27 May 2009

Windy holidays in sunny Ireland - cool!!

Yeah, I am spending a week in a beautiful Ireland paying a visit to my younger bro'. Driving to see high cliffs and roaming narrow streets of coastal towns, making bad pictures pretending to be artsy, visiting too many shopping centers and too little bookstores. Drinking much too much Guinness and Bulmers. And I'm f...g enjoying every minute of this.

22 May 2009

I love college dubstep

Thanks Mad Decent for the most infectious track of the week (if not a month). F...g killing sound and although the lyrics are deliberetely bordering on cliche, with dubstep basssline it's absolutely a different story. .... Just listen!!!!!

New Potty Mouth Music EP: TJR - Eat, Breathe, Sleep promo

Promo Pack Free Download - It includes all three tracks in 128kbps format plus some artwork.
EAT, BREATHE, SLEEP EP (PMM025) Released May 19, 2009 via Beatport.com (Exclusive for 4 Weeks) Original tracks by: TJR Tracks: Good Evening Chicago, I Dont Know Where Remix by: Klaus Hill (Good Evening Chicago)
I'm not a "house" guy as such, but I must confess to listening to quite a lot of fidget house or blog-house, as it is sometimes called. I very often use the simple, and totaly misleading and well-known term - banger - to describe it. As this type of music should be played on dancefloors and should make your head bang and swing. If it does not, than it's a crap, be it nurave, nudisco, electro, fidget or gadget house ....

Potty Mouth Music label run by James Amato from Chicago groups in its roster top guys in this category with smashing releases hitting the charts and DJ crates with extraordinary regularity. Crookers, Hijack, Mightyfools, The Bulgarian, Heavyfeet, Santiago and Bushido to name the few - I've heard so many banging killers from them that I eagerly wait for every release.

This time it's the debut release by Chicago's TJR: Eat, Breathe, Sleep EP including two original tracks and one remix by Klaus Hill from Australia.
I Dont Know Where is a solid disco-oriented, fidgety stomper with a few lazer soundz added for a good measure, but definitely the higlight of this release is Good Evening Chicago.
TJR says: “Creating a song dedicated to the city that keeps redefining house music was a goal of mine”. Indeed! It is a pumping and totally infectious fidget house track, a tribute and an anthem in one pack, produced by a guy who has been a scene veteran for over 15 years. He expresses his gratituded in the best possible way by addressing the public and the live sound of the crowd responding adds a lot to this track which I believe would be heavily played across the dancefloors. Good Evening Chicago easily passes my personal test for banger - I swung my head like crazy and my co-workers again look at me in this particular, strange way :)))))
The remix by Klaus Hill is okey, but nothing more. I prefer the original and will be waiting for more remixes as they will definitely follow. Listen to the tracks in the promo pack and grab them from Beatport.
BONUS: TJR - May 2009 mix - check the latest mix by TJR.

21 May 2009

Th'Mole in Poland, party report

The man who knows how to be cool came to Poland, finally. Th'Mole performed in Białystok, 40km from a town in which I was born. I wish more people turned out to see his fantastic show, Jonah absolutely deserved this. But actually I don't give a dub about those who were not there (well, an awful weather probably contributed to this partially). Myself, along with several friends and a few dozen others had a great time and was filled to the brim with good spirited and ass-kicking show delivered by this calm and intelligent guy who, like chameleon, transforms into a real strong super-man on the stage wearing his funny outfit and singing or shouting out THE MESSAGE. Yes, his music is not about banging your head, stomping your feets or just having good time while gettting drunk or drugged. It is also about the message - quite a rare thing in these time of oversimplification and short attention span. Intensify your intelligence, curb your ignorance! We need more Mole's like that.

Once again, Jonah thanks a lot for entertaining conversations and for coming to the land of your ancestors. And above all thanks for the great performance. Next year we'll definitely want to see you here again!! But this time in Warsaw!

In March Th'Mole released a great album Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) vol. 1. Check the review on my blog

PS> And get some decent sleep mate ...

PS2.> I'd like to thank my homie Bodek (Dj Koola) for all the efforts put into organizing the show and warming up the audience during his DJ set. Props also go to Mentalcut for, well, mental set. You guys rocked the kasbah !!!

When Mochipet was playing in Warsaw I forgot my camera and somehow haven't been able to retreive the pictures from a guy who was taking them during the show. This time I had it with me. "Just look at this, it's a work of art" (Ha Ha Ha). I also shot some video but the light was too weak. Fortunately, there was another dude with a camcorder - expect some video soon.

DJ Koola & Th'Mole on stage
Th'Mole moshing & entertaining:

20 May 2009

Riz One – Heavy Innit June 2009 glitch hop mix

(the author of the mix has not provided the artwork, yet, thus a randomly selected picture, hope you like it)

Riz One – Heavy Innit mix June 2009

Humping and whomping ill mix full of great glitch hop and dubstep tracks and remixes plus ass-kicking acapella mash ups which I really dig. EPROM vs. Consequence / Boreta vs. Ice / Klone vs. The Team - OHMG , f…g killers! “Call the cops, it’s getting wild in here” arghhhhhh love this rant!! In general, perfect selection of acapellas all across the mix skillfully wowen into heavy glitch sound. Tight and consistent work, making my head and shoulders swing in this typical whompy way. Yeah, I’ll soon have neck and shoulders muscles of the body-builder size. I always claimed that listening to music makes you fit (especially when sitting behind the desk at work).

Australian, Riz One knows how to handle his gear properly. Real sonic pleasure. Respect! I’m waiting for more.


19 May 2009

Adam Freeland - Cope release in June 09 and Do You remixes

Adam Freeland is back, this time hailing from a sunny California. His eagerly awaited new long-play album COPE will be released in June.

Check http://www.marineparade.net/ or http://www.freeland.fm/ to hear all 12 tracks off Freeland's 'COPE' with special audio commentary from Adam Freeland himself! He talks about all the collaborators on the new record, co-produced by one of the UK's rising new stars of the electronic world Alex Metric (Autokratz, Locarnos, Ladyhawke, Hard-Fi), and mixed by South Rukkas Crew and Uberzone. COPE(TM) also features collaborations with such luminaries of the rock world such as Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Joey Santiago (The Pixies), Twiggy Ramirez (NIN, Marilyn Manson), Jerry Casale (DEVO) and Brody Dalle (Distillers/Spinnerette).
The entire release is strongly relying on distorted guitars and live drums, but with great dancey energy reminding me at first hearing of the stuff played by Nite Versions (Soulwax live band). In particular, I'm referring here to the best track on the release, namely Do You. That's why I was really pleased to learn that the edited version of this track was released with remixes by none other than Joker (!!!!!!) and High Rankin, plus Moonbootica and PantyRaidout. Joker's version is top-notch as usual, with typical spacey melodic layers added by this Bristol's Purple Wow guy. However, this time it is High Rankin's edit that wins the battle of remixers. Higly deconstructed, banging track with heavy bassline and huge dancefloor potential. Party goers across the world watch out. This one will be heavily rinsed soon.

Listen to the entire set of remixes in this player.

And if you still do not have enough of Freeland, check Discobelle's site for a mixtape with really funny (and misleading) title 'Adam Freeland went to Brighton and all we got was this lousy mix tape' or get it direclty here (zshare).

Well, the apparent change of style should definitely do some good to Freeland. Kudos for trying new directions, man! We'll see how the record will be received by the public.

Squire of Gothos vs. Chubby Fingers

I wanna bang my head. HARD! The weather is shitty and I have so much work I crave for an energy kick, some simple beats and heavy rhythm to forget about all this corpo shit I have to waddle through. It's time for bangers.
Mnuvrs Mixtape [16]: The Squire of Gothos (Mp3) Sheffield's Rave Kings from The Squire of Gothos seem to be a perfect solution.

(Don't forget to support their releases The Squire of Gothos on Juno)

... and then another banger mix. This time more disco-oriented, full of dancefloor anthems and explosive tunes from Chubby Fingers.


18 May 2009

Nuggles - Bass Face mix

Great mix from Philly’s Nuggles (from compoundliving crew - no idea who they are, their site is under construction).

Take a share of bass-heavy glitch tracks like Vibesquad or Sub Swara, add a fair portion of deep and beautiful bass sonic landscapes rendered in a very catchy and original electronic style by Mimosa or Heyoka, throw a spicey Starkey track and a dreamy FlyLo remix and voila … a perfect treat for your music-oriented mind. A must for all you bass-heavy, glitchy headz out there. Werd!


15 May 2009

Dirty Filthy Whompcasts - 009 S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and 010 GRYM & SONIC MC

Dirty, filthy and bad, Rockit Science crew from Seattle run by Dj Suda, has gradually become one of the best podcasdt providers in the Internet, at leastin the glitch hop / heavy bass community. Check their site as all 10 podcasts so far are at least good quality, while some of them are stellar. I include in the latter category two most recent Whompcasts - what a perfect name for this type of mixes!!!!!!

Co-founder of the Jungle Labs crew and a member of the Denver Bass Squad, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. has built a large following from the infamous Jungle Labs warehouse parties, regular nights at Denver’s Beta Nightclub, and his mixtapes on the Temporal Fusion podcast

In my personal opinion, the best Whompcast so far. Huge mix full of dubstep / glitch hop / heavy bass but most of all pure adrenalin kick straight from the beginning to the very end. I like it even more as a dubstep artist from my hometown, Warsaw in Poland, is represented and his track is one of the best in this mix: Tom Encore - Jig. Enjoy.

Grym & Sonic MC - Whompcast 010
Heaviest, deepest and darkest dubstep shit I've heard in ages. Dark as the darkests pits of hell. Quite different from S.P.E.C.T.R.E.'S mix. Great MC job - which is an achievement in itself as in 99% of cases I hate them, but Mc Sonic voice only contributes to the mood instead of spoiling it by irritating rants. Highly recommended to any dubstep fan. WICKED!!!!!! (And oh my, this Contact track - it's a fu...g killer. Heard it so many times and it still rocks as hell.)


14 May 2009

Mishka presents Passions - Music Without Tears Mix

Another great and surprising mix (after recent mix by Jokers of the Scene) by an artist best known of its dancefloor-oriented productions and DJ’ing. Until now I have not been even aware that Math Head is Passions. I’ve heard a few tracks by Passions but I did not know he was from T&B (yes, throw your stones now) It’s pretty strange that a guy from this particular crew, which I immediately associate with bass-heave dancefloor excess explores just these regions. Maybe, some paradigm-shift is in the air, and people are fed up with hedonistic pleasures (honestly speaking I am, sometimes) and are looking for more meaningful methods of expressing themselves in music? Time to start a Music Revival or wot? Music is a beutiful thing if you are wise enough to use it in a creative and self-fullfilling way, that’s why I welcome wholeheartedly any attempts at broadening its current limits.
And this mix fulfills this task perfectly. Cold, dark, industrial and esoteric beats from the past clash with modern productions by Passions and exclusive productions from London based goth / darkwave label Disc Errors. Ben Deitz has collected very inspiring tracks on this compilation and lots of artists I used to listen frequently 15 years ago. TG, DiJ, NIN, Nitzer EBB, PIL, Joy Division, New Order, SPK. What is most important – this music gives an equally strong kick as listening to banger-style mix, though in a bit different, deeper, more contemplative way affecting more body organs and reaching much deeply into your mind. Oh yes, this is the music of my youth, and again it’s sooo nostalgic to return to these times, but this music has not aged a bit. It still rocks my body, my mind and soul. Call me a talentless, bombastic hack but I really dig this mix by Passions.


And now for something completely different - RONALDO

I couldn't resist myself :) It is tooo funny.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Boomkat: 14 tracks in Hypercolour: a synthfunk sampler

After 14 tracks in search of wonky, boomkat enters again a very promising yet not fully defined ‘wonky’ (or purple wow, yaackkk!!!) territory. The ESSENTIAL set of tracks for any fan of new dope beats / bass heavy electronica. Just 6.86 GBP for tracks worth 14 GBP in monetary terms at least, but the creative and inspirational value of this selection is priceless.

Boomkat says: Wonky's uglier, ruder cousin, the new wave of hyper-coloured synthfunk is fast becoming the definitive sound of 2009. Situating itself somewhere between Grime, classic Dre productions and arcade machine / 8-bit eruptions, the 'Purple Wow' styles of Joker, aided and abetted by the likes of Gemmy, Guido and Jakes has spearheaded a new movement in bass music that references West Coast G-Funk classics like Dre's "Deep Cover" or Above the Law's "Livin' Like Hustlers" while utilising a distinctly Uk/Urban palette. There's considerable crossover with Dubstep too, but this is a scene dominated by a multicoloured vibrancy far removed from monochrome wobble and halfstep templates played in dark rooms, instead injecting a sense of urgency, sleazy excitement and danger back into the dance.

Apart from some obvious ‘anthems’ like: Joker’s - Do it, Zomby’s - Aquafresh, Rustie tracks, the 14tracks also offer among others such fantastic synth wonkiness:
F…g great Saturn’s Reply by Jamie Vex’d who once again shows his creative skills (also check his fantastic mixtape for LuckyMe).
ESKMO – Hypercooler. SF style 8bit funk – this year we’ll see (or already has seen) lots of fantastic music gems.
Dorian Concept – The fucking formula. Future abstract electronica from Vienna. TIP!
Various Productions - Bside it’s good to see the duo back in top form after a disappointing The Invisible Lodger (my personal views).
A track from Neil Landstrumm’s revolutionary second longplay Lord for £39 for Planet Mu – Little help from Rustie – deconstructed wonky, downtempo, heaven!!
Kotchy remixed by Seclusias’ Dev79 – crunky electro step.
Gemmy – Supligen. Another heavy-weight player from Bristol in purple work / crunk dubstep department. Outer Space Experience par excellence! The sound of the future is already here.
Debruit – Look 22. Actually this name came to my radar for the first time on 14 tracks in search of wonky by boomkat. I see that was no coincidence. After another release you should definitely check this artist if you are into laidback wonky dope beats like e.g. Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Daedelus etc.

BTW – I don’t know about you, but the term wonky was / is not very fortunate to describe the music produced by Joker / Rustie / Lucky Me / etc. But Purple Wow ??!?!? – wtf? – please gimme a break. This IS ridiculous name! (and yes, I know the background).

Joker - Solid State

Since yesterday 13th is not an unlucky number.

Jokere released a free track: Solid State - grab it on zshare.


13 May 2009

Lunice & Al Ripken Jr. - Janes Addiction cut

The collaboration project of Lunice & Al Ripken Jr's "Paper Spray" will be available digitally on June 26th!!! Watch out for this release from Turbo Crunk guy. I really dig his remixes thus I was glad to lift a free track from his blogspot. Trademark Weaponhouse' glitch landscapes spread over contagious melody - I LIKE!!!

Lunice & Al Ripken Jr. - Janes Addiction

Hostage - Pirates, Rudeboys, aUtOdiDakT

Hostage never ceases to amaze me. This guy is pure rocking rave tiger releasing tune after tune of stomping bangers. This time he is on a much heavier tip than usually. Dubstep sub-bass combined with fast ravey drops and punches creates a molotov cocktail of sonic mayhem. Love at first hearing, as usual with this Edinburgh's adrenalin addict. Disco dust released 3 free tracks, grab them NOW.

Hostage - Pirates - what a use of bass, just listen to this Mega Ultra Banger !

Hostage - Rudeboys - another propa dancefloor hit.

aUtOdiDakT - Ghetto Nonsense (Hostage remix) - dubstep ghetto tech rave, dark and heavy!

Th'Mole on Tour! GO SEE THIS GUY!!!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Th'Mole is bombing venues across Europe. Next Saturday he'll play in Poland!!!! I'm calling all the peeps from the Continent - go see him, entertainment factor guaranteed!!!

Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex After Shocks video + EP snippet mix

I've told you this EP will gonna rock charts hard (see my review), and top 1 in junodownload charts in grime / dubstep genre is a f....g great result for a debut release on a new label founded by Robot Koch - Robot's don't sleep!! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! If you did not purchase the release yet (here), just check a special mix with long snippets of EP which should encourage you to grab this hop hop of the future and watch a fantastic video of the title track by laura weider.

Robot Koch Vs. Cerebral Vortex _ Aftershocks _ ROBOTS DON'T SLEEP EP mini mix

12 May 2009



1. Nosaj Thing – Fog Just 13 days to the release of the best album this year! I’m absolutely positive it will be huge. I can listen to Nosaj Thing stuff on a permanent repeat.

2. Joker - "Untitled RSN" Another essential Joker track!! Also check Flying lotus track on this split single released for Pinch's Tectonic label.

3. Boreta – Humanoid Can’t wait to see the release of this killing glitch hop track. Actually Boreta has an entire set of new smashers prepared – just check his myspace.

4. Tom Encore – Jig One of the best dubstep tracks released by a Polish producer finally available on Beatport on Nuke’em EP by Rottun Recordings! Memorize this name properly, we’ll see lots of goodies from this guy in the future, I’m positive. Check his myspace.

5. Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex – After Shocks (Stagga remix) Super-heavy, inhuman metallic wobble in a totally dancefloor-oriented banger remix by Stagga.

6. Beastie Boys Body Movin (Messy Jesse reproduction) Messy Jesse added such a contagious base line to the well-known Beastie track that it’s on a constant repeat in my car’s SS.

7. Raffertie – Sugar! The master of beautiful disaster strikes again. Crazy rave on speed! Coming in a double pack with Wobble Horror, it’s one of the best releases recently. Grab it NOW!

8. Major Lazer – Hold the Line (an-ten-nae remix) Without a doubt, the best remix of Major Lazer’s Hold the Line (the first official leakage from ML’s debut album). Heavy!!!!

9. Th’Mole – How to be Cool (Ladyscraper remix). Bombastic, and fun(k)y as hell Th’Mole teaches the unaware masses how to be cool. I wish all my teachers were like him. And oh, yes, Th’Mole will play in Poland this Friday!!!! The entire Fre-Release of Th’Mole How to be cool remixes released by Chrome Kids in collaboration with Daly City Records.

10. Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (6Blocc remix) Tight, fast and heavy remix of Bassnectar’s anthem to destroy dancefloors with.

11 May 2009


OH YES!!!! Integrated Grime Unit strikes again! This time in the ultra-tight mix called Integrated Grime Unite (a name which needs no explaning) by one of its members – Application.

Lazerbass mix by IGU’s Glitchy & Scratchy vs. Crendore (check my blog post for link and comments ) has been instrumental in converting me to glitch hop and midtempo soundz. Thus, when I saw this mix I knew it would be good. Long Live Canadian crew!!

The mix by Application starts as in Hitchcock’s movies, from a real tsunami of a track - slight attendand by KnowSleep. SICK!!! Extremely tight whomp beats, heavy bassline and fantastically flowing melody – TIP !! And later the quality is constantly kept throughout the mix with contagious accapellas and glitch hop extravaganza. It’s even hard to name highlights, as all the tunes are so f…g quality I have serious problems with selecting those which I should leave out. There are a few tracks which I heard on the lazerbass mix last year – like killing dale duro by glitchy&scratchy or one of the most heavily rinsed tracks in my car’s SS – milkshake by NSE. Other great moments of this ass-tight mix include fantastic we want your soul remix by sumUndertogs, great Jay Wikid tracks (love this guy’s production). IGU’s collective is represented by killing tracks from ill-esha (woman power reprezenta), application himself, jmej. Oh’ death by NOG & myles away is another whomp-heavy production. Really too much to mention. Let the music speak.


Hessle Audio at Fabric 15.05.09 + Ben UFO fabric live mix

I respect very much Hessle Audio as a label which brought a lot of creative and fresh air to dubstep scene. Ben UFO's label and the crew promoted many interesting artists and released a few music gems (TRG, Pangaea, Untold - anyone?). Although, in general I'm not a big fan of techno-oriented, no-woblle dubstep as such, but still would be stoked to see these guys playing next to each other. Well, again you lucky bastard Londoners will have a chance to see TRG, Ramadanman, Pangaea, Ben Ufo, Untold + MC ASBO playing room 3 in Fabric on this Friday 15 May 2009.

And if this is not enough Room 1 will host the performances by none others than Rusko (live - oh yes!! Rusko with a guitar), Skream and ... The Motherfu***g Gasslamp Killer. What a show!!!!!! I'm calling all the mad scientists again, please do not hide your inventions and discoveris in some murky basements or your heads, please send me a design for some working teleporter so I can catch all the parties starting from Canada through USA to Europe. Listening to music is one thing but feeling the trobbing sounds of heavy bassline cutting through your body is an absolutely different experience.
Ben UFO prepared a special live mix to promote the Fabric show. Grab it here:


The funk is in your area: Jay Wikid - Stay Tuned mix

Jay Wikid - Stay tuned Mix PART 1 and PART 2 (mediafire)

Arrghhh, I've almost forgotten about this fantastic mix. Fortunately, I found it again when skimming through my extensive playlists. Glitch hop of absolutely champion level by a Canadian Jay Wikid. Great stretching of sounds from heavy whomp and stomp banger beats with contagious hip hop accapelas to pretty spacey, deep and bass-heavy sonic landscapes. 80% of productions on the mix are Jay's own plus tracks by Jantsen, Ed Sol, David Seied, A Skills.

Do not forget to check Jay Wikid's myspace. There are tonnes of great tunnage there, and my favourites are: My girl rmx - a very touching midtempo refix. Mixer Elixer (“the funk is in you area”) – funky glitch hop with whomping sound which I LIKE very much! Masochist – very nice broken beats track with great samples from some UK movie (I reckon) and Rubba dub Dub – heavy dubstepish bassline and lots of glitchy electronica, fast rolling shit!

07 May 2009

Bassnectar - Art of Revolution review [8/10]

Another big release will be off the press in a moment. American bass don, Bassnectar has finally decided to release his heavy-weight dubstep anthem Art of Revolution on a limited 12 inch vinyl (of course also available digitally) plus a set of remixes by good ole’ pirate maytees Diplo, Ghislain Poirier, 6Blocc and Product 01. Quite a nice selection I’d say. Art of Revolution features legendary Jamaican vocalist Tapper Zukie (well, Jamaican ragga vocalists seem to be in big demand recently).

I can really understand why people were grooving so much about this track when hearing it during Bassnectar’s gigs. Actually they probably heard the Super Styling smashup that is Art of Revolution mashed with Super Stylin by Groove Armada (check bassnectar.net for free download of this track). Art of Revolution is a straightforward dancefloor smasher with heavy sub-bass pulsing with energy in a trademark Bassnectar’s style. The tracks builds up nicely in a very melodic way with Jamaican vocals adding the spice to it and then – OMG – I f….g love when bass drops with such a heavy metallic force. My limbs would adore me if I only had a chance to see this track rotated live on some good sound system.

The package comes with four remixes. In his remix, Diplo added more drums making the track more steppy, deconstructed it seriously, slowed down and ‘spread’ the main bassline and gave an entire track a more slow-burning banger twist (so typical for this guy !). The result is quite nice, yet this remix misses a bit the heavy punch delivered by the original thus losing on the energy. 6Blocc in his remix twisted the original bassline making it even more deep and heavy and added a few nice, fast punches. His tight edit rolls very smoothly and I’m positive it will be heavy rinsed in DJ sets across the world. Another interesting edit comes from a Canadian Ghislain Poirier. He based his rework on a pretty contagious guitar motive over which he laid the beats and pieces of the original track speeding up, slowing and cutting them up freely creating the most complex music piece in this package. D1 Product made a 4/4 stomp banger out of Art of Revolution. Not in my taste actually, but I can imagine (and will probably attend) the parties at which this track will attract the partygoers to the dancefloor making them beam with wide smiles.

In general, this is one of the best music bundles I’ve heard in a while. In my opinion all remixes added some extra value to the anthem but still the Bassnectar’s original edit has won the battle.
8 stars out of 10 in Doktor Krank's ranking.

Bassnectar Art of Revolution EP (Amorphous Music)

1. Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (Original)
2. Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (Instrumental)
3. Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (Diplo remix)
4. Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (6Blocc remix)
5. Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (Ghislain Poirier remix)
6. Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (P01 remix)

Tracks are available for purchase through the Bassnectar store as high-quality DRM-free MP3 and FLAC versions prior to the single’s launch through Beatport and other online distributors on May 12, 2008. A subsequent vinyl release of Art of Revolution will follow through a partnership with Groove Distribution in the US.

Listen and buy also here:
Bassnectar.net and junodownload

Glitch Hop forum young blood Reposted

Well, I hate when google takes down a post with several tracks without indicating which track could have possible mean an infringment of copyrights of some of the artists (usually just one track and usually some bootleg remix, I never post tracks of which I'm sure will deprive their artistis of any rights).
As I don't want to lose the entire post, I will remove 'big names' like justin, beastie, nas etc. A few tracks will still remain and they are really worth promoting.

Fresh load of great and heavy glitch hop tracks from GlitchHopForum. I wish I had more time to write extensively about each of these young guns as they deserve it. For now, just listen to what they have cooked so far. DELICIOUS!!!!

Ben Samples – Motorthroat Extremely bass heavy motor sound by one of the best young producers on the glitch hop scene.

Ben Samples – Glitchy & Scratchy – Get back (Samples refix). One more by Sample, a refix of one of the anthems of glitch hop – quite a nice rework actually, more ‘steppy’ and ‘cut-up’ but still very powerful.

Plus 2 – Open Clipse – f…g heavy bassline !! whomp, whomp whomp ! Loving it!

Kat1lyst & Instynkt - Cold As Me I have a penchant for such darkey, slowed down bass. And if some aggressive synths are ripping through it. Well, I can only grit my teeth and bow to it.

Glitchy & Scratchy - BrainSaw Heavy dubstep sound from glitch and scratch warriors!!

Subvert – Shoota Heavy bassssss, mashed dubstep / glitch soundz with great riddim on top

Dj Echo – Balkan Beat box remix - Balkan bass bombs. Balkan beats spiced with heavy bass and glitch. I LIKE!

Messy Jesse – The Future Totally heaaaavvyy tune with crazy Nintendo soundz.

Freddy Todd - Oh Ma Gad Drap Tha Bass – Freddy Todd –Very tight and ass-shaking track using a great mix of soundz plus a few classic beats and pieces. Thumbs up for Michael Jackson's sample.

J.Roby & graintable – trapdoor Pretty spacey, heavy track with nice melodic sound excursions.

Chip chop - los gorditos (graintable plus AD/AM) Another solid glitch hop track from graintable and his mate AD/AM. Again, lots of space and nice synth work.

Finally, a funny, spacey downtempo vocoder track to crown this selection:

Dj Wood – I Ran “me singing flock of seagulls over TI w/ vocoder” – the words of the artist himself. Funny and contagious little shit !

06 May 2009

Genesis P-Orridge interview in xlr8r TV

Genesis P-Orridge is better than the Beatles - xlr8r TV episode

Check xlr8r site for an episode in which Genesis P-Orridge is interviewed just prior to the recent San Francisco show by the re-united Throbbing Gristle. GPO is 59 and still tripping with his mind and above all body.

And don't forget to check a new xlr8r podcast:
Junior Boys - Exclusive mix

Junior Boys already walked us through their ocean of somewhat surprising musical influences when the Hamilton, Ontario-based duo graced the cover of XLR8R's March issue. Now, the pair delivers an audio sampling of said influences, with this exclusive mix that marks the next installment of the XLR8R Podcast. Just seven tracks long, the mix stays close to the house and techno genres, ending with a Prins Thomas remix of Junior Boys' own track, "Work," off their recently released Begone Dull Care album.

01 Mantler - Fresh and Fair"
02 Chas Jankel - "Glad To Know You"
03 Osborne - "Air Pistol"
04 Morgan Geist - "Detroit (Carl Craig Mix)"
05 Soundstream - "Live Goes On"
06 Sean Taylor - "I Can't Live Without You"
07 Junior Boys - "Work (Prins Thomas Remix)"

Th'Mole in Poland, Białystok @ Metro Club 16 May 2009!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh, yeahhhhhh! Another wild and ultra-entertaining performance from Daly City Records artist in Poland! Barely a month after the devestating show by Mochipet in Warsaw. We've been really spoilt recently, ha ha ha!

This time we will be rocked by a flamboyant and extravangant guy from USofA who knows how to be cool, namely Th'Mole (his track hit the top 1 chart on xlr8r in April!!). He will play at the regular Bady Movin night next Saturday, May 16th, 2009 in Metro Club in Białystok.

Jonah Mociun (yes, his Polish-sounding name is not a coincidence, his family emigrated a few generations ago from Poland, thus he's very eager to visit the country of his ancestors) currently lives in California and has been active on the avant-gard electronic scene for years releasing music under numerous aliasses and playing alongside such artists as e.g.: Dj Krush, Venetian Snares or Meat Beat Manifesto. His live performances became legendary. I hope he will blow the house with a mix of weird hip hop and electronic soundz.

During the party in Metro he will be accompanied by Dj Koola and Mentalcut. More info about the show (in Polish) here: metro forum

In March Th'Mole released a great album Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) vol. 1. Check the review on my blog

Chrome Kids in collaboration with Daly City Records has just released a second fre-release including remixes of the Th'Mole's prepostorous anthem How 2 Be Cool - by himself, Robot Koch and Ladyscraper. Grab it FOR FREE here.
And finally listen to a special song prepared by Th'Mole for his Euro Trip - Dear Europe.
Oh, yes! You are kindly welcome Dear Jonah in our house!

05 May 2009

Knowa KnowOne - Dreaming mix

Knowa KnowOne - Dreaming

Fantastic psychedelic mix from Knowa Knowone "A collection of sound; deep, yet focused, organic yet hip-hop and circuitry. Chill, Reggae and Trip-Hop infused with a spiritual jouney into the self and the subconscious"

Quite an old mix (ca. 2005/2006) yet with universal music worth listening at any time past or future. Made with deep emotions and feelings but most of all creating a very nice trippy diversion from all this banger-whomp style shit I’ve been listening to lately. So for a moment, let’s switch from the Church of Hedonism to the Entheogenic Reformation Church. Knowa KnowOne with the support of his own productions and selection of other trippy and glitchy artists (like Prefuse 73, edIT, Bluetech, F.S.O.L) and spiritual seekers, above all the Magellan of Psychedlic Seas - Terence McKenna, takes us for a trip into other reality tunnels. It's like a breath of fresh air for me (and bear in mind this is my very subjective and personal view at this particular point of time, you have the right not to agree with me), as I've recently have immersed a bit too far into full-energy soundz, actually finding too much music and much too little quality.
And besides, I love listening to Terence's rant, he was able to talk without a break for hours about quite difficult philosophical or scientific issues as if the words were subconsciously formed in his mind and Terence was just a mere transceiver broadcasting them to the public. But what ideas these were! I wish this he was still with us. Yeah, I'm getting sentimental, but I don't give a dub.
**mix cover by blue spectral monkey"cosmic background weirdness"handmade paper collage** 2005


Major Lazer - Hold the Line (LehtMoJoe Remix)

Another remix of Major Lazer's Hold the Line (I've already lost the count), this time from a Dallas' producer LehtMoJoe . At such a rate, in a month I'll be able to make top-50 of best remixes of this track (an-ten-nae still holding the top place), unless Major Lazer leaks another track from their album. LehtMoJoe work resembles a mash-up incorporating into dancehall vibe heavy guitra riffs and rock drums from Toto which all of you definitely heard at least 1000 times in the past. But, you know what - the trick somehow worked and by adding some 'cheesy' edge made it even more interesting. Check it out (zShare):

04 May 2009

Samples - Denver Bass Squad Promo mix

Samples – Denver Bass Squad Promo mix Mayday

Extremely powerful and crunky, but most of all motorized and metalized to the max, mixtape from a very talented glitch hop producer – Ben Samples, presenting his own production and remixes, plus a couple of tracks from other strong presences on the scene (e.g. Mochipet, Subvert). I'd even risk calling it industrial glitch hop.
The mix includes a Samples' refix of one of the best anthems of last year in my private ranking, namely Glitchy & Scratchy - Get Back. Oh, my! I can never have enough of this shit. Apart from that, other higlights are: Copenhagen by Eloquent (no bloody idea who's that but this piece of music rocks), MotorThroat, Game Over and new version of Drank in my Cup (all by Samples).
Please, make sure you stay out of strong magnetic fields when listening to this mix!!

03 May 2009

Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex - After Shocks EP review

junodownload - link to the pre-release of Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex – After Shocks EP (full release in just a few days). Worth every penny or cent you pay.

The hip hop for the future has finally arrived! WERD! First release on the new label Robot’s Don’t Sleep founded by Robot Koch (Jahcoozi): ROBOT KOCH vs CEREBRAL VORTEX - After Shocks is another great installment in the collaboration of this promising duo.

I have been eagerly waiting for this EP after being totally overwhelmed by Robot Koch’s beats and Cerebral Vortex’ ranting on one of the best anthems of last year – Vortex Cookies (Upside Down EP on Jakarta records). Robot Koch is the main ‘electro-engineer’ man from Jahcoozi and quite skilled remixer who has collaborated with Th’Mole, Mochipet, King Cannibal, Modeselektor, Missil, Tolcha, RQM (The Tape), to mention just a few names. I’m quite a fan of his analog synth, glitch based, multi-layered electronic productions, and when he joins forces with such a talented guy as Cerebral Vortex, the end result must deliver proper quality.

Cerebral Vortex is part of 215 The Freshest Kids getto-tech duo (with Buddy Leezle) which contributed extensively to the development of hyphy scene in SF and came to my radar at first on Mochipet’s Microphonepet – contagious riddims with fantastic flow stood out of the entire release (my personal view at least, but I believe many listeners agree). It’s great that Cerebral Vortex continues his solo career in the same vein and makes use of his fantastic vocal skills.

The EP includes 8 tracks, with the title After Shocks definitely having a potential for a hit of Vortex Cookies proportions. Hip hop for the future for real! A sick combination of analog synth sound (e.g. moog, jupiter, juno) and flawless and totally contagious vocalizations make the entire shitty top-40 rap look like the work of completely unoriginal, poser music morons. A combo of a European producer and a Texas-born rapper easily outdistance big names in this bizniz. Well, on the other hand, mainstream hip hop has been dead for years and should not be treated as a reference point for any comparisons involving artists who REALLY want to create interesting music. Thankfully, the entire armada of new, young music-loving people fed up with hollow glamour of shitty rappers and lazy producers is busy working on saving good rant and production skills which years ago were the solid base of hip hop culture. Welcome to glitch hop! Robot Koch and Cerebral Vortex are on the forefront of this new movement.

Other tracks on this EP:
How you want it – similar to After Shocks, with more electronic improvisations but the same creative vibe and flow, another solid glitch hop for the future.
Soundboy – mellow, chill-out sunny riddim clashed head-on with heavy dubstep bass and analog synths. Funky hard step

There are also 2 very good remixes of After Shocks, by:

- Stagga Super-heavy, inhuman metallic Stagga’s trademark wobble adds artificial edge to the After Shocks in a totally dancefloor-oriented banger remix. TIP!!!

- Flako Berlin-based hip hop producer (great remix of Vortex Cookies on the previous EP) delivers another solid reworking of the title track, adding even more flow and head-banging capacity to the duo’s music. The bundle also includes the instrumentals of this remix.

Apart from that the package includes After Shocks accapelas, and quite a nice bonus – namely analog synth sound samples utilized by Robot Koch in the production to be freely used by any producer out there wishing to remix RK/CV tracks or just incorporate them in their own stuff.

In general, If I were you and if I were into hip hop for the future I would grab this EP immediately. Quality all across the board.

9 stars out of 10 in my private ranking.

This year really spoils me with constant supply of good music, and so much great stuff is still to be released…

02 May 2009

Major Lazer's "Hold The Line (Poirier Remix)" + US Tour Dates

Major Lazer's "Hold The Line (Poirier Remix)" zshare
As expected the wave of Major Lazer HTL's remixes is constantly flooding the blogosphere. This time it's none other than Ghislain Poirier that produced this quite solid and tight remix. Not bad at all, not bad - I'd call it 'steppy soca' :) Probably not better than the recent devastating banger from an-ten-nae, but check it and decide by yourselves.

Apart from that check these updates on Major Lazer.

Pre-order link to Major Lazer's eagerly anticipated 'Jamaican' album "Gun's don't kill people, lazers do" (to be released around 16 June 2009)

and definitely check a 'fun(k)y' application for iPhones by mad decent, which can be downloaded for free from Diplo's site but first let him take you on the tour. I wish I had an iPhone :)

Major Lazer will be on tour in US - eh, I wish I had some teleporting device at hand :(
6/13/09 NEW YORK, NY SOBs