14 January 2011

Breezblock - Dubstep Warz 5 Years Anniversary

Oh boy, this was THE SHOW. If I am to mention one, single event/phenomenon that hooked me for years with dubstep, this must be the Breezblock Dubstep Warz, the fifth anniversary of which was on 11 January 2011. Yeah, five f...g years with ultra deep sub-bass, syncopated 140bmp beat, half-step, drum-step, grime, wobble and other mutations. And finally, the darkness on the dancefloor and fire in your limbs which you tried forcing to dance to this crazy rhythm. Praise be Mary Anne Hobbs for all the years of support and this particular cult broadcast. I am waiting for another one of such proportions in some other music genre. Nothing in sight yet, sadly. Enjoy the show (on mixcloud or download it via hotfile) - this music has not aged at all, at all!! .....