28 September 2010

Lazer Sword - Batman EP

Lazer Sword - Batman EP (vinyl and digital)


1. Batman
2. Batman (Lando Kal Remix)
3. Batman (Nguzunguzu Remix)
4. I’m Gone (Low Limit Remix)
5. I’m Gone (Rustie Remix)
6. I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk

Highly Recommended by Doktor Krank - 8 out of 10***

Lazer Sword is exploring new paths of vibrant, mutant beatz in their Batman EP which is a first step to their final release of full-length debut LP on November, 2nd. I'm grinding my teeth in high anticipation of the sonic boom the super combo will unleash on the public! I have been Lando Kal's and Low Limit's fan for years and during that time the way in which they developed their style, their extra-polished technical skills, their mutual complementarity and eclectic approach to music are simply astonishing. When playing live, either solo or as a duo, they will force everyone to heavy bounce with natural ease through their top selection and MPD wizardry. Give'em a venue, any venue, and they will easily rip it apart :) I lived through such experience during the best gig of my life here in Poland, so trust my werd! Yet, as comes to the music they produce, it is always much much more than simple stomp, bounce, push & kick. Their production skills are impeccable and they are always on a lookout for some fresh, inspiring music patterns which can be squeezed from their fancy machines, while being very open to what is happening on the global electronic scene. Yeah, they have outgrown their pure-American heritage long time ago, and now seem to be more interested in electro / mutant / UK / urban sound. With fantastic effect to say the least.

I wrote about the title track Batman on my blog already, so not to repeat myself I copy & paste my comment: "Batman is a bit different from the usual high-energy electro output of Low Limit and Lando Kal, yet it definitely bears the trademarks of their style - tons of cut-up samples, mutated vocals, cold synths and very distinct micro-beat plus wonky bassline. One can definitely hear further move towards the Europe / UK urban scene (well, to be honest the boyz has followed this direction in their releases for some time already) and Batman easily fits the Glasgow's Numbers profile (what is obvious) as well as L-vis 1990's Night Slugs or some other UK G / future garage imprints"

Apart from Batman, A-side includes two fantastic remixes by Lando Kal and Nguzunguzu. Lando Kal remade the title track into slow burning synth-driven roller, while Nguzunguzu created a great, minimalistic banger with neon synths, fantastic drums, sick button job and distinctive melody line. For me personally - the highlight of this release!  A flip side, or should I write A' side, includes an electro glitch-hop anthem I'm Gone featuring the vocals by bay-area hood-rapper Turf Talk. My car's sound system can't have enough of this track and makes me bounce pretty hard, which would be rather hazardous if not for a high roof in my car :)) Low Limit's remix of I'm Gone is a laidback affair with beutiful synths and spacey loops, while Rustie went into a different direction delivering an angry and raw bombastic dancefloor banger to be digested on proper subs with kilos of Watts. In general, one of the most interesting and inspiring releases this year. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!  


Grab the title track Batman for free via xlr8r and buy the entire release via Stonesthrow and other retailers. It's definitely worth more than 50 cent!