27 May 2010

Robot Koch - Listen to them Fade EP (PMC 060)


BEST RELEASE IN MAY 2010 ---  9 out of 10***

On May 7th, my favorite beatmaker Robot Koch released Listen to them Fade EP (Project Mooncircle). One of the kind, vintage electronica, where dreamy female vocal meets strange sound samples, surfing through the multi-layered, moody compositions to the accompaniment of constantly tempo-changing breaks and totally sick drums and pads (Brujeria, Like Rain). This time analog and organic sounds seems to win the battle with machine keyboards and the result of their fight, the twisted, dark but very very lively beat and dubby vibe has connected with my emotions instantly! This is the record to be fully immersed into, rich with mind flavors and archaic, tribal goodness. As usual in case of innovative style of Robot Koch, this music is hard to describe and extremely versatile, but the artist managed perfectly to keep the entire 6-piece concise and complete. Though I can spot my personal highlights - Brujeria with oneiric singing by Grace and pulsating, dubby bassline which has been on a constant repeat in my player for a month or other-dimensional, trippy True riding on a squashed beat - this is the release to be digested in full from the first unsettling notes of the title track to the surreal sonic jam in Now. Listen to them Fade has been directly influenced by 2 months spent by Robot Koch in Mexico, where he collaborated again with a very talented Mexican singer Grace. I hope they will continue their successfull cooperation in a similarly inspiring environment and the results will be even more astonishing in the full-length album by Robot Koch to drop on Project Mooncircle in October this year.  Can't wait!!

Download a free track from this EP (via xlr8r mag)

Robot Koch feat. Grace - Listen to them Fade

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Robot Koch - Listen to them Fade EP (JUNODOWNLOAD)