31 March 2011

iL - apoLLo1ne3hree

Error Broadcast has just released a fascinating debut by the young producer from the US. iL's apoLLo1ne3hree EP is one of the most interesting and inspiring works I've heard in a while. Digesting this stuff took some time, but it was definitely worth it!

iL comes from Illinois and has a very peculiar and unique method of self expression, I must say. He produces heavily squashed, cut-up beats, patching weird and defragmented sound samples together as if by a hand of blind Chaos Magician practicing the art of making powerful audio sigils, creating a kind of swirling and nigthmarish stream of consciousness. I yet have to decide whether he is defending himself against his inner demons or whether he tries to attract innocent souls to his demonic world :) He goes far off the beaten track in the process, even for the beatz scene which is full of brave explorers of uncharted soundscapes. A listener versed in contemporary beat music will discover many familiar traits, from ambient, RnB or post-garage to Lucky-Me type of soulful dubs, but as a whole the listening experience is really one of the kind. Though this may not seem the case at the first hearing, iL mixes all the short pieces very craftily and skilfully delivering very individual and mature compositions. I appreciate artists following their own path, in particular when this path is not easy to sell to the general public. In the end such an approach will always payback in good fortune and respect. Enthusiastic reviews and opinions of iL's EP in the blogosphere seem to prove this. Naming highlights of this release makes no sense, this is the work of art to be digested end-to-end. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!

iL - apoLLo1ne3hree

iL - When She Wakes Up by Error Broadcast

... and a new sketch posted by iL to his soundcloud recently. The story continues ....

Turn off the sky and come inside with me by [iL]

30 March 2011

Natasha Kmeto - A Way To Love Me (devonwho remix)

Natasha Kmeto, beatmaker and vocalist from Portland, received a nice, hypnotic treatment in this uplifting remix by Portland's guru of beat music - Devonwho. A lovely food for your mind. Perfect score to one of my recent dreams :)

Natasha Kmeto - A Way To Love Me (devonwho remix)

Let's Go Crazy (Samples Remix)

It's been quite a while since I posted music by one of my favorite glitch hop producers - Ben Samples from the Denver Bass Squadron. His gangsta bass-heavy and glitchy synth remix of Let's Go Crazy helped me boost my very low energey level on this f***g Wednesday morning at my desk in the corpo tower of polished steel processing tons of boring business mumbo-jumbo. I really prefer Samples's serious head-nodding biznis!!!!

Workers of the world unite! Download this tune, leave your cubicles and throw a party right now!

Let's Go Crazy (Samples Remix) by bensamples

23 March 2011

Turn On, Tune In, Drop out

I  am currently reading a fantastic book "Entangled" by Graham Hancock, a first fiction work by this controversial and daring explorer of archaic wisdom, hallucinogenic heritage and follower of numerous other paths of non-orthodox science (I highly recommend his opus magnum - Supernatural).  This post is dedicated to machine elves of supernatural dimensions and all adventurers hoping to encounter them during intensive psychedelic trips. Your time will come :)

I will not be very original and start my random selection from the track called D.M.T. by Tidus, an emcee and producer trying to convey dreamy, poetic message working with left-field, hip-hop, psych-rock, jazzy and many others music styles. Interesting.


This one was taken from his full-length album, Absolute Elsewhere which is "a mind trip, one that you wont need entheogens to enjoy". Check this one out - a few really tasty bits for your mind to be found there.

One more tune from Tidus I like:

Tidus-Barrel by oktidus

18-year old Russian beatsmaker - Aleph in the best track of Haunt For Little Blind Fish EP released a few weeks ago on King Deluxe. I am more and more convinced that guys from Russia have some kind of top-secret facility hidden in Siberia where they were busily cooking and breeding super-talented producers for the last few years and recently started releasing them onto the general public to pursue some hidden and very very dangereous agenda :))

Aleph - Astyanax Mexicanus by king_deluxe

Next guy on my list iL from Illinois clearly went overboard many moons ago :) I am still trying to digest his off-kilter beat collages, expect more info on this blog about his latest debut apoLLo1ne3hree on Error Broadcast.

iL - For by Error Broadcast

... and now something completely different .... I fell in love with this tune instantly

Digital Farm Animals - I'll Never Fall In Love by Digital Farm Animals

I could not omit one of the best creators of mental, rocking tunes!!
Slugabed's Rockin U is available as a part of 50-tune package Nihon Kizuna - Compilation of music from worldwide artists donated to help raise awareness and money for the Japan Red Cross in support of the victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit Northern Japan. Be so kind and share some monies with people in need!!


Oh boy, if synths could killl :) Great, uplifting tune by Hyetal taken from his forthcoming album Broadcast on Black Acre Records:

Hyetal - Beach Scene by Black Acre Records

FX-laden twisted button work in + verb remix of Planet Soap's track. Dope and ill bass. I like!

Planet Soap - Escape From Supernova500 (+verb Remix) by +verb

18 March 2011

LaZerDeLiCa (We r floating in space) - mixed by DJ UMB



This is a story about a couple who are on a double high:
1 - They r in <3
2 - They r floating in space


 LaZerDeLiCa (We r floating in space) - mixed by DJ UMB

DJ UMB, one of the brains behind the famous Generation Bass portal released a sick mix of enchanting, bass-heavy pop-step. Great spacey vibe would make any robot shed a few drops of precious oil and quite a few humans should also find this work of art inspiring and moving. Can't wait to play this music to my wife ... Thanks man!

1. We r floating in space - Spiritualized
2. Painted Sky (Grillo rmx) - Seba
3. Because (Across Universe version) - Beatles
4. Because (GoldRush rmx) - Beatles
5. Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up - Pink Floyd
6. Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath
7. Creep (DFA rmx) - Radiohead
8. Moonshine - Wizard (Gen Bass)
9. Grit Shifer - Nit Grit
10. I got what you want Boy - MartyParty
11. Los Angeles - MartyParty
12. Out Here - NastyNasty
13. Luv U - +verb
14. Dreams - Love & Light
15. New York Legs - NastyNasty
16. TruPlaya - GoldRush
17. SuperSymmetry - GoldRush
18. You - Gold Panda
19. Find Me - GoldRush
20. W o r d - Star Slinger
21. A Day in the Life (edit) - Beatles
22. He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot (edit) - Grandaddy
23. Tell Me if you like it (rmx ?) - Matt!Damon! w/ Cassie

The author of this 75' of beautiful music claims that he was inspired by gorgeous, thought provoking collages such as this:

Urban Waves Compilation

I love off-kilter, abstract electronic trips and thanks God I've checked my facebook site, where I found a link to Urban Waves Compilation. I've never heard of Urban Waves and could have missed this gem. I was quite surprised to find so many intereseting tracks there by artists whose names, in large majority, I saw for the first time. 22 producers deliver tons of experimental beatz, chip tune keys, deep groovy loops of sick abstract sounds, twisted synth improvisations, distorted bleeps, quite often with mental head-nodding force (well, my neck hurts). The quality of this compilation is exceptional, cause nearly all these tracks are at least very good, which does not happen so often with this type of beat experiments. The selection has been done very consistently and carefully. My personal highlights include music by: Downstate, Zomb., Lakritze, Vanilla, DAILON, LON, Icenine, SIG and Doshy. Well, let the music speak, I highly recommend you download this beast for free and prepare yoursel for a few surprises.One of the best beat comps I heard this year.

URBAN WAVES COMPILATION (free download via bandcamp)

16 March 2011

Moa Pillar - The Moon And Thunder Dance EP (G5 Music)

Moa Pillar - The Moon And Thunder Dance (G5 Music)

1. The Moon And Thunder Dance
2. Water Lily
3. Haema
4. Flying Low
5. Red In Rainbow
6. Lake Mystery

All music by Feodor Pereverzev
Mastered by Evgeny Schukin
Worldwide digital distribution: Alpha Pup Records

 9 / ***10

Russian beatmakers are unstoppable. They are young, talented and bring their unique sensitivity and 'soul' to the contemporary electronic music. They don't care about fashion and hype which is quite prevalent also in non-mainstram music nowadays (see: future garage or uk funky I am really fed up with at the moment), they simply do their thing. 19-year old (sic!), Feodor Pereverzev from Moscow, a.k.a. Moa Pillar is the prime example of this new wave of fascinating artists from Russia. He has just released a fantastic The Moon and Thunder Dance EP on the new Russian imprint G5 Music (part of the respected Gimme5 community), supported worldwide by the American Alpha Pup Records.

Many of you probably heard Water Lilly - one of the biggest anthems and bangers and one of my personal top tracks of 2010. When I first heard this tune I felt as if someone had slapped me in the face and then pushed me off the cliff. But I did not crash. On the contrary, this was a great flight! The raw power of Moa Pillar's sonic assault instantly increased my interest in music made in Russia tenfold. Though other tracks do not attack the listener with equally brute and beautiful force, this EP proves that Moa Pillar like no other artist can very skilfully combine regional, ethnic soundscape with ultra modern heavy bass & mutant beatz, creating synth-driven compositions, weaving through the listener's mind like good stories told by old shamans at the fireworks in the dark woods. I feel particularly attuned to this feeling of atavistic yearning and archaic undercurrent richly distributed in Moa Pillar's music, as in enchanting Red in Rainbow or Flying Low. Such soulful moments are so sorely missing from the music I hear nowadays, that I cannot remove a big smile from my face. Female vocals in Heama with fantastic, spacey synth improvisations simply turn me on! Lake Mystery starts like a typical oriental, arabic song to suddenly twist into cut-up ethnic chants with lots of beautiful bleeps and bits in the background building up to absolutely mesmerizing trip! As in the case of many artists from Eastern Europe I heard recently I really wonder how come such youngsters are able to produce such a mature music?

For years, I've been a strong adherent of Entheogenic Reformation in oppossition to the Pharmacratic Inquisition we face daily in our fucked up reality and my mind is really satisfied listening to such a beautiful, modern yet archaic and in the end - psychedelic stuff. We all know the stories of Siberian shamans, don't we? This is the music these wizards would definitely incorporate in their ceremonies with ease :))

I am deeply sorry, for my far too-long stream of consciousness, but somehow this music has inspired me to creative (I hope) writing which unfortunately you have been now exposed to... Anyway, check this music and let yourself be attracted to the tribal world of Mr. Moa Pillar:

[G5001] Moa Pillar - The Moon and Thunder Dance EP by G5 Music

For the time being you can grab this EP on iTunes only, which is kinda sad, as I don't use and have no intention of using Steve Jobs' greedy tool. Fortunately, soon this release will appear in other, more user-friendly places in the interweb (Boomkat, Juno etc.).

Apart from great music content, this EP shows more amazing talents, as the artwork by Hargi Csik & Erik Kirtley is the best thing in this department I've seen in months! Simple but extremely effective and emotional, the way I like :)

You better memorize the name of G5 Music, this imprint has more amazing music from Russia in the pipeline. Moa Pillar's is just the beginning, trust my werd!

10 March 2011

Jeremiah Jae - Rappayamatantra EP (Brainfeeder)

Release Date: March 22, 2011

1. The Dirty Collector Pt. 1
2. Kings Bop
3. Guns Go Off (Remix)
4. $easons
5. Raw Tape$
6. Vertical Pupils
7. Stones Passage
8. Glitter Kit

Once in a while I come across the stuff escaping all classifications, hard-to-digest, demanding but delivering quite a unique experience. But it is exceptionally hard to write a few critical sentences about the actual 'songs' I heard in this parituclar case. Rappayamatantra EP, to be dropped March, 22 on the Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label is the debut (if one does not count self-released Dxcne EP which not many people had a chance to listen to probably) by Jeremiah Jae, 21-year old producer and rapper from Chicago whose speciality seems to be serious beatscooking. Yes, his music is cooky, avantgarde, lo-fi trip in the best tradition of plunderphonics (in particular in tracks like The Dirty Collector pt. 1 reminding me of the works of champions of this sound - Negativeland). A patchowork of fantastic strange samples, off-the-beat, mutant hip-hop sonic textures with weird rhyming and vocalizations, experimental jazz improvisations overstretched beyond any limits, synthetizers playing creepy melodies, often mutating into spastic chaos or downright silly rhymes. Actualy, well-controlled chaos rules the music work of Jeremiah Jae, and though this type of experimental, sample based, cut-up approach to production process is nothing exceptional or new, this guy - while drawing inspiration from so many sources - has a rare ability of putting all these pieces into one nearly coherent whole. I really admire his bravery thanks to which he has created a very personal work of art which he nonetheless shares very willingly with the listeneres delivering quite a unique experience. My personal highlights of this EP incl. Seasons and Raw Tapes - probably most accessible and traditional tracks in the set plus totally off-kilter Glitter Kit. This is not an easy music, you would not dance your ass  off to the beat, definitely you would not be able to chill out he he, but I encourage you to give it a try. Such an impressive music erudition at such a young age does not surprise if one learns that his father was a musical director for Miles Davis in the late years of Davis's career and his mother sang gospel. Later this year, Brainfeeder will release Jeremiah Jae's full length Raw Money Raps and I will be eagerly awaiting more weird stuff from this cooky wizardy
Jeremiah Jae visited Poland a few days ago playing together with another heavy weight beatsmith from Brainfeeder roster - Teebs. I couldn't make it (I really really wish I was there) and I believe he gave one-of-the-kind performance...

04 March 2011


Super Fat and Siriouuuuuuuuuus Busta Rhyme Remax by SlugaBeast. Oh boy, this guy knows how to operate his gear. Bowel-twisting shit!


03 March 2011

EPROM - Pipe Dream EP (RWINA415)

Ultra Heavy Bass Champion - Eprom will drop in April another super bombastic and stomping release on RWINA, following his mighty Humanoid EP (Humanoid is still one of my top heavy bass anthems of all times). Pipe Dream, Chromium Decay, and The Symbiote are a rollercoaster of one-of-a-kind EPROM glitchy basslines rolling through the sonic landscape like a slow, but heavy armed, tank through the modern battlefield methodically clearing the terrain in front of it with mind-twisting stabs of pure digital fiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeee! I also have my favorite roller out of the three killing tracks. The Symbiote with its 21st century, twisted and distorted, robotic organs, could easily become a part of music score of some post-apocalyptic steam-punk thriller. Can't wait for this release. A must for any fan of straight-in-yer-face dancefloor smashers!

Listen to the preview and check the artwork, which is simply amazing!
Eprom - Pipe Dream EP - RWINA415 by rwina_records

02 March 2011

Damscray - Bug Detector

Damscray (1/2 of Demokracy duo), heavy-weight champion of deep cosmic mumbo jumbo hailing from Siberia posted another killing tune on his soundcloud. Good joint to start off my blog after a short hiatus (yeah, skiing in - 20 Degrees was new, yet totally amazining experience!). Rave on!

Bug Detector by Damscray