10 March 2011

Jeremiah Jae - Rappayamatantra EP (Brainfeeder)

Release Date: March 22, 2011

1. The Dirty Collector Pt. 1
2. Kings Bop
3. Guns Go Off (Remix)
4. $easons
5. Raw Tape$
6. Vertical Pupils
7. Stones Passage
8. Glitter Kit

Once in a while I come across the stuff escaping all classifications, hard-to-digest, demanding but delivering quite a unique experience. But it is exceptionally hard to write a few critical sentences about the actual 'songs' I heard in this parituclar case. Rappayamatantra EP, to be dropped March, 22 on the Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label is the debut (if one does not count self-released Dxcne EP which not many people had a chance to listen to probably) by Jeremiah Jae, 21-year old producer and rapper from Chicago whose speciality seems to be serious beatscooking. Yes, his music is cooky, avantgarde, lo-fi trip in the best tradition of plunderphonics (in particular in tracks like The Dirty Collector pt. 1 reminding me of the works of champions of this sound - Negativeland). A patchowork of fantastic strange samples, off-the-beat, mutant hip-hop sonic textures with weird rhyming and vocalizations, experimental jazz improvisations overstretched beyond any limits, synthetizers playing creepy melodies, often mutating into spastic chaos or downright silly rhymes. Actualy, well-controlled chaos rules the music work of Jeremiah Jae, and though this type of experimental, sample based, cut-up approach to production process is nothing exceptional or new, this guy - while drawing inspiration from so many sources - has a rare ability of putting all these pieces into one nearly coherent whole. I really admire his bravery thanks to which he has created a very personal work of art which he nonetheless shares very willingly with the listeneres delivering quite a unique experience. My personal highlights of this EP incl. Seasons and Raw Tapes - probably most accessible and traditional tracks in the set plus totally off-kilter Glitter Kit. This is not an easy music, you would not dance your ass  off to the beat, definitely you would not be able to chill out he he, but I encourage you to give it a try. Such an impressive music erudition at such a young age does not surprise if one learns that his father was a musical director for Miles Davis in the late years of Davis's career and his mother sang gospel. Later this year, Brainfeeder will release Jeremiah Jae's full length Raw Money Raps and I will be eagerly awaiting more weird stuff from this cooky wizardy
Jeremiah Jae visited Poland a few days ago playing together with another heavy weight beatsmith from Brainfeeder roster - Teebs. I couldn't make it (I really really wish I was there) and I believe he gave one-of-the-kind performance...