12 November 2009

Nasty Nasty - The Reef (incl. Slugabed remix)

Oh boy, this release will be huge. Jasper Reeder aka NastyNasty will soon release a single The Reef on Frite Nite, as a first step to his full-length Kingdom Come. This neon wonky banger is extremely hard to classify, but one thing is certain - it's dirty and big and has a huge effect on the listener (I hope). The package will also include smashing street bass remix by a young UK bad bowy - Slugabed.Cant wait to see this released. Listen!!

NastyNasty - The Reef by fritenite

NastyNasty - The Reef (Slugabed Remix) by fritenite

BONUS (Death Star Rap in Lorn remix):

And I Could Die Tonight (Lorn Remix) by fritenite