17 February 2009

Mary Anne Hobbes: West Coast Rocks and Gets Hyp(hy)ed!


Bikini waxing distorted sounds of L0w End Theory bass bin hailing the forthcoming Age of the Nerd …. where all the dots get connected and the momentum is building … welcome to the West Coast!*

* sample of nice quotes from the show :)

Mary Anne Hobbes: West Coast Rocks download

Tracklist in comments section.

Mary Anne Hobbes TV 10-minute documentary shot by MAH from her trip to the West Coast

Mary Anne Hobbes prepared again a delicious treat. In a much too short, two-hour show, she presented a surprising music tapestry and diversity of the US West Coast. Apart from many, great tracks, one can listen to a few interviews and short, but explosive live sets. Big respect for the depiction of this quite young scene (although many of the producers featured in the program have been active for years). In my opinion, the West Cost Rocks! can become for the American scene what famous Dubstep Warz in BBC 1 Experimental Show in January 2006 had become for popularizing the dubstep across the globe.

The cultural mem is spreading sooo fast! And that’s good as I really love what these peeps in USofA are doing right now. It is worth listening to MAH show, not only because of wonderfully diverse, creative and inspirational music, but also to get a feeling of the entire movement, its origins, locations and most of all – the creators who in the interviews show their honest and contagious enthusiasm about the entire scene which definitely is not another fad or hype boosted by marketing specialists, but a genuine, very modern style of music finally gaining the worldwide appreciation it deserved long time ago. Just listen to Flying Lotus, Daddy Kev, Kid Kameleon, Glitch Mob and you will hear what I mean.

The show covered a very broad spectrum of achievements,
…. from more contemplative and avant-garde, and great electronica, infused with dub-tech, jazz, spoken word or glitch elements. It’s worth mentioning here a real icon and institution behind the entire movement, namely Flying Lotus, and other producers such as Vaccine, Daedelus, Jega or Exile…
… to crazy dacenfloor smashing lazer bass / glitch hop and turbo crunk, with energetic live-sets of Glitch Mob from Low End Theory Club in LA and Lazer Sword and Daddy Kev from 103 Harriet Club in SF. Undoubtedly, for me these were the highlights of the entire show. I wish they were a bit longer – but still these few minutes sufficed to make my neck aching with pain from swinging my head to the crazy rhythm, even when listening to it via headphones at work. And I don’t give a damn about my colleagues sitting at the nearby desks looking at me in a strange way – but, what can I do, they listen to a veeeryyyyy different music, ha ha ha. Anyway, „Keep your hands clapping” as Glitch Mob shouts. Other No-Distortion-No-Fun Gods, i.e. Lazer Sword killed me again! I wish I saw them live, finally. California I’m coming! I promise. A trip to Low End Theory and103 Harriet Club for a party moved very high on my priority list of things to do when I finally reach USA (second place, just behind a visit to Spahn Ranch in Death Valley. Well, I have a penchant for a certain, infamous “father” of certain Family). Thanks to MAH’s Report the West Coast appears not only as a capital of dance music in USA - thanks to DANCEFEVER 5000 for this link), but also a real melting-pot full of electronic pearls.

Of course, some of these artists also recycle old or classic tunage (usually hip-hop), cutting it up, reversing and distorting without any restraints, which is a kind of trademark of today’s post-modern music as a whole, but at the same time they bring forth the QUALITY and ORIGINALITY in their productions which is missing soooo much from many other of today’s music scenes. Just for comparison look at the nu-rave/banger/nu-electro, each day one can find on the blogs tones of new tracks, remixes, re-fixes, edits, re-edits and what else, but very little inspiration and originality.

I know and like most of the presented artists, however thanks to West Coast Rocks! I learnt a few names whom I will definitely have on my radar in the future. I think hear mainly about Mono/Poly and TAKE. I do not know how had this happened that I have missed their music so far! Great electronic production, you will have a chance to agree or disagree with me after listening to a few mixes or tracks of the artists from these scene presented below. Another worth mentioning name is Samiyam with a beautiful track 0 Bricks. You’d better memorized these names!

One cannot squeeze the entire scene into a short program, but in my opinion, one producer missing here is definitely Mochipet , (Head of Daly City Records), a volcano of raw energy and creative power, present on the scene for years. His sound definitely fits in the scene along with Glitch Mob, An-ten-nae, Lazer Sword, Nosaj Thing and others.

Most of the artists featured in the MAH’s show are frequently played in the local radio from Oakland promoting the West Coast (and not only) scene, that is - Psyphy Machine Radio. I wrote about the radio on my blog some time ago http://doktorkrank.blogspot.com/2008/11/psyphy-machine-wietne-radio-internetowe.html

Best tracks of the set (apart from the smashing live sets):
Mono/Poly - ‘Red & Yellow Toys’ (Dubplate)
MIA & Rye Rye ‘Tictok’ [Ant-Ten-Nae remix] (Dubplate)
Architeq - ‘Sleeping Bear’ [TAKE Remix]
Daedelus - ‘Touchstone’ [Jimmy Edgar mix]
Ghosts On Tape - ‘Mogadishu Nightlife’ (White label)
Samiyam - ‘Bricks’ (Dubplate)
Nosaj Thing - ‘Coat Of Arms’ (Alpha Pup) – (anthem of the Low End Theory scene)
Sonido Del Principe - ‘Cartagena’ from the compilation album ‘Bersa Discos 4′ (Bersa Discos) (check this blog !!!!! – great heavy bass track heavily influenced by ‘Cumbia’.

You will find below a selection of mixes created by the characters portrayed by Mary Anne Hobbes in her groundbreaking music documentary.

Bassnectar – 30 Minute Guest Mix on Breakbeat Show w Jay Cunning 2009-02-10 - great showcase of Bassnectar’s skills. This guy is big! Check his Heads up EP and in particular Beats Antique - "Roustabout" (Bassnectar remix)
Mochipet - Daily City records podcast xlr8r
Great mix. Great music. Glitch hop par excellence. Period. And Michael Jackson’s remix on top of that (which I did not like actually).
And also quite fresh –Memkast by Mochipet
Mono/Poly live set Glitchy, free-jazzy set of distorted soundz and brave sonic excursions.
An-ten-nae – Antennae Dark Side of Dub crazy sound samples from kid cartoons, alternative hip-hop mixed with glitch and strip hop / wonky. Tracklist full of dubstep stars but also Marley, Pink Floyd, and a very nice edit of the hauntingly beautiful track of Gary Jules - Mad World (you definitely heard this e.g. in a cult classic Donnie Darko)
An-ten-nae - Excursions in Acid from a recently released Acid Crunk EP 3 was named the track of the month in xlr8r.
Daedelus - MAH show with Deadelus
Daedelus “Love to make music” Record release party 07 08 08
(Daedelus visited Poland in October last year)
The Gaslamp Killer - Shilo presents: We make it good. Mix Series vol.5
And finally, the classic track from Lazer Sword (or at least one of them – LL) – TITS MONEY

I encourage you to check the music of all the artists featured in the show, search the web, artist myspaces etc. Definitely worth all efforts! )