03 August 2011

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Atom EP 2011

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Atom EP 2011

03.Proton decay
05.Free Electron
06.Women from Hiroshima
08.Proton decay [Robot Koch Remix]
09.Quarks [Teielte Remix]

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Jakub "NOX" Abroziak is a talented 20-year old beatmaker from Poland. On his Atom EP he offers a fresh mix of spacey post hip-hop beats, strange vocal samples with plethora of bleeps and off-kilter sound effects. Diversity is the key when describing the music of this youngster who explores various paths of electronic landscape, in the end knitting them together into quite interesting and developed compositions. His production skills still leave room for improvement, but he already knows how to build intriguing atmosphere and ear-catching passages ("Atom", "Free Electron" or "Women in Hiroshima")  and is not afraid of more experimental excercises ("Proton Decay" of  "Neutron/Altai"). As a deliciously tasty dessert come two remixes by heavy-weight champions of new beatz from Germany and Poland. Proton Decay's remix by one of my favorite producers, Robot Koch from Berlin, is my personal highlight of the entire release. This guy never disappoints! His music imagination and sensitivity along with the immaculate production always work soooooo well with my emotions. His tunes are simply "touching" for the lack of the better word, and this remix is definitely one of the best I've heard from Robot this year. Teielte from Poland keeps pace with Robert, delivering a nice up-beat refix of Quarks. All in all Atom EP by Nox is definitely worth checking and I'm really proud that more and more artists from my country hit the global (if niche) electronic music circuit with quality stuff.

Jakub Nox Amboziak - Atom EP 2011 by seventeenbricks

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Quarks (official video) from Kamil Macejko on Vimeo.