12 August 2011

Sector7G - Streets Ahead mix for TFM

I'm going for holidays proper next week. Guaranteed sun, trekking in the mountains, sea swimming, drinks by the pool and doing nothing :)))) The blog goes into hiatus till the end of August. Before I go I would like to share with you my personal best mix this summer. Streets Ahead mix has been prepared by Sector 7G, hailing from Athens, Ohio, for The Find Magazine. I really dig this guy's musical taste and selection, if you follow my blog you know this is not the first feature about hime. You'll find all the usual suspects of the electronic scene here. Grab this fantastic collage of future beatz and enjoy the neon sunny ride.

Sector7G - Streets Ahead mix for TFM by Sector7G

Direct download

Kingfisherg - Patch Face [Wigflip]
Danny Drive Thru - Eclipsemoonsun [upcoming Fat City]
Leonard Dstroy - Sunrise on Planet X [self-released Bandcamp]
Huess - 1-800 Wake-Up [Inaudible Answer]
Sir Froderick - Holdit [Record Breakin Music]
Yoggyone - Moonwalk [Eklektik]
1000 names - Galactic Accoustics [Eklektik]
ELOS - Dun Deals part 1 [Alpha Pup]
eLan - Dry Lemons [Monkeytown]
Monolithium - Swag Equity [Error Broadcast]
Lazer Sword - Web Swag (Sir OJ rmx) [Innovative Leisure, 08BAR]
Coco Bryce - Polaroid Sunset [Myor]
Shigeto - Ann Arbor part 2 [Ghostly International, Moongadget]
Dingy Dysu - Japonida [unreleased]
Amon Tobin - Lost & Found [Ninja Tune]
P.U.D.G.E - Far and Distant Land [Rapohnelizenz]
Damscray - Sandworm [Gimme 5]
Powell - Find the Time [Up My Alley]
Squeaky Lobster - Flying Rupees [Vlek]
Ambassadeurs - M.O.P.E. [self-released Soundcloud]
Amon Tobin - Surge (Two Fingers rmx) [Ninja Tune]
DZA - Eskimo (Montgomery Clunk rmx) [Error Broadcast]
Robot Koch - Death Star Droid (fLako rmx) [Project: Mooncircle]
Squeaky Lobster - Aarnivalkea [Vlek]
Liar - Discarpentry [King Deluxe]
Demokracy - Deadhead (Motëm rmx) [Robox Neotech]
Death Grips - Guillotine [Third Worlds]
Dam Mantle - Yoghourt [Wichita, Halleluwah Hits]
Dalcym - Rêve voler [unreleased]
Wildcookie - Serious Drug [Tru Thoughts, Homegrown]

08 August 2011


Ill Gates an unrivaled explorer of all bass'y things with the support of his friends from Australia recorded a really skunky, ass-kicking tune just OUTSIDE. The sorroundings and set-up outdoors is absolutely lovely idea :)) [I miss you Australia, sob sob]

...and watch this nice video

05 August 2011

DJ Pound - Robot Whispers (STRTEP006)

Another winner from Saturate! Records. !!! Robot Whispers by DJ Pound, hailing from San Diego, California, include a few short, but veeeery raw and heavy 'serenades' for pistons and cylinders, after listening to which most humans would run for cover :) Fortunately I love robots and though the artist presents merciless, inhumane approach to beatsmaking, exploring distant fringes of bass music, I definitely dig this slow-burning, straight-in-yer-guts sonic bombs. I grind my teeth, but after a few listenes I am totally captivated by heavy basslines and evenly distributed distortions. Well, after some time I even start feeling emotions ... Best glitch-hop (?) I've heard in a while for sure. It Takes Over, Try It or Lexfix should be dedicated to seekers of intelligent FILTH. Forget about all this shitty drilling dubstep copy-cat misery, you want a kick - let DJ Pound hit you hard and proper in an unique way.


DJ Pound melting audience at Low End Theory !!

Music to feed your mind and soul

Yesterday I felt like stretching my limbs and dancing, today I yearn for feeding my mind and emotions.

Starting off with Dailon and his Conscioushift EP released a few days ago on Urban Waves Records. Powerful, cosmic neon trips in crunky 8-bit staffage with absolutely amazing synths. I can't even mention my personal highlight of the 6-track EP - all of them offer top-notch listening experience and all of them have their own unique style. One of the best releases this year without a doubt.  Peeps, don't sleep on this and hurry to bandcamp. For a limited period of time you can get this for free, but I strongly encourage you to support the efforts the artist put into creation of this beautiful music.

More conscious-expanding music comes from Mexicans With Guns and amzing remix of Jorge Reyes & Samuel Zyman's Burning the Codices. Tribal chants in a beautifully rolling bass-heavy / beatz interpretation - this is the mixture I really dig. Ernest Gonzales from MWG writes: I recently watched The Other Conquest, a film by Salvador Carrasco, about the Spanish conquest of Mexico. I was inspired by a haunting song on the soundtrack called "Burning the Codices." Using the beginning part of the song with the Indian drumming and chanting, I created a remix that I'd like to share with you."

Burning the Codices (Mexicans with Guns Remix) by mexicanswithguns

Acid House is baaaaack thanks to gendre-bending Numbers from Glasgow and DJ Pierre who presents new release in the best style of  classic '80s Acid House, to drop August, 8th on 12" and digital - check Numbers site for details. Listen to the preview of Pierre's Phantasy Club - Mystery Girl (Set Me Free) along with Seiji's refix. I LIKE! DJ Dibbler from Glasgow writes in a note accompanying this release that "acid house music will never die" - I tend to agree with him. Definitely it will outlive all this shitty / indie / boring / copy-cat rock bands with their miserable rock'n'roll which I can't stand anymore.

Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Mystery Girl (Set Me Free) w Seiji refix - clips of NMBRS9 by Numbers

Finally after powerful and successful acid trip, we steer to more laidback waters courtesy of The Walton Hoax duo (Jeroen Vande Voorde and Peter van Ewijk) hailing from Antwerp (Belgium). The Chemical Burn EP, released on !mpact Recordings offers a mixture of 2-step, UKG, dubstep, ambient and electronica with singer-songwriter vocals, which surprisingly works very well. The title track is already on heavy rotation in my player. I keep my fingers crossed for this project, we would definitely see more goodies coming from them in the future.

Video of the title track has already made quite a fuss in the interweb thanks to its mesmerizing appeal.

04 August 2011

Dada Life - Fight Club is Closed (Laser Wolves Remix)

I feel like today is the day for pouring some hard and stomping music to my blog :) The sun is finally shining, air pressure is going up, my limbs feel like dancing. Thus my choice of tracks may not be very refined, but ... I really don't care as long as my limbs get a chance to stretch a bit.
As a follow-up to the previous Stereoheroes edit, check this electro house remix of the Swedish duo Dada Life's Fight Club is Closed, prepared by Laser Wolves from Miami. I like the beat, synths and vocals. Don't know about you, but I'm jumping like crazy next to my desk at work, taking advantage of the empty room, cause my co-slaves are on holidays. Yeahhhhhh! 

Dada Life - Fight Club is Closed (Laser Wolves Remix) by Laser_Wolves

Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (StereoHeroes '21st Century' Edit)

One of the biggest anthems of my techno era - Acid Phase by Emmanuel Top - in a 21st Century Edit by crazy Frenchmen from Stereo Heroes!! This stomping, pounding refix brought back all the memories of the years spent in beautiful Cologne (Germany) in the middle of the 90's and in particular great parties in the legendary Hippodrome in Hennef, where I lost myself many times in the ecstatic dancing with thousands of ravers jumping around, powered by nothing more than acid in my veins and liters of cold water :))

Since then I have lost interest in techno (with minor exceptions), but I would still pay dearly for a chance of experiencing this tribal unity of sweating bodies absorbing music like sponge shrouded with smoke and treated with all kinds of lasers. Yeah, I am such an old fart I remember the times when techno was underground music :)) Sometimes I miss this.

**FREE DL** Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (StereoHeroes '21st Century' Edit) by StereoHeroes

03 August 2011

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Atom EP 2011

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Atom EP 2011

03.Proton decay
05.Free Electron
06.Women from Hiroshima
08.Proton decay [Robot Koch Remix]
09.Quarks [Teielte Remix]

FREE DOWNLOAD (mediafire)

Jakub "NOX" Abroziak is a talented 20-year old beatmaker from Poland. On his Atom EP he offers a fresh mix of spacey post hip-hop beats, strange vocal samples with plethora of bleeps and off-kilter sound effects. Diversity is the key when describing the music of this youngster who explores various paths of electronic landscape, in the end knitting them together into quite interesting and developed compositions. His production skills still leave room for improvement, but he already knows how to build intriguing atmosphere and ear-catching passages ("Atom", "Free Electron" or "Women in Hiroshima")  and is not afraid of more experimental excercises ("Proton Decay" of  "Neutron/Altai"). As a deliciously tasty dessert come two remixes by heavy-weight champions of new beatz from Germany and Poland. Proton Decay's remix by one of my favorite producers, Robot Koch from Berlin, is my personal highlight of the entire release. This guy never disappoints! His music imagination and sensitivity along with the immaculate production always work soooooo well with my emotions. His tunes are simply "touching" for the lack of the better word, and this remix is definitely one of the best I've heard from Robot this year. Teielte from Poland keeps pace with Robert, delivering a nice up-beat refix of Quarks. All in all Atom EP by Nox is definitely worth checking and I'm really proud that more and more artists from my country hit the global (if niche) electronic music circuit with quality stuff.

Jakub Nox Amboziak - Atom EP 2011 by seventeenbricks

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Quarks (official video) from Kamil Macejko on Vimeo.