30 June 2011

BLNRB - Welcome to the Madhouse (Out Here Records)

Title: BLNRB - Welcome to the Madhouse
Label: Out Here Records
Street date: July 8th, 2011

01 Goldbreaks Variation (Abbas, Kimya, LJ, Teichmann)
02 Madhouse (Nazizi, Jahcoozi, Abbas)
03 Dirty Laundry (Teichmann, Abbas, Kimya, LJ)
04 Msoto Millions (Jahcoozi, Ukoo Flani)
05 Very Necessary (Necessary Noize, Teichmann)
06 Room For Me (Just a Band, Jahcoozi)
07 Ma Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom (Jahcoozi, Ukoo Flani, Radi)
08 Everyday Without You (Teichmann, Alai K)
09 Living Room (Teichmann, Ukoo Flani,Dogs)
10 Monkeyflip (Modeselektor, Nazizi, Abbas)
11 Goldbreaks (Teichmann, Kimya, LJ, Abbas)
12 Take It Higher (Jahcoozi, Little King, Robo)
13 Kumbuka (Jahcoozi, Michel Ongaro, Abbas)
14 Richie Interlude (Teichmann, Ukoo Flani)
15 Kibera Benga(Massai Mbilli, Modeselektor, Just a Band)
16 Away (Just a Band, Jahcoozi, Teichmann, Michel Ongaro)
17 Zamaney (Jahcoozi, Ukoo Flani)
18 Whateverman Dub (Teichmann, Ukoo Flani)

Check the detailed info on the OUT HERE RECORDS site (including preview, purchasing links, photos, press etc.)

Powered by Goethe-Institut / Nairobi, BLNRB is an amazing project in which artists from Berlin mingle their artistic fluids with Kenyan producers, MC's and bands. The final effect of their joint efforts and many jam sessions over the span of two years, now to be released in the form of 18-track compilation "BLNRB - Welcome to the Madhouse" is really, really inspiring, eclectic and top-quality in terms of production. This type of collaborations I would like to hear and see more in Contemporary World Music!!!

Jahcoozi, Modeselektor, Gebrüder Teichmann, Mister Abbas, Kimya and Lon´Jon or the first lady of Kenyan rap, Nazizi, electropop band Just A Band and blind singer/guitarist Michel Ongaru plus six members of the HipHop collective Ukoo Flan, offer a real treat of fantastic electronic beatz by top producers from Berlin Bass Maffia and one-of-the-kind African riddims. I only wish there were more collaborations featuring Modeselektor as my personal highlight and definitely the best 'riddim' I heard this year is Monkeyflip featuring Modeselektor, Nazizi and Abbas. What a BEAST!! The same two emcees plus Jahcoozi are featured on the second best track on this compilation, i.e. title Madhouse. Check the entire package, it's super tasty, uplifting and constitute the great soundtrack for your home or office listening as well as outdoor activities :) I can only imagine the madhouse this little funky group creates when live on stage. I wish I was there. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Listen to the special BLNRB mix by DalaDala.


Berlin producers re-visited by Kenyan artists. Nice :)


29 June 2011

Damscray - Blot Method EP (G5 Music 003)

Damscray - Blot Method EP (G5003)
Distribution worldwide: Alpha Pup
Artwork by Michael Elkeslassy

1. Sandworm
2. Blot Method
3. Headplate
4. Bug Detector
5. One Finger Punch
6. The Rhythm Room

[G5003] Damscray - Blot Method EP by G5 Music


Damscray (Albert Khasanov) from Russian Super Bass Duo, Demokracy, has just released his solo work - Blot Method EP. Another sure winner from Siberian Label, G5 Music, distributed worldwide by Alpha Pup. If I am to describe this versatile release in one sentence, I'd say this is oriental music produced by a modern shaman for all mechanical beings. I read a lot of SF stuff and I can easily imagine this music as a perfect score to stories about intelligent AI's in post-human starfaring reality. This is as soulless, cold and nerdy as electronic music can ever be, yet full of 'emotions' but of more teethgritting, aggressive and synthetic type. Which I really like! All humans are indeed robots but built with organic matter :) As a matter of fact, most humans live their entire lives in robotic stupor, fed with media celebrity pulp, never stepping out of their reality tunnels manufactured by the Mainstream Totality. Unfortunately, most of such robots will never hear this stuff, which is a real shame.

The beginning and closing tracks staple together four hard, raw and veeeeery digital tunes thrown by Damscray at listeners with enormous and totally consistent power. "Sandworm" makes a beautiful oriental introduction to mechanical heaviness. "Blot Method" and "Headplate" are amazing symphonies of silly hydraulic pistons & gears, with unnverving synths and distorted basslines which any robot would simply love at first hearing. Steampunk par excellence! A f***k anthem and my personal highlight, "Bug Detector" will not only detect all bugs in your sytem but will definitely teach them how to dance, whereas "One Finger Punch" will punch holes in your mind with every drop and ass-kicking drums.  All ending in a kind of bass-heavy anti-climax in "The Rhythm Room". I strongly recommend Blot Method EP. Don't sleep on this people, one of the best releases this year.

Buy it on Boomkat and at other sellers in the interweb.

Bonus tracks by Damscray for free :)


Revolution is Here

21 June 2011

SDUK - YouNyt EP

Slit Jockey Records has just released a fantastic EP by funky street bass warrior SDUK hailing from West London. Really, one of the best records I heard this year. Grab a synth-driven grimey beast of the tune TeeHee for free (my personal highlight) and definitely buy the rest as it's worth every penny. The title track YouNyt will f...g turn your mind upside down with ultra heavy slabs of hot neon extravaganza in the best tradition of Joker. Tune!  Dugs are strong on heavy rave vibe again and the remixes by Talk (rave on!!!!!!), Hellfire Machine (slowly burning roller) and finally Halp (most ambitious and versitile of the three) contribute some really nice moments to this Epic package. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Sduk - TeeHee (320 MP3)

Buy it here: Boomkat, Bleep and at other retailed in the interweb.

15 June 2011

Sduk & Halp vs. NiT GriT & Stephan Jacobs vs. ill-esha

Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey started the series of free promo singles showcasing crossovers between the artists representing both sister labels. The first joint release is ultra synth-heavy 8-bit banger "Lung" by Sduk and Halp. Genuine dancefloor smasher of highest order! Don't sleep on this peeps. Great start to the new project.

Sduk & Halp "Lunge" - Seclus Jockey 001 (mediafire)  

Next collaboration is a stomping tune full of heavy and glitchy basslines and wicked female vocals coming from two champions of bass sound - NiT GriT & Stephan Jacobs who has just released a package of three tunes under the monicker of Pizza Party. Dubstep made in USofA. Not bad, not bad at all. 

NiT GriT & Stephan Jacobs (Pizza Party) - Don't Stop by Stephan Jacobs

... and don't forget to grab the entire 3-track release for free from their bandcamp:

Finally, a lovestep version of The Weeknd's tune The Morning by the Canadian princess of bass - ill-esha. Lovely, indeed!

The Weeknd - The Morning (ill-esha's lovestep jam) by ill-esha

08 June 2011

Planet Soap - Escape From Supernova 500 (Car Crash Set)

The Italian duo, Planet Soap returns to Car Crash Set with a new EP Escape From Supernova 500 to be released on June, 21st. The package includes two original tracks and three, quite diverse, remixes.
Supernova500 is an ambitious heavy-bass symphony with lots of distortions and very nice orchestration successfully painting extratterestial sonic landscapes. Escape from Supernova is a more up-tempo thing and I feel like attending a steam-punk party for decommissioned robots...   

My personal highlight of this EP, Bass Science's remix of Supernova 500 is a 'silly' wonky banger full of unnverving cosmic synths, broken voice samples and off-tempo drums in a kind of twisted - and kitschy - space drama. Not to be taken literally of course :)
Escape from Supernova refixed by the master of cyberblap + verb is a real orgy of neon synths slowly burning through your mind with a power of E-class planet destroyer.
96wrld hailing from Lithuania, in Space Invaders Remix goes totally off the hook playing with his 8-bit toys like crazy m***er.

I encourage you to check this EP when it is finally out. Kudos to Car Crash Set for consistently releasing quality stuff.

Planet Soap - SuperNova500 (Bass Science Remix) by Bass Science

\ Planet Soap - Escape From Supernova500 (+verb Remix) by +verb

Planet Soap - Supernova500 (96wrld's Space Invaders) by 96wrld

02 June 2011

Grillo - Show'em Sumo EP

Show'Em Sumo is another 'concept' album from a talented beatmaker Grillo. Last year I posted his I had U Ken EP on this blog. Now Grillo returns with a collection of beats devoted to the power of Edmond Honda, a famous sumo wrestler (apparently). You can call me an ignorant but I have no idea who Honda is :) Anyway, the artist collected scraps and pieces, polished them and released as full-fledged, nice flowing  compositions which encompass quite a broad sound range and present very consistent music experience all across the board. From my personal favorite of the EP, Oicho Throw, an oneiric beat trip with 'tubular' synths, spacey Sumo Splash through 8-bit funky neon banger called Bathhouse of the Rising Sun and more heavy bass-laden The Sumo Clinic or All Oichos up to quite surprising and ass-shaking 4/4 joint - Flying Headbutt. All in all I highly recommend checking Grillo's beats - diversity is the key here!