30 April 2009

nic - RAAV MIX - tight es ever

nic - RAAV MIX (direct download)

78 mins /256kpbs / 150mb
A mix of offkilter downtempo, hip hop and dubstep beats”.

A great selection of heavy glitch hop, mid-tempo, dubstep tracks in the new, tight as ever, mix by nic from Australia. The absolute highlights for me are Missy Elliot – Best Best remix by Two Fingers (Amon Tobin and Doublecklick) - Two Fingers will be huge, watch me werds, anything they touch instantly turns into gold!!!! And Polkadots blues from Hudson Mo (I f…g love this tune), the remix of Appparat’s – Hold on - what a killing sound!! and last but not least Lily Allen – LDN in South Rakkas crack whore mix. Plus of course tons of big names like Flying Louts, Kid 606 (yes!), ediT, Bassnectar, Zomby, Joker, Rustie, Starkey etc. The mix moves from wonky / crunk territories into heavy glitch hop and finally stark street / dubstep bass. Explosive cocktail for sure.


BERLIN: Shir Khan Bodytonic Podcast & Kid606

I love Berlin! This city is so full of artistic creativity and free spirits I feel more at home there than in my homeland. Sadly, the reality of corporate job and a family to look after, makes it difficult to visit the capital of Germany as frequenlty as I wish. At least I can listen to diverse music produced there. Today I present two mixes, Bodytonic Podcast 34 by Shir Khan - a founder and boss of Exploited Records and European Barbarians Get Down mix by none other than Kid606.

Shir Khan - Bodytonic podcast 34

This is a kind of mix which is rather rarely presented on my blog, but I m sure you will appreciate this short diversion from the main themes touched upon by me. Shir Khan’s mix is a top-quality eclectic mix focusing mainly on electro, house and disco but including also other styles – it is very smooth and pleasant. Just for the sunny spring days or hot funky nights.

Kid606 (aka Miguel Depedro) has moved to Berlin from S.F., as many electronic artists before (to mention Peaches, Gonzales, Scuba and tons of others) and two days ago he released his new album called “Shout At The Doner”. Before listening to his new release I recommend this fantastic, heavy and very straigthforward mix. The current Kid606 is not a breakcore / avant-garde electronic artist as you might known him in the past, he has been exploring more 'accessible' dancefloor-oriented regions for some time already, while soaking with lots of music inspirations in the city that never sleeps. And this mix is quite a nice combination of eclectic electronic beats with devastating dancefloor bangers. Kid606 in top form again, full of energy and creativity - I welcome this news with pleasure, as I still remember (and listen from time to time) the tigerbeat releases of Kid606, in particular with CEX, from the end of 90's, beginnig of 21st century.


29 April 2009

Peaches new album exclusive stream on xlr8r

Yes! Peaches is back with her new album I Feel Cream to be released on 5th May 2009. After listening to short snippets presented exclusively by the xlr8r magazine, I can definitely say that she has not lost anything from her radical appeal, and with the production support from Simian Mobile Disco, Soulwax, Digitalism, and Drums of Death, her record simply has to be good. She will definitely avoid the fate of Miss Kittin and DJ Hacker who has released an awful album recently. I hope she will go on tour, as Peaches live shows are absolutely one-of-the-kind. I had a chance to see her during a music festival in Poland playing before Daft Punk and I did not survive on the dancefloor till the end of French duo gig (which was fabulous), cause my body hurt after Peaches' punk-bomb performance.


When Diplo and Switch (plus tones of other collaborators apparently) joined forces to become Major Lazer combo, everyone in the blogosphere was like “It’s f…g mad news, can’t wait to hear them”. Then I heard Zumbi dub, and it was absolutely awful!!! Fortunately they returned to form with a great dancehall-vibe tune Hold the line featuring none other but lovely Santogold (yes I know and no I will not write Santigold) and Mr. Lexx (formerly known as Lexxuss), released as a single of their forthcoming Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do album recorded in Jamaica with the support of Vybz Cartel, Ward 21, Busy Signal and many others.

Now, good people from Muti Music sent me a remix of this tune done by “Acid Crunk Man” and one of my favorite Bay Area artists – an-ten-nae. Oh My God! The original was propa ting but an-ten-nae’s remix is just devastating! Full low-end power and bass-heavy whomp beats with sick accapelas on top take Major Lazer’s tune to the new dimension securing the status of dancefloor killer instantly. You will dance your asses off to this, I guarantee. And watch out, the instrumental of this track under the name of “ILL” will be released this summer on Muti Music. Enjoy!


Do not forget to check an-ten-na's myspace for more music, including totally dope and spacey remix of Mochipet's - Godzilla New Year (forthcoming on Daly Records along other remixes).

28 April 2009

DNAE Beats - There's a Wormhole in my Bathroom mash for xlr8r

DNAE Beats - There's a Wormhole in my Bathroom xlr8r podcast

Another great podcast from one of the best internet music magazines – XLR8R (well, my favorite one with definitely the best mix series). Bass-heavy, mid-tempo, dubstep blap from DNAE Beats, S.F.-based producer, is an exclusive mashup of tracks off his new release (His latest promo mix, There's a Wormhole in My Bathroom, will drop shortly).

Created for a “dark room and some kinda blue light” (he,he) the mix transports the listeners to the land where powerful sub-bass reigns and mystery lurks in the shadows, while wormholes open up to other, strange dimensions. The power is definitely with this knight of doom as he plays his multi-layered tracks for my and your listening pleasure. One of the darkest and tightest mixes I’ve heard recently. This combination of darkness, dubstep and glitch hop is good for your health! Try it! It's free, and I assure you there are no side effects apart from possible damage to your speakers.

DNAE BEATS remix prepared as a part of the famous remix competition of Mochipet's - Microphonepet release in 2008.


25 April 2009

Bassnectar - Superstylin Smashup

Check Bassnectar's homepage for a new free track or download it here. Superstylin Smashup is a very typical Bassnectaresque remix, this time of famous Groove Armada's anthem - Superstylin. I'd say Bassnectar has some inclinations towards roots recently he he. Nothing special IMHO, but just listen for yourselves.

Preshish Moments - Preshwrecka Compactotrax vol 1. GLITCH CORE!!!!

http://www.preshishmoments.com/preshwrecka.zip (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Preshish Moments, breackore / glitch producer and above all remixer, representing Daly City, just released a free 12 minute / 7 track music gem called Preshwrecka Compactotrax vol 1. He serves super intense glitch core of which I am quite fond recently (after being torn to pieces during the glitch hop / breakcore set by Mochipet here in Warsaw).

Hip hop accapelas are treated by Preshish Moments with the delicacy of a big industrial press and subjected to heavy, freestyle knobs and buttons extravaganza. This led to creating quite an interesting mish-mash of sounds, starting from more or less standard glitch hop (no. 2,3) to slowed-down to the maximum, glitchy, heavy and even a bit psychedelic tracks (no1, no. 6) through "oh' I dropped to much speed and I have to talk pretty fast" happy hardcore (no. 4) to the absolute highlight of this release (no. 5) which is Preshish Moment's refix of Gucci Mane's: Pilz - totally contagious, breakcore treatment of this famous anthem is the best remix, I've heard, next to the Zomby’s garage version of Pilz on his Where were you back in 92’s album.
Giving it a try I encourage you. IT's FREE!!!!!

Finally, don't forget to check the latest installment in the Mochipet's Microphonepet remixes series, namely reCored which has been just released (great artwork!!). Listen here. It includes a very good remix of Lazy Day by Preshish Moments.

Track Listing:
01) Girls & Boys & Toys (NastyNasty Tits & Asscot Mix)
02) Lazy Day (Preshish Moments Remix)
03) Girls & Boys & Toys (The Fez Remix)
04) Girls & Boys & Toys (Deleete Remix)

24 April 2009

Jokers of the Scene - Since our last report many things have changed (Actual Pain Mixtape)


I always preferred Jokers of the Scene to their buddies from Fool's Gold, i.e. Nick Catchdubs or A-Trak, and with this great, deep and acid mix JOTS has earned even more respect from me. Isn't it funny that yesterday I posted (quite unexpectedly for most of the readers of my blog) a note about Throbbing Gristle and today I listen to JOTS who start their mix with the Motor Remix of famous TG track - Persuasion !!!

I'd call it the most unexpected intro to a mix coming from this particular scene. Kudos to JOST for such a selection. Listening further into the mix I realized that TG intro was not a coincidence, JOST went into different territories with their music. It is still electro-oriented, but much deeper, slower, a bit old-schoolish and very very psychedelic (yeah, just check the artwork for this mix) And you know what - I f..................................................g love this sound. Guys with acid please stand up, please stand up!!! I am in a need.... Are JOTS aiming at LSD revival or something??? Or am I being nostalgic?? Just look at the tracklist.


Ed Bangers / Daft Punk clash with bounceres at Busy P party

It's too f.......g ridiculous to be missed. Check Hipster Runoff blog for Electro Wars special, and don't forget to read the comments section. Plus great photo documentary of pissed off Frenchmen fighting with bouncers. Hilarious!!!!

23 April 2009

WERD !!!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

WERD MADAFAKAS >>>>>> >>>>>>

And Now For Something Completely Different - Throbbing Gristle US TOUR 2009

Whomp, Blap and stomp are not the only soundz I like. Thus, today's post about one of my favorite bands. Throbbing Gristle, founders of Industrial Records, pioneers and creators of heavy industrial and avant-garde electronica, the base from which Psychic TV and MY-BEST-GROUP-OF-ALL-TIMES Coil span off. Hey, Americanos, lucky bastards are you. Throbbing Gristle is currently touring USofA. On 21 April 2009 they were in Los Angeles performing live soundtrack to Derek Jarman's alchemical film "In The Shadow of the Sun". Check Boing Boing blog for video documentary of that performance soon.

You can catch TG playing San Francisco today (23 April 2009) at Grand Regency Ballroom. TG will play a 75 minute set of various material from throughout their history. The show is apparently sold out, but I encourage you to go there and even beg your admission in. You shouldn'g miss such an opportunity. TG will also play in Chicago on the forthcoming Sat and Sun and then on 28 April 2009 they will end their tour with a show in New York. Check their website for details.

It's good to see Chris Carter, Peter Christopherson, Genesis P. Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti together again. Even if they aged and changed (and this applies in particular to GP.O) their music will definitely enchant next generations of listeners.

During the show you'll have a chance to buy some merchandise and in particular pretty heavy,
7 DVD box set released on Christmas Eve 2007 - "featuring 10 full shows, most never-before-seen, ranging from the fascinating beginnings in 1979, by way of the classic videos of Oundle and Heathen Earth, and including the notorious RE~TG ‘re-grouping’ 23 years later at London’s Astoria Theatre in Spring 2004, as well as three more recent remarkable concerts, now available with a variety of newly mastered audio tracks including 5.1, binaural and conventional stereo. TGV comes packaged in a deluxe box with a 64-page book, all designed by Peter Christopherson." Wow!

Finally, you can watch here "Psychic Rally In Heaven," a short film Jarman made for Throbbing Gristle in 1981. Make sure you use HQ option and have a good setting to immerse into this sonic landscapes.

22 April 2009

Big Basha - In Dubs We Trust April promo mix HEAVY !!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Big Basha in Dubs We Trust April Promo Mix

Download: 4shared.com - zshare - mediafire

There is no better tool to test the low frequency of your speakers, believe me! Extremely heavy mix of unreleased or soon-to-be-released goodies delivered by Big Basha will slam your ears with torrential force of heavy bass. I wish I had my subwoofers at work!
Lots of great samples, riddims but most of all very very heavy, slow-tempo basssssssssss !!!! Highlights of this tight and tough mix include: the Whiddler track (what you can expect this dude delivers only top-quality products), Ale fillman & N:Coder – Walk with a limp (OH MY GOD! What a tune - the king of selection for sure!), Mad Lion ft. KRS-1 Double Trouble – (Chop shop rmx) (heavy, heavy roller), Ill Boding – Purebud (nice to hear this great track in rotation), Kelly Dean & Steady - Teflon and DZ vs. Rastatronics – Comfortably Numb rmx and many many more I wouldn't even mention. Just load this bomb and turn up your bass to the max, you'll not regret (though your neigbors may have quite a different view in this particular respect).

Lazer Sword blog + flying louts remix

I haven't written for some time about my favorite future blap duo from SF. They have just returned from Euro Tour (I wish they visited Poland, but somehow this did not work as with Mochipet for instance). Lazer warriors started their website and a blog. Check it here

And check the nice remix of one of the best and beautiful tracks of the last year Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers. Listen to Lazer Sword's Low Limit Dark Alleyway No Escape Plan Remix here.

21 April 2009

NIC - Moar Moar Mix - top quality glitch electronica

Sendscpace download

Heavy, eclectic mix of electronic glitch hop breaks spiced up with bass heavy dubstep and a few other styles by an artist called NIC. It’s quite funny as the term “nic” in Polish means “nothing” and as it turns out I practically know nothing about this artist, apart from the fact that he/they is/are probably from Australia and definitely knows how to cook a delicious music meal. I’ve even forgot where I found this quality music. Whatever, enjoy the ride.
Mochipet, Akira Kiteshi, Ghislain Poirier, Jahcoozi, Modeselektor, Busy P, Milanese, Landstrumm, Diplo, Joker plus remixes by Two Fingers, Megasoid, Si Begg, Kraddy – what else can you expect from a good mix. Absolutely amazing selection of midtempo vibes yet very moving, uplifting and full of raw energy. Intelligent glitch break beat music!


20 April 2009

Raffertie - Baaaaaasline Mix

After absolutely fantastic party with Mochipet on Friday (expect some review on my blog soon), I'm still in the mood for pounding, fast bangers and there is one guy always ready to deliver what I am asking for. His name is Raffertie and the mix is just called Baaaaaasline. No fucking compromise, beating about the bush, mates! Not with this insane dude! No sophistication, just pure dancefloor madness. And this is exactly what I need this sunny Monday morning.

Bassline Mix - Raffertie


16 April 2009

Mochipet and Th'Mole free killer tracks on xlr8r

I can hardly wait for tomorrow's live set by Mochipet in my hometown in Poland (17.04.09 Warsaw, @ Obiekt Znaleziony). I am absolutely sure he will destroy the dancefloor with hardcore glitchy beats and bass and the dancers' sweat will liquefy under the ceiling of the venue located in a basement of an old building which fortunately has thick walls tested regularly by dubstep sound systems. Mochipet has set up a special Master P on Atari blog with photos, movies, party flyers and more, so you can track his triumphant march over the Europe.

Two free goodies from Daly City boyz:

Dem Franchize Boys - I think they like me (Mochipet remix) Check and download this remix of Atlanta based hip hop crew. Based on the beats and instrumentals from the title track of Mochipet's Master P on Atari album, "I think they like me" is future-blap number packed end-to-end with electronics, according to xlr8r. Word! Best remix this year so far.

Th'Mole - How to be cool (Robot Koch Remix) Great track by another artist from Daly City, finally gaining wider recognition which he fully deserved. Actually, this track is now TOP RATED MP3 on xlr8r!! and I fully support this verdict of the listeners. Check my blog for a review of weird, bombastic, original and very very entertaining release by Th'Mole - Greatest Hits (Ha, Ha, Ha) vol. 1

Mochipet is already on the European Tour, whereas Th'Mole is currently looking for bookings on his European tour starting at the turn of April/May (if I remember correctly, check Th'Mole's myspace for details). All you pimp promoters now have a great opportunity to invite this ONE_MAN_SHOW to your town at modest costs. Do it before he gets uber famous and starts charging 1000 EURO per gig :) I'm not exeggerating much, just check comments section on xlr8r's page, people are really digging his music.

I can also reveal that some arrangements are underway and maybe, maybe (nothing certain yet) we will have an opportunity to see Th'Mole in Poland soon. What a Daly City double - feature this would be!

12 April 2009

Bristol Dubstep Documentary: Living inside the speaker

Livising inside the speaker: Bristol Dubstep documentary (including a video by quawwali VIP by Pinch) can be downloaded for free here (ca. 700MB !!).

This movie has been shot a few years ago (I reckon around 2006/2007) on the rising Bristol dubstep scene and is now being released for free download by the authors. This file has sat on my hard drive for a few days but having some free time on Easter I gave it a try. And I have been immediately immersed into heavy sub-bass and slow, burning tempo of killing soundz coming from my speakers. I was reminded once again why I love dubstep so much as recently I've started drifting a bit away from the scene which unfortunately seemed a bit tired of itself and lacking creativity and inspiration. Saying that I still strongly believe there are so many talented youngsters and a bunch of allstars that they will keep this scene above the board for a long time in the future. Anyway, dubstep is far far far from reaching this ridiculous state as in d'n'b formulaic and booooorrring tracks (yak!)

For all you dubstep headz out there - listen to these classic tracks from the greatest era of dubstep, as this movie has a very good soundtrack (incl. tracks by White Boi, Skream, Pinch, Headhunter, Forsaken), and above all listen to what the artists and punters say about the entire scene, its beginnings, its development, its style or drkinking/drug habits - "It's more civilized, just Guineess + spliff" "It's for people who love low frequency, "These are mainly people who are sound headz!! or to hear some production tips. The entire docu is unpretentional, straigthforward and informative. You will even get a section on cutting dubplates presented by Henry from Heatwave crew. What I really liked hearing were the artists emphasizing the importance of the Internet, blogs (YES!) and forums in spreading the vibe and promoting this new style of music :) All in all, I liked this short film (37min) much better than Dubfiles: Dubstep Documentary released last year. Go grab it for free.

And here is the word by the authors themselves:

Dubstep is the newest musical genre to come out of the UK and is quietly gaining popularity all other the UK with its heavy, heavy bass lines and spaced out sound. The scene is particularly strong in London, but Bristol is often classed as Dubstep’s second city. This film goes into the underbelly of the Dubstep scene in Bristol and uncovers through interviews with DJ’s, promoters and punters a vibrant and growing scene. The film explains the Dubstep sound and how the Bristol scene started, highlights how producers make Dubstep tunes and plays live Dubstep sets and describes why the sound system is so important to the genre. If you are into underground music and subcultures then you cannot afford to miss this film.

The film features DJ Pinch, Peverelist, Bubonic, Atik2, Hench Crew, Kymatik, Kidkut, Blazey, Stealth, Dub Boy, Wedge, White Boi, Gutterbreaks, Elemental, Search & Destroy, Skream, Chef and the Bristol Dubstep Massive. (including many hijackers)

10 April 2009

2009 Music Easter Bunnies show some love


1. Akira Kiteshi - mix for Electronic Explorations - Electronic Explorations set Brilliant! Best mix this year. Period!

2. Stereoheroes - Boomklang EP Teaser download - Huge EP! They will totally blast dancefloors across the globe.

and NLLR mix. Most insane Bunny in the set. Master of Wobble Disaster! No-mercy man!

4. EPROM - the MIXTAPE - Barely human, approaching God-like status with his music :) This year will see great releases from this guy, you better watch out!
5. Boom Monk Ben - Bodytonic Podcast 033 - Glasgow bass man in a fantastic mix for Bodytonic! Fantastic selection.

Caspa Annie Mac's mini mix + new record release party

DUB POLICE "Where's My Money" rudebwoy - Caspa finally releases his album on Subsoldier Records. Listen and buy Everybody's Talking Nobody's Listening here. Check the tracklist as the collaborators on the record look quite impressive, MC Dynamite, Uncle Sam and even D1! Expect heavy dubstep bombs full of crazy, dirty vocals.

01. Intro
02. Low Blow
03. The TakeOver (feat. MC Dynamite)
04. Marmite
05. Riot Powder Intro (feat. Rod Azlan)
06. Riot Powder
07. Lon-Don City (feat. Uncle Sam)
08. The Terminator
09. Rat-A-Tat-Tat (feat. MC Dynamite)
10. Victoria's Secret (feat. D1)
11. I Beat My Robot
12. Disco Jaws (feat. Beezy)
13. Back To '93

Next Friday, 17th April 2009, FABRICLIVE will see the Dub Police take over Room One to celebrate the release of Caspa's album. Caspa be be joined by the likes of Skream, Benga, The Others, LD, Search & Destroy and more! I wish I had some monies and time to teleport to London on that date (nah, just kidding I will dance my ass off to Mochipet's beats at that time, here in Warsaw). But all you Londoners should check the party to soak in a heavy bass made for dancefloors by the man and friends.

Also check this track by Caspa - Lions Roar

And this uber short mini mix - Annie Mac's Caspa Mini Mix

Slightly more than 5 minutes and 22 tracks! Honestly speaking I'm not a big fan of such a fast-forward appraoch to music, but fortunately he's a good producer and DJ and the tracks are squeezed properly without being irritating.

08 April 2009

Starkey - Seclusias Radio Show - April 6th, 2009

Starkey - Seclusias Apr 6, 2009

Starkey in big form after his Australian tour. First show in SubFM Seclusias show in April was smashing. Full of Starkey staff and remixes (Playdoe - Freeze Step !!) plus tonnes of killing tracks from other artists. Like this insane dude Raffertie. I love him! Or Womprat "Airfreight" - another sickness. Plus very nice remix "New In Town" by A1 Bassline, wonky extravaganze from Zomby with "Fish don't have fingers" and last but not least: EPROM - Humanoid Dub - OHMG, Eprom is not human for sure, he IS GOD!! Lots of kudos to Starkey for playing, very unexpectedly, a Pixies song! Jesus, so many fantastic memories returned in an instant. Check the tracklist after the jumb. IT IS HUGE !!!!


07 April 2009

MASTER P ON ATARI – Heavy Metal Glitch Hop

The loudspeaker woke up and said: Mochipet is good …

Pythagorean Hyphy Proof
Master P on Atari
Turbo Thizz Petnation
Sumo Hertz
Robo Crunk Juice
Mashall Bass Stacks
Complex Players Dub
Ghetto Puddin Pet
It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It
Coleco Crunk Vision
Win With Wang
Full Frontal Face Melt
Honey Badger Breaks
Godzilla New Year

Since the beginning of the year, Mochipet (David Y. Wang) and his Daly City Records has been constantly flooding the market with Mochi music culminating in two, relatively different releases.
Dirty, filthy and heavy Master P on Atari, released on 7th April 2009 and more laidback and pleasant-sounding, melodic broken beats (enriched with quite nice guitar riffs, flute and similar instruments), Bunnies & Muffins, released on 3 March 2009. To celebrate these two records Mochipet goes on a European Tour in April/May consisting of several live performances, from Athens, through Warsaw and Prague to Amsterdam and London. I’m uber happy that he will visit Warsaw next Friday to spread the vibe of glitch-based electronica and smash the dancefloor in da club.

Mochipet (David Y.Wang) is a super dope dude with versatile music background and absolutely top-notch engineering skills. Glitch hop / crunk / IDM /breakbeat / hyphy / dubstep / 8bit – Mochipet seems to accommodate all this styles quite easily and being a talented music erudite is able to mix them into a very original cocktail of ass-shaking, crispy beats with glitch, turbo-metalic bassline distorted to the max.

For me personally, Master P on Atari is the record of the year so far. This full release was preceded by a fantastic Master P on Atari single including four tracks which appear also here. I’ve been spoilt by the quality of this Single, as the title song and Turbo Thizz Petnation (the best tool to test turbo gear in your car) has won me over immediately. Despite very high expectations, I have not been disappointed with the full-length work, although the aforementioned tracks remain the highlights of the album.

Master P on Atari differs in many respects from the previous proper release, i.e. Microphonepet. First of all, it lacks practically any vocals or accapales, except for very few distorted samples. You will not hear any emcee or rapper rants. It is dirtier, heavier, faster, more straight-forward and more glitch than hop oriented. I believe this record will not be as frequently remixed as the previous one, as it is less accessible. I liked Microphonepet a lot, but I really love Master P on Atari. Forget about energy drinks, just listen to this banger release.

Mochipet conveys quite a simple message: whomp stomp whomp stomp twist hit shake swing! He is the real Master of sonic mayhem, pretty chaotic at the first hearing, yet very well structured and forcing your limbs TO MOVE! He pumps up the energy from the very beginning till the last note. The first three tracks are absolute hits which will destroy any dancefloor easily. My numero uno is Master P on Atari. They are followed by more crunk, hyphy and experimental stuff, with Robo Crunk Juice and It Ain’t Tricking If Ya Got It standing out. Then we move to the “full frontal” section including the last three tracks. Heavy metal glitch hop, fast and dirty making my head spin and arousing evil smile on my face. Pure adrenaline kick, very contagious! I bet you will not be able to sit on your chair longer than 60 sec. into Full Frontal Face Melt or Honey Badger Breaks.

All in all, great release. 9/10.

Check Master P on Atari on Addictech, and don’t forget about the flood of remixes from the previous release: Microphonepet, namely:

Mochipet – Microphonepet reMixed Dec 2008
Get Your Whistle Wet (Chris de Luca vs. Phono Remix) Featuring The Hustle Heads - great CLP mix of the smashing track!
Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ C Remix) Featuring The Hustle Hades – great tech step banger
Rambunktion (Boreta Remix) Featuring 215TFK, Mike Boo, and TaiwanKid – Boreta! Love his whompy glitch hop touch and style!

Mochipet – reBootied – Daly City Records (rel. Jan.2009)
Girls & Boys & Toys (Douster Remix) – dancefloor banger reminding of Crookers remixes
Girls & Boys & Toys (Krugger Flaps Remix) – another booty tool for dancefloors

Mochipet – reTweaked (rel. Feb 2009)
Rambunktion Featuring 215TFK (Sabbo Remix) – a different twist to one of the highlights of Microphonepet
The Graduate Featuring Dubphonics (Mophono Remix) – great jazzy / lounge remix!

Mochipet – reHyphed (rel. Feb 2009)
Tangle featuring Salva and Epcot (Matt B Remix)
The Graduate featuring Dubphonics (Tony Oheix Remix).

And that is not all. Expect yet another relase in re.. series hitting the market on 23 April 2009:
Mochipet – ReCoreEd to be released on 23 April 2009

05 April 2009

Forensics - Rezistance Mix

Forensics - Rezistance Mix

Another deep and moving mix from Forensics, including the showcase of most of the tracks of his new EP Hibernate (best intro track this year, i.e. Music Box Dancer). As usual the mix is well-structured, grows and builds from more atmospheric, spacey soundz - (e.g. fantastic new track by a Polish project, Substep Infrabass - Apnea!!!!!! in the spirit of his highly acclaimed Monotonium, plus very nice DFRNT ambientsy journey) through contagious and stronger soundz to pretty bass-heavy completion. Don't hesitate, it's a must!


03 April 2009

Glitch Hop Forum

Glitch Hop forum has become a permanent source of quality tracks for my player. Check the forum and get involved, this music will be (well, already is) BIG. Word for that! I present below a few tracks for your listening pleasure.

Depeche Mode – Wrong (live) ill gates + Adam Duke Remix Starting from the absolutely killing remix by ill.gates (aka The Phat Conductor) & Adam Duke. I like it veeeeryy much (and not only due to the fact that I’ve been fan of Depeche Modes for two decades already). Dark and heavy remix of the only good track on the new Depeche Mode’s record. I wish Martin Gore took some music lessons from Ill Gates.

Mochipet feat. 215 The Freshest Kidz - 'V-Necks' (MattB remix) - Fantastic track by Mochipet and 215 reworked by MattB hailing from Tokyo. The final result is even more dynamic and better than the original! Check MattB’s Made In Glitch and Noise Mafia sites plus download heavy lazer generation mixtape).

Bow Wow vs Mattb : 'Rok Da Mike' and yet another very tight mash up with crunky bassline by MattB – this guy is really good.

Ben Samples – I must succeed (listen only) This young guy has won me over with just a few tracks and heavy live shows. Very good skills and great whomp power factor !!!! Definitely, a name to watch! Check his project here

CitrusBroken (dub)
Great, powerful and dark glitch hop dub. You just need to add some accapelas and voila!

„Super disco breakin" Beastie Boys (School Days remix) (listen only) School Days are NOG and mylesAWAY. Great glitch hop remix of BB classic. Listen to the beat. Wicked!

Fat Pat – Demolition Man Dark and extremely heavy bass! Slow-burning stomper. Be careful with yours speakers.

Children of Discord – Say So. Midtempo sound with building momentum, nice track for long rides by car at night. (Check Children of Discord here)

02 April 2009

Mochipet on Tour w Polsce 17 04 2009 Obiekt Znaleziony, Warszawa !!!!

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For all English readers - this is a post devoted to Mochipet's live performance in Warsaw, Poland on 17 April 2009, thus addressed mainly to the Polish massive and no translation is planned :)
YES YES YES !!!!!!!! 17 kwietnia 2009r. w Warszawie w Obiekcie Znalezionym wystąpi MOCHIPET - 'gorące' nazwisko amerykańskiej sceny elektronicznej, kiedyś mistrz breakcoru a obecnie przede wszystkim producent doskonałych glitch-hopowych killerów oraz świetny live performer, o czym będziemy mieli okazję przekonać się juz za 2 tygodnie. I będzie to jedyny występ Mochipeta w tej częście Europy poza Pragą. Urodzony w Tajwanie, i mieszkający obecnie na Zachodnim Wybrzezu USA, od małego zajmował się elektroniką a jego muzyczne zainteresowania i inspiracje obejmują wiele gatunków i styli muzycznych. Pracował z tyloma artystami, ze nie sposób ich wszystkich tutaj wymienić. Sprawdźcie jego myspace - znajdziecie tam wyczerpujące informacje.

W trakcie duzego European Tour, Mochipet promuje swoje najnowsze wydawnictwo długogrające, czyli Master P on Atari. Płyta ukazała się wczoraj ( i nie jest to prima aprilis). Czekałem na tą plytę z wielkimi nadziejami. Jeszcze nie miałem okazji posłuchać jej w całości, ale i tak wiem, że to będzie lekko jedna z płyt z mojego osobistego top - 10 o ile nie album roku (obok bardzo wyczekiwanej przeze mnie płyty Nosaj Thing).

Do kupienia tutaj (IMHO warta kazdych pieniedzy - a juz na pewno marne 12.99 USD - mimo niekorzystnego kursu wymiany):

Warto tez sprawdzic poprzednia, doskonałą płytę Mochipeta, która na dobre ugruntowała jego pozycję na scenie - czyli Microphonepet.

W tym miejscu chciałem tez złozyć gorące podziękowania na ręce mojego starego przyjaciela, Bodka (DJ Koola) za to, ze zapalił się do pomysłu sprowadzenia tego zajebistego artysty uwielbiającego przebierać sie w fioletowy strój dinozaura i DJ Kwazara który zapewnił miejsce na balangę w Obiekcie Znalezionym i z pewnością przygotuje jakiś niezły, eklektyczny set z tej okazji (West Coast Rocks!!!).

W kazdym razie szykuje sie impreza roku (przynajmniej dla mnie) i mam nadzieje, ze glitch hop / midtempo / turbo crunk na dobre zawita do polskich klubów i zagości w playerach wielu ludzi. Mochipet na pewno się do tego przyczyni. Osobiście, odkryłem tę muzykę na dobre pół roku temu, ale błyskawicznie i kompletnie zawładnęła moim uchem i sercem. Czuję podobną ekscytację jak kilka lat temu po odkryciu dubstepu. Glitch hop / midtempo podbiją świat elektroniki bo łączą w sobie doskonałą i kreatywną muzykę tworzoną przez całe zastępy świetnych producentów z takim typowo parkietowym wykopem dzięki czemu nawet laptopowe występy artystów spod znaku glitch hopu wywołują nie mniejszą ekstazę niz czysto dancefloorowe bangery.

Linki do muzyki artysty. Gorąco polecam!

Mochipet – turbo thizz petnation - doskonały kawałek z singla Master P on Atari, Turbo Thizz Petnation to załadowania za free ze strony xlr8r
Mochipet vs. A-ux – Sharp Drest Remix - remiks kawałka, który znalazł się na ścieżce dźwiękowej gry video NBA 2009 (obok takich artystów jak Beastie Boys, N.E.R.D czy The Coold Kids)
Memekeast - mk36 - Mochipet 4.01.2009 - killerski mixtape dla najlepszej obecnie serii podkastów dostępnych w sieci (for real!) - czyli Memekast.
Mochipet – Master P on Atari - mixtape z okazji wydania Master P on Atari.
Mochipet feat. 215 The Freshest Kidz - 'V-Necks' (MattB remix) - świetny, jeszcze bardziej glitchowy remiks jednego z lepszych numerów na poprzedniej płycie Mochipeta.