30 September 2011

SO UNDEAD! October 3rd Reichenbergerstr 28 Berlin @5PM

So Undead! is an exhibit about making connections between seemingly unrelated genres: Extreme Guitar Music ie. Punk, Metal and HC and the endless shades of Electronica. The art that will be shown at the event is wholly based on interviews conducted with artists, who in the past have dabbled in guitar distortion and are currently masters of the art of the synthetic. The interviewees include: Mary Anne Hobbs, Robot Koch (Jahcoozi)..., Cristian Vogel (Super Collider), T.Raumschmiere, Lars Kirchbach (Tolcha), Vladislav Delay, The Foreign Beggars, The Creep, Sneaky (Fingathing), The Bug etc. So Undead! is an exhibit about making connections between seemingly unrelated genres: Extreme Guitar Music ie. Punk, Metal and HC and the endless shades of Electronica. The art that will be shown at the event is wholly based on interviews conducted with artists, who in the past have dabbled in guitar distortion and are currently masters of the art of the synthetic. The interviewees include: Mary Anne Hobbs, Robot Koch (Jahcoozi)..., Cristian Vogel (Super Collider), T.Raumschmiere, Lars Kirchbach (Tolcha), Vladislav Delay, The Foreign Beggars, The Creep, Sneaky (Fingathing), The Bug etc.

The interviews will be presented as a series of book panels designed and illustrated by 44flavours, Nathan Menglesis and Margarita Rojas, and a video installation prepared by director Pol Ponsarnau. Additionally Robot Koch, Cristian Vogel and Sneaky will be playing an eclectic mixture of Garage, Punk, Metal and Electronica.

The project was curated by Lukasz Polowczyk (a.k.a. RQM) & 44flavours

HELL YEAHH! What a crazy and interesting project. I wish I had a teleporting device. I would immediately go to Berlin next Monday, 3rd October to experience this one-of-the-kind event.
Coming from heavy metal / hc background myself I can only welcome this initiative with open mind and great expectations. Robot Koch, Cristian Vogel & Sneaky playing a mix of Garage, Punk, Metal & Electronica = PRICELESS :) Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Schedule of the Event:
5.30 - 6.30 Sneaky DJ set
6.30 - 7.30 Cristian Vogel DJ set
7.30 - 8.30 Robot Koch DJ set
8.30 Screening

On this occasion Robot Koch has prepared a really peculiar mixtape SO UNDEAD, a patchwork of death metal / thrash metal / grunge vs. electronica featuring, among others, my favorite heavy metal band - i.e. Anthrax (I've been endlessly teased by devouted Metallica fans for this), gurgling death metal band Morbid Angel as well as Distance or EPROM. Sounds .... strange to say the least :)


1. anthrax - what doesnt lie
2. primus - my name is mud (eskmo remix)
3. morbid angel - rapture
4. distance - v11
5. nirvana - breed
6. eprom - pipe dream
7. shellac - copper

Planet Soap - 0349GP

Planet Soap is a heavy bass duo consisting of Federico aka"DSM" and Luca "SPECTRUM", hailing from Milan, Italy. They have released their stuff on a/o Robox Neotech and Error Broadcast. They collaborate in a project I'm eagerly anticipating to hit the scene hard  - i.e. Planet Terror which involves Damscray from Demokracy. Now, through another bass-frienly label Made in Glitch they dropped a super heavy slab of pure bass which you can grab for free. This tune will drill holes in your brain and force your co-workers to run from their posts screaming in terror if exposed. NSFW!  (I've checked, trust me on this).

Planet Soap - 0349GP ++free download++ by madeinglitch

28 September 2011

Adult Swim - Unclassified

Television channel Adult Swim, which is known for promoting quality music, has just released a fantastic compilation in collaboration with Scion. Unclassified offers unreleased tracks by top-notch artists, mainly hailing from the UK Future Urban scene. The tracklist is simply breathtaking! This rare and very versatile release shows enormous and ceasless creativity of well-established producers on this most-forward looking of electronic music scenes. My personal highlighs include smashing synth-driven bass anthem Eris by Starkey (All Hail Discordia!), a liminal and ethereal sonic excursion Hexagons by Zomby, off-kilter orchestrations in SBTRKT's Golddigger, sunny neon-acid trip of Ikonika's World on Mute, Give You Time by Babe Rainbow featuring beutiful vocal of Ashley Webber, killing grimey 2-step ting in Dusk & Blackdawn's remix of Geeneus's Knife and Gun or dark, bass meditation in ultra-deep Blow out the Candle by Pinch. The rest is equally good. Unclassified is a MUST for any fan of contemporary bass / garage / urban musis. Kudos to Adult Swim for feeling the pulse right where it is throbbing most. Again.

Download: Adult Swim - Unclassified

Ikonika, “World on Mute”
xxxy, “Kerpow”
Untold, “Peaky”
Geiom, “Pure Bristle”
Ginz, “Chrome”
Lukid, “Running From The Demons”
Geeneus ft Riko, Wiley, Breeze - "Knife & Gun (Dusk & Blackdown 2step mix ft Farrah)”
SBTRKT, “Golddigger”
Starkey, “Eris”
Actress, “Murder Plaza”
Zomby, “Hexagons”
Dauwd, “Ikopol”
Boxcutter, “Waiting For The Lights”
Babe Rainbow ft Ashley Webber, “Give You Time”
Burial, “Street Halo”
Kode9, “Just Inside”
Pinch, “Blow Out The Candle”
Cooly G, “R U Listening”

27 September 2011

Kraddy - Black Box

New single Black Box by Kraddy, taken from his forthcoming album Anthems of the Hero (out on Oct. 10, 2011) is a superb wall of intense, smashing heavy bass and sick drums straight in your guts. Sometimes I really like being so mercilessly pulverized by my sound equipment :) Anxiously waiting for his full-lengh release.

Grab it for free here 


16 September 2011

Kidkanevil - Tokyorkshire Research Inc

Kidkanevil with another surprising release! This time it is a collection of 27 electronic scraps and beats, in a tribute to famous Raymond Scott, composer, audio engineer, a cooky scientist inventing early electronic devices such as polyphonic sequencer, or first self-composing synthetizer called Electronium. He has influenced many big names of the early electronic music era. His music also inspired naughty Londoner, Kidkanevil, to produce a fantastic, funny and highly entertaining beat tape using Scott's samples as source material. Kidkanevil vs. Scott offers pure sonic pleasure for any beathead. I personally had great time listening to these short sonic sketches. Grab it for free via bandcamp.

15 September 2011

POST NO. 666!!!! Up2d8 Festival.


I was thinking about some special satanic contents, but instead I chose to present a hellishly good promotional trailer of the forthcoming Up2d8 Festival which would take place next weekend in Białystok in North-Eastern part of Poland. If you are nearby I really encourage you to check it, you'll have a chance to see and listen to such heavy-bass champions as: Slugabed, CocoBryce, 16-Bit, Dubsknit & more or the champion of ambient sound Biosphere peforming live with his band plus sets by e.g. legendary Robert Hood or Scratch Perverts, many hip hop acts and local talents.

Now, let's move to the promotional trailer of Up2d8 Festival entitled "Something like that is possible only in Białystok". It is in Polish but the authors provided English subtitles, thus all international readers should also check this short film. It is definitely one of the best festival trailers I've seen ever. Enjoy.

Herrmutt Lobby + NON preview (Jarring Effects)

Usually I do not post early soundcloud previews on my blog, I rather tend to review things in their final form, but I couldn't help myself with this preview of Hermutt Lobby & NON material forthcoming soon on the French netlabel Jarring Effects. Herrmutt Lobby is a collective of musicians, producers, 'scratch composers' & more from Brussels, but if I'm not mistaken, most of them currently reside in Berlin?  I really dig Hermutt Lobby's music, in particular that published on Eat Concrete (check their Bussfudge Powerscones EP), but this preview of new tracks literally blew my mind! Best, most solid, coherent, and neck-straining beats, with a dash of experimental electronica, I've heard in a while. It really twisted my neurons, hard. Definitely, most eagearly awaited release this year.


Herrmutt + Non draft beats preview by Herrmutt Lobby

14 September 2011

Nocow - Ruins Tape (G5 Music)

Alexey Nikitin a.k.a. Nocow has just released a free beat tape - Ruins Tape on the Syberian G5 Music label. I cannot think of any excuse not to grab this beautiful thing. Nocow is like an invisble spider weaving a dark, magic web of deep, throbbing sound based on 2-step / post garage beat. His trips are moody and oneiric, and sonic landscapes he paints through artificial machines, though heavily tained with melancholia and nostalgia, sparkle with emotions touching the listeners minds at some subliminal level. I devour these compositions in full, anxiously waiting for more, which hopefully happens soon, when Nocow releases his full-length LP on G5 music later this year. Dear readers, I wish you happy dreaming with Nocow. 

Also, watch out for the limited edition of cassette tapes, available soon via Sweatlodgeguru.com !

Nocow - You Got Me from G5 Music on Vimeo.

07 September 2011

Ugress - Pushwagner soundtrack + Wulfhöken Spaceport Affairs


I have been a fan of Norwegian producer Gisle Martens Meyer a.k.a. UGRESS for years. He is among my top-10 artists currently working in the field of electronic music. It is really sad that not many people outside his home country know his fantastic compositions. Thus, I was really stoked to see his two new releases hitting the airwaves recently.

The soundtrack to the documentary on a famous Norwegian artist - Pushwagner is a collection of new and previously released tunes, now remastered and edited, showcasing diverse projects of Mr. Meyer - apart from Ugress, also Ninja 9000, Nebular Spool or Shadow of the Beat. The music is simply AWESOME! Pushwagner is the best soundtrack I've heard in a long time, a spacey cinematic trip through sad but beautiful and intriguing sonic landscapes. It is also the best release from Ugress camp in years. He perfectly builds the atmosphere, sometimes using extensive orchestration then moving to more low-key areas, just to return to a hectic, pumping beat and ear-catching synths which are his trademark.  He tells a story with his music, and I'll definitely buy a DVD with the documentary to see how it worked with moving pictures. People, don't sleep on Ugress, even if you've never heard about him. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Pushwagner is available via Ugress store, bandcamp, iTunes or any other digital service.

There will be also a physical CD release, but only packaged together with the DVD when the time comes.

Ugress - Pushwagner by GMM

A few days ago Ugress also released a new EP - Episode Three: Wulfhöken Spaceport Affairs. Starting from futuristic, club-oriented electro in Robot Revenge the artist takes the listeners for a rollercoaster ride through dubby Flutter (serious head-nodding bizniz!) and synth-driven extravaganza in Avenue des Silhouettes. We finally arrive at midnight to a secret location in my personal highlight of this EP - An Evening with the Enemy. Once again Ugress shows his strenght in building moody cinematic landscapes. Another release not to be missed. You can grab it for FREE from bandcamp.

06 September 2011

BoomBaptist - The Creamixes

I'm back from holidays and still full of energy, I'd like to share with you a nice bundle of bass-heavy hip-hop remixes by Andrew Thaggard a.k.a. BoomBaptist, hailing from Austin USA (BTW, I hope you're safe man amidst fire apocalypse raging outside your city). BoomBaptist decided ot give away his favorite remixes in preparation to his first ever West Coast tour, including the gig at infamous Low End Theory. The highlights of this package include the remix of one of my all-time anthems, i.e. Throw Some D's by Rich Boy, with mesmerizing synths and great dreamy vibe, next to Lucifer's Lullaby featuring sick sub-bass and great vocalizations by M.O.P. The rest is equally good. Grab this music for free, definitely worth checking.

Watch out for this guy's official Guilty Simpson's remix, on Fat Beats and his split 7" with Dibiase on Mummed record coming soon!  

Direct download: mediafire / multiupload