13 August 2010

Robot Koch - Devil Drums (Alex B remix)

Oh boy, what a treat. One of the best American producers Alex B remixes the track by my personally best producer on the electronic music scene - Robot Koch. The final outcome must be epic! Just listen to these synths - mind smashing, twisted eruption of dark beauty riding on a heavy bass with lotsa lotsa noise in the bacground. The perfect combination and a fantastic tool for office fitness, can't even sit properly on my ass and my head makes spastic, jerking moves which my fellow corporate co-slaves observe with a mixture of contempt and concern for my psychical health. F''k'em! This tune is too good not to be experienced full-bodily. Devil Drums is a track, from the forthcoming Friends of Friends Volume 3, Other producers on this complilation include Mexicans with Guns, Salva, King Cannibal, Lunice, Mux Mool, and Free the Robots. Can't wait to hear this stuff (release date: October 5).

Robot Koch - Devil Drums (Alex B remix) (via xlr8r)

Ben Samples - I can's stand the rain

Lovely crunkstep from one of the best producers of heavy metal glitch hop Ben Samples. He never disappoints and always delivers fresh and hot stuff for your listening pleasure. This track is on a softer side, yet the bassline is totally siiiiiiiiiiiiiick and heavy, as usual.
I Can't Stand the Rain by bensamples

12 August 2010

NastNasty - Junkie

Jasper Reeder, aka NastyNasty strikes again with soooooooooo sick bass. Grab this tune for free from his bandcamp. Can't wait to hear his full-length, coming soon (I hope).

<a href="http://nastynasty.bandcamp.com/track/junkie">Junkie by NastyNasty</a>

05 August 2010

Raffertie - Electronic Explorations 118

Raffertie in the hot mix for Electronic Explorations. For all of you who know Raffertie's previous productions, this mix can be a bit of surprise. Raffertie's ravey, oldschool, amen-infused, wobble-horror aesthetics seem to be now subjected to a serious treatment with UK Funky and Future Garage, and also experimental electronica (reminding me a of tigerbeat6 productions) though with a definite trademark of crazy Raffertie sound. And with tracks like Rank Functions I can definitley hear Raffertie moving into even more experimental areas. Which is GOOD! I regard Raffertie a top producer and expect exploring new directions in music exactly from such people. Well, we will see what will come of it, new stuff from Raffertie will drop soon. For the time being, listen to his Electronic Explorations mix.

Raffertie about the mix:
"The mix is a preview of just some of my new material that I’ve been working on recently and it defines a new direction that I am heading with my music. The first release on my brand new label, a track called ‘Rank Functions’, which will be backed with a brilliant remix from Brighton’s Ital Tek as well as two other original tracks from myself are showcased in the mix. Photomachine and Randomer, two producers who have been dazzling me with their productions in recent months and who will also be releasing on my new label, are included here in the mix.
A full announcement about the label will be going up on my blog in the next week or two: http://www.raffertie.com"

Check Raffertie's soundcloud and follow him on twitter

Raffertie - Electronic Explorations 118

01 – Raffertie – Aperitif
02 – Raffertie – They Pecked Off Her Nose
03 – Photomachine – Waves
04 – Raffertie – Ghost Machine
05 – Randomer & Subtrak – Alize
06 – Raffertie – Scatter Consortium
07 – SBTRKT – When Doves Strike
08 – Raffertie – Folly
09 – SBTRKT & Sampha – Break Off
10 – Arkist – Until Next Time
11 – Rfertie – A Dainty Dish
12 – Raffertie – Horse Flesh
13 – Graphics – Sarah Sampled
14 – Mahni – Second
15 – Robyn – Hang With Me (Hot City Remix)
16 – Raffertie – His Counting House
17 – Raffertie – Rank Functions

04 August 2010

Dj Spox - Pure Mix (100% Spox)

DJ Spox from Warsaw, Poland is a super talented producer whose top-notch quality tracks combine UK Funky with Electro, stomping Heavy Bass, Dubstep and whatnot. He has just released a super duper ass-kicking banging mix including his own originals and remixes. Drop the Lime's or AC Slater's remixes by Dj Spox really stand out from an ocean of reworks done by other artists across the globe, listen to this mix, to prove for yourself, great vibe from the first till the last minute. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!

A word of encouragement from the Man himself, believe me every word is true :)))

"The idea behind the mix is to showcase some of the original music, as well as remixes, I did this year. It features the tunes posted on both Polish and foreign blogs (including Top Billin, Trouble & Bass), the ones played in clubs, forthcoming releases and brand new exclusives. All of them, apart from the few original samples, were produced by me. There are only few DJs in Poland who are producers at the same time. As far as I know, this truly might be the first producer mix in Poland, melting together Electro, UK Funky, Bass, Dubstep or Dirty Disco. The number of genres adds to the 'party' vibe of the mix.
Hope you enjoy it and pass it on to your friends and further.

Dj Spox - Pure Mix (100% Spox)

1. Klever Intro
2. Spox - Salute Me
3. Spox - Slam Dunk
4. Spox - Who’s in Control
5. Spox - Rock da Beat
6. Spox - Spox & Sax & Sex
7. Mass Cypher - She Love It (Spox Remix)
8. Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes (Spox 'Devil of the Opera' Remix)
9. Spox - Cash Rules
10. Canblaster - Jetpack (Spox Remix)
11. Novika - Lovefinder (Spox Remix)
12. Sam Tiba - Barbie Weed (Spox Remix)
13. Slater & Lime - Creepin (Spox Remix)
14. Harbour Horse - Nenene (Spox Remix)
15. Spox - Ale Urwał
16. Drop The Lime - Sax & Sex (Spox Remix)
17. GC - Piejo Kury (Spox Remix)
18. Spox - U Can’t Hear Sht (clean edit)
19. Arthur Brown - Fire (Spox “Hellfire” Remix)
20. Spox - Electora
21. Spox - T&D&C
22. Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots - Sick Music (Spox Remix)
23. Spox - Sunchine
24. Spox - Back In The Groove
25. Spox - 4 Elements
26. WU - Zejdź na Ziemie (Spox Remix)
27. Spox - Borderline

Burning Man - Basscamp 2010. Sick line-up!!!!

A teleporter, a teleporter for my kingdom! Dear Crazy Scientists send the prototypes over, otherwise I wouldn't make it to the Burning Man this year to experience Basscamp parties with absolutely stellar and ridculous line-up. 6 days of pure heavy bass bliss with such champions as NastyNasty, Eprom, Mochipet, An-Ten-Nae, Bassnectar, Mimosa, Elite Force, Heyoka, R/D, Ill Gates, Vibe Squad, Freq Nasty, Babylon System crew and moar moar moar. No other place on the Playa will be able to compete with this line-up, I am more than positive about this. Arghhhhhhhh I want to be there badly!!! Any sponsors for transatlantic flight?

Bil Bless - exp 3 vs Gangsta's Paradise (Dr.Knobz Re-Edit)

Starting the day with some gangsta bizniz is quite a good idea, innit? The more so as Dr.Knobz did quite a good job overlaying Bil Bless tune with Coolio's acapella. If you haven't heard about Bil Bless - Shame on you! - go check his music on Addictech and name your price and downlad the latest wonderful  The Life Mechanism vol. 2.  Dr.Knobz remix is harsh, glitchy and the twisted Gangsta's Paradise vocals are pure gold.

Bil Bless - exp 3 vs Gangsta's Paradise (Dr.Knobz Re-Edit) by Dr.Knobz

03 August 2010

Lazesword debut release details revealed

This will be the record of the year, there is no other option :)) Lazer Sword - the super talented combo of crazy beatmakers sampling lazers with hip hop and electro, usually in a soup of heavy bass and funky beats, will release their self-titled debut on 2nd November 2010 on the Los Angeles based label Innovative Leisure. CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 15-track record will be released digitally, and as stunning four-panel gatefold double-LP. It includes contributions from a handful of Lazer Sword's favorite vocalists, including Turf Talk, M.Sayyid (Antipop Consortium), Myka Nyne, and Zackey Force Funk. The album artwork was designed by the incredible Kilian Eng / DW Design from Sweden.

In October the duo will release a first single (digital and vinyl) - “Batman” featuring remixes by Nguzunguzu and Lando Kal with the flip side “I”m Gone” featuring Bay-area, hyphy legend Turf Talk. B-side has remixes by Rustie and Low Limit. Again, amazing artwork by Kilian Eng!


01. Tar
02. Agrokrag
03. Surf News
04. I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk
05. Batman
06. Topflights ft. M Sayyid
07. 4Loko
08. Machine ft. Zackey Force Funk
09. Web Swag
10. Skybox
11. Def Work
12. FUBU
13. Owl Tats
14. Cosmic Ride ft. Myka Nyne
15. Beast’s Reprise