28 April 2009

DNAE Beats - There's a Wormhole in my Bathroom mash for xlr8r

DNAE Beats - There's a Wormhole in my Bathroom xlr8r podcast

Another great podcast from one of the best internet music magazines – XLR8R (well, my favorite one with definitely the best mix series). Bass-heavy, mid-tempo, dubstep blap from DNAE Beats, S.F.-based producer, is an exclusive mashup of tracks off his new release (His latest promo mix, There's a Wormhole in My Bathroom, will drop shortly).

Created for a “dark room and some kinda blue light” (he,he) the mix transports the listeners to the land where powerful sub-bass reigns and mystery lurks in the shadows, while wormholes open up to other, strange dimensions. The power is definitely with this knight of doom as he plays his multi-layered tracks for my and your listening pleasure. One of the darkest and tightest mixes I’ve heard recently. This combination of darkness, dubstep and glitch hop is good for your health! Try it! It's free, and I assure you there are no side effects apart from possible damage to your speakers.

DNAE BEATS remix prepared as a part of the famous remix competition of Mochipet's - Microphonepet release in 2008.