28 December 2010


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the time has come, as every year to post a list of the best productions of 2010. Creation of the ultimate top list is a futile task, thus my ranking is just a tip of an iceberg, as 2010 was extremely good for music I love. There are definitely names and tunes missing from this list and I had to self-limit myself painfully not to spend days on setting up this monster. I deliberately ommitted a few bigger names like Starkey or Mount Kimbie, they will anyway appear on other lists. And to be honest, I don't understand how people can manage to squeeze all great music into top 10 ?!!?!?  As with Oscar awards - music released at the end of the year tends to be over-represented but this is a rule of the game. Enjoy my Top-23 tracks and remember this is veeery subjective so I accept no complaints :))  I wish 2011 to be equally good. Howgh!


1. Slugabed – Quantum Leap (Planet Mu)
Master of twisted synths wins no.1 spot.

2. Lorn – Army of Fear (Brainfeeder)
The beauty of electronic beast in melancholia.

3. Demokracy – Searchlight (Project Mooncircle)
From Russia with powerful synth L.O.V.E. Demokracy is top talented duo to watch in 2011!

4. Swede:art – Sex on the Airplane (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Sexy track from the sexiest debut this year!

5. Low Limit – Trapperkeeper (Numbers)
Super funky, mutant shizzle in unique Bay Area styleeee. Technically speaking it is from 2009, but was released in 2010.

6. Pixelord – Cartoon Friend (Error Broadcast)
Oh boy – the chip digital music by the Lord of All Pixels is killing me!

7. Emika – Double Edge (Ninja Tune) 
Deep, emotional, awesome!

8. Deadboy – Long Way to Go (Well Rounded Records)
I fell in love with this girl’s vocal immediately and the way Deadboy plays his keyboard - OMG.

9. Doshy – Sunset (Demokracy Remix) (Robox Neotech)
Germany meets Russia in one of the best and powerful remixes this year.

10. Moa Pillar – Water Lily (Error Broadcast)
More torrential hurricane of straight-in-yer-face synths from Russia. It hit me hard first time and I have applied the same treatment regularly since then.

11. Los Rakas – Abrasame (Uproot Andy Mix)
Ghetto tropical cumbia fantastique!!!

12. Magnetic Man – The Bug (Columbia)
Super Group in a super tune.

13. Roots Manuva – Witness (Slugabed remix) (Ninja Tune)
Sluga did a f...g remix!

14. Robot Koch – Brujeria feat. Graciela Maria (Robots Don't Sleep)
Top electronic producer and beautiful female vocal always work for me, though rarely with such a force as in this track.

15. Swede:art – I’m a R.O.B.O.T. feat. Blaktroniks (TOKiMONSTA remix)
Superb remix by TOKiMONSTA. Totally addictive.

16. Lazer Sword – Shot in the Nite (Innovative Leisure)
Funky disco era anthem! I want more.

17. Stephen Jacobs, Sugarpill feat. Naada – Level Attack (+verb spaced out remix)
Three great producers in one track plus a female vocal - what more can you wish from music?

18. Schlachthofbronx (f. Spoek & Gnucci Banana) – Ayoba (Top Billin remix) 
Air-horn carnival butchers from Munich and their great hit fantastically remixed by Finnish producer Top Billlin.

19. King Fantastic – Lost Art of Killing (Hollyrock)
Yo, bitches, time to rock your asses'n'ttities to this gangsta rap shit.

20. Disrupt & Soom T – Dirty Money (an-ten-nae remix) (Muti)
yeah yeah yeah yeah best riddim of 2010!!!!

21. PTR1 – Cold – (Concrete Cut Recordings) 
 Beautiful, deep, bass meditation made in Poland. World class production and unrivaled mood setter.

22. Inaudible – Quiet Addicts (bandcamp)
Sick, twisted, heavy bass horror show of epic proportions.

23. AQF – Born and Raised (AQF)
AQF was definitely born and reaised in hell. This tune is as dark as the darkest pits of hell, and I LOVE IT.

EOT. Can't wait for 2011 surprises and bangers.

Christmas selection of tunes

Here is a selection of various tunes I spotted while DOING NOTHING at work - bless be the period between Christmas and New Year's Eve when all the corpo sharks go for holidays leaving me lots of free time to roam the web.  

Sick childhood reminiscences in Moa Pillar's Childhood. Lots of delays and loopy vocals - me likes a lot!

Childhood by Moa Pillar

Bonus digital download from pixelord forthcoming ep FISH TOUCH on Error Broadcast. Can't wait to hear the full release!

Pixelord - Fish Touch (Leonard Dstroy Remix) by Error Broadcast

One more tune from pixelord's EP - oriental Om Unit remix. Dope.

Pixelord - Cybernator (Om Unit Remix) by omunit

Montgomery Clunk in this crazy tinfoil plays frivolously with his gear.

this crazy tinfoil by Montgomery Clunk

A special, nasty interpretation of Christmas Magic by one and only Low Limit. For big bwoys and naughty gals!


I'm not a big fan of dubstep remixes of all-time-classics or pop songs, but Minnesota's remix of California Dreaming is really nice.

California Dreamin' (Minnesota RMX)(320 DL) by Minnesota

Finally, great dubstep tune from Portland - by Cory O.  Rolling sooo sweet!

God Can't Save U From ME! TKO by Cory O

20 December 2010

MiHKAL - Snuglife

Fancy some proper heavy-bass, glitch hop mix? MiHKAL, a Symbiosis artist hailing from Oakland (CA), has delivered great, spacey bass-meditation in his SNUGLiFE. Very concise subs all across the board and lots lots of sick drops and fantastic synths. Great listening pleasure. Highly recommended.

1. Rigzin & Knowa Knowone ~ Dedication
2. Telepopmusik ~ Breathe (MiMOSA Remix)
3. Phaeleh ~ Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
4. Eastern Sun & Oscure ~ Third Eye High (R/D Remix)
5. MiMOSA vs. PANTyRAiD vs. Widdler vs. Art of Noise ~ Fine Day On That Kryptonite (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
6. Sharps ~ The Growth
7. Joker & TC ~ It Ain't Got A Name
8. NiT GRiT ~ Grit Shifter
9. ChrisB. ~ Redshift
10. Guttstar ~ Lunar Stick Shift
11. MiMOSA ~ Your Love
12. Massive Attack ~ Teardrop (Knight Riderz Remix)
13. Gladkill ~ That Girl Is Trouble
14. MIA ~ Caps Lock (MiHKAL REMiXXX)
15. Portishead + PANTyRAiD + Glitch Mob + Marty Party + Emalkay + Bassnectar ~ Enter The Whateva (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
16. Mix n' Blend ft. Rayelle ~ First Light
17. John Lennon ~ Imagine (NiCo LuMinouS Remix)

artwork by Marty Kenney

...Infinite Love & Gratitude to all of the artists featured on this mix...

16 December 2010

Planet Soap - After Silkworm (Car Crash Set)


PLANET SOAP - After Silkworm
Car Crash Set
21 December, 2010 

Fantastic release dropping just at the end of the year - 'nough time to fit in into my Top Releases of 2010 list :))

Car Crash Set prepared a fat selection of of remixes of tracks taken from "Silkworm" EP by bass-trio Planet Soap from Milan, Italy (released in September 2010).  I haven't even listened thouroughly to the stuff but I already feel this might be a a surprise hit of 2010 for many listeners. Coming out of nowhere for some, but definitely not for the regular readers of my blog, as "After Silkworm" features the works of my favorite producers on the beat scene. Many of them from Russia - e.g. MOA Pillar, Damscray, Democracy, Pixelord, DZA. The case of Russian beatmakers actually reminds me a bit of an explosion of West Coast scene several months ago. Their music feels very fresh, they somehowe squeeze new juice out of the mutant beats, creating powerful works of art which perfectly attune with my emotions and expectations. The Russians are supported by other fantastic beatmakers from across the globe: + verb, HALP, BD1982, B-Ju, Coco Bryce, Apes on Tapes. Plus some names I don't recognize, but who also offer proper tunage, e.g. - spacey remix by UXO from Milan, mental trips by Harrison Blakoldman, Miqi O or MoreSounds hailing from France. In particular the wonky dubstep refix by Moresounds is top class! Their combined forces deliver a super fat package of very contemporary electronic music.  My personal highlights include, no.1 on this release, namely Wargames remix by Democracy - for real, these duo from Russia did it again and hit some soft spot in my neural construct with full force. This is another ultra powerful banger from them and I still can't get enough. This is closely followed by smashing, mind-twisting, broken beats in Damscray's (1/2 of Democracy) remix; sick, glitchy synths in Moa Pillar's track; button extravaganza of Pixelord; bubbling melodies of electronic erudite + verb or oldschool scratches and piano stabs in Coco Bryce's superb work. All in all the entire record is A MUST for any fan of future, twisted, mutant, contemporary beat and bass. One of the best releases this year without a doubt. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!!!

Liste to a selection of tunes via souncloud:

Planet Soap - Wargames (Demokracy Remix) by Demokracy

SynthPhony 4000 (Damscray Remix) by Planet Soap
(this is actually a remix of AlexKid98)

Planet Soap - Indian Care (MOA RMX) by Moa Pillar

Planet Soap - Indian Care (B-Ju Remix) by B-Ju

Grab the release this Monday via Junodownload. Personally, I would love to receive this release as a Christmas gift :)))

15 December 2010

Donky Pitch Radio - Donky X Hivemind vol. 3

Great Donky Pitch radio show recorded in December 2010 by Grinel & Nameless Pete (aka Donky Pitch DJs) - Donky X Hivemind Volume 3. Plenty of exclusives and upfront heat, incl. monster hip hop bash (a totally 'osom Lloyd Banks in Start it Up), cold skwee bonanza, synth-driven bass orgy and future, broken - wot u call it - sound and experimental trips.  Starting from mutant beats by West Coast newcomer to the scene - Jon Wayne, through tunes by Tokimonsta, Lunice, Motem, Randy Barracuda (sick sick!), Beatbully with 8-bit Drom - another skweentastic shit, beautiful dBridge remix, top quality Rudi Zygadlo, fantastic, forthcoming Black Acre release by 1000 Names - Before Sunrise or crazy synth improvisations by  Romanian wizzkid - Montgomery Clunk in a bonus track from his, great Superbas EP. Plus tons of other equally goods treats. Some of them, I've never heard of, it's haight time to catch up, Doktor :). Eclectic, educational and highly entertaining show offers two hours of hot, FUTURE electronic music with top selection. Yes, I am not afraid of using this over-used adjective, there is so much fresh juice in there - yummy! Don't sleep on this.

Donky Pitch Radio - Donky X Hivemind vol. 3 (direct download)

13 December 2010

+ verb - Writing you off / Problemz and Christmas Mini-mix

The king of lazers n bass n bounce + verb has just released 2 synthetic goodies of impecabble production quality and crispy clean sound. His music output is so huge recently, I wonder when this guy sleeps? After very well received remix on the latest Starkey's EP - Space Traitor vol. 1, + verb does not stop and graces us with more of his famous beautiful distortions. And hey, in his case quantity comes with quality, which you can prove by listening to these two heavy-bass meditations with Problemz being my favorite.

Preview and buy the release on his bandcamp:

+ verb - Writing you off / Problemz (bandcamp)

You should also check a recent Xmas Mini Miz by +verb including his originals and two collaborations with Richard Sweat and Stephan Jacobs. Great soundtrack to an SF thriller: "Help! I've been abducted by vicious, robotic aliens who love to torture their victims with sick, devilish music" :)))

Xmas 2010 Mini-mix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb


BLIND DREAMS w/ Stephan Jacobs

Rocking times

It's December, it's freezing, THX God the music still rocks.... Stay tuned, more rocking music on Doktor Krank's blog coming soon to warm you up :))

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11 December 2010

Montek's Party Report - Deadboy, Toy Selectah @ Twisted Pepper, Dublin

See yourself re-transmission.

Bounce everybody!

Dublin did it! Let's reverse the entertainment, starting from the Oscar winning Cumbia hedgehog! Aren't you somfin'?

Night ended up squirky, everybody was internally touched by Nicaraguan bass, beat and/or inferno Latino counter strike. Yet again it was a place to be! Me senses are sane; bejeweled!

When the time comes to an end there are no subtitles, ambient theme songs, there's just pressure to be different, kooler, smoother, tighter, funkier, simply from ouuuuta space. Zee lights are on! Knock, knock! Who's there? It's Toy Hern├índez! (Keep an eye on the third-party fellow showing root square of x!?).

But hey, parry is starting, all the smiley faces a bit drugged, drunked to the MUD still juggling like they should, let's roll, let's swing to the oriental rhythm. Be curious, uptight, eased, plural if you've taken your alter ego(s) down there, celebrate, like there's no other way! No FFWD's...

Up to the way we like, untold, unfinished, crazee, waving to start/stop the madness. Let's roll our pancake makers! By appointment you can even get a nice warm fingery experience by me matey CD Fingah', like everybody should. Feel it! http://www.amazon.co.uk/feengy_thingy_underwear

How mad is that? That's were I am myself losing some kcal's. Still, what's happening in the sewer? Deadboy's killed the basement. It is locked, fallen now. Barman's up on the overground scene, disjointed with his beloved pint distributors, movin', shakin', whaaaaaat's happening? I'm not heading there, tried once, nothing special...

Yes, rumors are true, "-1" is closed, [NUMBERS] have become outnumbered. Seriously, what happened there? Flooding? Fo' sho' not by peeps, it's Friday, whoa up? On other leg everybody has moved here, waaaaaay better, it's full now, no need to split your precious time between levels, level up with it, here, cause who's on the buttons? Toy is!

Look who's crawled back from the sewerside, it's Deadboy! Sound & werd mate, nice und slick bassline/gerritch! That's how you make us dance. No walls falling, no queues to the toilet. Checked.

Before that there was even something deep, Deadboy's not pestering, he's keeping up the flow. Well it's a mix, so change is the right thing to maintain. Smooth, clean like a breath. Gud Jab Dood! Mixmaister Mike has nothing to say.

At the beginning, let's not forget about the architects. Peace, Luv, Unity & Respect to the Dublin Crew, they went G.I.B., check out plandering 2'00".

Afterwards they paid me for the pints I gave them, we walked to the DaDa Restaurant for the Christmas Dinner 2010, next they put some money into my friend's account, then we filled our plates, walked, bused, Rathmines. It's Saturday. Sunday's Friday!

Increase the peace by decreasing your outcome or income if you wish. it's the same thing. Or is it?

Big Up Subz! Montek.

P.S. Get my last mix at SoundCloud. Connect with me through my Gravatar.

08 December 2010

Sickrime Komitty - Fuck Th'Mole

I really respect people who are able to laugh at themselves and make me laugh in the process :) Th' Mole has the skill. Apart from being a really nice and cool dude, he is a very entertaining performer and producer. Listen to this diss song and sing-a-long ha ha ha.

Mocking lyrics on bandcamp page will definitely help. Here is a short snippet :)

goddamn, mole, haven't you ever heard of good
music? ..maybe you should try and do it.
. cause yours sucks - it's not even hip hop - it's
poppycock - you better make that shit stop.
.you love unicorns? i'd love to see you im-
paled on one - you're a failure, son.
. you got a song called how to be cool but if you
really want to be cool you'll kill yourself, mole

Sickrime Komitty - Fuck Th'Mole (via bandcamp)

... and don't forget to check a more 'serious' production from Th'Mole - I Love Unicorns maxi single, with remixes by Robot Koch (as usual, great synths!!!!), The Flying Skulls and Fietboer plus the psychedelic gibberish banger Shocky Guy Go. You'll understand better (i think) all those unicorn references above :)

Th'Mole - I love Unicorns (Maxi Single) (via bandcamp)

07 December 2010

Finest Ego - Russian Beatmaker Compilation

Download Finest Ego Russian Beatmaker Compilation for free via project mooncircle bandcamp.

Project Mooncircle is another label which turns its attention to the thriving Russian beat scene. With quite promising results. Just like in the case of Error Braodcast's Fly Russia compilation, Finest Ego release encompasses quite a broad and eclectic music tastes. These young guys from Russia show remarkably advanced production skills and fresh, attractive appeal which is playful at times but extremely powerful at others. And once more, as in the case of EB's compilation, there is one absolutly kiling track which stands out among quite a decent selection. In Fly Russia this was Moa Pillar's Water Lily, whereas on Finest Ego Compilation it is Searchlight by Democracy. What an amazing, picteresque tune. This is a superb cinematic score to some 23rd century psychedelic SF thriller. Searchlight has been on constant repeat in my player for a week and I can't get enough! The sheer power of synths and pulsating melody is soooo overwhelming.

Searchlight (Finest Ego version) by Demokracy

Other highlights of this release include Pavel Dovgal's solid and slow-burning roller Is On Fire, Pixelord's  crazy button work in Zero One, laidback, glitchy, oriental suite in Moa Pillar's Way of Wind or great jazzy vibe in Long Arm's The Roots. Russian beatmakers confirmed once again that they have an enormous potential and quite a unique sensitivity which they are using in their electronic explorations. They are big but they will be much much bigger in the near future. I keep my fingers crossed!

Project Mooncircle summed up this release quite accurately:
The tendency towards advanced beats seems to be more and more a global phenomenon. As we already have said: Decentred beats for decentred people. During the last few years arose also in Russia a small, loosely networked scene of people, who have experimented with Hip Hop-beats. But in this case, the young Russians have no examples or references for this kind of music in the musical culture of their own country. All of their inspirations are taken from blogs and from the intensive study of their role models worldwide. The result is an organic, very playful, snappy and jazzy sound, which is carried by a common vibe, but is in the same way as diverse as the finest egos of the artists themselves.

06 December 2010

Talen - The Comic Book f. remixes by Robot Koch, Kalbata, Son of Kick, Stereotyp, Filewile & more

Artist: Talen
Title: Comic Book
Format: Vinyl 12” & Digital
Cat No: MWEP011
Release Date: 13.12.2010
Label: Mouthwatering Records

A1 Batgirl feat. Lady Saw
A2 Green Lantern feat. Ward 21
A3 Johnny Blaze feat. Turbulence
B1 Batgirl feat. Lady Saw (Kalbata Remix)
B2 Green Lantern feat. Ward 21 (Son of Kick Remix)
B3 Johnny Blaze feat. Turbulence (Robot Koch Remix)

Digital only (included with Vinyl 12”)
7. Batgirl feat. Lady Saw (I-Wolf Remix)
8. Batgirl feat. Lady Saw (Stereotyp Version 1)
9. Batgirl feat. Lady Saw (Stereotyp Version 2)
10. Green Lantern feat. Ward 21 (Reverse Engineering Remix)
11. Johnny Blaze feat. Turbulence (Filewile Remix)
12. Johnny Blaze feat. Turbulence (King Aron Remix)

Last year, four Swiss brothers from Talen released a couple of EP's - New York Book and Kingston Book featuring heavyweights Sizzla, Cutty Ranks and underground legends Oddatee and Sensational. BBC1's host Mary Anne Hobbs took notice and dropped the debut on her show - positioning Talen amidst the cream of the Bass scene.

December, 13th 2011 they return with another heaavvvvvvyyy EP - The Comic Book on Mouthwatering Records. The EP features the vocal talent of Lady Saw,Turbulence and Ward 21. A real bomb of future Dancehall meets hard to categorize mutant electronica with remix duty handled by the Bass mafia international: Stereotyp, Kalbata, Robot Koch, Reverse Engineering, Son Of Kick, Filewile, I-Wolf and King Aron.

Out of the originals, Green Lantern is my favorite - extremely infectious dancehall riddim featuring Jamaican super sound system crew Ward 21 with great guitar samples, pumping beat and totally uplifiting synths. I feel anthem and banger of epic proportions in this one! Bass Mafia did an outstanding job with remixes. Robot Koch's refix of Johnny Blaze liquified me to pieces with his cold, glitched-up bassline, while fantastic drums and ultra deep subs with tons of delays in Kalbata's remix of Batgirl changed the original into psychedelic tribal monster (free download below!) Son of Kick properly treated Talen's work with dubstep, while Stereotyp's tune is simply off-the-hook. Silly beat par excellence! I love it :)) The rest is equally good, trust my werd.

Check your retailers next Monday (13 December) to grab this top class dancehall electro shizzle on 12" and in digital format. Really refreshing and inspiring package.

Buy vinyl 12” on Kudos Records Ltd

Digital Distribution: Imusician Digital

Talen - Green Lantern feat. Ward 21 by TALEN

Batgirl feat. Lady Saw (Kalbata Remix) by mouthwateringrecords

Batgirl feat. Lady Saw (Stereotyp Version 2) by mouthwateringrecords

Talen - Batgirl feat. Lady Saw by TALEN
Talen - Johnny Blaze feat. Turbulence by TALEN

Preview 2 more remixes (Filewile, Reversed Engineering) on mx3/talen:

03 December 2010

+verb & Richard Sweat - Next to the Subwoofers

Take this, all of you and listen to it. Phat dopey, lush synths, sick, drilling basslines and stomping beat in a very successful collab between +verb and Richard Sweat. Class!

+verb & Richard Sweat - Next to the Subwoofers by +verb

01 December 2010

Krampfhaft - Brightly Colored Candy Teardrops EP (Saturate Records)


A new label on the neon, mutant beat scene Saturate Records, has just dropped its first release. Krampfhaft is a producer from Utrecht, Netherlands and his Brightly Colored Candy Teardrops EP is - to borrow a title of one of the tracks - "Pure Fucking Diamonds"!!! Add Coco Bryce and Pixelord as remixers (next to heRobust and Roel Funcken), and you know you want a closer peek at this release. Trust my werd - you'll not be disappointed. In particular Take Me Under - deep, beautiful, eerie soundscape with fantastic neon synths and talking beat. One of the best tunes I've heard this year! The title track is another example of the new wave of beatmaking by the young artists on the scene - reminding me of Error Braoadcast artists (in particular Montgomery Clunk) and the Russian beat squad e.g. Damscray, Demokracy or Moar Pillar. I must say I really dig and heartily accept the direction they follow. Lots of great, eclectic, fresh stuff coming from them all the time. The rest of the release is equally tasty and out of the remixes, I liked most the Pixelord's twisted future garage meets chip tunes refix (this guy knows how to improvise with his gear) and heRobust's blipping, spacey and a-synchronous beats.

Visit Saturate Records bandcamp to grab the release.

One tune is available for free from bandcamp and actually it is my personal fave of the EP :)


Listen to a few tracks on soundcloud:

08 Krampfhaft Brightly Colored Candy Teardrops (Pixelord Remix) by SATURATERECORDS

05 Krampfhaft Brightly Colored Candy Teardrops (Coco Bryce Remix) by SATURATERECORDS

... and a special Saturate Records mix prepared by Krampfhaft


01 Jerry Goldsmith - Flameout (Logan's Run OST)
02 Krampfhaft - Brightly Colored Candy Teardrops
03 ∆bstract-ONE - Legacy​/​Detached​(​remix)
04 Krampfhaft - When You And Sleep Escape Me
05 Lazer Sword - Koopa Boss Mode
06 813 - Ultramagnetic Pipirkus
07 The Notorious B.I.G. - Suicidal Thoughts (Lorn Remix)
08 Constrobuz - Pokemon Fetish
09 AstroPoser - Hashshashin
10 Krampfhaft - Take Me Under
11 Julien Mier - Warp
12 Teebs - Double Fifths
13 Wols - Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws
14 Modeselektor - VW Jetta
15 James Blake - CMYK
16 Tristram Cary - City Music 1 & 2

F.O.O.L - Reborn (The Boomzers Rmx)

It's freeeeeeezing here. Need some magic potion to warm my limbs. I switch off my mind and let the body moooove with The Boomzers Remix. Wild and pumping! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

F.O.O.L - Reborn (The Boomzers Rmx) by The Boomzers