23 March 2011

Turn On, Tune In, Drop out

I  am currently reading a fantastic book "Entangled" by Graham Hancock, a first fiction work by this controversial and daring explorer of archaic wisdom, hallucinogenic heritage and follower of numerous other paths of non-orthodox science (I highly recommend his opus magnum - Supernatural).  This post is dedicated to machine elves of supernatural dimensions and all adventurers hoping to encounter them during intensive psychedelic trips. Your time will come :)

I will not be very original and start my random selection from the track called D.M.T. by Tidus, an emcee and producer trying to convey dreamy, poetic message working with left-field, hip-hop, psych-rock, jazzy and many others music styles. Interesting.


This one was taken from his full-length album, Absolute Elsewhere which is "a mind trip, one that you wont need entheogens to enjoy". Check this one out - a few really tasty bits for your mind to be found there.

One more tune from Tidus I like:

Tidus-Barrel by oktidus

18-year old Russian beatsmaker - Aleph in the best track of Haunt For Little Blind Fish EP released a few weeks ago on King Deluxe. I am more and more convinced that guys from Russia have some kind of top-secret facility hidden in Siberia where they were busily cooking and breeding super-talented producers for the last few years and recently started releasing them onto the general public to pursue some hidden and very very dangereous agenda :))

Aleph - Astyanax Mexicanus by king_deluxe

Next guy on my list iL from Illinois clearly went overboard many moons ago :) I am still trying to digest his off-kilter beat collages, expect more info on this blog about his latest debut apoLLo1ne3hree on Error Broadcast.

iL - For by Error Broadcast

... and now something completely different .... I fell in love with this tune instantly

Digital Farm Animals - I'll Never Fall In Love by Digital Farm Animals

I could not omit one of the best creators of mental, rocking tunes!!
Slugabed's Rockin U is available as a part of 50-tune package Nihon Kizuna - Compilation of music from worldwide artists donated to help raise awareness and money for the Japan Red Cross in support of the victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit Northern Japan. Be so kind and share some monies with people in need!!


Oh boy, if synths could killl :) Great, uplifting tune by Hyetal taken from his forthcoming album Broadcast on Black Acre Records:

Hyetal - Beach Scene by Black Acre Records

FX-laden twisted button work in + verb remix of Planet Soap's track. Dope and ill bass. I like!

Planet Soap - Escape From Supernova500 (+verb Remix) by +verb