08 September 2010

Lazer Sword - Batman

Lazer Sword has just revealed the first single from their forthcoming and much anticipated self-titled debut LP to drop on 2 November. Batman is a bit different from the usual high-energy electro output of Low Limit and Lando Kal, yet it definitely bears the trademarks of their style - tons of cut-up samples, mutated vocals, cold synths and very distinct micro-beat plus wonky bassline. One can definitely hear further move towards the Europe / UK urban scene (well, to be honest the boyz has followed this direction in their releases for some time already) and Batman easily fits the Glasgow's Numbers profile (what is obvious) as well as L-vis 1990's Night Slugs or some other UK G / future garage imprints. Now, I am even more anxious to hear the entire release, as I believe that Lazer Sword with their sample- and synth-based sensitivity and craftsmanship could bring a lot of fresh air to the growing UK electronic scene, while at the same time transferring some of UK urban sound back to the States. I keep my fingers crossed.   

Batman EP 12" should drop soon on Innovative Leisure with remixes by Rustie and Nguzunguzu.          

Lazer Sword - Batman (via xlr8r)