29 April 2010

STARKEY - Resident Advisor Podcast .204

Well, I listen to Starkey a lot and still can't get enough of his extended, spacey synths, out-of-this-planet melodies and sick bass. This guy really brings dubstep (and a few other genres in it) to the next level, maybe not for all tastes but my neural set-up seems to get a perfect rapport with Mr. Street Bass music offering. I don't know whether he is a pioneer of the so-called "2nd wave dubstep producers" (the term coined in this article), but I do now he eascapes easy pigeonholing, showing immense creativity and music sensitivity. The mixtape selection is killing as usual and includes a few of my favorite recent tunes. Apart from Starkey's solo work and remixes, I'd mention Knight Riderz remix of a killing Schlachthofbronx anthem Ayoba, Grimelock's remix of Let the Bass by a Belgian producer Alchemyst, filthy tunage by NastyNasty or absolutely, ridiculously senseless Zombies by Kanji Kinetic. There is more, just listen.

It's great that Starkey's podcast appeared on the Resident Advisor's portal, which is rather associated with more minimal, techno, house or possibly dub-tech vibe. New outlet for exposing Starkbots's sound may only bring new converts, even if some hardcore fans of 'minimal sound' (??) were slightly or quite straight-in-yer-face disappointed (see the comments section for the podcast).

STARKEY - Resident Advisor Podcast .204

Starkey - 11th Hour - Planet Mu
Kaiser - Polyphonic Pressure
Terror Danjah - Reinforced
Mensah - Acid Dub - HENCH
Spooky - The Devil Within - Oil Gang
Numan - Skull Crusher (Sduk remix) - Slit Jockey
Starkey - Robot Hands
Scratcha DVA - Bullet Dub - Keysound Recordings
Zeno - Test1
Mr. Rogers - Birdbox (Starkey remix) - Innerflight
Starkey - Fourth Dimension - Planet Mu
Stagga - The Park (Draw remix) - Subdepth
Dream McLean - Woo Riddem Freestyle
Gemmy - Da Dodge
Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. Pupajim - Vampayaa (Starkey remix) - Cool & Deadly
Skinnz & ID - Shimmy - Double Science
Magic Mash - Give Me Some More
Starkey - OK Luv ft. Badness (Eprom's Alternate Mix) - Planet Mu
Alchemyst - Let the Bass (Grimelock remix) - Stainage
Starkey ft. Anneka - Stars - Planet Mu
Foals - This Orient (Starkey remix) - Transgressive
Drake - Over - Cash Money
Baconhead - Ghetto Buffet - Acroplane
Rod Azlan - Jah Live (Starkey remix) - Scion AV
NastyNasty - Damn Girl
SchlachtofBronx - Ayoba (Knight Riderz remix)
Camp Lo - Luchini (Instrumental) - Profile
Kanji Kinetic - Zombies - Senseless
Halp - Leek - Seclusiasis
Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle - Club Games - Planet Mu
Swindle - Molly - Planet Mu
Numan - Skull Crusher (Capricorn One remix) - Slit Jockey
Starkey - Numb ft. P-Money - Planet Mu

EL REMOLON - ZZK Mixtape vol. 9

The mighty cumbia label - Zizek Records from Buenos Aires has just released a new mixtape by their shining star - El Remolon (aka Andrés Schteingart). This is just a taste of what’s to come on his next album & EP, both of which will be released by ZZK Records later this year. One can hear the wide music spectrum here from cumbia mashups through cumbiastep to dubstep, but what really counts is a fantastic, laidback yet very danceable vibe created by El Remolon. Highly recommended!

EL REMOLON - ZZK Mixtape vol. 9

1.El Remolón vs Sinead O´Connor – Jah Nuh Dead
2.El Remolón – Mujeres vs Daft Punk
3.Junior Boys vs Ladybox – Tick Tock (El Remolón cumbia mashup)
4.El Remolón feat Fantasma vs Lady Gaga – Love Game
5.Los Pibes Chorros vs El Remolón Jam
6.Un Mono Azul feat Lido Pimienta – Ninfa de la mar (El Remolón mix)
7.El Remolón feat Fantasma – Liga del Sabor Digital
8.Ghislain Poirier feat Boogat – Kalima Shop Titi (El Remolón Remix)
9.El Remolón feat Marina vs Sokio – Vem Que Tem (edit)
10.Los Pericos – Me Late (El Remolón Remix)
11.El Remolón vs Dante – Listo Pa Gozar el Mostro
12.El Remolón feat Boogat – Estilo Acapulco
13.Bomba Stereo – Fuego (El Remolón Remix)
14.El Remolón vs Maluca – El Tigeraso (Cumbiastep Mix)
15.El Remolón feat Lido Pimienta – Basta Ya (Dubstep Mix)

24 April 2010


It's half past midnite in my timezone, I sit quietly in front of my laptop immersed in multi-tasking writing, responding to messages, surfing, listening to music, with occasional nod of my head or humming quitely to the rhythm ... then a new track in my player makes me jump with shock. ARGHHH, it's  a new Alec Empire's digital techno hardcore stuff from  Atari Teenage Riot called quite correctly Activate and as usual it is about CONFRONTATION / RIOT/ RAGE / ESCALATION and TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT CONTROL !! Oh boy, the riffs, the riffs - it's a work of art! Atari Teenage Riot recorded this song March 3rd 2010 for the upcoming live show May 12th in London, UK. Introducing new member CX KIDTRONIK from Brooklyn, USA. Atari Teenage Riot is back! Can't wait to hear more material from them. Once a teenager, always teenager!

  Atari Teenage Riot - "Activate!" by Alec Empire

Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (Lukasz Wasilewski remix)

Usually I don't do this type of 'pushing' on my blog, but first, I really like this remix and secondly, I've been a fan of Lukeing Forward (Lukasz Wasilewski) for a long time. I really dig his cinematic / trip-hop aesthetics powered by heavy bass and extremely wide orchestration. This dude could probably play any instrument and has a huge collection of acoustic gear to support his digital output. This time he takes part in a remix contest for Roisin Murphy's Momma's Place. The end result is more than promising, I've listened to a few submisission's and Lukasz fluid, talking bassline really stands out and speaks to me. Go there and support him and don't forget to check more music on his facebook page.

23 April 2010

OUT RUN THIS - Halfmanhalf vs. Low Limit feat. Copywrite

HALFMANHALF, an MC from Portland has just sent me a hot track which is a preview of the album he is cooking up together with his homie, Low Limit of Lazer Sword fam. "OUT RUN THIS" also features COPYWRITE and the cuts on the song come from Davis Cleveland. Serious head-nodding biznis guaranteed.  Production style, crunky synths and cut-up vocal samples are definitely LazerSwordian. 

OUT RUN THIS - Halfmanhalf vs. Low Limit feat. Copywrite

21 April 2010

Carly D - Ligthening in a Bottle promo mixtape

Another great mix from Bay Area producer and DJ - Carly D. I really dig her selection, DJ skills and music sensitivity. She proved it in a previous, dubstep mix I posted on my blog, she proves it again in this special set put together for the DoLab's mixtape contest. The mix consists of tracks by artists who will all be playing at Lightning in a Bottle Festival this year.

I really really wish someone finally invented a teleporter to be able to haul my ass across the pond in no time to experience live all these fantastic producers I write about on my blog. I will donate 10 free tickets to the forthcoming Illum Sphere gig in Warsaw in exchange for a fast hop to California :) to the first inventor who presents me with a prototype of such a machine (can be untested yet). We could really use such an invention in the current Europe's dark age of Volcanic Eruption.

LIB Mixtape by Carly-D

LIB Mixtape Tracklist
1. Chelsea Hotel - MartyParty
2. 1685 Bach - Nosaj Thing
3. Godzilla New Year (David Starfire Remix) - Mochipet
4. Extra Extra- Beats Antique
5. Fog - Nosaj Thing
6. Yeah - Eliot Lipp
7. Oh Little Brain (Bluetech Remix) - STS9
8. OfferingReminder - Saqi
9. Julia's Labyrinth - MiMOSA
10. Psychedelic Stereo - MiMOSA
11. Madness - Nosaj Thing Remix
12. Android Porn - Kraddy
13. Bass Travel - Vibesquad
14. Do You - Pantyraid Remix - Freeland
15. Popping Stars - Biclops Remix- R/D
16. The Reflection (feat Sasha Rose, Dakini & eMA) - Random Rab
17. Looking Out The Window - An-Ten-Nae
18. Frates for Violin and Piano (Arvo Part Remix)
Beats Antique
19. The Spectacle (Ott Remix) - STS9
20. Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic Remix)
21. Shout it Out (David Starfire Remix) - Lynx & Janover

20 April 2010


Oh yes. Finally! I will celebrate my birthday with friends. Illum Sphere from Manchester will play plus local DJ's. Great fun guaranteed! Sorry international readers but the rest of this post will be in Polish :)



Illum Sphere (Fat City / Hoya:Hoya, Manchester, UK)

data_smog (IdleGravitySlaves, Dublin)
koola (Audiosfera, WaWa)
kwazar (Respecta Kru, WaWa)
facial index (WaWa)

Doktor Krank świętuje jubileusz dwulecia aktywności w muzycznej blogosferze i niestety duuużo poważniejszy jubileusz w realu. Z tej okazji postanowił urządzić chorą potańcówkę w stolicy dla wszystkich przyjaciół, znajomych i fanów nowoczesnej elektroniki. Dzięki przebogatej muzycznej selekcji i eklektycznym zamiłowaniom arystów, którzy zagrają 21 maja w CDQ, szykuje się prawdziwa uczta dla ducha i ciała. Ruszcie tyłki kochani, jest szansa posłuchać naprawdę wyjątkowej muzyki a jednocześnie wylać parę kropel potu na parkiecie :))

Gwiazdą sonicznej terapii 21 maja 2010r. będzie Illum Sphere z Manchesteru. To jeden z najbardziej ekscytujących młodych producentów w UK, który ma w dorobku kawałki wydane na kilku składankach i dwie świetnie przyjęte EP'ki. Ostatnia "Long live the Plan" zawiera absolutnie powalający numer "Psycho" czy równie wkręcający "Chasing the Midnight Moth" . Jeszcze w kwietniu ma się ukazać kolejna EP'ka "The Plan is Dead" z remiksami Ikoniki, Samiyama, i kolaboracją z Lornem (Brainfeeder) (o tak tak!!)

Illum Sphere popełnił też kilka niezłych remiksów dla: Martyna, Om Unit, Kidkanevil'a czy Graymatter. Uczestnik Red Bull Music Academy 2010, zdobył uznanie takich artystów jak Gaslamp Killera, Ras G, Dam-Funk a jego pierwszy zagraniczny gig miał miejsce w legendarnym klubie Low End Theory w L.A., mecce prężnego ruchu skupiającego świetnych producentów spod znaku "West Coast". Mary Anne Hobbs z BBC1, Brackles czy Thom Yorke z Radiohead wieszczą mu świetlaną przyszłość.

Jego występ to wyjątkowa okazja by powyginać członki w takt pokręconego post hip-hopowego beatu serwowanego w wyjątkowym ekstrakcie złożonym z dubstepu, future garage, idm, aż po abstrakcyjną elektronikę (pod tym względem przypomina Martyn'a). Nie zawsze dudni jak popularni ostatnio dubstep'owi 'działacze' ale na 100% zaserwuje interesującą mieszankę klubowej muzyki spod znaku zdubowanego bassu i IDM'owych wycieczek.

Illum Sphere jest również twórcą i rezydentem najlepszego cyklu imprezowego w Manchesterze - Hoya:Hoya i miał wiele okazji do szlifowania DJ-skiego warsztatu u boku takich zawodników jak Kode 9, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Rustie, Mary Anne Hobbs, Nosaj Thing, Mosca, HudMo, Mark Prichard, Tokimonsta.

Wsparcie lokalne:

data_smog (IdleGravitySlaves, Dublin) - prywatnie brat jubilata a muzycznie wielbiciel ciężkiego bassu, ostatnio eksplorujący również inne odmiany UK urban sound jak UK funky czy future garage. Parkiet zapłonie to pewne a Panie wreszczie poproszą Panów do tańca!

koola (Audiosfera, Wwa) - DJ, promotor, na scenie od niemal dwóch dekad. Zaserwuje jak zwykle eklektyczną mieszankę electro, fidget, banger, nu-disco i Bóg wie jeszcze czego. You can't get more satisfaction!

kwazar (Respecta Kru, Wwa) - jako promotor sprowadził wiele dubstepowych gwiazd do WaWy a stolyca przestała być pustynią na polskiej scenie sub-bassowej. Jego sety DJ'skie wychodzą daleko poza wobble'owe oczywistości.

Facial Index (Wwa) - od wielu lat parający się eksperymentalną elektroniką, ale nie stroniący od dancefloorowego szaleństwa, i porywającego beat'u w baardzo zaskakujących kombinacjach. Absolutny mistrz selekcji i niestrudzonych poszukiwań muzycznych.

Illum Sphere
Illum Sphere - Psycho
Martyn - Brilliant Orange (Illum Sphere's no. 14 remix)

18 April 2010

sicks a.m. - Who am i? mix

Super tight, bouncy and head-nodding glitch-hop hit parade mix by sicks a.m.hailing from Woodruff in USofA. PANTyRAiD's masterpiece Headcase opens up a fantastic journey through crunky stomp with a crew of heavy-weight champions of dirty, distorted synths, twisted beat and sick, metallic basslines, led by the Denver Bass Squad's badboy Samples, supported by king of subs - Subvert and finally the Aussie sensation, the majestic Opiou plus the usual suspects - Eprom, Ill-gates, Mochipet or Bassnectar. Even if you've already heard most of these tracks, their 'bwamp' factor had not evaporated - they still kick ass big time. Cop it NOW!

Who am i ? by sicks a.m.

1. PANTyRAiD - Headcase
2. Ben Samples - Dolla
3. Ben Samples - m16
4. Fiord - Keen String (Opiuo Formula One Remix)
5. Subvert - Size Matters
6. Nasty Ways - Schopwrekka
7. Ben Samples - Portal
8. Subvert - Dance Revolution
9. Opiuo - Glottal Stomp
10. Bassnectar feat. Cates & DPL - Backpack Rehab
11. Opiuo - Slip (Vent Remix)
12. Eprom - 64 Bytes (Ill Gates Remix)
13. Opiuo Bogan Protein
14. Mochipet - Lazy Day (Starting Teeth Remix)

13 April 2010

Low End Theory Podcast Episode 14 NOBODY AND TAKE

Yeah, another killling Low End Theory Podcast ist da! This time NOBODY will TAKE you for a trip through strange neighberhoods full of sick basslines, laidback melodies, off-beat electronica and neon/wonky synths. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Low End Theory Podcast Episode 14 NOBODY AND TAKE

PS. Artwork rules as ever!

12 April 2010

OSCILLATIONS PT. 2 - (Slugabed, Alex B, Kidkanevil, Ghost and more)

The second part of a widely acclaimed compilation: Oscillations has arrived. Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present another set of 20 tracks of hard-to-describe music ranging from twisted hip-hop through glitch hop, wonky, electronica, dubstep to full-fledged beatz and tons of other styles in between.  As in the case of pt. 1 the opening track rocks like hell! I have nvever heard about XLII. He is a Ukrainian raised in UK and now living in Japan. His Roll Upon You Like XLII  moves with such an ease between dubstep subs, neon synths and raw hip-hop beat, like  the best tracks reaching my ears recently from the West Coast of US. Great banger for my car's sound system!! I want more, sir. Two heavy-weight champions of glitchy beats follow. Slugabed and Alex B need no introduction I hope :) Easily, two of the top-10 producers in my personal ranking at the moment. And you can grab their 320' tracks for free, praised be Jus Like Music crew.

However, the highlight of pt. 2 has been begotten in CIA by the London-based producer  Ghost (I highly recommend you grab a nice package of outstanding remixes from his website, incl. Foreign Beggars, Dabrye, Bonobo, Coldcut) who takes the listener for a voyage through dark sonic landscapes applying wide instrumentation and pulsing bass along the way. TIP! All in all this compilation is even better and more concise than Pt. 1. Other tunes I liked include: Kidkanevil, Suzi Analog, Constrobuz, Greymatter and Beatcasso. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

<a href="http://juslikemusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jus-like-music-apple-juice-break-present-oscillations-part-2">Roll Upon You Like XLII by Jus Like Music Records</a>


01. XLII – Roll Upon You Like XLII
02. Slugabed – Power Of The Mind
03. Alex B – Murked
04. Greymatter – Too Much
05. Elroy 4.0 – Nemo’s New Shimmery Coat
06. 00Genesis – Dew
07. Constrobuz – Listen Close
08. Mr Beatnick – Plastic Memory
09. ANGO – Hep, Hep
10. Suzi Analogue + Stalley – Gate 28 (Analogue Radiowave Edit)
11. Kidkanevil – Zo0o0o0p!!! feat. Oddisee
12. Flick Brown – It Be Called N.C. feat. Akello Light
13. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. – Negro-Orgen
14. Piff Herrera – Windpipe
15. Debilorithmicos – Devil’s Hand feat. Racecar & Sarah G
16. 8Bitch – In The Moog For Love
17. Ghost – CIA
18. Stevo – untitled971
19. Inko – Komet Kameratene
20. Beatcasso – Untitled 48590
21. S.maharba – M/L/M/H

09 April 2010


My favorite air-horn carnival butchers from Munich, Schlachthofbronx,  finally featured on xlr8r podcast! Ghetto dancehall bouncy trip, full of originals and remixes, with a fast forward ride through all the Mad Decent-type gems of world music like cumbia or baile funk plus lots, lots of fantastic vocals. Schlachthofbronx are the absolute masters of eclectic fusion of  stomping etno bass riddims. I wish I had enough money to book them for a show in Warsaw, though the day after the party I would probably need to see some Oriental Healer to repair my dislodged joints.


01 Schlachthofbronx feat. Slush Puppy Kids "Nasty Bass"
02 Sonido del Principe "Pesebre"
03 Douster feat. Aidonia "Uucko Thight"
04 Discotrashmusic feat. Spoek Mathambo & Bigspace "Bumpercars (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Absolut Freak)
05 Boemklatsch "Reflex (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Bmkltsch)
06 Sticky "Jack It Up"
07 Schlachthofbronx feat. Slush Puppy Kids "Belly Full of Pills" (Disko B)
08 Die Vögel "Petardo" (Pampa)
09 Unknown "Unknown"
10 Schlachthofbronx "We Run This" (Disko B)
11 Hoodie "Dirty Maluku Style" (Made2dance)
12 South Rakkas Crew feat. Capleton "Bun Up 3000 (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Mad Decent)
13 Zebra Baby "+1 (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Itd)
14 Unknown "Unknown"
15 Claude Von Stroke "Vocal Chords (Schlachthofbronx Edit)"
16 Schlachthofbronx feat. MC Gringo & MC Nem "Foc Me Baby" (Man)
17 Busy Signal "Black Belt (Schlachthofbronx Edit)"
18 Moreno Negron "Chicorizo"
19 Miss Thing & Psycho Tanbad "Bonify" (Mixpak)

Bonus: Man Recordings podcast with Bene from Schlachthofbronx talking about their music and plans and playing some exclusives. Highly recommended:

MAN FM 003 - Schlachthofbronx by MANRECORDINGS

01 Copia Doble Systema – Doble Troble
02 Untold – Anaconda (Douster Dagga robot edit)
03 Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (Douster Butterfly Remix)
04 French Fries – Predator (Tomb Crew Remix)
05 DJ Mujava – Sgwejegweje (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
06 Legobeat – Gun, Whistle, Bird (Cocotaxi Remix)
07 Schlachthofbronx – Tulum
08 Schlachthofbronx Ft Spoek & Gnucci Banana – Ayoba
09 Shantel – Authentic (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
10 Zebra Baby – +1 (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
11 Schlachthofbronx – Untitled
12 Schlachthofbronx – Untitled
13 Schlachthofbronx – Untitled
14 Rusko – The Cali Anthem (Danny Scrillas Tropical Remix)
15 Rusko – Woo Boost (Douster Remix)
16 Good Looking Boy – Dancing With You (Tim Turbo Remix)
17 Warrior One – Bad Like Jimmy Cliff
18 French Fries – Predador (BeatauCue Remix)
19 The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (Daniel Haaksman Remix)

J Da Flex & El-B

On 16th April 2010, J Da Flex and El-B will take over Fabric's Room Three to celebrate the launch of their collaborative release Nu Levels  They will be supported by DJ Narrows, Heny G, Luke Envoy and MC Crazy D. Listen to the mix to get the flavor of what to expect from those heroic figures of dark garage and dubstep scene. Expect no mercy, let your body and mind be taken over by sick subs, wobbley  basslines and aggressive emcees. Once again, I wish I lived in London :(

El-B & J Da Flex Nu Levels / FABRICLIVE Promo Mix by fabric

1, Could This Real - The Thirst ( EL-B rmx )
2, Gamer - Hizzle Guy - Nu Levels
3, Ow - Hizzle Guy - Thriller Funk
4, Ginger - DJ Wheezie - Thriller Funk
5, MOD - Funt Case -
6, Volume Pumping - Dismantle - Nu Levels
7, No 1 - MRK1 - Nu Levels
8, Romp - EL-B - Ghost
9, Dance Floor Cru - J Da Flex Vs Majestic - Thriller Funk
10, Riddim - Caski - Ghost
11, Move Forward feat Fox - Chimpo & Zed Bias - Nu Levels
12, Knucklin VIP feat Jammer - J Da Flex - Thriller Funk
13, Summer Rain feat Shadz - EL-B -Ghost
14, John Conner - Yoof - Nu Levels
15, MODS - Orien - Nu Levels
16, Chipmunk Stagga - Itchy Robot - Nu Levels
17, Lunatic Dead - Caski - Ghost
18, Morning Shadow - J Da Flex - Nu Levels
19, Hoax - J Da Flex - Thriller Funk


New NMBRS release is coming soon. After Lazer Sword masterpiece, highly awaited dub-tech / garage anthem by Deadboy - If U Want Me, the time has come for Redinho - listen to a short sampler of his forthcoming BARE BLIPS EP. This is sooooo yummy. Can't wait for the release. NMBRS RULEZ!

Redinho - Bare Blips EP Sampler by Numbers

Sampler tracklisting:
Boy Racer
Bare Blips Bonus Beat
Bare Blips
Nuff Stubble Rash
Pitter Patter

08 April 2010


After fantastic The Golden Handshake EP, Low Limit and Lando Kal, acting together again as LAZER SWORD, has released a limited blue vinyl 7" with most surprising, infectious, cheesy-as-hell and shower-friendly track I've heard in a while, namely Shot in the Nite. Since the first hearing, it kinda stuck in my head and now emerges from time to time in most unexpected moments as if shot into my brain by some heavy-duty bionic commando :) A very peculiar tribute to disco funky happiness of the 70's/80's, pure hedonistic uplifting pleasure with uniquely Lazer Sword mutated and crunked up synths. Let's sing and dance together boys and girls to this BANGERRRRRRRRRRRRR !!! This is the tune I could easily bear being played twenty times a day on mainstream, commercial radio stations :) The best tool to create havoc on any dancefloor. Blap to the Future!!!!

In Koopa Boss Mode, the Trapperkeeper meets 3D Action Jackson to deliver the usual plunderphonic madness with plenty of sick samples and cut-up beats squashed together, reprocessed and then spat out on you with head-nodding force. Slow but effective banger!  



Limited clear blue vinyl (1000) available via Stones Throw Store. You better hurry! (mp3 in digital format also available via this site).


SPLATINUM (Andrew Luck and Dosadi), from Seattle came to my attention through Mochipet and his absolutely smashing remix of their Pumping Quarterz. Now, they spread the werd across the blogosphere distributing 16 remixes of songs from their forthcoming album WE ARE SPLATINUM to be released on Daly City Records on 04/20/2010.

The idea is that each blogger selects one track to be exclusively posted on his/her blog. After listening to all the tracks I believe that Mochipet's remix is still the best, but it has already popped up across the blogosphere. Apart from this, there are at least 6 - 7 equally good reworks of Splatinum's tunes. My next choice then is Captain Hook's VIP remix by Mindelixir. Unsettling, dark mood with heavy dubstep subs hot piano slabs based on a nearly industrial beat and pulsing bassline really caught my attention. Mindelixir is a rising dubstep producer from Charlotte, NC that released his first full length, titled Futurism in March of 2010. He is a busy boy of the Southeast scene, often traveling to play two or three shows a week! Visit his soundcloud for more music and download Splatinum - Captain Hook (Mindelixir VIP Remix) for free:

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/track/captain-hook-mindelixer-vip-remix">Captain Hook - Mindelixer VIP Remix by SPLATINUM</a>

With the music I've heard so far from SPLATINUM, they immediately entered my list of to-watch artists and I'm now eagerly awaiting their 2 releases dropping on simultaneously on 20 April:.

1. WE ARE SPLATINUM - 9 track digital release on Daly City Records
2. Der Schplatzl 2010 - 16 track compact disc on Daly City Records (7 tracks are unavailable digitally)

You can preview Der Schplatzl on We Are Splatinum Bandcamp. One of the best and versatile full-length releases I've heard recently. Not to be missed!

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/album/der-schplatzl-2010">Intro by SPLATINUM</a>

SPLATINUM will have a FREE outdoor release party in the middle of downtown Seattle called the Intergalactic Masquerade Dance Party on April 20th, from 6-9PM. If you live in the vinicnity - this event is simply a must.

That's not all. Splatinum has also released a Pumping Quaraterz Remixes EP for free!!. Go to their bandcamp to grab the mighty Mochipet remix and other nice refixes from Inaudible, Pericles, Plumblyne, Ill Cosby:

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/album/pumping-quarterz-ep">Pumping Quarterz - Original Mix by SPLATINUM</a>

WOOFER COOKERS - The Dons of Glitch Hop from Canada

I owe a lot to Glitch Hop heads from Canada. First, Glitchy & Scratchy's and Dewey dB's (aka Crendore) now legandary mixtape Lazerbass played a fundamental role in my conversion from darkness of dubstep subs to more eclectic heavy bass genres, including glitch hop which I actually called ... lazer bass at that time :)). Secondly, Dewey dB and ill-esha run the best music forum I have had a pleasure to participate in - Glitch Hop Forum which is a meeting point for super talented producers and fans of crunky synths, whompy beat, sick bass and crazy acapellas.

They have recently launched a brand new, nonprofit label run by artists and for artists called Woofer Cookers. It is a companion site to online community Glitch Hop Forum, it showcases original music and merchandise with all proceeds going 100% to the artist or creating entity. Definitely a spot to check if you are looking for fresh bangers and bwampy beats.

Let's start a short review of music goodies available via Woofer Crookers from Jay Wikid's head-nodding Thumping and more downtempo spacy Whispers. I have covered some music and mixes by Jay on my blog, he is definitely a master of sick post hip hop edits riding on a glitch-out sick bass. Check da shizzle out!

Jay Wikid - Thumpin (preview clip) by WooferCookers

Jay Wikid - Whispers (preview clip) by WooferCookers


Now, let's give the floor to The Mongoose & Bevvy Swift aka Glitchy & Scratchy from Vancouver, purveyors of twisted bass  and founders of my favorite Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit. Their recently released Broken Logic EP on Muti Records rocks the charts on Addictech. Listen to my favorite track from this EP - Embedit here. Then go to Woofer Cookers for more scratched out glitch hop from G&S.

8-Bit Glitch is a fucking monster of the tune, which I clearly remember from their legendary mixtape, now in even more whompy format:

Glitchy & Scratchy - 8-Bit Glitch by WooferCookers

... while Glitchy & Scratchy's remix of Canadian hip-hop crew of 50 Fingaz shows yet another music face of  the duo.

Glitchy & Scratchy - Sucker Punch (preview clip) by WooferCookers

ill-esha adds more vocal flavor to Woofer Cookers stuff, with dubstep-infused Kitchen Sync making serious noise in the blogosphere.

Kitchen Sync by ill-esha

Ill-esha - sin city ft. ozzius atreides by WooferCookers

Finally, the Captain of Glitch Hop Forum vessel, Dewey dB throws tons of crazy samples at his listeners to the acompaniement of throbbing bass and off-the-synch spastic beat. We(i)rd!

Fresh Coffee by deweydb

Speaking of Dewey dB, all Polish fans you better watch out and prepare yourself for a serious crunky and glitchy assault Made In Canada - on 1 May 2010 Dewey dB will play a set during the gig on in Wrocław!! POLAND GET READY!!!! Check the flyer for details.

Don't forget about fantastic merchandise on Woofer Cookers site, in particular great t-shirts with very nasty Glitch Hop bunny. I owe one of them and believe me this angry electric pet will make you stand out in the crowd in any club he he.

02 April 2010


A load of fresh glitch hop / dubstep mixes which should help you to survive the pressure of forthcoming holidays among your beloved relatives and family :) TAKE THIS, ALL OF YOU, AND LISTEN TO IT.

Bouncy bass-heavy glitch from Australian crew of Blunt Instrument. These guys know how to rock!!


Track listing
1) Baby Seal - Blunt Instrument
2) Tip Hop - Tipper
3) Ice Cream Headache - Blunt Instrument
4) Kinetic - Mimosa
5) Nun-cha-ka - Opiuo
6) Barn Storming (Amish Fever mix) - Blunt Instrument
7) BoogieMan - Mos Def (Sub Swara remix)
8) Bit Wobble - Blunt Instrument
9) Hushplan - Quade
10) Subsonic - Blunt Instrument
11) CampedAt - VibeSquad
12) Barn Storming - Blunt Instrument

IDM/ glitch / dnb and dubstep experiments from Heyoka. HEAVY !! No tracklist but it's Heyoka original stuff which kicks ass as usual.


The reborn Memkast, a cult podcast series, has been overtaken by a team of uber talented players from Daly City Records team. No. 42 is a 2-hour trip to the acompaniement of MusSck, Lokae, Decepticon, Monk Fly, Ben Samples and Mochipt. BEST MIX IN THIS SET!!! Actually, you will survive any holidays or family gatherings with this stuff :) Check Daly City Memkast site for details and tracklistings


Then comes pumping, heavy and totally infectious dubstep / glitch hop mix from a Bay Area Producer Carly D aka AuDiosa. Her selection of tunes, mixing skills and great music sensitivity really strengthened my faith in dubstep as forward-looking music genre (which I have to admit has been faltering recently). Give it a try - one of the best dubstep mixes I've heard in a while. Highly recommended!


1. Pyramid Song (Zed's Dead Remix)
2. Lock Up - Vent
3. Steppin (Rusko Remix)
4. Type Shock - Nero Remix
5. Rub a Dub -Joint Forces Remix
6. Multidial - Starkey
7. Shifty- Sukh Knight
8. Wata Down - Gemmy
9. Jewel - Sukh Knight
10. Coming Closer- Sub Focus?
11. Half Man Half Trout - Taz Buckfaster
12. Youth Blood - (12th Planet and Flinch Remix)
13. ft Navigator - Excision & Datsik
14. Tomorrow - (Jeuce Rework)
15. Badmen (Mightyfools Remix)
16. C'est La Vie (Rusko Masher)
17. Make me Dance - feat Reese [J. Rabbit RMX]
18. Strong Vibes - [Dr.Knobz & auDiosa RMX]
19. Dubshh- Octa Push
20. Favourite Sin - 501
21. WU-TANG - DZ remix
22. Amazareging- Mr. Curtamos
23. Welcome to World - High Rankin' Remix
24. Foxy Lady - Tony Anthem & Axl Ender
25. Baseball Bat (auDiosa re-edit)
26. Stripper (Akira Kiteshi RMX)
27. Jumpin' (2 bit thugs RMX)
28. Fall in Love - Honey Brown
29. When I look at you- Emalkay
30. So Fine (Joker Remix)
21. No Security (Rustie Remix)
32. Come Around (Mimosa RMX)
33. Rio (JFB Remix)
34. Get it Down ft Whiskey Pete -
35. Womanizer (Borgore RMX)
36. Gangsteppin' -MartyParty

Fresh mix from Glitchy and Scratchy who are part of my favorite Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit. If you want to hear what's hot in glitch hop and why this works so well with dubstep sub-bass, just download this ting and play it out LOUD. Jeez, Boreta remix of Mike, Aron and Eddie by Haiku D'Etat is soooooooooooooo f........g dope!!! And don't forget to check crunky and bwampy EP Broken Logic just released by Glitchy & Scratchy on Muti Music (expect more support from me on this blog soon).


01. LeBelgeElectrod - Wip Wop [www.electrobel.com]
02. Freddy Todd - Blowin Good [glitchhopforum dub]
03. Plus 2 - 8 Bit Monster (Mongoose plus 3 VIP) [igu dub]
04. 24-Bit vs Glitchy & Scratchy - Fail Bot [igu dub]
05. ElMongoose - Middle Eastern Jam [igu dub]
06. Haiku D'Etat - Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boreta rmx) [dub]
- Vibesquad - Bass Travel [addictech] (gs edit)
07. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe [kapsize]
08. Na$tyNa$sty - No Names [xlr8r] (gs edit)
09. Cookie Monsta - Frontline [chemicaluk] (gs edit)
- Widdler - Same Way [dub]
10. Bar 9 - Murda Sound (Eskmo remix) [z audio]
11. Mimosa - Dead Like Me [muti music] (gs edit)
12. Ill-Esha - Risky Rutabaga [forthcoming woofercookers]
13. Bevvy Swift - San Pedro [forthcoming woofercookers.com]
14. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Joker & Ginz remix) [xl recordings] (gs edit)
15. Dank - Make your titties go [dub] (gs edit)
16. 50 Fingaz - Sucker Punch (Glitchy & Scratchy remix) [woofercookers.com]
17. PantyRaid - Enter the Machine [marine parade] (gs edit)
18. Reso - Busted Crunk [civil]
19. Cookie Monsta - Fat Girl Rodeo [chemicaluk]
20. Knight Riderz - Hold On [glitchhopforum dub] (gs edit)
21. PRG - Rollin (Megasoid remix) [weapons house] (gs edit)
22. Figgy - 52 Pickup [glitchhopforum dub]
23. Glitchy & Scratchy ft.Chadio & Mr. Archive - Assless Chaps [igu dub]
24. Glitchy & Scratchy vs. Myles Away - Tokyo Tonight [forthcoming muti music ]
25. Glitchy & Scratchy - Speech Therapy [forthcoming muti music]
26. Random Henchmen - Wack Mcs (Glitchy & Scratchy remix) [igu dub]
27. Redman & Method Man - How High (Glitchy & Scratchy remix) [igu dub]
- 24-Bit - Wild West Coast [dub]
28. Gprom vs E-Unit - Womp 101 (Reel Bass mashup) [dub]
29. JmeJ - Lose it [igu dub]
30. Ill Gates - Egg Plantation [muti music] (gs edit)
31. Jurassic 5 - U got to Understand (NOG Chompa refix) [igu dub]

Great news to all fans wondering what happend to the sick podcast series of DirthyFilthyWompcast. It's back! Now it is called Bass Cast to be released via Bass Drop Music. First Bass Cast was prepared bY Kat1lyst from Seattle. He serves the usual feast of glitched out crunkadelic whomptronica. ESSENTIAL!


Birds of prey - Atrium
Editor - No Diggity
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy
Bassbin twins - Whistle Choon
Tom Encore - Recoil
Mark Instinct - Invader
DZ - Oooh
Gs Boys - Stanky Legg(lunice Remix)
Synthetic Army - Condo Days
An-Ten-Nae - Deeper Shade of Red
Proper Tinz - A milli Proper Tingz
Ben Samples - Zulu Bass Dance
Panty Raid - Crunkalicious
Figgy - 52 pick up
Panty Raid - One Mo
Amanda Blank - Lemme get some
Ben Samples - Blakka
An-ten-nae - Get Low
Pretty Lights - Sunday School
Freddy Todd - Grind baby(samples remix)
inaudible - Game theory
Glitch Sick Fuck
Tipper - Off Kilter
Ratatat - We Share our Mothers
? - Lose it
CLP - Designer(lazer sword remix)
Break Beat Buddah - Sleezy Geeza
Jansten - My love ReMiXXX

Finally, WMC PROMO MIXES by three warriors of glitch and dubstep, Samples vs. PrEssHa vs. Afro Monk. Lots of great basslines and neck-breaking beats.

Bump Up Yo Step (WMC 2010 Promo Mix) by bensamples

Pressha- WMC 2010 Promo Mix by PrEssHa

Afro Monk's WMC Promo Mix Live on Glitch.fm by AfroMonk


Juslikemusic  me and Apple Juice Break released a fantastic compilation Oscillations pt. 1

"Oscillations is a FREE digital compilation presented by Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break designed to help spread the word of amazing music by amazing artists from the genres of hip-hop, electronica, neo-soul, dubstep and anywhere in between! Featuring primarily exclusive, or at least previously unreleased material, each of the two parts contains around 20 tracks. The release will also come packaged with a pdf booklet full of info on the artists, plus a showcase of art by an array of incredibly talented visual artists"

This is an absolute must for any fan of future hip-hop / EDM / glitch hop/ beatz and heavy bass. Honestly speaking, I don't recognize more than half of the artists, but this just adds to the charm of this quality compilation. The package starts from a real bomb by Broken Haze hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Block will take your breath away with the sheer power of unrestrained beat and synths, sounding like a joint jam by Glitch Mob and Rustie. Om Unit from UK (well this name you definitely heard!) in equally successful tune goes deeper and darker, while Chairman Kato from London again rides the path of neon synths and heavy bass with lots of bleeps and occasional lazers. Well there are too many tracks to describe them in detail, but an overall quality is really astounding for this type of compilation. Apart from the three above mentioned killers, other highlights were provided by Vital, Decepticon Bootleg Machine, le N?KO, Bluntspeakers and BUG. Great food for your mind and body, already stoked to hear pt. 2!! Go to the bandcamp site and download the entire package for free.

<a href="http://juslikemusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jus-like-music-apple-juice-break-present-oscillations-part-1">Block by Jus Like Music Records</a>

Tracklist of pt.1:

01. Broken Haze – Block
02. Om Unit – Neptune
03. Chairman Kato – No Coincidence
04. Vital – Gaffer Tape
05. T.Hemingway – Dirty
06. le N?KO – Crushed Universes
07. Decepticon Bootleg Machine – Orbit162
08. Lunice – Perpetual Leisure
09. Invisible Inc – Paradise
10. Paper Tiger – Good Feelings feat. Sabira Jade
11. Ocuban – Favela feat. Kit
12. Cohoba – Caltri
13. Dza – Shifty
14. East Winston Lake – Indigo’s Wah Wah (prod. Akello Light)
15. Grillo – Fronting The Weekend
16. Bluntspeakers – 1000 Miles
17. Sampology – Mamaye
18. Dipak Chand – Nurse, Hello
19. BUG – Indica
20. Jesse Futerman – I Love You So

01 April 2010


The Glitch Report is a music show on KPFZ 88.1 FM Lake County Community Radio in Northern California. The show is run by a fanatic of bass-heavy sound, Seth Burns who plays off beat and thought provoking music which, as the name suggests, focuses on glitch hop, crunk, but also on dubstep, future garage and similar genres. The Glitch Report airs on Tusedays, 7 to 9pm and re-airs Saturdays at midnight.

If you are fond of lazer synths (well, Seth is a famous die-heard fan of Lazer Sword he he), and sick bowel-twisting bass and look for some new inspirations or want to check hips of unreleased tracks by the West Coast posse - you should definitely check the mixcloud site of The Glitch Report. And if you are an artist looking for an outlet to promote your own productions, don't forget to send nice digital packages to Seth.

Check most recent show from 30 March, including an absolutely killing unreleased track by my favorite combo Lazer Sword - Shot in the Nite. VINTAGE FUNK!!! Plus lots of heavy drilling dubstep, and other highlights in the form Ben Samples's Turn Up  and the recently released epic tune by Rudi Zygadlo -Resealable Friendship (go get this EP, it includes remixes by Slugabed, Starkey, Raffertie and Doshy!!). The last half an hour is an ICEE HOT MIX 3/10 by GHOST ON TAPE.



or listen on Mixcloud


1. Fuzz2k - Shut it Down
2. Excision & Datsik - Swagga (Downlink Remix)
3. Trolley Snatcha - Circle K
4. Funtcase - Gorilla Flex
5. Hexstatic - Gammera (Akara Kiteshi Remix)
6. Liquid Stranger - Mission AD
7. DCarls - We Stay Crunk (Final)
8. Lando Kal - 3D Action Jackson
9. Lazer Sword - Shot in the Nite (unreleased)
10. Apex - Nowhere to Run (Datsik & Excision Remix)
11. Funtcase - Half Drunk
12. Titsworth - WTF (Crissy Criss Remix)
13. Low Limit - Where You Been 7.0
14. Rihanna - Rudeboy (Hovatron Draft Maybe mix)
15. Jam Jar - Toast to the Roasted
16. Mobb Deep - Drop a Gem on Em (Killabits Dubstep Remix)
17.Doctor P - Neon
18. Ganja White Night - Global Warming
19. Rudi Zygadlo - Resealable Friendship
20. Cookie Monsta - Optimus Prime
21. Ben Samples - Turnt Up (Jet Plane Edit)

The last 1/2 hr is ICEE HOT MIX 3/10 by GHOST ON TAPE

1. Spoonface – My Soun’ (Faada)
2. Baobinga & ID – Tongue Riddim (Build)
3. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok [Roska Remix] (Phantasy Sound)
4. Marcus Price & Carli – Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed [Dubbel Dutch Remix] (Palms Out Snds)
5. Lighter – Skanker (?)
6. Zinc – Killa Sound (Bingo Bass)
7. Laidback Luke & Diplo – Hey [Dre Skull Remix] (Dim Mak)
8. KS-20 – Fun-Key (unreleased)
9. L-VIS 1990 – United Groove [MJ Cole Remix] (Mad Decent)
10. Ghosts on Tape – Predator Mode VIP Remix (unreleased)
11. Royal T – 1UP [Martin Kemp Remix] (No Hats No Hoods)
12. Bok Bok – Citizens Dub feat. Bubbz (Blunted Robots)


The new uber-label Numbers on its new website has just released a lazer-friendly remix of Dreas 2 Sweat's regular Rod Lee from Baltimore, cooked by none other than Low Limit from Lazer Sword. Cop this shit, it's hot in this cold synth-driven way.