29 June 2011

Damscray - Blot Method EP (G5 Music 003)

Damscray - Blot Method EP (G5003)
Distribution worldwide: Alpha Pup
Artwork by Michael Elkeslassy

1. Sandworm
2. Blot Method
3. Headplate
4. Bug Detector
5. One Finger Punch
6. The Rhythm Room

[G5003] Damscray - Blot Method EP by G5 Music


Damscray (Albert Khasanov) from Russian Super Bass Duo, Demokracy, has just released his solo work - Blot Method EP. Another sure winner from Siberian Label, G5 Music, distributed worldwide by Alpha Pup. If I am to describe this versatile release in one sentence, I'd say this is oriental music produced by a modern shaman for all mechanical beings. I read a lot of SF stuff and I can easily imagine this music as a perfect score to stories about intelligent AI's in post-human starfaring reality. This is as soulless, cold and nerdy as electronic music can ever be, yet full of 'emotions' but of more teethgritting, aggressive and synthetic type. Which I really like! All humans are indeed robots but built with organic matter :) As a matter of fact, most humans live their entire lives in robotic stupor, fed with media celebrity pulp, never stepping out of their reality tunnels manufactured by the Mainstream Totality. Unfortunately, most of such robots will never hear this stuff, which is a real shame.

The beginning and closing tracks staple together four hard, raw and veeeeery digital tunes thrown by Damscray at listeners with enormous and totally consistent power. "Sandworm" makes a beautiful oriental introduction to mechanical heaviness. "Blot Method" and "Headplate" are amazing symphonies of silly hydraulic pistons & gears, with unnverving synths and distorted basslines which any robot would simply love at first hearing. Steampunk par excellence! A f***k anthem and my personal highlight, "Bug Detector" will not only detect all bugs in your sytem but will definitely teach them how to dance, whereas "One Finger Punch" will punch holes in your mind with every drop and ass-kicking drums.  All ending in a kind of bass-heavy anti-climax in "The Rhythm Room". I strongly recommend Blot Method EP. Don't sleep on this people, one of the best releases this year.

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Bonus tracks by Damscray for free :)


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