31 May 2011

New beatz - Slugabed, Pixelord, Gladkill, + verb

Preview of the forthcoming Slugabed EP Moonbeam Rider. This guy kills as usual!!! To be released on Ninja Tune next week - I'm positive this will be one of the releases of 2011. Heavy slabs of skweeish lazer synths and talking basslines - I f...g love this sound.


New sick joint from the Lord of All Pixels - Pixelord called Dominator, which you can grab for free from his soundcloud. Future garage / 2-step thing wiht slaying synths and  fantastic samples of one of the best tekno trax ever - Dominator by Human Resource. THE  Anthem of my rave youth played to death at the parties in Warsaw at the beginning of the '90's, later fantastically mashed-up by 2 Many Dj's.

I'm Bigger, and Bolder, and Rougher and Tougher, in other words Sucker, there is no other...no other...I'm bigger,and bolder, and rougher in other words sucker there is no other,
I'm the one and only Dominator, I'm the one and only Dominator
Wanna Kiss Myself ...

dominator by pixelord

+ verb in his typical cyberblapping story with glitchy basslines and robocop melodies. I LIKE!

Yes by +verb

On June, 13th Made in Glitch will release a new EP Lovelost by Gladkill, Siberian born (aha!) and New York raised producer Boris G. Nice trippy heavy bass tune. Can't wait to hear the whole EP.

Gladkill - 'Star Gazing' by madeinglitch