25 June 2010

Raffertie - The Fat! Club Mix 010

Raffertie in da MIX. Sickness all over my ears! Heavy house bass stomping rave beatz and all! Ultra fat pre-weekend bomb. You take this mix and listen to it. Kudos for including Tom Encore's remix of (Pierdolona) Inwazja. Tom Encore is one of the best dubstep / glitch hop / crunk producers in my hometown, Warsaw, Poland. Don't sleep on him - He is kind a heavy!

Raffertie - Allure  .
Photomachine - Sine Language
Raffertie - Rank Functions 
Raffertie - Rank Functions (Ital Tek Remix) 
Moby - Stay Down (Popof Remix) 
Zarif - Box Of Secrets Feat. Mz Bratt (Redlight Remix)
Few Nolder - El Snig 
Florrie - Call 911 (Bart B More Remix) 
Herve - Blaze It ( Reset! Remix)
Tinashe - Zambezi (Mj Cole Remix)
Zinc - Gimme The Camera Feat Angela Hunter 
Cocknbullkid - Cocknbullkid (Raffertie Remix)
Mr Fogg - Stung (Ital Tek Remix) 
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang (Sbtrkt Remix)
Randomer + Fife - Slum City
M.I.A.- Xxxo (Sbtrkt Remix)
Raffertie - Pathogen Feat. Kelis
Photomachine - Technicolour
Xxxy -Fela
Wafa - Man Down
Boy Better Know - Too Many Man (Raffertie Remix)
Pzg - Inwazja (Tom Encore’S Aggressor Remix)
Rack N Ruin - Soundclash
Raffertie - Vector Spaces
Raffertie & Macintyre - Astral Hearts
Silver Columns - Cavalier (Raffertie Remix)

23 June 2010

CocknBullKid - CocknBullKid (Raffertie remix)

Fantastic, spacey, beat-laden remix from Raffertie! LISTEN:


Compare the remix to the original track to see how far you can go!

CocknBullKid - CocknBullKid (original mix) - via NME

Silicon Summer EP - Shockout 21

Shockout has released another pumping, bass, drummy, beat heavy EP - Silicon Summer. Barcelona's wizz-kid Cardopusher (and definitely one of my favorite dubstep / lazer bass producers) offers great, Night Slugz'-like beat and synth-driven dubstep summer vibes in Heartbeat Jam, but my favorite tracks come from Cardo's friends, the Caracas production Duo of Pacheko & Pocz. Kuduro step par excellence! Cohete with neon synths, stomping kuduro beat and talking bassline creates the fusion of sounds I would really like to hear more coming from dubstep / UK Funky / future garage scene!! San Fran's Ghosts on Tape mutates the sound and vocals in a kind of liquid digital raeggaton / UK Funky style but focusing more on darker and deeper vibes. Finally, BADXMAN from Agoraphobistan in UK employs tons of lazers in a dirty, rude UK urban trip rolling on a pulsating low-frequency sub-bass. This EP is a must for any fan of forward-looking EDM!!  

Grab the best track from this EP for your listening pleasure my dear blog readers:

Pacheko & Pocz - Cohete

shock21 Cardopusher/Ghosts on Tape/Pacheko & Pocz/BADXMAN-Silicon Summer EP by Tigerbeat6


Pacheko & Pocz mixtape for Mr.Gasparov blog

01.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Tormenta (dub)
02.- POCZ & PACHEKO - Zultan (dub)
03.- POCZ - Bodh Gaya (dub)
04.- POCZ - Andromeda Chains (dub)
05.- PACHEKO - Flipside (dub)
06.- PACHEKO - Arpeggiator (dub)
07.- POCZ - Mind Looking (dub)
08.- POCZ - Milky Way (dub)
09.- POCZ - Cold Point (dub)
10.- PACHEKO - Tricycle (Murder Channel)
11.- POCZ - Kosmos (dub)
12.- POCZ- Riddim Fi Lively Up Yourself (dub)
13.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Zarbak (Mr Gasparov RMX) (Senseless Forthcoming)
14.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Zarbak (VIP) (Senseless Forthcoming)
15.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Cohete (Shockout Forhcoming)

Use of Bass Weapons

The master of heavy-bass artillery Bassnectar strikes back with another blasting mash-up of the Massive Attack's anthem Dream On. I've been a fan of this group for decades and Dream On is easily one of the three best tunes from them ever! Bassnectar paid proper tribute to the Bristolian crew with overstretched, lazer synths and distorted and pulsating bassline. Additional vocals also work quite well, even though the tripped out flow of the original is seriously disturbed. All in all the tune is better than I expected, as I still believe the original is too good to be messed with.

The official video of Massive Attack mash-up, featuring footage shot by fans at Summer Camp 2010, Austin, TX, Wakarusa 2010, Reset San Diego, and Bonnaroo 2010.

16 June 2010

Quality Glitch Hop meets Quality Hip Hop: SPLATINUM vs. KING FANTASTIC

TITLE: Love for Those Hustlers EP
LABEL: Bass Drop Music | Street Ritual
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 05/15/2010

Track Listing:
1) Love for Those Hustlers
2) Sipping on That Sizzurp
3) My Posse is on Broadway
4) Know About the Dirty South
5) It?s Bigger Than Glitch Hop
6) Vadonna's Magina

Two great releases has just arrived to my dropbox. Both crews hailing from the sunny Cali, both offering super slick beat and sick rapping and madafucki**ganstashizzle. Both available totally FOR FREE!!!!

First of them, SPLATINUM is back with a 6-track devotional to the gangsters and the hustlers. The “hip hop obsessed” Seattle duo has been getting freaky with the samples and blessed it all up with their slippery signature frequency modulation swagger. Call in the mop boy for this one. Super sonic clean up in booth 3!
It's Bigger than Glitch Hop or Know about the Dirty South are my personal highlights but listen carefully to the entire release - it's classic (classy?) Glitch Hop with distorted, glitchy basslines and synth work, sick beat and fantastic acapellas! Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Grab this hot stuff on Splatinum's bandcamp:

SPLATINUM - Love for Those Hustlers EP

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/album/love-for-those-hustlers">Love for Those Hustlers by SPLATINUM</a>

TITLE: Finger Snaps and Gun Claps
LABEL: Hollyrock
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: June, 15th 2010
1. Lost Art of Killing (3:21)
2. Why? Where? What? (3:47)
3. Stop Fucking Playing (4:13)
4. All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song) (3:29)
5. Bonfire Sessions (2:44)
6. Hollyrock Jam Session (2:06)
7. Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic (3:08)
8. D Boy Stance (2:35)
9. On Q (3:23)
10. Appreciation (3:37)

King Fantastic's debut album "Finger Snaps and Gun Claps" is the best Hip Hop album I've heard in a long long while. Super heavy-weight LA duo of Killer Reese One and Troublemaker present a "concise study in Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic" :)) with ear-catching rhyming and super tight, stomping beat, it is a veeeeeeeeerrrrrrry serious head-nodding biznizn. My favorites tunez include: Lost Art of Killing, Stop Fucking Paying, D-boy Stance, On-q or Why?Where?What? but every single song on this absolutely fantastic record is a sure winner. I wish gansta rap sounded like that back in the days he he he. Don't even hestitate for a moment - cop this album FOR FREE from King Fantastic's site:

KING FANTASTIC - Finger Snaps and Gun Claps

or preview here:


11 June 2010

Terror Tone - Snake Charmer EP

It's always a pleasure to feature on my blog artists who have some Polish roots, which is exactly the case with a dude Terror Tone from Toronto in Canada. A few weeks ago he released his new EP - Snake Charmer and this is exactly the type of music I crave for at the beginning of veeeeryyyy hot weekend (yeah after flood distaster the weather in Poland turned tropical as if to compensate for the lack of proper sun for months). I really dig TT's mixture of electro house vs stomping breakbeat / garagey ting vs. bass-sensitiveness. Production quality is crispy clean. Just check the music below to move'ya body to the pumping rhythm.

Terror Tone - Snake Charmer by Terror Tone

Terror Tone - Sunday Morning (Afternoon Mix) by Terror Tone

Buy the whole ass-kicking Snake Charmer EP from Terror Tone here:  iTunes, Juno, Beatport

Bonus: Download a track from this release:

Terror Tone - Sunday Morning (original mix)

Terror Tone released a promo mixtape including - apart from his originals and remixes (Azid Disko remix is a killer!) - a few smashing tracks. Not to be missed especially during a pre-party hops and twists :) I don't know about you, but I will definitely play this out loud at home.

Terror Tone - Snake Charmer Promo Mixtape

Terror Tone - Die For You (John B Dub)
Sub Focus - Move Higher
Rusko - Woo Boost (Subskrpt Edit)
Arcade - Jugo Cario & Diario Popular (Douster Remix)
Terror Tone - Snake Charmer
Momma's boya - Maldito Nino (Yankee Zulu Remix)
T2 feat. Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken (Wideboys up norf mix)
Redlight - Pick Up the Phone (feat. Jenna G and Jammer)
Roska & Jamie George - Wonderful Day
Terror Tone - Sunday Morning (dual mix edit)
Hot City - Setting Me Free
Terror Tone - Mumba Dub
Baila Baila - Ralvero (Bassjackers Remix)
Gooffee - Fat Pound (Terror Tone Remix)
Zinc Feat. Ms. Dynamite - Wile Out
Terror Tone - On The Run
Twizzle - Skydiving (Greenmoney Remix)
Syntonics - Hook up My Tonez (Terror Tone Bassline Mix)
Classixx - I'm On It feat. o8o (AC Slater Remix)
DJ Defkline + Red Polo - Remember Dre (Booty Breaks mix)
StereoHeroes feat. Mic Terror - Juke Dem Hoes
Terror Tone - Frog Stomp
Lucy Lo' - Blair Beat 5 (Terror Tone Remix)
Marcus Visionary - Mabaruma
Douster - Journey To Tethys Sea
Redlight feat. Roses Gabor – Stupid
Egyptrixx - Battle For North America
Azid Disko - Not Like The Rest (Terror Tone Remix)
Little Boots - Earthquake (Terror Tone Remix VIP)

10 June 2010

LORN - NOTHING ELSE (Brainfeeder)


… What’s the Use …

Evil and darkness can hardly be more appealing than in the music produced by a mysterious whiz kid Lorn from Illinois, on his absolutely mind twisting debut Nothing Else released on 8 June 2010 on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder. Finally, after a few years in the making! It is a very peculiar collage of melancholy electronica, hypnotic beats and bleeps riding on a very diverse, enchanting synths which draw the listener into the bleached out world where sun never sets, because it has never had a chance to rise

This is the music to be fully immersed into; cutting deep into your neural system, at first threatening, scary and unnerving and then as if breaking an internal fuse set against this type of assault, it takes you for a ride through beautifully twisted other-dimensional wasteland inhabited by souls yearning for TRUE, REAL and UPLIFTING experience, trying to elevate themselves from the all-encompassing urban decay and numbness. Being a fan of post-apocalyptic books, movies and games I buy Lorn’s set-up wholesale, including neurosis and intense feeling of loneliness and despair which seems to prevail across the entire album. I perfectly understand this type of neurotic melancholia – I feel this way more and more often recently. This is the music created by a troubled soul for troubled souls.

However, Nothing Else should not be interpreted only in terms of moral dualism of good vs. evil or as a nihilistic manifesto. It offers much more music-wise and concept-wise. Lorn is a fantastic beatmaker and his tracks are multi-layered compositions with all the details polished like chrome. Harsh beat and dubby sub-bass mixed with touching (or cutting) synths are perfect tools used to create the music piece you really want to start all over again after the first hearing. Moving from a much-too-short introduction of Grandfather, through military funeral march in the most depressing tune – Army of Fear (it should be rather called Army of Dead), mad and repulsive Automaton, through acid-laden Voids to reach the depths of hell of tormented souls in Tomorrow. Then, Lorn seems to release some of the tension and finally gain some peace of the mind, in the beautiful Cherry Moon or my personal highlight of the entire album, i.e. energetic and upbeat Greatest Silence.

The closing, uncompromising track What’s the use is a real ode to melancholy. The moment when the distorted ghost vocal drops gives me nightmarish creeps, but I would not call this an unpleasant feeling, on the contrary. It is very REAL and RAW and reaches deeply into the depths of my soul. The "what's the use" phrase has been haunting me for weeks and when I listen to this track I have tears in my eyes. And these are tears of joy and sadness at the same time.

One should cherish such works of art as this type of experience has become a luxury product in the totality of our mediated and artificial environment full of mediocre copy-cats and untalented mainstream starlets. Take you all this record and listen to this, the reward will come sooner than you expected.

Buy this record directly from Lorn (in LP or CD format) - this man deserves all the support from his fans.

Check Brainfeeder site for all the details, including list of stores where you can buy this amazing release.

Bonus: Lorn - Tomorrow (free download)

LORN : NOTHING ELSE from StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

Lorn - Nothing Else

Tracklisting :

01. Grandfather
02. None an Island
03. Army of Fear
04. Bretagne
05. Automaton
06. Void I
07. Void II
08. Tomorrow
09. Glass & Silver
10. Cherry Moon
11. Greatest Silence
12. What's the Use

08 June 2010

Glitch Report f. Samples vs. Boorgrove mix

The Glitch Report - a weekly radio show hosted by Seth Burns - this time with a special live performance /  mixing by Colorado's best export product - Ben Samples. Listen to the boys blapping and chatting and enjoy an outstanding selection of heavy tunage just released or soon-to-be-released. Big up boys, keep up your good work :))

Ben Samples live on The Glitch Report: 5-18-10 by The Glitch Report on KPFZ

Mash Machine from the Polish glitch-hop crew - Boorgrove has released another fantastic mix with eclectic mutant beatz and heavy bass featuring some usual suspects like Slugabed, Fulgeance, Take, Robot Koch, Sub Swara, Vent  plus mor wonky shit from the likes of Swede:art, Pixelord or absolutely brain-smashing  Baconhead tunes from their new Soap EP (highly recommended).

Boorgroove_Hard_To_Mix_Drunken_Beats by Mash Machine

1.Sub Swara - Kholi [Dov Chunky rmx]
2.Backdraft - Headcharge [Eskmo rmx]
3.Coalition of the Killing - We are the glitch [Eskmo rmx]
4.Flux Pavilion - Night goes on
5.Bibio - Dwarcan [Eskmo rmx]
6.Slugabed - Here you are
7.Aquadrop - Dancehall girls
8.Charles Trees - Gratiot Gowanus [feat. Shigeto]
9.Pixelord - Pxlr7
10.Swede:Art - Wonkycarz
11.Roots Manuva - Witness [Archie Cooper's 10 ton Collideoscope rmx]
12.Cupp Cave - Breech this trust
13.Robot Koch - True
14.Take - Make believe [Dimilite's unbelievable re-make]
15.Take - After Words
16.Take - Sugar flower
17.Samples - Drop bombs
18.Baconhead - Goonies
19.Bassnectar - Zigga Zigga
20.Baconhead - Toe Punt
21.Baconhead - Buh Buh Buh
22.Vent - Bear crunk
23.Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim
24.Fulgeance - Low Club Anthem
25.Vent - Crispy Crisp
26.Si Begg - Jump [Ebola rmx]
27.Kult - Brooklynska rada żydów
28.Domain ID - Boombox apocalypse

04 June 2010

Glue Kids and RQM - Technicolor Grey - Jekyll & Hyde Podcast

Glue Kids and RQM did a fantastic mix for French music site Jekyll & Hyde. So many great tracks squeezed into a 55 min. piece. Mount Kimbie, Breakage, Robot Koch, Starkey, Gonja Sufi, Illum Sphere, Boxcutter, Gill Scott Heron to name a few artists featured here. It would be a sin to miss this one and the God seems to be really pissed off recently sending the water in outragoues quantity on my poor country, I wouldn't dare to make him even more angry. Unique listening experience in hit parade mix. Highly recommended!

1. House Shoes ‘The Makings’ (Stones Throw, 2010)
2. Gonja Sufi ‘Ancestors’ (Warp, 2010)
3. Robot Koch ‘Memories’ (Project Mooncircle, 2009)
4. Robot Koch ‘Gorom Sen’ Shlomo Remix (Project Mooncircle, 2010)
5. Electric Wire Hustling ‘Again’ (Every Waking Hour, 2009)
6. Gill Scott Heron ‘New York is Killing Me’ (XL Recordings, 2010)
7. The Dead Weather ‘Hang You From The Heavens’ (Third Man Records, 2009)
8. Massive Attack feat. Horace Andy ‘Splitting the Atom’ (Virgin, 2010)
9. Hudson Mohawke ‘Fuse’ (Warp, 2009)
10. Starkey ‘Multidial’ (Planet Mu, 2009)
11. Breakage feat. Burial ‘Vial’ (Digital Soundboy Recording, 2010)
12. Signal Deluxe ‘Dos Lunas’ (Robot Koch Remix)
13. Scuba ‘Klinik’ (Hotflush, 2009)
14. Gatekeeper ‘Blip’ (If Symptoms Persist, 2009)
15. Martyn ‘Brilliant Orange’ Illum Sphere Remix (3024, 2010)
16. Blue Daisy ‘Strings Detached’ (The Black Acre, 2009)
17. Mount Kimbie ‘50 Mile View’ (Hotflush, 2009
18. Mount Kimbie ‘Taps’ (Hotflush, 2009)
19. Boxcutter ‘Mya Rave V2’ (Planet Mu, 2009)
20. Bullion ‘Are You The One’ (One Handed Music, 2009)
21. Bullion ‘Say Goodbye To What’ (One Handed Music, 2010)
22. The Dead Weather ‘3 Birds’ (Third Man Records, 2009)

Interview with RQM in FRench / English on Jekyll & Hyde site

02 June 2010

Slater & Lime - Creepin (Spox remix)

T&B's Drop the Lime and AC Slater has finally joined their forces and released their collaboration in the form of a single called Creeping (check it on juno). The original is a kind of funky house exercise, neither bad nor amazing, but a Polish producer from my hometown (Warsaw), DJ Spox turned this tune into a real dancefloor monster with some sick stabs and acid-laden, distorted bassline, as if trying in his work to unleash extra force to beat the totally evil spirit of bad weather we have had here this Autumn, ermmm, I mean Spring. One of the most uplifting, powerful and ass-kicking bangers I've heard in a while. Cop it while it lasts.

Slater & Lime - Creepin (Spox Remix) by Spox Remix


Slater & Lime - Creepin (Spox remix) (via Top Billin)

If you want more Spox, you should definitely check his soundcloud for more sick remixes and PL FUNKY EP released on the Top Billin label, featuring Spox next to other talented producers from Poland (who despite the name of the release do not copy UK Funky sound in their music) e.g. Vanatoski, The Phantom, Tears and  Zeppy Zep. Definitely one of the best 'Polish' releases this year! More info on Top Billin blog.

PL Funky Mix (by The Phantom)

Low End Theory Podcast - ep. XV - Gaslamp Killer vs. Lorn

Low End Theory Podcast - ep. XV - Gaslamp Killer vs. Lorn

Low End Theory founder and an icon of West Coast movement, Gaslamp Killer presents Episode XV of the outstanding podcast series, this time featuring himself and the ever-mysterious Lorn (in a much too-short mix). Expect the unexpected proves again to be the case in Gaslamp Killler's mix  -  a great selection of weired sound bites, where heavy sub-bass sits next to the funky trumpets to be followed by dreamy IDM trips and cinematic score! But honestly I was much more interested in Lorn's part, as I am his big fan since his Biggie's remixes and mesmerizing Grief Machine EP, but most of all after listening to Nothing Else - his debut full-length to drop in just a few days on the mighty FlyLo's Brainfeeder. This is the record of the year for me without a doubt, but you would be surprised if you expected only stuff from Nothing Else in Lorn's LET's mix :)  It's much more. Sick mix - just listen!

PS. Pre-order Lorn's album directly from him  to get a signed copy + other personalized goodies.

01 June 2010

Devo - Whip It (Mochipet's Nitrous Oxide Mix) Free Download!!

Epic banger remix from Mochipet for free download. What a great beat and sick bassline. Enjoy! Can't wait to hear the new stuff from my favorite pet coming out soon on Daly City Records.

Devo - Whip It (Mochipet's Nitrous Oxide Mix)