12 August 2009


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It is summer but by no means my tracks are on a sunny side of the rainbow. This is more or less what I like most this season to-date. Some of the tracks were probably released earlier, but I’ve heard them just recently.

MOCHIPET – GODZILLA NEW YEAR (DAVID STARFIRE RMX) Best remix on absolutely fantastic Mochipet’s Godzilla New Year’s remix EP. Ultra heavy glitch hop in an oriental sauce. Delicious!!

GS BOYS - STANKY LEGG (LUNICE REMIX) - Lunice is DA MAN, he makes no errors in his remixes! (check it on Sample’s mixtape)

RQM – BARELY EVIL (BIG DOPE P GHETTO NASTY REMIX. F…g bouncy, killing ass-shaking ghetto tech booty

FULGEANCE – ANN ARBOR 4x4 looped synths and infectious IDM melodies. Memorize the name of this French producer – he is on the rise.

ZOMBY – HELTER SKELTER After a listening a few times, this seems to be one of the best tracks on the newest release by one-and-only Zomby (maybe because it reminds Zomby EP most). On the whole I need some time to get convinced about his new album.

FORENSICS - ALL TO WASTE FT. INDI KAUR Beauty lies in the Ear of the Listener! Wonderful and spiritual track. Forensics never disappoints.

DAEDALUS - C'EST SUPER (MICHNA REMIX) Well well well ‘weird’ remix of even weirder song. Quite accessible for a Deadalus track.

CHIP CHOP – LAUNCH BLANK A highlight of the recently released “Motion Sickness” compilation on Run Riot Recordings. Proper glitch action with live drums and infections synths. Intense and deep.

KITIMAT – AMSDN Another killing track from Motion Sickness comp. Wow, this bass is soooooooo heavy. Plus very nice and infectious melody and synth work – spacey dub joint par excellence! (Download Motion Sickness FREE Minimix.mp3 and check the entire compilation as it includes much more goodies)

RUSTIE – BAD SCIENCE I know you’ve heard this track many times but I cant have enough of it and finally Bad Science EP drops on 17 Aug.

BASSNECTAR – COZZA FRENZY This bass will make you scream and shout and kick wild around! Don’t try and drive a car while listening to it! Banging indeed, even if too much on a Rusko tip! Bassnectar did it again!

SABBO (FT. MC ZULU) - SPANISH FLY (NOIZ IN ZION REMIX) Dancehall funky dubstep. I want more!

HOCKEY - SONG AWAY (JACK BEAT'S ANGER MANAGEMENT REMIX) Crispy production and pumping, pounding all-encompasing joint by Jack Beats'. Acid tip again!

MOCHIPET – GODZILLA NEW YEAR (AN-TEN-NAE RMX) Super ill glitched electronica with heavy bassline and fantastic melody. Ask your car’s sound system about the opinion on this track – your car will be delighted!

MIKA - WE ARE GOLDEN (JOKERS OF THE SCENE REMIX). Acid banger of the month!

M83 - WE OWN THE SKY (UDACHI REMIX) Drill core banging dubstep! I feared this track will make holes in my car’s roof and windows will fall shattered… and it begins so innocently.

AN-TEN-NAE – ILL The illiest glitch hop / crunk producer coming back with 5th installment in his Acid Crunk series. BIG!! (a similarity of Ill to his HTL’s remix is no accident)

MAJOR LAZER – HTL (TAMBOUR BATTANT & THE UNIK REMIX) Great bass-heavy and glitchy remix of the remixed-to-death HTL by the French electro outfit Tambour Battant and The Unik

FAUNA - EL ZOMBIE (DISQUE DJ REMIX) (download the entire record of Fauna’s remixes for free) Great cumbia reggae with fantastic synth work and infectious dubby rhythm.

WILEY VS. SKEPTA - TOO MANY MAN (DJ ABSURD FUNKY BASSLINE REMIX) DJ Absurd's refix added more depth to the pretty fast grime flow of the original and the bassline is veeeryyy tasty.

SELF EVIDENT - THE WALK Proper stomping beats with dancehall riddim with great drops, kicks and snares. Dirty bassline and delayed vocals create very dancefloor oriented vibe. I love Canada.

KAT1LYST-STARING BACK AT YOU AS YOU FADE (DE NOVO CREATION CUT) Great glitch hop track of Kat1lyst in a warm and deep edit by De Novo Creation.