02 January 2011

Inaudible - Feed me your email EP

Inaudible is a glitch hop / heavy bass / wonky / dubstep producer from UK with a few nice releases in 2010. His latest trune, Quiet Addict  from his Feed me your email EP was a surprising hit of the end of 2010 here in DrKrank's camp, making it immediately to the top tracks of 2010. I have been humming to myself "Small beautiful quiet addicts" for days now and don't see an end to this little, perverted addiction. From the opening notes this slow-burning, hot and dark roller spins fat beat and sick, deep, heavy bass in all directions simultaneously to the mesmerizing vocalizations which will hook you instantly. You will with this track never to end. Inaudible himself describes this track as follows: "tastes like a slow shot of skag in your eyeball, or a dubstep number featuring an eerie vocal hook over a bubbling 8 bit lead and crackling percussion." Ha, ha can't disagree indeed.
The second tune Carnival is a similar offering. Powerful, glitched up 8-bit bleeps and twisted synths riding on a heavy slabs of bass in a kind of slow-mo dubstep meditation. Inaudible illustrated his track with a nice video:

All in all, great piece of intelligent, original and eclectic heavy bass music which I can only heartily recommend to any open-minded listeners. Don't miss this EP - buy it via Inaudible's bandcamp.and get addicted!

Inaudible was kind enough to give away Quiet Addict for free!  Grab this masterpiece and get addicted!