20 February 2009

Mochipet - Master P on Atari The Mixtape


Mochipet really amazes me. He had a very good 2008, but started 2009 even better, with absolutely head-banging, totally crazy and original mixes for xlr8r, memkast and finally a promo Mixtape accompanying his January's release of Master P on Atari Single (announcing a full-lenth release in April 2009).

One must appreciate fantastic skills of Mochipet dealing with all these tweaks and knobs of his fancy gear. The single is definitely the best piece of music released so far this year. The single includes two tracks which are an ultimate sonic mayhem tools for dancefloors and raves. Raw and freestylish, while at the same time very tightly composed, Master P on Atari kicks the chair from beneath me each time I listen to it (which is quite inconvenient when sitting at your desk in the office), whereas Turbo Thizz Petnation (exclusive track can be found at xlr8r) is pure dopeeee and glitchy heaven with fantastic, turbo-metalic bassline. This combination works for me as nothing else. Go get Master P on Atari. A real value for money, which is not so common recently in this f....g credit-crunch times :)

The release of Master P on Atari Single is accompanied by another gem, namely the Master P on Atari Mixtape. Grab this mixtape, it's free and includes among others the aforementioned Master P on Atari track. It was released in January, but somehow it slipped my radar.

The other higlights include: - FreeBassing 18lbs of Dub with Marvin Gaye with "Hey, Jimmy you goot the smack?" in which you can really feel the pain of junky yearning for her dope. - You got your IDM in my Dubstep - dubstepish show of Mochipet's skills in more darker style. I LIKE! - The Thizzle Dance - great Mochipet's take on Mac Dre classic tune!

I am looking forward to the full-length release by Mochipet in April. I am absolutely positive it will be huge!