31 December 2009


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Fuck, they all have warned me and I have not listened. Selecting top 20 tracks from a sea of wonderful music released in 2009 is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. To curb the space and while bearing in mind your html-generation attention span I decided to simply post a list of 28 tracks which I (and my car's Sound System) really enjoyed in 2009 out of hundreds that should be listed here. Why 28? I simply could not remove any more tunes from my ranking, though I probably still forgot about dozens of them and deliberately omitted stuff produced by Rustie, Joker, Starkey, FlyLo, HudMo and similar 'well-known' artists as they tracks will pop up anyway on the best lists across the blogosphere.


And the Winner is .......

1. ROBOT KOCH - HARD TO FIND. Best tune from the best album of 2009. We are waiting for the future, Robot Koch is already there! Great mix of future sound and vintage mood! I should have listed at least 3 tracks from this release in my Top 20.

Robot Koch video

2. NOSAJ THING - FOG Transcendental experience. I have tears in my eyes listening to this track …

3. EPROM - HUMANOID* coming very soon on Rwina records. Lazer synths in head-on clash with heavy bassline and stepping beats. Party tune of the year!

4. FEVER RAY - SEVEN (MARTYN REMIX)  Uber-quality future garage from Martyn!

5. PANTyRAiD - ENTER THE MACHINE. The best track of top-5 album of the year. Read my review on glitch.fm 

6. SUKH KNIGHT - UP IN SMOKE The best heavy wobble dubstep tune of 2009. Six million ways to die choose one 

7. LANDO KAL - KITES (DUB, feat. SPOEK) Crunky electro killer.

8. FULGEANCE - ANN ARBOR French electro par excellence.

9. THE XX – BASIC SPACE (JAMIE'S SPACE BASS REMIX)  And I thought Lunice remix was the best … Deep bass to accompany your trips to the forest at full-moon night. I got shivers listening to it.

10. Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword White Chocolate Chip Rmx) Super duo remixed by another super duo = uper joint!  

11. CLUBROOT - EMBRYO Beautiful sonic journey to the deepest excesses of your mind.

12. DEM FRANCHIZE BOYS – I THINK THEY LIKE ME (MOCHIPET REMIX) Master Mochipet hitting you with full force. This boy releases ONLY quality stuff.

13. LAZER SWORD - GUCCI SWEATSHIRT (LAZER SWORD ’09 ELECTRO MIX)  Cult myspace anthem of 2007 finally on vinyl in a new mix.

14. WOLF INTERVALS - ALL UP UNDER THE COVERS DAY Crazy and uber funny remix of SNL’s hit (feat. Justin Timberlake).

15. LORN - HOLLOW MAN Shhhhh... listen.

16. BEN SAMPLES - BLAKKA Pure fire from Denver!

17. NASTYNASTY – THE REEF (SLUGABED REMIX) NastyNasty and Slugabed - you better memorize these names. 2010 willl be their year!

18. DNAEBEATS – RAZOR KUT (160kbps) Street bass distorted beats. ME LIKES!

19. MOCHIPET - GODZILLA NEW YEAR (DAVID STARFIRE REMIX feat. iCATCHING) iCatching and David Starfire super tight, raw and powerful remix!

20. MIMOSA - SIRIUS  Oh boy, Mimosa is on the rise. Just listen to the bassline in this track!

21. NEIL LANDSTRUMM – COCONUT KESTREL Crazy, free-style electronica from the fantastic release of Baambata Eats His Breakfast.

22. CLP – I’M SO THRILL (feat. SPOEK - SWEAT X vs FS GREEN REMIX)  The best tool for drilling holes in you mind with burning heavy bass.

23. SCHLACHTHOFBRONX - GOOD TO GO Air-horn steppers from Munich in top form.  

24. BASSNECTAR - COZZA FRENZY (BASSNECTAR MEGA BASS REMIX). Huge, heavy, bwampy dubstep anthem of 2009!!

25. BIL BLESS – DRUNK O' WALLACE  One of the best releases in mid-tempo department this year!

26. RQM – BARELY EVIL (original mix) Great Polish-born Emcee, currently residing in Berlin, with tons of collaborations with beatmakers across the world (Robot Koch, Jahcoozi, CLP to mention a few), released a very good EP, with a few great remixes, but the original is what I like the best!

27. FAUNA - EL ZOMBIE (DISQUEDJ REMIX). Best nueva cumbia tune of 2009!

28. KITIMAT – AMSDN Ultra heavy, infectious bass in the best track of Motion Sickness compilation (Run Riot Records).


Yeah!!!! I'm banging my head haaaard to the New Year's Eve new smasher from Bartlomein, a homie from USofA (Polish-born). The track called Smash delivers exactly this - smashing beats, killing drops and heavy bassline plus a few layers of fantastic synths. Mad proper tune!

smash by bartlomein

Drake - Forever (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Nosaj Thing dropped EOY remix. Rappers riding on a deep and extended Nosaj Thing trademark bassline do the trick for me. Not sure about you, though. 

 Drake - Forever (Nosaj Thing Remix)

30 December 2009

Meta-Blog Wrap Up of 2009

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This is the first post in DOKTOR KRANK'S TOP OF THE YEAR series in which I will try to sum up (in verbal diarrhoea mode as usual) the passing 2009. This was a good year for independent electronic music as a whole, this was a very good year for me personally with my blog growing nicely and a few fantastic crunky / glitch hop gigs I helped to organize in Poland (e.g. Mochipet and Lazer Sword).

In the first post I'd like to show some respect to my fellow bloggers whose enthusiasm for pushing the music I love is soooo infectious! These blogs have been the best source of quality music and inspiration for this little thing run by your humble, humble narrator in 2009.  Keep up the good work friends!


DANCEFEVER5000 / DF5K The author of this blog, Shilo loves to dance and write about music. West Coast, I mean, Best Coast is where the best electronic music is currently churned out by a horde of talented producers and Shilo sits in the very center of this movement publishing exhaustive reports of the thriving scene. Respect!

CHROME KIDS UK-based crew of Chrome Kids is a constant provider of dirty, crunky, future-oriented, bass-heavy beats. I really dig like 90% of the stuff they post. I can sincerely say they share my tastes in music.

GENERATION BASS Best source of nueva cumbia, etno, heavy bass world music in the blogosphere – updated with unrivalled frequency. Very eclectic and full of surprises.

LET'S_GET_DIGITAL The guy running this blog really feels the pulse of the current electronic music scene, always fresh and up-to-date stuff covering IDM, downtempo, mid-tempo, glitch and much more.

BASS MUSIC A collaborative blog run by baobinga, mumdance, i.d., reso, trg, ginz, rico tubbs and a few others. Great source of first-hand bass-heavy music. Check the section of exclusive bass music mixes, all top-quality!

BASSFACED Looking for quality dubstep, UK urban, garage, 2-step mixes? You’ll find plenty of this on bassfaced blog.

ROUGE'S FOAM An academic! blog about electronic music. Few posts but witih heavy-weight contents. A feature on Zomby was simply jaw-dropping.

WHITE FOLKS GET CRUNK I really like the vibe of this blog and great mashups’ they post. Kind of nostalgic look at a few years back when I was heavily into mash up scene.

BOING BOING Not a music blog but one of my favorite culture blogs out there. Actually, very hard to describe in a few words as it covers an extremely broad specrtrum of topics, focusing on counterculture, with a weird section on gadgets plus tons of reviews and links to fascinating stuff in the net. THE HUB!!

Honorable mention:


Aaron Holstein, better known as VibeSquaD has just released a pumping, bass-driven mixtape of his original productions. I am a big fan of his music as the man from Colorado really knows how to operate heavy bass in a crunky, glitch-hop style. The mix includes a few unreleased or re-fixed tracks (lovely Bob Marley's re-step at the end), but most of the tracks come from his full-length album released in September this year - Joyful Noise. Just listen to this mix and if you have not done this yet, go buy the record on Addictech - it's one of the best in this genre in 2009.


"Porchlights" (VibeSquaD-Dawn Patrol)
"Bunch" (VibeSquaD-unreleased)
"Slayberry" (VibeSquaD-Joyful Noise)
"ClownCollege" (VibeSquaD-Joyful Noise)
"WingBasket" (VibeSquaD-Joyful Noise)
"Flexface" (VibeSquaD-Joyful Noise)
"Grouses"(VibeSquaD-Joyful Noise)
"LOVE" (ohio Players-VibeSquaD resmush)
"Hammer" (Bob Marley-VibeSquaD restep)

It's past Christmas but it seems that Aaron has not taken off Santa Claus outfit yet as he is handing out gifts. Grab three 320's by VibeSquaD.

Swivel - VibeSquaD

29 December 2009

FIRE AND ICE IN THE MIX cmd/ctrl vs. Shlomo vs. Mugwort

If end of the year can be treated as an indication of the forthcoming year, 2010 looks very very promising for electronic music community. Just listen to these 3 recent mixes ranging from downtempo to midtempo and sometimes entering the freetempo regions. This is the showcase of the future featuring tracks by young and extremely talented artists with beats that has never been more eclectic and intricate, building fantastic sonic landscapes in which you can immerse wholly creating your own un-realities in your mind. Ultimate listening experience for cold winter evenings at home. This is no wobbly, whompy and pounding dancefloor stuff, this is just good, emotional music.

Let's start from a crispy cold mix by the cmd/ctrl from Montreal, Canada for Mondayjazz. Waiting for the winter rides smoothly on a downtempo, 'West Coast' vibe (e.g. FlyLo, Teebs, Alex B)  while featuring also more wonky, glitchy and crunky tunes from Europe or Canada (like e.g. my personal track of the year - Hard to Find by Robot Koch, Lorn and Lunice remixes, HudMo, Mike Slott) and tons of great IDM. Apart from the names you should be already acquainted with,  the tracklist is packed with the artists you should absolutely check if you have never heard about them. L.A. - based youngster Shlomo , Dimlite, UK's Mussck in a fantastic MattB's remix, Pudge, DevonWho, Flako, Mount Kimbie (releasing stuff on Scuba's Hotflush)  and finally  the notorious and mysterious collective from Brussels called Herrmutt Lobby (check their stuff on Eat Concrete). You will definitely hear more great music released by them in 2010. Remember then who pointed you in their direction HA HA HA :)
All in all, one of the best mixes I've heard in 2009!!!!


1. Leila - The Exotics
2. Mount Kimbie - Vertical
3. Tobacco - Yum Yum Cult
4. E.A.R.L. - Changeview
5. Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
6. Mussck - Don't Sell Your Dreams ( Matt B Remix)
7. Pudge - Reign Dancing With The Stars
8. Flako - Yeahyeahyeah
9. Deniz Khan - Springtime
10. Robot Koch - Hard To Find
11. Shlomo - Post Athmosphere
12. Cupp Cave - Breech This Trust
13. Antipop Consortium - Reflections (Cmd/ Ctrl Remix)
14. Dimlite - Back To The Universe Pt.1
15. Kelpe - Clearance
16. Teebs - Wlta
17. Common - Be
18. Zo aka La Chauve -Souris - The Peacock Revolution
19. Herrmutt Lobby - Fat Manual
20. Alex B - Players (J.Dilla SV Remix)
21. Illum Sphere - Medusa
22. Notorious BIG - Suicidal Thoughts (Lorn Remix)
23. Mike Slott - Boxed In
24. Damu vs. Joe Buck - Beat Grinder
25. DevonWho - Whispers
26. Beem - Don't Bogard That Can,Man
27. Flying Lotus - Disco Balls
28. The XX - Basic Space (Lunice Remix)
29. Michael Fakesch - Escalate

Next mix comes from a huge talent on the West Coast music scene, 19-year old Shlomo from LA, who has just recorded a special podcast for xlr8r magazine. Abstract hip-hop meets mid-tempo extravaganza, deep beats clash with heavy bass in Schlomo's original productions and other (often unreleased) tunes contributed, among others, by his homies from Wedidit Collective. Plus great tracks by Low Limit and Teebs. QUALITY!


01 Shlohmo "Tall Grass"
02 Juj "Pomegranate Limeade Just Spilled All Over My Laptop" (Wedidit)
03 Shlohmo "Windowlight"
04 Non Epic "Cops Helping Kids" (Wedidit)
05 Ground Is Lava "Get On My Water Level" (Wedidit)
06 Joseph "Untitled" (Unreleased (Wedidit)
07 Shlohmo "7AM (Devonwho Remix)" (Friends of Friends)
08 Juj "SoulBounce" (Wedidit)
09 Shlohmo "Scooters"
10 Shlohmo "Teeth" (Friends of Friends)
11 Shlohmo "VOR/oFF"
12 Low Limit "Trapperkeeper"
13 Dem Hunger "Bathtub Birth"
14 Oscar McClure "Untitled" (Leaving)
15 Elan "I Can't Breathe" (Wedidit)
16 Matthewdavid "You Know You're Not Alone"
17 0 "Lover's Defect" (Indigo Pyramid)
18 Dak "Hunch" (Leaving)
19 Abdul Alim (a.k.a. Knxwledge) "Spritzr"
20 Mindesign "Airways" (Record Breakin)
21 The Dene Road "And She Was Touched"
22 Non Epic "Untitled" (Wedidit)
23 Infinite Potentials "Escapizm" (Indigo Pyramid)
24 Teebs "Bern Rhythm Codeine Version"
25 Shlohmo "Shapes In The Dark"

Finally, I'll throw some fire and add more transcendental space and ethereal vibe to cold electronic beats and synths of the two former mixes. Mugwort released a great mind-food music excursion into Far East and West Coast to the rthythm of psychedelic dubs. I am a real sucker for such a trippy downtempo stuff (mutating into heavier mid-tempo occasionally). Think SleepyHead, Heyoka, Knowa KnowOne, Beats Antique, PANTyRAiD, Ooah, Shpongle, Mimosa and you'll get the picture. Beautiful oriental vocals (fantastic Niyaz in Ghazal), trippy bhangra step of Subswara with Juakali on mike, etno anthem of PANTyRAiD, Eprom, Bluetech and edIT tunes are just a few highlights of this perfectly flowing mix. Cop it, throw away your concerns and worries and let the music take over your reality.

May the Entheogenic Reformation Prevail over the Pharmacratic Inquisition! Amen.  


Intro - a wise lady's words
Ancient Book of the Way - Knowa Knowone
Worship the Sun - PantyRaid
The Lantern - Beats Antique
Ghazal - Niyaz
Yeah (Ina Dravidian Bombstep) feat. Juakali - Subswara
Blood of Gaza - Mauxuam
Original Nuttah - Jantsen and David Seied
Floor - Sevenark / Domhnaill Antaidh - Mary-Jane Lamond
Tuesday Again - Ooah
Certified Air Raid Material - Edit
Throbbin Hood - Eprom
Bird Brain - Metaphor
Olelo - Kaya Project
Purple and Orange (Audiovoid remix) - Welder
Logico - Dr Toast / Ill not Survive - Mary-Jane Lamond
Remembering Self - Ooah
Circuits of The Imagination, Linguistic Mystic - Shpongle
Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere remix) - Entheogenic
Closer Than a Wandering Reptile - Djeeno (NIN rmx)
Invocation - Shpongle
Darkness - Phutureprimitive
Escape Artists - Seventh Swami
Land of the Lupes - Bassnectar
Snow Drift - Bluetech
Khana - Random Rab

28 December 2009


This mix has been already widely publicized in the blogosphere, but my blog would definitely lack something if I did not put at least a link to the great stuff crowning a very successful year for future hip hop (for the lack of the better term to describe these beautifully twisted beats) and representing the 10th anniversary of the production life of the 'institution' called Flying Lotus. Yes, this man has been pushing the music boundaries for a decade now and we will definitley hear more of his outstanding skills in the near future. Enjoy the ride through the typical FlyLo sonic textures courtesy of Gaslamp Killer who mixed the whole thing.

22 December 2009

Stephan Jacobs

Good people from Muti Music sent me a few tracks and remixes by LA's Stephan Jacobs. Pure fire most of them! I've never heard about him, though he is no rookie in the business. According to his bio he has been DJ'ing and rocking venues from Hollywood to Tel Aviv for the last 8 years, while mixing Dubstep with Minimal and Electro with a serious focus on bass in his music. Which you will hear and appreciate immediately listening to his tracks. In 2006, Stephan Jacobs and Tim Hauser (Ruff Hauser) teamed up to form Kether. They signed to Muti and quite coincidentally (or not) I've just had a chance to listen to their second release "Layer Two". Check it on addictech as it is one of the best releases recently. Full of bass, space and glitchy beats. The combination which really works for me! Stay tuned (if time allows) for a review of Layer Two by Dok Krank here in the near future.

Coming back to Stephan Jacobs solo work, I will start my presentation from the fattest glitch-hop / heavy bass beats I've heard in a while. Pulsating, glitched bassline, deep and fat low frequency with absolutely infectious acapella. The best tracks in the bundle without a doubt. Me likes a lot!

Next in line is Zombie Nation's anthem of Kern Kraft 400 turned into really sick dubstep monster with smashing beats which added like a few tons of weight to the original. Another banger in the pack!

Great original by Stephan Jacobs. Crunky glitch hop with dirty bassline, fantastic riddim and liquid voice sample "Revolution nine-oh-nine". Reminding me of PANTyRAiD stuff.

A beautiful, catchy "After the rain comes sun, after the sun comes rain again" of Underwater Love flowing smoothly to the deep rhythm of fat sub-bass in the background. Interesting.

Dirthy, filthy bassline in a distorted-to-the-max refix by Stephan Jacobs. Definitely not for weak-hearted listeners. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Bone Thugs and Biggie, you know the deal, right man? Wrong!

You are listening to the techno music ... NOT! Daft Punk in a brave ultra heavy bass edit. I LIKE!


Jump and shake your booty to the crack house, fidgety beats of Dj Zinc in his Crack House Mix. I have a f...g flu (not a swine one I hope) but this music somehow keeps me still in touch with the reality. Old jungle warrior turned into house master with quite a nice results. This shit really rocks!! No tracklist though :(

ZincXmasCrackHouseMix by zinc

18 December 2009


No time to write a proper review of this record unfortunately, but at least I don't want you to miss a very interesting and eclectic remix album of Comfort Fit's "Polyshufflez" out now on Tokyo Dawn Records. Germany-based Comfort Fit's experimental hip-hop in fourteen impressive and unique re-interpretations by e.g. Laurent Garnier, Domu, Opolopo, Atjazz, Boom Clap Bachelors, Robot Koch, Jay Scarlett, fLako and more. Tons of great electronica, beautiful beats, cut-up vocals, bleeps, lo-fi minimal soundscapes, experimental synthetizer solos. Let your mind immerse in this caleidoscope of future sound. Highlights for me are: Jay Scarlett's head-nodding hip-hop remix, swede:art's pounding 'breather', Robot Koch's multi-layered electronic journey for open-minded listeners (another great tune from Robert), fLako's neon-synths dreamy re-fix, Comfort Fit's specey remix of their own track and finally Opalopo's slowed-down, unsettling, weird beats. The rest is also definitely worth checking. Very solid release! 

You can grab it on: iTunes, Juno, Amazon.

Check Tokyo Dawn site for very tasty collector's edition of this release.


Well, I really thought Caspa's "Where is my money" had been buried deep down to re-appear infrequently in the sets of wannabe dubstep DJ's. I still believe the best remix of this tune was a strictly Polish version, i.e. "Gdzie piniondze som za las" with an old grandma swearing like a worst redneck and demanding the money for her forrest. Yet, Elite Force did quite a decent job, their remix sounds more tight and consistent, shifting it to more breakbeat area. The results is less 'cheesy' and quite danceable.  Check it out and download for free. A side note - the re-mix culture we currently live in has been eating its tail IMHO. Now, I'm waiting for a Roska's Licking Garage Re-work of Elite-Force's Re-fix of Caspa's Remix of TC's "Where is my money". THIS would be a killing track!

The Oakland duo of the prehistoric flatulent force from Oakland, CA. Bossasaurus, lay down their production abilities for a special dancefloor-influenced remix of Aesop Rock’s None Shall Pass. The song will be featured on their upcoming mixtape, S.T.F.U.Y.M.C.A. (Shove These Fossils Up Your Magnificent Creationist Ass). Though, definitely not my music target, Bossasaurus are really entertaining in this twisted, peculiar way.  

Bossasaurus vs. Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass Remix

17 December 2009

Free NastyNasty/Vinyl Blight Split Release

More free gifts for all good children out there. Experimental music label from Boston, Vermin Street has just released a free split including two heavy glitched tracks by NastyNasty (yes, this boy is unstoppable at the moment) and Vinyl Blight

NastyNasty in full swing again. Heavy bassline and sick drops wiht crazy vocals by Too $hort and some autotune (or vocoder - can't tell the difference never). Killer!

This one is a properly glitched, and seriously cut-up remix of Milshake by Kelis (actually hardly recognizable). Cut-core?


It's Christmas time and Santa Claus Lorin is distributing gifts to his children all across the hedonistic  world. Honestly speaking, I was very reluctant to listen to Bassnectar's remix of "Where is my Mind". I've never heard a very successful remix of this song in my life. Probably, due to the fact that it is one of, maybe, five biggest anthems of my youth and I have so many beautiful and crazy recollections from my student years related to this, I'd really prefer the track to be left alone in my memory in its purest form. Fortunately, Bassnectar knows his stuff and did quite a good job, especially in the first build-up part of the track where the vocals of Frank Black are enriched with deep and 'talking' bassline leading to heavy, all-encompassing breakdown of typical Bassnectar synths and beats. What follows is a standard party mayhem roller and a definite 'crowd-pleaser' (well, I am pleased). All in all quite a nice track which I presume will be heavily rinsed by DJ's across the world. BTW, Lorin, when will you finally visit Europe??  Don't be shy, you will be warmly welcomed here as well :)               

Let the Santa speak: "This tune is an anthem for living life at a dizzying pace, but refusing to slow down, obviously influenced by the legendary rock band THE PIXIES, this bootleg was 1 of the secret weapons of almost every show on the Cozza Frenzy tour, and now its yours for free: Happy New Year! Merry Xmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Atheism! Enraptured Humanism! Do as thou will, and blast this track! See you all very soon"

You can also buy Where is my Mind Instrumentals via Bassnectar's site:

"This is just a simple chunk of bass and beats, probably not dubstep because it is 20 bpm faster, probably not D&B because it doesn't follow the rules, but its thick and deep and it should be yours. If you are a listener, just grab "Where is my Mind" for free at bassnectar.net, but if you are a DJ and want a nice instrumental banger for your sets, this jam has some heavy bass and a nice clean beat loop at the beginning running at 85 bpm...perfect to thicken up any hip hop, drum 38 bass, dub, downtempo or dubstep track, also a nice little acapella synth at the end..."

16 December 2009

Soundcloud Check - Freddy Todd, Low Limit, Mimosa, ill-esha, muti music

It seems cold winter nights breed creativity. My soundcloud account just boils with quality staff. Here are some Dok Krank's picks.

Let's start with Freddy Todd from Detroit. This guy is definitely one of my favorite producers active on the Glitchhop Forum. The quality of his music has been constantly improving and he seems to be quite a prolific creator of glitchy sounds.  Before moving to his freshest tune uploaded to soundcloud, I highly recommend you should check his latest EP - Hallowz Eve which can be downloaded for free from the artist's bandcamp site.


Freddy Todd quite skilfully uses a very wide instrumentarium, including live drums, guitars, pads etc. which always characterizes a good and open-minded beatmaker. Of course, he likes glitched and distorted synths or basslines, but he never forgets about melody, tempo and his tunes are extremely rich and dense. Hallowz Eve is a more laid-back offering in the portfolio of an inhabitant of the motor city of Detroit, sometimes bordering on breezy and jazzy lounge vibe. My favorite tracks are Say This, Greet it with a Smile, City Scrape Storm and Cool as Ice.

Slaymaker, uploaded by Freddy Todd on soundcloud is a much more aggressive and crunky tune in the style which attracted me to his productions in the first place. Fire!!!

Slaymaker by FreddyTodd

You can call me a Lazer Sword groupie. Yes, you can. I dig everything these guys unleash on the public and after experiencing their f...g outstanding live show in my home country, I'm even more willing to praise them. Super cool dude, Low Limit has just uploaded a few tracks and remixes to his souncloud. Ultra crunky synths full of bleeps and beeps, the way I like the best. Trapperkeeper to be released in January along with some Lando Kal's goodies on the new Glasgow-based Numbers Label is my favorite in this collection. Future blap in full force. Can't wait for this release. Inspirational Jumpsuit also kicks ass (and you can buy it already, similarly as Turf Day if I'm not mistaken).


Next in line is another top name on my favorite artists list. Mimosa remix of the classic h/h tune I'm in love wiht the stripper bears all the marks of his unique style - heavy bassline and fantastic job on buttons. I really, really dig the music aesthetics this guy applies in production, creating tracks which are soft and extremely heavy at the same time. I can hardly mention any other artist who can so successfully balance these two opposites. No surprise that the download limit on this track has been exceeded in a nick of time (BTW - Fuck Soundcloud-Pro!!!) . Hope that Mimosa will up it again soon.
I'm In Love With A Stripper (MiM0SA REMixxx) by TigranMiMoSA

Girl power represented by two tracks from ill-esha, a Canadian lady of dubs, co-founder of the Glitchhop Forum. Sullen Sultry erupts with a purple wow synths and heavy dynamics. Definitely, one of the best dubstep tunes I've heard in a while! Dubstep remix of Bizzy-B's Oldschool is pure fiya!! Nuschool innit?? You should really watch out for this girl. She has a drawer full of similar shizzle waiting to be released (I hope he he he).

Sullen Sultry (clip) by ill-esha

Bizzy B - Oldskool - ill-esha rmx CLIP by ill-esha

YEEAHH! Mochipet strikes back with a sick bunch of remixes of his cult Master P on Atari. Stay tuned for a longer review of Master P on Atari Transformed vol. 1 on my blog soon, but for the time being just listen to the ultra heavy metal remix of Marshall Bass Stacks by Kraddy. Fuck me, Kraddy caught me by surprise here, and this shit is proper BANGER!! Buy the entire release on Addictech.


Muti Music, next to FlyLo's Brainfeeder, Daddy Kev's Alpha Pup Records, is part of the great West Coast Trio of labels pushing hard the west coast sound. Muti has consistently released fantastic album after fantastic album for the last several months. An-ten-nae, Heyoka, Mimosa, Ill-gates, Subvert, Bil Bless, SeventhSwami, Kraddy, Dov, Klone, Timonkey, Great Scott, Bassobese etc. (well, I should probably mention the entire roster here). You've definitely heard their music on Muti. Listen to a few new tracks uploaded on the soundcloud.

Heyoka - Neem by Muti

Bassobese - Basilisk by Muti

Klone - A Lot Kooler by Muti

Masia One-In Di Streets Featuring Vybz Machine, Sabotawj, Adonis & DJ Sarasa (ill.gates+Meesha Mix) by Muti

15 December 2009


This. Time. Let. The. Music. Speak. (Artwork = win!!)



A breath of quiter music after whompy extravaganze of the mix in the previous post. Fabric man, James Mack a.k.a. Mackaveli has prepared an exclusive mix for Dazed Digital. I'm a real sucker for 'nueva' 2-step and Garage beats and Mackaveli delivers them a'plenty in the urban UK sound style. Starting from a warm remix of The XX by Renessaince Man, through some obvious names like Todd Edwards, Roska, DJ Narrows, Brackles, two of my favorite producers in this particular genre at the moment, i.e. Dexplicit and Zomby (Martyn being the third one) to the Street Bass don - Starkey and his beautiful synths. A perfect package to warm you up in the darkness of this cold winter.

Speaking of Roska, I've received recently a copy of the anniversary Fabric Live 50 CD mixed by Martyn including Roska's Speechless Remix of Martyn feat. dBridge - These Words. This track is absolutely, f..g insane! It is due for release January 2010 on Martyn's own label 3024 (along with e.g. Ben Clock, Redshape or Zomby remixes of other Martyn tracks). Don't miss this!

1. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
2. The XX – You Got The Love (Renaissance Man Remix)
3. DJ T. – Gorilla Hug
4. Voodeux – Just A Spoonful
5. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok (Roska Remix)
6. Boris – Buzz In (Todd Edwards Remix)
7. Hot City – If That’s How I Feel
8. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor Remix)
9. DJ Narrows – Hidden Heroes
10. Davinche – Phaze
11. Crookers feat Kelis – No Security (Zomby Remix)
12. Dexplicit – Shut It Down
13. DJ Narrows – Saved Soul
14. Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches
15. Crystal Fighters – I Love London (Brackles Remix)
16. Jan Driver – Rat Alert
17. Mosca – Gold Bricks I See You
18. Starkey – Black Monolith

PrEssHa and Kat1lyst - Partners in Grime Mix

This mix will emblaze you and your SS (exploding speakers warning!) with a constant downpour of deep, filthy sound! Two Lone Grime Knights on a heavy glitch and dubstep crusade converting infidels into bass heads in barely an hour of nitro shit. Glitchhop Forum homies and contributores to the cult podcast series of DirtyFilthyWhompcast - PrEssHa & Kat1lyst has recently unleashed their new collaboration called Partners in Grime. Trust me werd, this is one of the best cross-gender mixes I've heard this year, merging ultra crunky glitch hop with heavy dubstep sub-bass which your humble narrator simply LOVES!!. The mix starts slowly with Bluetech, speeding up with Pretty Lights ill tune, to reach a blazing momentum with Samples Carribean Hit Mix, Samples vs. S.P.E.C.T.R.E VIP Bass, Megasoid's Boootay Bitch Bass remix and Knig Riderz 1up.  Oh boy, I'm grinning and grinding my teeth like crazy listening to this. Fortunately, my co-slaves are not around to see me. I've read recently an opinion by quite a good reviewer of heavy bass music who claimed something like "glitch-hop as a genre tends to be pretty monotonous and repetitious". I'm about to send him this mix! Anaway, from that moment the mix never stops and continuous moving into more heavy sub-bass territory with Akira Kiteshi, Excision, Datsik, Bar 9, Barbarix, Subscape and similar heavy bombs. Plus another great metal funk by Samples - Oh My (let me repeat - this guy never does wrong). More highlights are: a f...g huge remix by Aussie Opiou - k-Lab Feat MC Analog - Wrecked. Hot, hot shit (check fantastic Opiou's EP here), Bill Bless and Vent tracks. If you really want to feel the pulse of the modern whompy bass music, there is no better way than to download this fresh mix. GIMME MORE BOYS.  

1.) Rusty Bridges and Greeves - D.O.P.E.
2.) Blue Tech - Waiting For Initiation
3.) Pretty Lights - Keep Em Bouncin
4.) Juvenile - Nolia Clap (Samples Caribbean Heat Mix)
5.) Samples & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - VIP Bass
6.) Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Bootay Bitch Beat (Megasoid Remix)
7.) Knight Riderz - 1up
8.) Akira Keteshi - Boom N Pow
9.) Freestylers - Ruffneck (Datsik & Excision Remix)
10.) Vista - Iron Fist
11.) Foreign Beggars - Seven Figure Swagger (bar9 remix)
12.) Syndaesia - Firecracker
13.) DJ Primecuts - Warning feat. Dynamite MC (Eddie K. Remix)
14.) Barbarix - Suck em hard
15.) Subscape - Chomp Stomp
16.) Ollie - You Stupid Cunt (Bare Noize Remix)
17.) Excision- Know You
18.) Datsik & Excision - Swagga
19.) Pretty Lights - If I could feel again
20.) Ben Samples - Oh My
21.) Opiuo - Monkey Crunk
22.) k-Lab Feat MC Analog - Wrecked (Opiuo Remix)
23.) Bill Bless - Fun Is Happy
24.) Vent - Monkey Chew
25.) Kid Sister - Get Fresh
26.) The Builder – Shpongled

11 December 2009

The XX - Basic Space (Jamie's Space Bass Remix)

I'm absolutely enchanted by this tune at the moment. The original is O.K. but this remix is mind-blowing. It's even better than Lunice' work.

10 December 2009

Jahcoozi gig in Warsaw in photos

This was one of the best gigs this year. Jahcoozi, i.e. fantastic Robot Koch on the buttons, mesmerizing, hyper-active Sasha Perera, on vocal and Oren Gerlitz on bass = ultimate live experience. Check some pictures with your humble humbe narrator representing glitch.fm :)) All pictures taken by Karol Grygoruk.

Acid Crunk vol.2

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Muti Music celebrates it's 50th release with a huge release of the compilation of fantastic tracks collected by An-ten-nae. "An-ten-nae Presents Acid Crunk Vol.2" has smashed the
Beatport charts with a #1 in Dubstep (Datsik) (including 6 other top 10 tracks) # 1 in Electronica (Filastine and ill-gates) (including 5 other top 10 tracks) and #1 in Chillout (Bluetech) all at the same time, thus breaking the all-time record of Beatport!

Clearly, THIS IS the best compilation released this year. 10 out of 10 !!!!!!

I wish I had more time to write a proper review, but thankfully the wonderful Shilo from Dancefever5000 blog and a contributor to glitch.fm (and many many other music sites and magazines), has written a fantastic, crunky review on glitch.fm site. Read it and don't sleep on this mighty release.

For me personally, this extremely successfull marriage of West Coast crunky heavy bass and strong future hip hop sound with UK's dubstep-related sonic journeys and pretty eclectic EDM on top is the PERFECT combination and definition as such of the modern electronic music. It's really really tough job to mention a few highlights, as all the tracks show the absolutely immaculate production skills, but what is even more important all of them, while being in most part heavy hitting stompers, are very soulful and touching.

I'll try to write at least a few impressions. First of all - the winner of the release, Robot Koch's Hard to Find - it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful electronic voyages I've heard this year taken off the equally fantastic debut album which I hope to review soon on my blog. Then comes another killing joint - whompy, crunky roller by Filastine and ill-gates. Oh boy, Canadians know how to rock you hard. More Canada represented in H.A.A.R.P. by Dewey dB and ill-esha. A precious, delicate little gem of crunky bass and spacey harp strings melts me instantly. Another big name from glitchhopforum - Ben Samples shows his fantastic production skills in just one of the wide array of his heavy metal glitch productions - Carribean Heat. I really encourage you to check the rest. Aussie's Opiou in King Prawn delivers another killing stomper, accelerating slowly to finally embrace the linstener totally with full force.  You want banger, listen to Datsik's Southpaw - dirty, raw wobble and ass-kicking beat is all I need. Ooah and Marty Party on their electronic machines sculpt bass-heavy twisted objects submerged in mesmerizing and dirty crunk bassline. I really dig what these two guys are doing at the moment! Akira Kiteshi and Gemmy representing UK are all quality with Akira Kiteshi's track really growing on me since the first time I've heard it. Being a fan of Adam Freeland, I cannot omit the great remix of the best track of his latest release Do You - by the Acid Crunk man - an-ten-nae. Actually you can download the two latter tracks, as in order to celebrate this extremely successful relese, Muti Music was kind enought to give away these freebies. Enjoy!

Grab the entire release on Beatport. It's still super hot hot hot!

09 December 2009

NastyNasty - Kingdom Come B-sides freebies

This boy will be the glitch-hop / heavy bass star of 2010. Trust my werd! NastyNasty is about to release his debut album Kingdom Come on Frite Nite. You should definitely check already released single The Reef (including a remix by infamous Slugabed) as a foretaste to the full-lengh dropping in a month.

NastyNasty was kind enough to release to the public FOR FREE!!! a mega-ill package of 3 original tracks - Bats, Bombshelter and French Corgi, cuts from 2 albums, which did not fit the final release. Oh, boy, if these are the tracks which did not make it, I am already all-swet in anticipation of what Jasper Reeder cooked up for his debut! Bats and Bombshelter are super-ill, dirty, glitchy sonic assualts which absolutely deserved a proper release. Go grab the entire package and watch for NastyNasty conquering the music world next year. Big Respect NastyNasty!


Kid606-Dance with the Chorizo EP by Tigerbeat6

Yeah! Kid606 seems unstoppable at the moment. Next week, Tigerbeat will release another veeeery extended maxi-EP by the master of sonic disaster and his motley crew of collaborators, which I will be more than happy to add to my extensive collection of weird beats and bleeps. Quality and diversity delivered by Kid606 as usual. Starting from dark, deep and low bass anthem of Samhain Atlanta, through pumping electro soca, mash-up frenzy of Another One Bites the Dubstep (Prodigy beats and synths) and typical Kid606 slowed-down bleepy beats in Lowlife Highrolling to a set of pretty diverse remixes.

Minimal funky techno remix of C.L.A.W.S. sounds quite o.k. proving that even in the genre which ceased to develop creatively long time ago (the rumors about its death are a bit exeggerated though) there may still appear tracks which offer something more than a dull repetition leading to irritation. Then, I'm really stoked to see CEX in the company of Kid606 again. I remember this duo from the 90's creating similar experimental electronic landscapes and often working back to back. But if Kid606 was never shy of heavy experimentation with knobs and buttons, Riyan Kidwell's (he he another kid) tracks were always captivating with their smooth melody lines, fantastic synths and infectious vocals. The remix of Kid606's Under Everywhere is no exception to this rule. You should definitely check CEX's recent release on tigerbeat6. Listen to a selection of 3 tracks from his LP - Bataille Royale (a reference to the cult Japanese movie?)released in August this year.

CEX-Bataille Royale (three tracks from the new LP!) by Tigerbeat6

Hardcore, UK rave innovator Michael Forshaw shows no mercy in his remix of Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend, whereas Eats Tapes goes into a very different direction with the same track creating a dense, spooky minimal techno joint full of delays and echoes. But the real damage comes next.  dDamage attacks Baltimorrow's Parties with full frontal force of industrial aesthetics and heavily distorted guitar riffs. I agree 100% with tigerbeat's press kit, this shit really reminds me of Ministry's best releases from "Land of Rape and Honey" era. (actually a few months ago I saw Ministry playing a gig in Warsaw - sadly, not much was left of the power of Al Juergensen and co., they seemed to me just another, mediocre thrash metal band). Anyway, dDamage track is definitely one of the highlights of this release. In Gratuitous Baltimore Birthday Jam Kid606 shows yet a different funky and smiley face marrying glitchy hip-hop rapping with oldschool, silly rave beats. Not for all tastes but I wish someone played such a music at my forthcoming birthday :) This extensive release winds up with a twisted R'n'B (?) tune, which in my opinion does not fit the previous tracks at all and is definitely the weakest offering on this very solid EP.      

Two tracks as a free teaser downloads:

Kid606 - Under Everywhere (Cex Remix)

Kid606 - Another One Bites the Dubstep