31 May 2011

New beatz - Slugabed, Pixelord, Gladkill, + verb

Preview of the forthcoming Slugabed EP Moonbeam Rider. This guy kills as usual!!! To be released on Ninja Tune next week - I'm positive this will be one of the releases of 2011. Heavy slabs of skweeish lazer synths and talking basslines - I f...g love this sound.


New sick joint from the Lord of All Pixels - Pixelord called Dominator, which you can grab for free from his soundcloud. Future garage / 2-step thing wiht slaying synths and  fantastic samples of one of the best tekno trax ever - Dominator by Human Resource. THE  Anthem of my rave youth played to death at the parties in Warsaw at the beginning of the '90's, later fantastically mashed-up by 2 Many Dj's.

I'm Bigger, and Bolder, and Rougher and Tougher, in other words Sucker, there is no other...no other...I'm bigger,and bolder, and rougher in other words sucker there is no other,
I'm the one and only Dominator, I'm the one and only Dominator
Wanna Kiss Myself ...

dominator by pixelord

+ verb in his typical cyberblapping story with glitchy basslines and robocop melodies. I LIKE!

Yes by +verb

On June, 13th Made in Glitch will release a new EP Lovelost by Gladkill, Siberian born (aha!) and New York raised producer Boris G. Nice trippy heavy bass tune. Can't wait to hear the whole EP.

Gladkill - 'Star Gazing' by madeinglitch

16 May 2011

Lazers & Neons & Mutant Beats

I feel like slaying a few throats with clean cutting lazers. There are so many dumb-ass targets around me I would have serious problems from whom I should start. Pakistani Starfleet Commando figthing Gigantic Dove Invaders are my heroes this week :). To do my job properly I need appropriate music score. Here is the selection of latest & gratest in neon lazers. Enjoy

HALP, hailing from the Netherlands, will soon release (23rd May Boomkat) a fantastic EP Gazzillian Yeers, where lazers par excellence meticulously spray the listeners and slow burning neon synths, 8-bit distortions and twisted melodies complete the act of destruction. Definitely one of the best releases in May!

Gazzilliaan Yeers ep by HALP.

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This Friday, I will attend a super great U Know Me Records night at Cafe Kulturalna featuring Robot Koch and fLako !!!! Listen to this sick  mash-up of Lil'' Wayne's Stuntin' Like My Daddy vs. Robot Koch vs. fLako. Treasure!

Robot Koch vs. fLako vs. Lil' Wayne by Bellizio

Mochipet brings more super heavy lazers in his remix of Mike Jone's "My 64". Glitchy as shit mash up full of great samples (one you'd recognize immediately) and unique, one-of-a-kind Mochipet's slabs and drums of pure liquid bass. Quality as usual!

Mochipet - Dessert Search for Mike Jone's Commodore 64! on White Label (Free Download!) by Mochipet

Graintable, a cool dude from Portland is about to release new tracks on Simplify Recordings and CarCrashSet. Glitchy, crunky and melodic, the way I like! Check it out:

Sea Foam Mean by Graintable

Shells by Graintable
Safehouse by Graintable

Finally ultra heavy lazers courtesy of Bart Tyrpien a.k.a. Bartlomein, He has just released his first EP with self-explaining title :) Let Lazers Guide You In.  A guy born in Poland who migrated some years ago to the USofA delivers 5 tracks with glitched to the max, pulsating basslines and nicely woven vocal samples, plus hard pads and drums - definitely the music which works best with big party soundsystems. Recommended!

05 May 2011

Luisterwaar - Dry/Wet (Saturate Records)

Luc Derks a.k.a. Lusterwaar (Listenwear in English) is a new producer from Heerlen, Netherlands. Saturate Records, which you should remember from great albums by heRobust or Krampfhaft, has just released this mega EP Dry/Wet which you can download on pay-what-you-want basis (no limit) via Saturate Records Bandcamp.

Apparently Luisterwaar, after listening to tons of music while skateboarding, reached the only possible conclusion - 95% of music you hear in the radio, tv, public spaces etc. is pure shiet and crap. He decided to put those remaining scraps of good and inspiring sound together and produce his own music. I must say he has succeeded extroardinarily. 11 tracks are superb exercise in mutant hip-hop beats running on a powerful drum kicks, distorted breaks and heavy sub-bass with great melodies weaving in the background and impeccable synth job all along. Mature compositions and great production skills plus darkish vibe I really dig recently create very attractive package. The more so if one remembers that this is a debut! Finally, kudos for the funniest title I've heard in a while,  Praise the Lord-ah for Having No Job-ah :)), which is by coincidence my personal highlight of this release and which reminds me of Brainfeeder stuff (in particular Lorn). This record made my day. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank. Once again Saturate Records shows good selection. Can't wait for more releases from them.  

STRTEP001 Luisterwaar - Wet/Dry by SATURATERECORDS

Nocow - Close To Me (Warminal 002)

Spacey melancholia continues with another release from Nocow. Close to Me on German netlabel Warminal Records is a dark and beautiful trip through synth-driven ambient sonic textures. Grab this track in 128kbps version from soundcloud or buy good quality version via Warminal Bandcamp.  Recommended!

Nocow - Close to me (WARMINAL002) by Warminal.

04 May 2011

Nocow - Pulkovo Heights EP [G5002]

01. Pulkovo Heights featuring Lapti
02. Black Mass
03. Now I Know
04. Take A Fall
05. Struggle
06. Look No Hands
07. Orion
08. Sevah

All music by Alexei Nikitin and contributing artists as indicated
Artwork by Alexei Verevkin
Words by Mariusz Szymczak

Released by: G5 Music
Release/catalogue number: G5002
Release date: May 2, 2011
Digitally distribute worldwide by Alpha Pup Records, US

G5 Music, a new label from Siberia has just released another fantastic gem from Russia. I was asked by good people from G5 Music to write a few words about Pulkovo Heights EP by mysterious Nocow (Alexei Nikitin) hailing from St. Petersburg. I will not repeat myself here  - you can just grab a nice pdf press booklet to learn more about Nocow and read my impressions after being exposed to big dose of his healthy melancholia.

Pulkovo Heights is a must for any fan of contemporary mutant beats & similar. Cop the release via: Boomkat, Juno, iTunes, Napster, Turntable Lab