27 January 2011

Glitch FM radio station looking for show hosts

Ever think of joining one of the best contemporary and forward looking radio stations in the Internet? Want to show your great selection and mixing skills to the worldwide community? Don't hesitate - apply to Glitch.Fm now! They are looking for fresh blood to host weekly radio shows. Here is their press release:

26 January 2011

AEED "Titles" (Jumble / FUSELab)

Doktor Krank's Rating: 9/10****

A new beat label Jumble (powered by FUSElab team) released another gorgeous freebie!! Switzerland based AEED whom I remember from releases on Error Broadcast, dropped his new LP Titles full of short but powerful compositions. If I were to describe this album in one word, this would be: ELECTRIC! Constantly mutating, free-flowing dubby beat and great dynamics of each track plus 8-bit video game beeps and bleeps, glitchy bass and spacey melodies makes me want to stand up and dance in my office cubicle :) And Titles is a serious head-nodding business also, with nice vocal samples, broken beat and really interesting music tricks and solutions. The entire release is very tight and consistent, with absolutely top-notch production quality. Just listen to my personal highlight of the release, Orbitrip No Meta - a fantastic use of chiptune / 8-bit tools to create powerful, spacey Sci-Fi roller with amazing, talking synths. Music for Astronauts, for real! Other higlights include two beautiful tracks, namely Children of the Sun and Traveling People, with cut-up and mutated female vocals and enchanting melody lines.  Electricity Part 2, on the other hand reminds me of a kind of compositions Muslimgauze would produce today if he still lived to see the current reneissance of the beat scene. Pulsating with raw energy, fantastic Psychedelic March  or Under the Alps is the kind of future, twisted hip-hop beat I wish to hear more. I could continue in this vein, but you wouldn't probably read this anyway, ha ha. Trust my werd, thare are no weak spots on this fantastic release, Titles is one of the best records I've heard this year.

25 January 2011

Sugarpill - Mind Machine Mixtape

The week of good mixes continues. On Tuesday I've got for you a load of ultra heavy and distorted beats from the West Coast. Sugarpill is a prolific and talented producer from LA, a permanent feature on the glitch hop map for years now. He is about to release his  Mind Machine EP on Simplify Recordings , a label which I highly recommend checking as their arstist roster is growing constantly and apart from Sugarpill, includes other talented producers of the glitch hop / heavy bass / dubstep scene, like e.g. Detroit-based Freddy Todd (his double LP Neon Spectacle Operator - heavy, psychedelic and full of great concepts is a very ambitious and successful work of art - don't sleep on this) Love & Light (Crunk Junkee EP), NiT GriT, Claw, verb+ and many others. Expect big things from them in 2011.

24 January 2011

SRBCST 04: Zet. – Don’t Forget The Dot

Selection of beats par excellence from a German mutant bass producer Zet in a fantastic mix for SashiRadioBlog from Ukraine. Zet  represents one of the most forward looking labels on Planet Earth, releasing new robotic music for humans, i.e. Robox Neotech. The set starts from a few ill tracks from Zet's Who is Hudson River EP and then proceeds to meticuously destroy the listeners with superb beats, heavy basslines and off-the-hook synths. For real, one of the great mixes I've heard in months! Good news is many of the tracks are forthcoming releases on Robox Neotech, featuring Demokracy, Damscray, Lakritze and Zet. CAN't WAIT. Plus my all-time-favorite technological roller - Humanoid by Eprom, great hyphy anthem - Slumper by Turf Talk or sick, twisted brap joint Jet Black by Lazer Sword. Absolutely top-notch selection and a must for any fan of contemporary, mutant, industrial, post hip-hop beats and heavy bass. 

21 January 2011

Memory9 feat. Juakali - Mission

Cat: SPRR003

Preview and buy on Juno:
Memory9 feat. Juakali - Mission

A few days ago, Skanky Panky Records released a great raggatron joint by Milan-based producer Gadi Sassoon a.k.a. Memory9 featuring vicious Juakali on vocal, with remixes by none other than Ninja Tune star - King Cannibal, glitch hop don - Mochipet plus urban UK Funky refix by SPR Allstars. Super tight tunes, great variety of flavors and top-notch production quality.
Once more, as in the case of Sedge Warbler, they shot an absolutely amazing video to accompany this release. Great ride, thanks guys. Can't wait to hear ... and see more releases from Skanky Panksters.

+verb Luv U (Extended Heart Mix)

Super prolific human track machine, + verb in a very emotional music piece. An epic show of luv to THE CHOSEN ONE. Diamonds and flowers can barely stand a chance with such a gift :) Delicate, moody but groovy and heavy at the same time. No wonder Mimosa is closing his sets with this gem. I simply luv this tune! This is a kind of sensitivity that really works for me, and ... it has a lot of heavy bass :)) Don't wait - check it now.

Luv U (Extended Heart Mix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

+verb has good news for all of you. It seems he'll make your world go boom & bounce in 2011:

Big things are lined up for 2011 including a remix EP called "Cough" out with Muti on Feb 1st, and a 4 track EP out w/ Simplify Records shortly after. There is also a 4 track + remixes EP out in April via Vermin Street label out of Boston, and a Robox Neotech EP sometime this year as well. Thank you everybody for listening and supporting. I truly appreciate it. My hope is to bring you more laserz n bass n bounce throughout 2k11!!!

18 January 2011

Juakali - Freak You Back EP f. Plastician, Stagga & Monky, Tes La Rok, DLX

One of my favorite emcees, Jauakali will drop a very interesting EP - Freak You Back at the beginning of February on Foreign Familiar label. Fans of deep bass and dark vibes should really check this stuff. The title track produced by Plastician is a hot burning, dark roller with super low subs. Juakali's lyrics are delivered in mesmerizing way fitting sooooooo well with the synths and basslines I can only nod my head in appreciation. Finnish dubstep king Tes La Rok added skanking stabs and great drums and the melody that weaves smoothly on top, next to Juakali's lyrics, is simply enchanting. DLX aka Doctor Lazarus X, hailing from L.A., resident of the famous SMOG dubstep monthly, tweaked and glitched the levels on his gear up a few notes adding stomp and filth to the original turning this into typical, growling dancefloor monster. The real treat awaits at the end in Tha Chillski, where Cardiff's finest Stagga & Monky create a genre-bending, grimey riddim, with fantastic, trademark Stagga bassline, slowed-down 'tropical' drums and video game bleeps and beeps. They communicate with Juakali perfectly. DA TUNE!!! EP will be released in all formats, includin vinyl 12". Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Label: Foreign Familiar
Catalog: FF05
Digital Release: February 4, 2011
File Under: Dubstep, Electronic, Hip Hop

Track Listing:
1. Freak You Back
2. Freak You Back (Tes La Rok Remix)
3. Freak You Back (DLX Remix)
4. Tha Chillski

FREAK YOU BACK - OUT Feb 4, 2011 by juakali

14 January 2011

Breezblock - Dubstep Warz 5 Years Anniversary

Oh boy, this was THE SHOW. If I am to mention one, single event/phenomenon that hooked me for years with dubstep, this must be the Breezblock Dubstep Warz, the fifth anniversary of which was on 11 January 2011. Yeah, five f...g years with ultra deep sub-bass, syncopated 140bmp beat, half-step, drum-step, grime, wobble and other mutations. And finally, the darkness on the dancefloor and fire in your limbs which you tried forcing to dance to this crazy rhythm. Praise be Mary Anne Hobbs for all the years of support and this particular cult broadcast. I am waiting for another one of such proportions in some other music genre. Nothing in sight yet, sadly. Enjoy the show (on mixcloud or download it via hotfile) - this music has not aged at all, at all!! .....

12 January 2011

Emalkay - Crusader (Dub Police)

Wow, Emalkay in this oldschool (innit?), broken step, junglist tune with fantastic drums just brought back all the great memories of dubstep glory back in the middle of the first decade of 21st century. Great video to the great music! Good to see Dub Police still in form :) If this tune does not turn you on and does not make your ass wiggle like crazy you should immediately see a proper doctor, 'cause DrKrank's blog is ain't no place for you!  

Check this Dub Police release on Boomkat. Unfortunately, the track on the flip - Power Tool is more 'up-to-date' meaning your typical drilling, heavy half-step roller, which is nothing special to be honest . But the A-side, oh yes the A-side is worth the money!!!

Read full review of Crusader / Power Tool - EMALKAY on Boomkat.com ©

Virtual Boy - Mass

Virtual Boy (a duo comprised of Preston Walker and Henry Allen) is a new addition to Alpha Pup roster. On 1 Feb 2011 they will release their Symphony No. None EP. Grab a single from this EP - Mass for free via Soundcloud. This is absolutely amazing piece of electronic music, with great cinematic vibe, spacey melodies, awesome orchestrations, engaging all your senses and emotions. This reminds me of my favorite soundtracks to the great movies of Korean director - Chan-wook Park (e.g. Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance), but enriched with this contemporary glitchy basslines made in West Coast.  Can't waith to hear the entire EP! What a day for spiritual music :)

PS. I'd like to thanks Shilo from Dancefever5000 for this tip.

Virtual Boy: Mass by ALPHA PUP

Daedelus - We All Have Magical Properties mixtape

Daedelus, Great Magus of All Electronic Crafts, unrivaled Live Performer, now the proud Owner of his own label Magical Properties, has released a beautiful and inspiring mixtape for International Tapes. Though created with electronic means, this music has the soul and Daedelus is the great selector of emotional contents. Highly Recommended!

11 January 2011

Demokracy - Wintermute single & Double Star EP (Robox Neotech)

It's cold winter in the East of Russia. In Siberia, a far and away land where polar bears freely roam the streets of frozen industrial cities, two guys paint cold, cosmic, digital landscapes on their little machines. The name is Demokracy and they will soon release their first single off the forthcoming EP. Wintermute featuring remixes by  Bass Science, Montgomery Clunk and Dies Irae drops on 21 Jan 2011 exclusively on Beatport and officially on 25 Feb 2011 all over the interweb, on one of the most forward-looking labels Robox Neotech. Wintermute is a nicely rolling, cold bastard of a track. It sounds as if created from samples taken out of a psychodelic 60's Sci-Fi movie taking place on some distant, frozen planet where life-giving rays of the nearest sun are just a fading memory. But there is hope, yeah there is still some hope left. Bass Science treated the original with heavy bass and seriously distorted bleeps and beeps mixing in very nice ravey build-ups. I really dig this tune. Monty Clunk brought the original into yet another level of clunkiness :) riding on silly beat and properly chopped voice samples (these voice samples sound like Burial on DMT). Monty Clunk's rechop makes me smile wide and imagine doing totally stupid things earning looks of disapproval from the strangers on the street : ) I have to play this tune to my kids to see their reaction :) The definite higlight of this release for me! Dies Irae remix (which you can grab for free below) transformed Wintermute into slowed down acid joint burning holes in your brain with mesmarizing subs and glitched basslines.
All in all great music to start off another amazing year :)

Demokracy - Wintermute (Dies Irae Remix)

rbxsp19 - Demokracy - Wintermute by Robox Neotech

But, hey Wintermute single is just a teaser. Thanx God, good mechanics from Robox Neotech are already warming up their circuitry for the digital release of proper EP Double Star (release dates: 12 feb 2011 @ exclusive on beatport, 8 march 2011@ all ur mp3 dealers) featuring more cosmic shit from Demokracy. They even put up a preview on their soundcloud:

Demokracy - Double Star Ep - Rbxep20 by Robox Neotech

What is more, this will be followed by Double Star EP Remixes, incl. rmxes by Zet., Coco Bryce, Bass Science, Montgomery Clunk, Doshy, Stagga and more. Can't wait! .

The title track Double Star is the essence of Demokracy for me, showing their trademark, fluid and 'talking' synths and great rhytmic sections with analog drums and pads! And the melody! Well, they know how to tell 'stories' with their music, how to build full-fledged compositions or cut voice samples. The music you will never be bored with, eclectic, following its own path and what is equally important - with serious banger potential. When I listen to Demokracy in my car I nod and swerve my head like crazy ha ha. Double Star also features the mighty Searchlight which was in top-5 of my tracks in 2010, but this time with added great vocals by Didjelirium (whom you might remember from collaborations with Doshy). WOW! And I thought this tune could not have been better. There is also another, fat, dark and enchanting roller I heard before - Zeroth Law. I simply love these synths, smacking you across the ears with raw power, yet at the same time spreading strange warmth on your synapses. Fuck, I know I am starting to sound bombastic but this is how I respond and evaluate this type of music - on a visceral rather than cerebral level. Deadhead shows the most Skwee face of Demokracy with a totally amazing intro and siiiiiiiiiiick drops. I don't know what are their drinking or eating habits over there in Siberia, but I want the same. Pronto! Then, the artists take the listeners to the Zone full of 8-bit bleeps, crazy button improvisations, cut-up voice samples and drilling bass in a kind of broken beat frenzy. Voight Kampff is a pure mechanical beauty and the beast, lots of spacey synths and ultra heavy bass - the Daft Punk of the future. Awesome!

Double Star EP is the type of contemporary, mutant electronic music I wish to hear more in 2011. Don't sleep on Demokracy peeps. The new star is being born ...


05 January 2011


Part two of my best of the year series. Top 10 Releases of 2010 feature best LP’s and EP’ published last year. Again, as in the case of Top Tracks, I hate myself for leaving out so much great music. Thus I decided to at least mention the runners-up at the bottom of the list, which is still just the tip of an ice-berg.

2010 music-wise was absolutely AWESOME with new, niche genres and cross-genres gaining on popularity (e.g. glitch-hop, west-coast blap and beats, mutant hip-hop beats, future UK – wot u call it – thing) and the wind of creative change blowing most strongly from across the eastern Polish border – from the land of Mother Rossija – where tenths of talented producers (e.g. DZA, Pixelord, Demokracy, Moa Pillar, Pavel Dovgal, Myown to name just a few) are churning wicked tune after wicked tune in all the shades of dayglo synths.  German and Dutch beatmakers (like e.g. Halp, Coco Bryce, Doshy, Robot Koch, Swede:art) are finally gaining, quite deservedly, the proper recognition across the world for their brave and creative approach to beatmaking. Central and Eastern Europe is finally waking up and starts participating actively in the global scene (releases by PTR1, Teielte from Poland, Montgomery Clunk from Romania or 1000Names from Bulgaria are absolutely world class). UK urban sound is morphing like crazy, I have lost the track of all the transformations and trends long time ago. Well, to be honest  the apparently thriving UK Funky or Future Garage is not my thing, but it seems producers on this scene are flirting more and more often with post hip-hop beats which I can only support whole-heartedly expecting more developments in this area in 2011. Last year was also a tough time for any writer / blogger / journalist, your humble narrator including, who embarked on a futile task of describing the music which escapes any categorization or pigeonholing like never before. Using this opportunity I would like to kindly apologize for misleading or confusing terminology used in this blog. I hope this will continue in the future :)

I may sound like Euro Nationalist (I am not), but 2010 was apparently the Year of European Label. Error Broadcast, Project Mooncircle, Robox Neotech, Tokyo Dawn Records, Numbers, Black Acre, Fremdtunes  (to name just a few), are pushing this new mutant sound forward delivering many surprises and consistent, solid quality along the way. Of course one should not make a mistake of perceiving music only via geographical location of the artists or labels, because such distinctions do not work anymore. Which was nicely commented by Low Limit from Lazer Sword on his twitter recently: “a lot of these journalists/blog can't listen to music out of context of the artists' location, & the geographical assumptions along with it. tell me what it sounds like not what it you'd assume it sounds like given the place it was made. ill make footwork in a barn in idaho fukit” Ha ha ha – how true! Music is a global thing now, but I still believe that some local mentality, upbringing, sensitivity and setting in which you create your works of art also plays a substantial role in the total scheme. Ok, enough of this. Let's move to the verdict. And the winners are ...:


1. Swede:art. – Emotional Colors (Tokyo Dawn Records) 

The sexiest debut of 2010.  Sex on the Airplane, Mozambique, Wonky Bikez or Linguistics will be my all-time-favorites for many years to come, I'm positive. A top-notch release full of the best future beats by a super talented producer from Germany. Since the first time I came across the work of Joachim Pruegl at the end of 2009, I really felt his potential, but I've still been surprised with his stellar debut. He has instantly catapulted himself to my personal top German producers league next to the mighty Robot Koch.

  Slugabed – Ultra Heat Treated EP (Planet Mu)

I could not decide which release should I name my best release of 2010. I decided to present two prizes, another top first prize goes to the powerful, crazy and twisted synths of Brighton's wizz-kid whose EP ruled in my player in the first half of 2010. Slugabed makes no mistakes, takes no hostages and is merciless. More praise in my review above.

2. Lorn – Nothing Else (Brainfeeder)

Great, dark, deep and moving electronic trips by Lorn who released one the best album of 2010 in Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder. In this case, I personally believe that the pupil outgrew the master. I like Nothing Else better than IMHO a bit overhyped Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma. (Now, try something different. Listen to a nice mixtape produced by Lorn with Lefty aka the L.E.F.T. rapping to the beat from Nothing Else - Lefty aka L.E.F.T Kill the Messenger)

3. Low Limit vs. Lando Kal – Golden Handshake EP (Numbers)

This is what I wrote in my review on glitch.fm  “a cluster bomb of deconstructed sonic mayhem which will create havoc on any dancefloor from Paris to New York and L.A. Their music is about party and rave, about breaking the necks, setting bodies on fire in a digital dancefloor bonanza of purity-defying electro lazer assualt. This may sound bombastic, but for me Lazer Sword epitomizes the future of EDM, where hip hop swagger meets post-disco and funky beat, while all end up in a heavy-bass soup spiced up with tons of crunky synths, sick samples, ear-catching cut-ups, bleeps, beeps and whatnot.” Read to rest to learn why I believe this EP to be a motherfucking future party slammer! And why I have been feeding my Car’s sound system with it for months.

4. Robot Koch – Songs for Trees and Cyborgs (Project Mooncircle) 

Second full-length release (along with the earlier Listen to Them Fade EP) by the most famous Robot from Berlin has solidified his position among top world producers. I love his unique style of button pressing and fat multi-track sonic textures he creates so consistently and skillfully. His vintage sound works equally well in his own productions as in collaborations with other artists (e.g. great tunes with Doshy and 1000Names). Again, on this release we receive great vocal tracks - Verbal Bruises with Portable Morla and Brujeria with Graciela Maria are among the best, next to Atari You featuring a great emcee from Poland – RQM (who have been part of the Berlin mafia for years). For real, there are not many artists on electronic music scene with such a vision and craft. RESPECT! Peeps from USofA should watch out as Robot Koch is going on a tour across the States in February 2011. Good news is he is working on many projects at the moment, thus we have a guaranteed delivery of superb beats also in 2011.

5. Pixelord – Lucid Freaks pt.1 (Error Broadcast) 

Chip tune, 8-bit, wonky perverted button bonanza of top class by the Lord of All Pixels – one of the freshest, most original and experimental releases of the year! Hooked me instantly into beats from Russia, which became a real goldmine of fresh sounding electronic music.

6. Ninja Tune XX – Box Set

The almighty set of absolutely smashing 6 CD’s released to celebrate 20th anniversary of one of the most respected and forward-looking labales on the planet.  A MUST for any open-minded music lover. List of artists featured is simply ridiculous!

7. Doshy – Scatter Remixes (Robox Neotech). 

The best remix compilation of 2010! Democracy, Rudi Zygadlo, Pixelord, Halp & Coco Bryce, Monky, Lakritze, Zeno and Doshy himself plus other remixers deliver a super package adding their creative personal touch to very good original material. I wrote in my review: "Robox Neotech is THE LABEL OF THE FUTURE. Trust my werd! Music they serve is soooo refreshing, mind-boggling, full of this kinky, bleepy, twisted lazers and sick beats, dipped in hard to describe RAW, post-industrial spices. Future beats attacking the listener with full force, engaging all your senses and making your wetware circuitry go high high high with liquid, digital emotions. Just listen to the latest offering from Robox Neotech - Scatter Remixes EP. I liked the the original EP by Doshy a lot, but these remixes really made my jaw drop low low low". Read the rest above.

8. PTR1 – Above the structures (Concrete Cut Recordings) 

Definitely, the best release from Poland this year (closely followed by Teielte's Homeworkz). Intelligent, mesmerizing and enchanting dub music! A fragment of my review: All five original tracks by ptr1 create a very concrete block of bass-friendly music with absolutely mesmerizing melodies. I listen to tons of electronic productions, coming across tracks showing very good production skills, yet missing one extremely important component - namely soul. Whereas ptr1 has a rare gift enabling him to squeeze beautiful emotions out of the cold analog and digital tools. Just listen to Cold, my personal highlight of the release, this tune reaches deep deep inside my neural structure touching right nerves and proving once again why humans has loved music for millenia

9. Planet Soap – After Silkworm (Car Crash Set)

Another great remix compilation showcasing talents from across the world. Car Crash Set prepared a fat selection of of remixes of tracks taken from "Silkworm" EP by bass-trio Planet Soap from Milan, Italy (released in September 2010). Coming out of nowhere for some, but definitely not for the regular readers of my blog, as "After Silkworm" features the works of many of my favorite producers on the beat scene. Read the rest in my review above.

10. 1000names - Illuminated Man (Black Acre)

Great, full-length album on Black Acre by this Bulgarian duo was one of the biggest surprises this year for me. I heard their previous releases but it was  Illuminated Man that has really won me over. I like a kind of consistent, spacey flow to their music in which they throw tons of different bleeps and beeps, outstanding synths or great drums mixing succesffully IDM with post-Dilla hip-hop beats. Such tunes like Haunted Landscapes, Secondary Fauna or Pocket Calculators, though of course reminding of the pioneering work of Flying Lotus, have this 'contemporary vibe' which I am into so much in music recently.

11. Honorable mentions. I can highly recommend any of the following releases:

Magnetic Man – Magnetic Man
Teielte – Homeworkz,
Lazer Sword - Lazer Sword LP,
Finest Ego – Russian Beat Maker Compilation,
Montgomery Clunk – Superbus EP,
Rusti – Sunburst EP,
Rudi Zygadlo – Great Western Laymen,
TAZ - Gold Tooth Grin
SRC - Gold Coinz
Redinho - Bare Blips
Actress – Splazsh,
Starkey - Ear Drums and Black Holes,
Alex B - Moments, 
Guttstar – Battery Hues EP,
Sedge Warbler – Welcome to the Universe,
Ben Samples – Choose your own adventure,
Bil Bless – the life mechanisms vol. 2,
Dusk Ensemble – Dusk Ensemble,
Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers,
Illum Sphere - Titan EP 

02 January 2011

Graciela Maria - Through the Night

Mexican Singer/Songwriter Graciela Maria has cooperated with Robot Koch on a few of his stunning releases, and Brujeria, the track featuring her beautiful vocal, was definitely one of the best tunes last year for me. They started performing together across the world and now the time has come to release her debut. Robot Koch teamed up with friend and fellow musician Sneaky (Fingathing / Ninja Tune) and judging by the first track Through The Night off the forthcoming full lenght Many Places by Graciela Maria (which you can download for free via bandcamp), they did a wonderful job, creating reach sonic textures, pulsating with joyful energy and forming amazing basis for Graciala Maria vocals to thrive on. I am really anxious to put my hands and ears on all 10 tracks of Many Places to be released on Project Mooncircle at the end of January.


Mindelixir Presents: Repeat Business

Mindelixir Presents: Repeat Business
15 Track Compilation on Abstract Logic Recordings

ALR-067: Mindelixir Presents - Repeat Business
Dubstep / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop
Release Date: December 27th, 2010

1. Axiom Crux - Vapor Nation
2. T8rtot - Not 2B Missed
3. Elfkowitz - Gone
4. Stereotonin - Hop Scotch Warrior
5. Ghetto S*xuual - Deep Breath
6. Deformati - Careful Demons (Elfkowitz remix)
7. Mindelixir - Sonic (Lo Bounce Remix)
8. Charlie P - Hole in my Pocket
9. Fast Nasty - The Arcadian Shark
10. Panther God - Zomba
11. Spooky Jones - Starship Ping Pong
12. Bookworm - Ursine Combat Squad
13. Spooky Jones - Attack of the Coincidence
14. Psymbionic - Pseudo Science
15. Stereotonin - Thank You, Come Again

As a preview listen to the nice mix by Psymbionic featuring the aforementioned tracks: 

V/A - Mindelixir Presents: Repeat Business Mix (Mixed by Psymbionic) by 40 Hz Media

Mindelixir,  a dubstep producer representing ALR, Daly City Records, Velvet Elk Recordings, is back after the success of his first compilation for Abstract Logic Recordings, Music for Funerals and Banks, and he's packing serious heat the second time around. This 15 track release is a taste of the sound that's coming from some of the hardest working and innovative newcomers in the industry. While traveling the country on tour, Mindelixir found some of these amazing producers hiding in the depths of the underground. Expect to see these names doing repeat business with the industry in 2011, as their newest output hints at the future of electronic music. 

Mindelixir, collected quite a motley crew of producers, many of them rather unknown to the general public, but showing quite a skills in their, mostly dubstep-driven productions. Though the entire comp goes beyond the simple dubstep 'ghetto' with some glitch hop and underground electronica at places. My favorite tunes are The Arcadian Shark by Fast Nasty, Zomba by Panther God, Not 2B Missed by T8rtot and finally - Starship Ping Pong  by Spooky Jones. The latter of the four is an absolute scorcher with its unnerving, repetitious and distorted basslines. The kind of tune I wish to hear more from dubstep camp. 

Grab two tracks for free by the artists featuring in this compilation:

LoBounce - Keep Forgettin

Spooky Jones - Monday Morning

Inaudible - Feed me your email EP

Inaudible is a glitch hop / heavy bass / wonky / dubstep producer from UK with a few nice releases in 2010. His latest trune, Quiet Addict  from his Feed me your email EP was a surprising hit of the end of 2010 here in DrKrank's camp, making it immediately to the top tracks of 2010. I have been humming to myself "Small beautiful quiet addicts" for days now and don't see an end to this little, perverted addiction. From the opening notes this slow-burning, hot and dark roller spins fat beat and sick, deep, heavy bass in all directions simultaneously to the mesmerizing vocalizations which will hook you instantly. You will with this track never to end. Inaudible himself describes this track as follows: "tastes like a slow shot of skag in your eyeball, or a dubstep number featuring an eerie vocal hook over a bubbling 8 bit lead and crackling percussion." Ha, ha can't disagree indeed.
The second tune Carnival is a similar offering. Powerful, glitched up 8-bit bleeps and twisted synths riding on a heavy slabs of bass in a kind of slow-mo dubstep meditation. Inaudible illustrated his track with a nice video:

All in all, great piece of intelligent, original and eclectic heavy bass music which I can only heartily recommend to any open-minded listeners. Don't miss this EP - buy it via Inaudible's bandcamp.and get addicted!

Inaudible was kind enough to give away Quiet Addict for free!  Grab this masterpiece and get addicted!