive tunes of fLako, Daisuke Tanabe, Ichiro_, Pavel Dovgal, Pixelord (Error Broadcast), Comfort Fit, Robot Robinson, Ital Tek, Graciela Maria, Killing Skills, Sense Of The Q4, Sotu The Traveller, Kan Sano, Glen Porter, DZA, John Robinson and the Finest Ego + Cosmopolyphonic compilation etc.


XLII and Broken Haze aka Raid System with November's show for Rhythm Incursions. As usual - super eclectic selection of heavy-bass, funky & stomping beats covering very broad range of music from e.g. Siriusmo or Bomb Zombies through Lazer Sword, Sub Swara, Kraddy to Halp (Leek is a f...g monster of the tune!!!), Skrillex, Terror Danjah, Powel, Girl Unit and BD1982. I would definitely want to see them performing live and driving the the crowd mad. They know how to do it.  


Pressha from Seattle delivers a mix for Simplify Recordings which is full of smashing tunes by the hottest midtempo / glitch hop producers, incl. Samples, Marty Paryt, Mimosa, Knight Riderz, Mattb and tons of Love & Light tracks. For me, personally the absolute highlight of this mix (as well as Acid Crunk vol. 3 comp) is Dirty Money - by An-Ten-Nae f. Soom T. What a beautiful riddim!!!!! Pressha has a unique gift of mixing quite a hard stuff into super funky, ass-shaking ride skilfully balancing hard stomp vs. softer touch. IMHO his best mix up-to-date. Highly recommended for any fan of modern heavy bass music!!!


More midtempo bonanza in a mix by Psymbionic, who apart from being a producer and DJ, co-runs a very successful blog. Bwom Beats crew writes about the 2nd installment in their mix series: "This is a juicy mixtape that is 1/3 purple crunk lovestep, 1/3 glitch hop, and 1/3 dubstep by our own Psymbionic. What starts off slow and sexy soon drops you into a heavy boomer of a mix that will make you swoon and/or grab your nuts. John has been honing his style and styling his sounds since coming onboard and has definitely dialed in a good one so far. The mix has a lot of primo stuff from a lot of upcoming producers, so check this one out." Agree 100%. Don't sleep on this mix peeps.

Look out for upcoming remixes by Psymbionic for Ben Samples (Daly City Records) and Mindelixer (Abstract Logic Recordings). Tour dates can be found at http://psymbionicmusic.com/


Samples live at the DBS 3 Year by bensamples

Glitch hop / dubstep gonzo - Ben Samples in a special live set at the 3 Year Anniversary of Denver Bass Squad. You know what's the score :) Liquid, heavy, distorted bass, tons of sick synths, and serious head-nodding bizniz! A MUST! The mix was exclusively featured on a new blog covering similar music niche as yours truly's blog. Go check Sub-synthesis to mine for some midtempo, lazer, crunky goodies.

Glitch-Hop.pl Podcast #02 by Niño by Mash Machine

Beats, beats and more mutant beats in a second podcast for glitch-hop.pl site by Nino, hailing from Barcelona, Spain. Shlohmo, Swede:Art, Robot Koch, Mweslee, HudMo or sick remix by Slugabed of Melkeveien vs. Niño's tune Yo!. What else can you wish from a good mix :)  Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Aural Frequencies - 2010 Digital Mixtape by Carly-D

And now something slightly different. Change of tempo and heavier slabs of sub-bass in straight-in-yer-face mix by the champion of dubstep sound, DJ and Producer, Miss Carly-D from Oakland, USofA.

This is a set that was recorded live at GruntWorthy Wednesdays on November 17th 2010. It's about 50% Dubstep, 40% West Coast Purple Future Bass, 10% Drumstep. 100% Sexy. Sit back, relax, & enjoy the aural frequencies. :) Features tracks by Carly-D, Dr.Knobz, Doug Surreal, DCarls, Stephan Jacobs, +Verb, Sugarpill, Samples, Subscape, Phear Phace, Kill Paris, Shredexx, Brent Still LIfe, Kito & Vaccine, Rob Sparx, Skism, Doctor P, Nit Grit, NastyNasty, Gangwarz, Obsidian, Ruckus & Roke, JMagic & Wickaman, Stylust Beats, ChrisB, Ceeker, Pendulum, Rob Swire, Bassnectar, Willy Whompa, & Alexandre.


La, la, la, la la funky la la la la. Soft, warm, melting soul electronica from Souelance, i.e. a combo of French producers Soulist and Fulgeance. Vintage sound from vintage mix series. Each and every La Mixette is booooming and unique. Apart from downloading this fresh mixtape, I highly recommend checking La Mixette back catalog on Musique Large. TIP!


I hope you managed to get to this point of my post, where I will present the last mix for today. BARTEL's music has been described as haunting, yet melodic; down-tempo, yet driving. Swelling ambient soundscapes meet with deep glitch cuts,while a dub sensibility keeps it all sounding like a distant memory. More to the the point, the Bartel aesthetic explores the intersection between ultra-modern synthesis, location recording, and experimental sound design; encouraging an approach to song writing which is both technical and cinematic. Bartel has presented their work in a live setting all over North America

Bartel did a promo mix to promote a forthcoming show with Babe Rainbow (WARP) and Vincent Parker from Canada. The mix features such artists as Fulgeance (in a great Hueas remix), Vincet Parker (great remix by homies from Australia - Blunt Instruments, Babe Rainbow, Acidwolf, Raime, and Bartel himself. Great synth-driven electronic trip, worth your time and ears.