26 November 2010

Low End Theory Podcast Episode XVIII - Nobody & Jonwayne

Low End Theory Podcast is baaaaaack :) with top quality content and artwork. This time DJ Nobody is accompanied by a new talented Californian beatmaker Jon Wayne (also an Emcee, apparantly).  Future mutant twisted beatz all over the place. Did I mention, killing quantity of heavy bass? Load this sonic bullet onto your gear, time to start pre-weekend preparations (BTW - Happy Thanksgiving to American folks).

Low End Theory Podcast Episode XVIII - Nobody & Jon Wayne

25 November 2010

Damscray - Warriors (Lakritze RMX)

Jesus and Holy Mary what a siiiiiiiiiiiiiick and hellish tune !

Damscray - Warriors (Lakritze RMX) by lakritze

Heavy bass vs. glitch hop, with occasional beatz mega post

Interesting mixes have been accumulating on my hard drive incessantly, now is the time to share some of them with my readers. I highly recommend checking all of them - they are creme de la creme, the best part, and just a small fraction of what I listen to daily :)) Most of the tracklist at the bottom of the stage "after the jump".


 Let's start from some serious mind-boggling beatz served by Project Mooncircle in their Neumond (New Moon) podcast - Episode 2. Project Mooncircle is one of the best, most eclectic, versatile, open-minded labels out there, their podcasts are quality, as a rule! This episode gives you an insight of upcoming or latest releases and is crowned by interviews with Robot Koch, Dday One & Jinna Morocha. The show includes new exclusive tunes of fLako, Daisuke Tanabe, Ichiro_, Pavel Dovgal, Pixelord (Error Broadcast), Comfort Fit, Robot Robinson, Ital Tek, Graciela Maria, Killing Skills, Sense Of The Q4, Sotu The Traveller, Kan Sano, Glen Porter, DZA, John Robinson and the Finest Ego + Cosmopolyphonic compilation etc.


XLII and Broken Haze aka Raid System with November's show for Rhythm Incursions. As usual - super eclectic selection of heavy-bass, funky & stomping beats covering very broad range of music from e.g. Siriusmo or Bomb Zombies through Lazer Sword, Sub Swara, Kraddy to Halp (Leek is a f...g monster of the tune!!!), Skrillex, Terror Danjah, Powel, Girl Unit and BD1982. I would definitely want to see them performing live and driving the the crowd mad. They know how to do it.  


Pressha from Seattle delivers a mix for Simplify Recordings which is full of smashing tunes by the hottest midtempo / glitch hop producers, incl. Samples, Marty Paryt, Mimosa, Knight Riderz, Mattb and tons of Love & Light tracks. For me, personally the absolute highlight of this mix (as well as Acid Crunk vol. 3 comp) is Dirty Money - by An-Ten-Nae f. Soom T. What a beautiful riddim!!!!! Pressha has a unique gift of mixing quite a hard stuff into super funky, ass-shaking ride skilfully balancing hard stomp vs. softer touch. IMHO his best mix up-to-date. Highly recommended for any fan of modern heavy bass music!!!


More midtempo bonanza in a mix by Psymbionic, who apart from being a producer and DJ, co-runs a very successful blog. Bwom Beats crew writes about the 2nd installment in their mix series: "This is a juicy mixtape that is 1/3 purple crunk lovestep, 1/3 glitch hop, and 1/3 dubstep by our own Psymbionic. What starts off slow and sexy soon drops you into a heavy boomer of a mix that will make you swoon and/or grab your nuts. John has been honing his style and styling his sounds since coming onboard and has definitely dialed in a good one so far. The mix has a lot of primo stuff from a lot of upcoming producers, so check this one out." Agree 100%. Don't sleep on this mix peeps.

Look out for upcoming remixes by Psymbionic for Ben Samples (Daly City Records) and Mindelixer (Abstract Logic Recordings). Tour dates can be found at http://psymbionicmusic.com/


Samples live at the DBS 3 Year by bensamples

Glitch hop / dubstep gonzo - Ben Samples in a special live set at the 3 Year Anniversary of Denver Bass Squad. You know what's the score :) Liquid, heavy, distorted bass, tons of sick synths, and serious head-nodding bizniz! A MUST! The mix was exclusively featured on a new blog covering similar music niche as yours truly's blog. Go check Sub-synthesis to mine for some midtempo, lazer, crunky goodies.

Glitch-Hop.pl Podcast #02 by Niño by Mash Machine

Beats, beats and more mutant beats in a second podcast for glitch-hop.pl site by Nino, hailing from Barcelona, Spain. Shlohmo, Swede:Art, Robot Koch, Mweslee, HudMo or sick remix by Slugabed of Melkeveien vs. Niño's tune Yo!. What else can you wish from a good mix :)  Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Aural Frequencies - 2010 Digital Mixtape by Carly-D

And now something slightly different. Change of tempo and heavier slabs of sub-bass in straight-in-yer-face mix by the champion of dubstep sound, DJ and Producer, Miss Carly-D from Oakland, USofA.

This is a set that was recorded live at GruntWorthy Wednesdays on November 17th 2010. It's about 50% Dubstep, 40% West Coast Purple Future Bass, 10% Drumstep. 100% Sexy. Sit back, relax, & enjoy the aural frequencies. :) Features tracks by Carly-D, Dr.Knobz, Doug Surreal, DCarls, Stephan Jacobs, +Verb, Sugarpill, Samples, Subscape, Phear Phace, Kill Paris, Shredexx, Brent Still LIfe, Kito & Vaccine, Rob Sparx, Skism, Doctor P, Nit Grit, NastyNasty, Gangwarz, Obsidian, Ruckus & Roke, JMagic & Wickaman, Stylust Beats, ChrisB, Ceeker, Pendulum, Rob Swire, Bassnectar, Willy Whompa, & Alexandre.


La, la, la, la la funky la la la la. Soft, warm, melting soul electronica from Souelance, i.e. a combo of French producers Soulist and Fulgeance. Vintage sound from vintage mix series. Each and every La Mixette is booooming and unique. Apart from downloading this fresh mixtape, I highly recommend checking La Mixette back catalog on Musique Large. TIP!


I hope you managed to get to this point of my post, where I will present the last mix for today. BARTEL's music has been described as haunting, yet melodic; down-tempo, yet driving. Swelling ambient soundscapes meet with deep glitch cuts,while a dub sensibility keeps it all sounding like a distant memory. More to the the point, the Bartel aesthetic explores the intersection between ultra-modern synthesis, location recording, and experimental sound design; encouraging an approach to song writing which is both technical and cinematic. Bartel has presented their work in a live setting all over North America

Bartel did a promo mix to promote a forthcoming show with Babe Rainbow (WARP) and Vincent Parker from Canada. The mix features such artists as Fulgeance (in a great Hueas remix), Vincet Parker (great remix by homies from Australia - Blunt Instruments, Babe Rainbow, Acidwolf, Raime, and Bartel himself. Great synth-driven electronic trip, worth your time and ears.


Digital Farm Animals - Dubstep Haz Soul

I've never heard of Digital Farm Animals, but the tunes sent by this Dj/Producer from London hooked me up instantly. Spacey, soulful sub-bass and mesmerizing, laidback melodies, piano bars, beautiful female vocals just prove that wobble does not need to be the only and ultimate solution he he :)) Dear producers listen to these tunes and see another use of deep, heavy-bass. I' m enchanted with Digital Farm Animals right now. If you dig this music, I recommend also checking Forensics, Wrexile or Dusk Ensamble.

Digital Farm Animalz- I Wanna Go Home by Digital Farm Animals
Digital Farm Animals - Creep (Conked out mix) by Digital Farm Animals
Digital Farm Animals- Perfect Pictures by Digital Farm Animals

23 November 2010

Pixelord - Magic Firn

Pixelord's trippy syntehtic rainbow hopping released via Sonic Router. Visit the site to read some news about the hero of the Russian beat scene.

Do One Anthem - RackNRuin ft. Illaman and Flirta D

What about a nice dirty grimey UK bass tune!! Do One Anthem by RackNRuin ft. Illaman and Flirta D is pure, pumping, jumpy fun. To celebrate their appearances at Urban Nerd's and ATG's New Year's Eve bash, RackNRuin has offered up this exclusive MP3 to mark the occasion. Downlad this shizzle and make your car lose its suspension :) This anthem is the mighty London squeezed into a rolling bomb of verbal attack and bass-heavy base. London town coming up on its trip, when night is still young and boosters kicking up in your veins! Full of crazy energy and absolutely freaky emcees, with mashed up urban flavors you will not meet anywhere else. This tune made my day :) I might even smile at my boss, a little ...

FREE NYE DOWNLOAD: ATG Do One Anthem by RackNRuin ft. Illaman & Flirta D by urbannerdslondon

If you are around London on NYE, Urban Nerds and ATG are dropping helluva party! Returning to a central secret Shoreditch warehouse location for NYE, the event plays host to the biggest underground electronic talent around. Check the flyer for details.

21 November 2010

Low Limit - Brainfeeder mix

I haven't even finished listening to this mix before posting it. I know and you know it will be good and you will download it whatever I write here, right? Low Limit from Lazer Sword in his mix for Brainfeeder delivers 40 minutes of astro-slappity-blap electro funky stomp. I don't even need a tracklist I devour this in full!

Low Limit - Brainfeeder Mix

+verb - Please & U Nome

From collaborations with Pixelord or Stephan Jacobs, through Car Crash Set and Mambo records releases (with new stuff coming soon on Vermin Street and Muti, plus Starkey's remix on Civil Music), this guy is simply unstoppable.Since the first time I've heard his music, +verb has been continuously delivering better and better tunes and his production progression curve is pretty steep and probably still far from its peak. If you are looking for smashing synths and deep groovey basslines, you will love the vibe of the latests offerings from Arizona :) Please has button work reminding me of a 21st century organist squeezing all the juice from his instrument in a possessed and maniac way. The synths are sooooooooooo mighty and huuuge! I'm a real sucker for this type of sound. Please is DA TUNE!

Please by +verb

Another heavy, glitchy bomb with sick sub-bass by +verb you can download for free!! He he listen to these synths. Again, +verb delivers bravely and right on target!

+verb - U Nome 

20 November 2010

Montek's Party Report - Bassnectar @ CrawDaddy, Dublin.

Some time ago I 'poked' Bassnectar via my blog about him being very American-centric and that he totally neglects his fans in other parts of the world (I overexaggarated, as usual). A few months passed and he landed in Europe on a 7-gig tour :)) After something like 6 years since his latest visit here. Unfortunately, I was/will not able to make it to any of his performances, which sucks totally !!! I feel pretty shitty about this :(

At least, I was able to send my special 'party reporter' to Crawdaddy in Dublin. Montek, my younger brother who lives in the beautiful capital of Ireland is another well-known bass-lover in my family, upcoming producer and IT guru. I did not need to convince him at all that he should be there on Friday. Below is his report from an 'osom night with Bassnectar, including a few heaaaaaaaaaavy videos. Enjoy!

Welcome bass lovers & everybody who is ready to get some nasty bass bin!

We have Bassnectar's show at Dublin's Crawdaddy on the bill. Simply put, it was totally awesome! Night was really special, even legen... wait for it... dary! One of the reasons is that it actually happened here, just one of only 7 European gigs of his 2010 Euro Trip. Secondly, this took place in Crawdaddy which always, not knowing why, delivers proper vibe. It might be due to the fact that my first dubstep nights happened there with infamous mystik, digital UK brothers or maybe it is the way bass propagates in the premises, which by the way isn't the best sound system out there, still easily enough to shake yer troubles away & keep you warm inside.

When I got there around 12pm, half an hour before the scheduled set time, the queue was still long, thou event was worth waiting. While standing there and getting ready for the action, LCD Soundsystem crew passed me (didn't catch them with my conscious as they are so Irish looking, James Murphy, right? It was the next day, while checking what's up in the city, I've spotted them having show in the next-door's "Tripod"). Back to the story, at the end of the queue was a really nice surprise in a shape of my name on the list. Thanks Krank! More digits in the wallet for alcopops.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Bassnectar's productions. Surely, he possess great technical skills, still I have a feeling he's afraid to get into it a bit, placing prolificness before experiment. As a result his tunes are solid, but a bit predictable. What I'm trying to say is he feels comfortable with one idea and builds every new production on it. That's really in opposition with UK scene, which is morphing, mutating, stripping genres and reorders them in a search of that mandatory uniqueness. The reason I'm bringing all that is the fear I had before his live set. Fear of monotony and missed experimental potential, which is a basic requirement in the field of electronic music perception.

None of my fears materialized! Bassnectar gave a solid, well thought-through, yet not static performance, perfectly balancing breaks, accumulations and repetitions, not too much not too less, that's the skills I was mentioning before. Sound scope was amazing as well, cowboy laser slashes, hip-hop dirty vocals, jah interludes, well-known sirens, dubby low, low basses and finally perfectly synced wobbles. Yes, Lorin, we're feeling it, as he might have asked a few times about it. Didn't you see that guy spilling his beer, in a very snazzy way, all over full dancefloor, with your first bass hit? That was really spectacular I must say. Trip was amazing, that's the type of producers and personalities, you'd like to follow. Dude was smiling, jumping, waving and finally pretending to be a wobble bass, so much appreciated for live musicians. One thing I'm not sure about is his setup. Was it only Ableton with two channels ported to mixer (which is by the way so simple yet effective solution) & sorted list of tunes or was it something more sophisticated (giving an option to pick up a tune with the crowd flow). I hope it was something more, what would explain his frequent headphone cueing.

The only downside of it all, was my increasing boredom, due to no quids, a possible road trip next day and kind of Lorin's transition back to the way he started. I figured nothing new is going to happen (was I right?), so I retreated and headed back to the lair. Night was complete, giving me at least a month of comfort over daily routines. Plus, man! It's a nice start to the weekend. Now, I'm chillin, which I wish you a lot.

Big Up Subz! Montek.

P.S. Get my last mix at SoundCloud. Connect with me through my Gravatar.


19 November 2010

Bass Made in Poland - PTR1 - ABOVE THE STRUCTURES EP

Poland has more and more new, talented beatmakers who will definitely gain (or already gained) due respect across the blogosphere. Let me introduce one of them.

artist: ptr1
release: Above the Structures EP
label: Concrete Cut Recordings
release date: 15/11/10
format: digital
Distribution: Beatport, iTunes, Juno Download, BeatsDigital, Amazon & more

1. Riverside Dub- 5:26
2. Comatose - 5:18
3. Falling - 6:24
4. Cold - 6:14
5. Above the Structures - 5:06
6. Riverside Dub (Shoju remix) - 4:12
7. Cold (Teielte remix) - 2:42

I am a big fan of Clubroot, Forensics and similar spacey bass wizards, and I've found the same vibes in beautiful, bass-deep sonic paintings on a very characteristics 2-step beat, conjured up by the soundmaster  ptr1 hailing from Płock, Poland  in his debut Above the Structures EP on the Polish label Concrete Cut Recordings. For me personally, this is one of the best Polish releases this year. Next to fantastic Homeworkz by Teielte, who btw did a very nice remix of ptr1's Cold on  this EP. One more remix in the pack was done by the Shoju duo, representing Concret Cut label - kudos for great synths!

All five original tracks by ptr1 create a very concrete block of bass-friendly music with absolutely mesmerizing melodies. I listen to tons of electronic productions, coming across tracks showing very good production skills, yet missing one extremely important component - namely soul. Whereas ptr1 has a rare gift enabling him to squeeze beautiful emotions out of the cold analog and digital tools. Just listen to Cold, my personal highlight of the release, this tune reaches deep deep inside my neural structure touching right nerves and proving once again why humans has loved music for millenia.  

Continuously seeking new forms of expression, producer, DJ, and sound engineer ptr1 has always loved to tinker with gear and experiment with programming. From his first instrumental hip-hop productions, to his work in the duo Kaosbreed, ptr1 has emerged with his own individual sound inspired by the deep textures and dusty, minimalist sound of old-school dubstep. ,

In Above the Structures ptr1 has embraced the inherent imperfections of analog gear opting for an organic approach to production. While his music is based on foggy, atmospheric layers, what finally emerges is ptr1’s talent for songwriting which lends itself equally to at-home headphones listening as it does to the dimly lit corners of a dubstep or techno after party.

The release has already garnered early support from such international DJs as Rob Booth [ElectronicExplorations], Crises [Rinse FM/Mindstep], BunZer0 [Sub FM], Cixxx J, and Whistla [Sub FM/L2S].

Grab a free track from the release, though I highly recommend buying a whole thing - one track is simply NOT ENOUGH !

ptr1 - Falling (free download)

P.S. Congratulations to ptr1 for reaching 15th spot on Juno's bestseller's chart for new dubstep/grime this week!!!!

Take - Neon Beams (inflect remix) & Big Boi - Shutterbugg (Mochipet Remix)

There is no better way than start a new, boring day at corposlavery (even if it's Friday), with some dope music, like a fresh remix of Take's anthem Neon Beam's done by inflect, hailing from Lincoln (NE) in the USofA. Great pounding beat and nice, smooth synth work make a really nice combination.

Take - Neon Beams (inflect remix) by inflect

...and metal bass stomp by the best electric pet on the planet Earth - Mochipet, glitching it hard in a fantastic remix of Big Boi's Shutterbugg. Wicked!

Big Boi - Shutterbugg (Mochipet Remix) by Mochipet

18 November 2010

Slugabed - Mix for Surefire Blog

Yeah! New mixtape from the bad boy from Brighton is always like some extra Christmas present you haven't expected.  Tropical, swinging, laidback with twisted as hell mutant beatz. Sluga and his MPD is priceless, indeed :)




17 November 2010

Doshy - Scatter remixes EP (Robox Neotech)

Doshy - Scatter Remixes EP (Robox Neotech)
Release date: 7.12.2010

Doshy - Scatter Remixes EP is a perfect, versatile and powerful release
10 out of 10*** in Doktor Krank's personal ranking!

Robox Neotech is THE LABEL OF THE FUTURE. Trust my werd! Music they serve is soooo refreshing, mind-boggling, full of this kinky, bleepy, twisted lazers and sick beats, dipped in hard to describe RAW, post-industrial spices.  Future beats attacking the listener with full force, engaging all your senses and making your wetware circuitry go high high high with liquid, digital emotions. Just listen to the latest offering from Robox Neotech - Scatter Remixes EP. I liked the the original EP  by Doshy a lot, but these remixes really made my jaw drop low low low.

Super talented beatmakers from across the world, some of whom I have covered recently on my blog - including Rudi Zygadlo, Pixelord, Lakritze, Democracy,Halp & Coco Bryce, Monky, P45, Zeno and Doshy himself plus the rest of the robot gang (new to me), delivered a bass-heavy, lazerized, neon-synth bomb glittering with bold, fantastic ideas built on a stomping, ass-twisting beatz.

There is not a single weak track on this release, but at least a few masterpieces like Sunset's remix by Democracy which was the love from the first hearing a few weeks ago, it has probably the best synths I've heard this year. For real - just listen to them - it's a work of art! I want moar Democracy :) Halp & Coco Bryce brought the title track Scatter to yet another level of electro frenzy. Oh boy, they know how to handle their gear. Rudi Zygadlo's improvisations and vocal samples in Space Attack are top-class. Curtamos refixed Chip into slow-burning sub-bass monster, while Pixelord treated the same track with even more 8-bit chipness and great, overwhelming synths. Tip! Monky in his spacey remix and Zeno in a more drilling, angry rework of Chip did equally good job. Lakritze in his Battleship remix glitched up and slowed down the Space Attack to the max creating a brutal soundtrack to your worst nightmares. VIP version of Space Attack is simply amazing and in the package you will also get a few Doshy's collaborative tracks with a duo of French producers Esia (who is singing on Side on Music and Take Me) and Didjelirium. All proper quality again.

Robot Neotech with this release catapulted itself very high on my personal list of best labals out there. These dudes share like 99,99% of music taste with me!
Robox Neotech were kind enough to drop a few high quality tunes from this EP to be posted on my blog for you to download and f***g destoy your neighbors with this sound of the future.

Doshy - Space Attack (Rudi Zygadlo Remix)
Doshy - Space Attack (VIP)
Doshy - Chip (Monky Remix)
Doshy - Sunset (Democracy Remix)

Preview the entire set below. The official release date is December, 7th 2010. You better start scraping monies - you know you'll want this release badly when the right time comes!

Rbxep16rmx - Doshy - Scatter Remixes by Robox Neotech

Watch out for new stuff coming from Robox Neotech labs -

Demokracy - Wintermute Single and Double Star EP will drop soon, including rmxes by Zet., Coco Bryce, Bass Science,Montgomery Clunk, Doshy, Stagga and more... Holy shit, can't wait! Nasty Nasty (yes!!!!) will drop more ill goodies on Robox Neotech soon. CRYPTICAL from France - fresh beats to be heard on R/N soon.

New additions to R/N roster: Damscray from Russia and p-fang from USofA (check his creepy mix on my blog)

15 November 2010

Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms (Boreta remix)

Boreta of The Glitch Mob has just dropped a sick remix of Nosaj Thing's anthem - Coat of Arms. IDM gem turned into heavy banger of distorted bass! I LIKE!

11 November 2010

Nosaj Thing "Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)"

Nosaj Thing "Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)" from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Today, Poland celebrates its Independence Day, which means a long weekend of four days off :)) I need this badly after really tiresome week. Atm, chilling out at my parents' house, doing nothing surfing the net. Finding some hidden treasures, like this great video of the great remix!

10 November 2010

Montgomery Clunk - Entourage (B-Ju Remix)

I'm deep in the shitty corporate human abuse, trying to squeeze 3-day work into one day with my brain circuitry close to overload, but thanks God I have daily delivery of fresh tunnage. Next Monday, Nov. 15th, Error Broadcast will release a debut Superbus EP by a very talented beatsmaker from Romania  - Montgomery Clunk. I expect a lot of goodnes from this release and can't wait to hear all the 7 tracks. For a time being, grab a laidback, neon remix of Montgomery Clunk's Entourage by another great new producer from Error Broadcast roster - B-Ju.

Montgomery Clunk - Entourage (B-Ju Remix) by Error Broadcast

04 November 2010

Donky Stomp EP - Slugabed vs. Ghost Mutt (Donky Pitch 001)

Donky Stomp EP - Slugabed vs. Ghost Mutt (DKY001)

Slugabed - Donky Stomp
Slugabed - Donky Stomp (Mweslee Remi)
Ghost Mutt - Platinum Skull
Ghost Mutt - Thoroughbred


DKY001minimix by Donky Pitch

New Brighton-based label Donky Pitch has hit the market with the avalanche of sick synthetizers and twisted basslines in their firest release - Donky Stomp EP featuring one of my favorite producers and the real master of sonic disaster - Slugabed (Ninja Tune / Planet Mu) accompanied by his homie Ghost Mutt.
Donky Stomp original by Slugabed is definitely one of the best tunes I've heard this year and just proves an immense talent of this Brighton boy, even though paradoxically this track is quite 'restraint' for him :). But he allows this beautiful, spacey and melodic composition to really 'play out', while of course building his 8-bit synth solos on a solid, heavy and glitchy sub-bass. Exactly the way I like it! A Spanish producer- Mweslee refixed Donky Stomp into more wonky and purple affair with the great use of vocal sample.

Ghost Mutt in his two tracks goes full force into neon dubstep territories, where heavy synths play the main role among 8-bit, Nintendo bleeps and pieces and heavy basslines. Platinum Skull is super solid, reminding me a bit of Starkey's work, but it is Thoroughbred that goes totally overboard with absolutely killing, colourful neon, post R'n'B extravaganza which should become a real hit on the dancefloors and in the mixes across the globe. All in all - a Vinyl / digital release YOU MUST NOT MISS! You better memorize the name of Donky Pitch - more great things to come from their camp for sure.

Grab it on Boomkat and at other Internet stores.

02 November 2010

Lazer Sword - Beast's Reprise video

Paul Trillo from SF-based collective The No Problem created a really fascinating video of Beast's Reprise from Lazer Sword's hugely anticipated album (officially dropping today). I ceased buying vinyls long time ago, but I was tempted to buy Lazer Sword's debut album just for the sake of amazing artwork. Finally, I chose a CD which is already on my way :))

Coco Bryce - Kibra Hacha (forthcoming Poisonous Gasses)

Coco Bryce hits hard in his new track forthcoming on Poisonous Gasses as a part of Skwee Cruise compilation (drops at the beginning of December). Ultra heavy slabs of cold, wonky skwee synths are doing real damage in my earphones right now. This track is on a constant rewind this morning!

Coco Bryce - Kibra Hacha (forthcoming Poisonous Gasses) by cocobrycebeats

As a bonus to this mighty track, listen to the teaser of new Chocolate Money EP, by the UK's beatsmaker - Kelpe, featuring Coco Bryce remix on the flip side. To be released on the Dutch Label - Fremdtunes on 22 November.

"Chocolate Money EP" Teaser by Kelpe