27 June 2009


I absolutely love Lazer Sword's crunk aesthetics and brave and uncompromised way in which they 'ride' their gear to produce crispy, multi-layered beats - original, diverse but most of all extremely contagious. On top of that, their use of accapellas is really unparalleled. LL and Lando Kal has just released their new mixtape for nalden.net. Lazer Sword = DOPE SHIT, thus you know what to expect from these guys. They are on a different f..g level, for real! Just listen to this mix, it's a work of art (yeah, I know I tend to overuse this term, but can't do nothing about it when confronted with such music goodies). Hey producers what are you waiting for?

SWEATPANTS MONEY is a stellar mix featuring 26 tracks, including tons of smashing edits and remixes by the duo (just listen to Lando Kal's "Fuzzy Ankles w/ T.I." - best track coming from them, hope to see it released in the near future or Lazer's remix of Vortex Cookies) and serious selection of ultra dope shizz from other artists plus of course acappella's from such names like Ludacris, Jay-Z, M.I.A. & Eazy-E. It goes in a nice package with great artwork. Don't sleep on this. IT'S A MUST FOR ANY CRUNK / GLITCH HOP LOVER!

LAZER SWORD is the duo of San Francisco based LOW LIMIT and LANDO KAL. They like to make music that sounds like your favorite top 40 rap shit chopped up into a tornado filled with razor blades and molasses. Or maybe like Frank Zappa rocking the home made Lil John tank-top at the rooftop party. Ha, ha, ha indeed!


Low Limit released a split vinyl (also available in digital format) recently. Check some info on my blog