21 July 2011

Inaudible - Speakerface (Studio Mix)

Proper bass treat in a mix by UK-based producer Inaudible. One of the best mid-tempo / heavy bass / twisted beatz shit mix I've heard in a while. It is a collection of his own remixes and original tracks. His music just shows that - given an intelligent and skillful producer, who knows how to squeeze proper juice from his machines - the glitch hop with heavy basslines, occasional wobbles and serious distortions do not need to be a boring, repetitious, and straight dumb, filthy affair (like 80% of what is being released or pushed recently under dubstep / glitch-hop / heavy bass tags). No sarcasm intended, just a statement of fact. Unfortunately. Enjoy this mix, it will be a real pleasure for your ears.

Inaudible - Speakerface [StudioMix] by inaudible

Inaudibe - Speakerface Mix (Direct Download).


01. inaudible - Carnival [self release]
02. +Verb - Empty Hearted (inaudbile remix) *unmastered*
03. inaudbile - Pink Metal *unmastered*
04. inaudible - Strong Irrational Fear *unmastered*
05. inaudible - Echo Cahmber *unmastered*
06. Splatinum - Pumpin Quarterz (inaudible remix) [Splatinum Bandcamp]
07. inaudble - Dog Logic [Muti Music]
08. inaudible - Fish Minge *unmastered*
09. inaudible - Lets do a Makeover [Beta Birmingham]
10. inaudible - Storm Therapy [Muti Music]
11. Freddy Todd - Thug Tastic (inaudible remix) [Car Crash Set]
12. inaudible - Game Theory [Car Crash Set]
13. inaudible - Corporate Propaganda [Muti Music]
14. inaudible - Playing in Traffic *unmastered*
15. inaudible - Quiet Addict [Self Release]