29 June 2009



Heavy tropical beats, cumbia, crunk, street bass, koduro, wonky staff plus funky bangers all melting together in a nice sunny styleee, pumping mix by
M-pulse aka Impakt. I only wish the quality was better, as the selection of tracks, mixing skills and the overall vibe is a propa thing.

Hey DJs c'mon, a mix in mono 128kb quality is not the best way to promote your style :)



17. L-VIS 1990 - RUN

28 June 2009

Zomby - Mercury's Rainbow video

y.o.u.'l.l a.l.l.l.o.v.e.t.h.i.s.m.y.m.i.n.d.h.a.s.b.e.e.n.t.o.t.a.l.l.y. w.o.n.k.e.d..... o.v.e.r.

27 June 2009


I absolutely love Lazer Sword's crunk aesthetics and brave and uncompromised way in which they 'ride' their gear to produce crispy, multi-layered beats - original, diverse but most of all extremely contagious. On top of that, their use of accapellas is really unparalleled. LL and Lando Kal has just released their new mixtape for nalden.net. Lazer Sword = DOPE SHIT, thus you know what to expect from these guys. They are on a different f..g level, for real! Just listen to this mix, it's a work of art (yeah, I know I tend to overuse this term, but can't do nothing about it when confronted with such music goodies). Hey producers what are you waiting for?

SWEATPANTS MONEY is a stellar mix featuring 26 tracks, including tons of smashing edits and remixes by the duo (just listen to Lando Kal's "Fuzzy Ankles w/ T.I." - best track coming from them, hope to see it released in the near future or Lazer's remix of Vortex Cookies) and serious selection of ultra dope shizz from other artists plus of course acappella's from such names like Ludacris, Jay-Z, M.I.A. & Eazy-E. It goes in a nice package with great artwork. Don't sleep on this. IT'S A MUST FOR ANY CRUNK / GLITCH HOP LOVER!

LAZER SWORD is the duo of San Francisco based LOW LIMIT and LANDO KAL. They like to make music that sounds like your favorite top 40 rap shit chopped up into a tornado filled with razor blades and molasses. Or maybe like Frank Zappa rocking the home made Lil John tank-top at the rooftop party. Ha, ha, ha indeed!


Low Limit released a split vinyl (also available in digital format) recently. Check some info on my blog

26 June 2009

Maskinen - Branner video

This swedish shizz is pure dope !!!!!! Can't keep my ass on my chair - arghhh I wanna go partying NOW!!!!

Peaceblaster: The New Orleans make it right remixes

Support the great cause boys and girls.

1320 RECORDS and STS9 are excited to announce the release of “
PEACEBLASTER : THE NEW ORLEANS MAKE IT RIGHT REMIXES”. Grab it RIGHT HERE, or enjoy some sample tracks below. The more people can be hyped on this release the better. 100% of the proceeds go towards building a house in New Orleans - check Make It Right Foundation of New Orleans and see what YOU can do about rebuilding the city devastated by naughty Katrina .

The remix album includes the great work by 30 (yes, thirty!) artists, like Lazer Sword, Glitch Mob, Eskmo, Bluetech, Richad Devine, Nosaj Thing, Bass Science, Eliot Lipp, The Flying Skulls and many others.



25 June 2009

Rob Da Bank & Friends - RUSKO - top 40 dubstep tracks ever!!

Rob Da Bank & Friends - Rusko top40 dubstep tunes


I have been drifting on an off dubstep recently, being a bit irritated and tired of formulaic patterns into which the genre seemed to be skidding (at least partially) or not very satisfied with techno/minimal oriented direction chosen by many new prodcuers. But this show just brought back lots of memories and restored the faith in sub-bass meditations and once again proved how diverse the thing broadly (probably now too broadly) called 'dubstep' was and still is! Especially, if you look at all thos sub-genres spining off from dubstep or quite successful mergers of dubstep with other bass-heavy styles (like glitch-hop, skwee or similar).

A history of 140 bpm bass music in a nutshell, in the form of 40 best dubstep tracks ever (with obvious omissions), is presented by none other than "hollywood man" Rusko. I'm not a big fan of his recent wobble remixes and productions, though some of them work quite well on the dancefloor and he definitely has good DJing skills. One thing is certain, he's a nice guy and a very good companion for conversations. Rob and Rusko do exactly this - they chat about music, producers, records, exposing some known or less known facts from well - who could have believed a few years ago - the HISTORY of dubstep. And you know what? They are quite entertaining and when merged with all these bass-heavy anthems they play - definitely one of the best shows I've heard in my life.

Ultimated tool for Dubstep 101 course and conversion of unfaithful souls.

I don't need to say anything about the actual contents of top-40.

Horsepower Productions – ‘Classic Deluxe’ (Tempa)
Oris Jay/Darqwan – ‘Said The Spider’ (Texture)
El-B –‘Amazon’ (Tempa)
Search And Destroy – ‘Candyfloss’ (Hotflush)
Scuba – ‘Braille Diving’ (Hotflush)
Toasty – ‘The Knowledge (Vexd Remix)’ (Hotflush)
Kode 9 – ‘9 Samurai’ (Hyperdub)
Burial – ‘Archangel’ (Hyperdub) (Guardian And Smoking)
Rusko –‘Woo Boost’ (Mad Decent)
Lwiz – ‘Girl From Codiene City’ (Dub Police)

Skream – ‘Midnight Request Line’ (Tempa)
Digital Mystikz – ‘Anti War Dub’ (Dmz)
Pinch – ‘Qwaali’ (Planet Mu)
Trg – ‘Broken Heart (Martyn Mix)’ (Hessle Audio)
Martyn – ‘Vancouver’ (3024)
The Bug And Warrior Queen – ‘Poison Dart’ (Ninja Tune)
Tc – ‘Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix)’ (Dstyle)
D1 – ‘Im Lovin’ (Ammunition)
Tes La Rock Ft Uncle Sam – ‘Round The World Girls’ (Argon)

Ramadanman – ‘Every Next Day’ (Box Of Dub)
Plastician – ‘Japan’ (Terrorhythm)
Shackleton – ‘The Rope Tightners’ (Skull Disco)
Cotti And Cluekid- ‘Under Mi Sensi Dub’ (Drugs Ref)
Benga And Coki – ‘Night’ (Tempa)
Loefah – ‘Mud’ (Dmz)
The Others – ‘Africa’ (Dub Police
Joker – ‘Hollybrook Park’ (Kapsise)
Vex’d – ‘Pop Pop’ (Planet Mu)

Headhunter – ‘Sushi Brain’ (Tempa)
Zomby – ‘One Spliff A Day’ (Hyperdub)
2562 – ‘Kameleon’ (Hyperdub)
Jakes – ‘3kout’ (Hench)
Matty G – ‘50, 000 Watts’ (Argon)
Reso – ‘Metal Slug’
Distance – ‘Fallen’ (Boka)
Boxcutter – ‘Brood’ (Planet Mu)
Dz – ‘Down’ (True Tiger)
Kromestar- 'Kalawanji'
Movado – ‘Gangsta 4 Life (Coki Remix)’ (White Label)
Quest - Forever (Dub Police)

sKewn - Wonky Kong Mix

sKewn - Wonky Kong Mix

Wonky, hit-parade, mix by sKewn from Columbus, Ohio. The playlist has practically no surprises and there are even some pretty dated tracks there ***oh Gosh, I really, really shouldn't post old stuff on my ultra-modern-and-all-the-time-up-to-the-beat blog, forgive me mateys ****.

But there is a saying: "We like only the music we have already heard" and this is exactly the power of this nice little purple wonky ting here. Joker, Zomby, Rustie, HudMo, Mike Jones plus 'straight' dubstep big names like Distance or Tes La Rok - and voila you have a spacey, melodic and pretty weird rocket full of contagious anthems and intelligent beats you've definitely heard before. DELICIOUS!


23 June 2009

Moderat interview in xlr8r

Moderat (Modeselektor + Apparat + Pfadfinderei) will play this summer at Audioriver Festival in Płock, Poland on 7-8th August. Alongside such names as Chase & Status feat. MC Rage, Caspa & Rusko feat. MC Rod Azlan, Dj Hell, Telefon Tel Aviv and many others. I'm definitely coming and you should also! Check funky interview in xlr8r with two-thirds of Moderat (Sascha Ring a.k.a. Apparat) and Gernot Bronsert one half of Modeselektor)

Colorful socks, and Johann Sebastian Bach

a brief excerpt:

"Favorite city to play in?

SR: Moscow? Any city in the East. People really know how to party there. They know how to drink, too."

He, he, just ask Mochipet, he will confirm every word :)

Squincy Jones live on KTRU RADIO 22 May 09

WOW, they have a radio in Texas which actually plays something different than country or national anthems? (sorry Texans, don't jump on me angry - Dubya did a lot spoil the reputation of your state). The name of this radio is KTRU Radio hailing from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

On 22 May 2009 they aired the show by DIRB crew, including the mix by Squincy Jones, whose Nintendub mix last year was really fundamental in converting me to glitch hop / lazer bass / acqua crunk - check that mix and a few words by your humble author here.

In his new mix, Squincy Jones is on a serious dubstep tip, probably with too much wobble factor involved, with quite obvious heavy bombs and anthems by Rusko, Caspa, Chase and Status, AC Slater or Bassnectar. Thankfully although being pretty aggressive, the mix is very tight with quite eclectic and diverse selection including absolutely fantastic and beautiful remixes by Nero, Skreamix, very nice Squincy Jones edit, weird stuff from gWorm, Virgo or Gangsta Red ft 2 Mello (glitch hop par excellence!) plus mandatory Joker shizz. At the end the set becomes more tropical, funky and 'nintendish' and is crowned with great Wumbia from Sonido del Principe (this Bersa Disco cumbia kings are really big in my private ranking at the moment). But I'd like to personally thanks Squincy Jones for including in his mix one of the most congatious music pieces my car's Sound System had known in the past - namely Young Folk Dub by Marchmellow. I believe that this not very widely known track deserves to be rinsed more. Keep up a good work Squincy!

Check the mixes from the rest of the Houston crew on the Squincy Jones' blog.


Everything up (Zizou) [Joker and Ginz remix] - video by Zero 7

Everything Up (Zizou) [Joker and Ginz remix] Video by Zero 7 - MySpace Video

Everything Up (Zizou) [Joker and Ginz remix]

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22 June 2009


Oh yes, Bruno aka Borat aka Ali G in da haus! Oi Oi Oi!

21 June 2009

SUPRA1 - Lower End Spasm Podcast

There is a famous slogan and project here in my homecountry called: "TERAZ POLSKA" (POLAND: NOW!). This is a kind of super brand granted to the individuals or enterprises of my country for outstanding achievements in various fields, mainly adressed to business but also covering some culture. Although, being a slave in the corporation, I know how all such promotional shizz is working (and how much you have to pay to get a medal, statuette or other prize), having such an opportunity I would give POLAND: NOW! award to SUPRA1, a duo of great young artists from Cracow in Poland for their work as remixers and for promoting the sound straight outta Poland :) SUPRA1 is a member of the famous NYC Trouble & Bass crew and they are responsible for absolutely killing remixes of Polyhedron, Blackfinger and the newest shit - the remix of Rico Tubbs track. They are about to release an EP on T&B Label, so you better be prepared for dancefloor smashing basslines and a few ass-kicking puches and drops from them.

They've just released great bass-heavy podcast for Lower End Spasm. It's Trouble&Bass all around the beats and pieces, but with a nice warm twist. If you have never heard of SUPRA1 (which I doubt), you should definitely check this mix:



20 June 2009

Integrated Grime Unit to host weekly BWAMP's on glitch.fm radio

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Glitch FM radio is rolling pretty fast and heavy now. Another great glitch hop / dub crew has a weekly spot there. BWAMP Radio Show will be hosted by the Canadians from Integrated Grime Unit every Friday at 6-8PM PST (9-11PM EST), which sadly means 2-4AM GMT :(

Actually the show begins in just a few hours, thankfully - for all of you who will not manage this time, definitely a podcast of this show will be available later. Well, for all of you who live in a more convenient time zone - drop by at glitch fm and listen to this fantastic show (knowing IGU stuff I'm absolutely positive it will be great) and don't forget to bring your friends with you - very high glitch-hop conversion rate guaranteed.

There is no better way to encourage and convince potential listeners than to give'em a chance to listen to podcasts from other shows on glitch.fm. Sugarpill's show on 28 of May 2009 was absolutely amazing. Tight mixing skills and great selection of whompy (or should I write bwampy?) glitch hop tracks definitely ensures good fitness for your neck and shoulders muscles. Enough of this verbal diarrorheaa (or however you write this word) - just listen here:

Sugarpill - Glitch FM set 28 May 2009

You can catch Sugarpill droping wicked tunes on glitch.fm every Thursday 8-10PM (CST)


19 June 2009


or grab the entire MAH show which featured PANTyRAiD, Architeq and Falty DL.
Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimental 2009 05 13 Falty DL, PANTyRAiD and Architeq [Hotfile download]

What a great mix! I missed this show from Mary Anne Hobbes, thankfully PANTyRAiD stuff is too good to become lost and the mini mix re-surfaced recently. Thanks the blogosphere for this! This is the best 15 minutes of crunky glitch hop extravanga I’ve heard in a while. Panty Raid is the collaboration project of Marty Party and Ooah of Glitch Mob fame. They have worked hard on their album and after releasing the first staff, they immediately has won the recognition and appreciation of the glitch hop community, which is not surprising at all as their heavy and dirty music is sooo infectious and their use of accepellas simply unparalleled.

The mix includes five super doper cool tracks starting from smashing mashup of Upset / Beba with great accapellas and killing sound, moving through whompy Cruncolicious electro, to enthno-inspired, meditative yet pretty energetic Worship the Sun, definitely bearing the strong influence of Ooah inspirations. The f….g gangsta shit-brained top-40 hip hop posse should listen to PantyRaid’s music and maybe rethink a few mis-conceptions they have about proper hip hop sound.

As in Hitchock movies, the mix starts with an earthquake and works it way through to even more shocks, dirty and heavy Headcase and Enter the Machine, where Glitch-Mob meets fantastic dubstep sub-bass. The entire mix is sooo f…g tight. I’m eagerly waiting for the release of their album which should happen as soon as July this year. Currenlty, their first single with Beba / Get the Money is coming off the press of
Marine Parade . Don’t sleep on this! Listen to the preview here. And don’t forget to check their nice remix of Adam Freeland’s “Do You” on Beatport. PantyRaid has moved immediately to top-1 spot on my releases-to-wach list. They will be huge, I have no doubt about this.

PANTyRAiD – ‘Upset / Beba Mashup’ with Lil John Acapella
PANTyRAiD – ‘Crunkalicious’
PANTyRAiD – ‘Worship the Sun’
PANTyRAiD – ‘Headcase’ with Ray Cash ‘Sex Appeal’ Acapella
PANTyRAiD – ‘Enter The Machine’

18 June 2009

Skream vs. Benga at FWD B-day Bash 7 06 09

Skream vs Benga live at Forward (FWD) 060709 [Hotfile download] Skream’s 23rd Birthday Bash.

I wish the quality was better, I wish Emcee ranted less, I wish there were less rewinds (made me totally irritated in my dnb era, though on the dancefloor sometimes I wanted them badly, but listening to the recorded set is a different story) but still this is absolutely stellar set with tons and tons of dubplates, wicked remixes and dubstep extravangaza.

As usual, Skream and Benga show their strong skills as good selectors, focusing less on the overall ‘flow’ of their sets or smooth transitions between the tracks but more on dropping banging tune after banging tune. And they have so much fun all the way through. Well, the tracklist is really ridiculous!

My personal highlights are: Crazy Cousinz feat. Kyla - Day Dreaming (LD Remix) heavy!; Joker & Ginz vs Tempa T - Re-Up/Next Hype Mash Up – OMG – what a f…g killing mash up !!!!!! BBK - Too Many Man (Skream Mix) – another grime killer remixed by Skream – nice job with accapelas, refixed into a pretty 2-stepish thing; Zinc feat. Nolay - Killer Sound (Skream Mix) – another great mix from Skream; Skream - Clap Your Hands – Skream’s banger! Emalkay - When I Look At You – great ‘buttons job”, fantastic melody (reminding me slightly of the Township Funk synths) with contagious female vocals. TIP! MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero Remix) – another killing vocal remix! Skream - Chestboxing (Benga Remix) – friend-on-friend remix – uber dope shit. And finally: Skream - What The Fuck Are You Looking At? Yessssssss Man!!!

Yo, Americanos – Benga & Skream invade the States right now. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear them dropping heavy and wicked bass bombs on you. Even on a shitty soundsystem they rock the house (which was the case last autumn when I went to the festival in Cracow to watch these youngsters playing). And watch out Polese – Skream and Benga will play a special gig on 17 October 2009 in a famous Eskulap Club in Poznań (with crispy new ultra heavy Sound System) so you’d better be there.


17 June 2009

Robot Koch - Space Oddities Mix for Mondayjazz

And now for something a bit different ... an odd, eclectic mix from Jahcoozi's gear man Robot Koch for Mondyjazz.

Mondayjazz no. 93: Space Oddities mixed by Robot Koch

Jazzy, lounge and downtempo vibes are overlaid with African folk songs (!!) and ear-catching vocals by Robot Koch's favorite emcees and singers (RQM, Cerebral Vortex, Budy Leezle, Jahcoozi), while Koch's own productions and tracks from e.g. mono/poly, prefuse 73 provide a rougher, glitchy and experimental edge to this funky composition with ever-shifting moods. The entire set sounds ...odd at first hearing, yet it works from the very beginning till a very beautiful and haunting Heaven is my Real Estate in the end.


16 June 2009

DJ FurSure - Midtempo Whomp-a-tronix mix

DJ FurSure - Midtempo Whomp-a-tronix mix

Another nice find from the Glitch Hop Forum.
Heavy glitch hop whompy mix from SF-based DJ FurSure with serious dubstepish sub-bass and a real overdose of ass-kicking energy. Tracklist is perfect with great glitch hop anthems - like HTL remix by An-ten-nae, absolutely killing Ready2Rage remix by Bassnectar and Jantsen, ill.gates & Meesha- Irma Vep, Boreta's 64 Bytes remix, Ben Samples' Drank in my Cup and much more. However, for me personally 2 Ninjas Dubstep Mix of Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams is the sweetest and dopest thing here. Oh my, this is my peresonal top-10 pop song of all times and hearing this so skilfully refixed into dubstep monster (while somehow keeping the 'cold' mood of the original) makes my mind crawl with pleasure. ooooaaahhhhhh...


Low Limit / Mr Dibiase - Producer 2 Part 2 split 7" vinyl



Low Limit / Mr Dibiase - Producer 2 Part 2
7" Vinyl Single
Low Limit - Inspirational Jumpsuit
Mr Dibiase - May The Force

LL aka Low Limit, of SF-based Lazer Sword fam has finally released a vinyl. Oh YEAH!! We have waited much too long to see this coming after listening to tons of super dope beats on his myspace. A split record in Fat City UK's Producer series part 2 was released together with LA-based MR. DIBIASE Grab a 7″ vinyl and digital downloads on Fat City website or find it elsewhere in digital stores.

LL’s Inspirational Jumpsuit is a quintessential blap of the future, deep music meditation in a Lazer Sword trademark aqua crunk style, full of great synths and infectious melody lines soaked with glitched and deconstructed beats and bleeps. It goes straight to the ‘opening track’ spot on my next Car Mix vol. XXX compilation !!! Cannot wait to hear more from LL and Lando Kal, these cruel bastards who make their fans wait so long for proper releases. Especially those of us living far far away from SF or LA without any chance (save for some scarce Euro Tour gigs) to see the combo destroying a dancefloor with their famous live sets.

Mr Dibiase’s May the Force is a bit different story. Oh yes the force is definitely with the musician here. Powerful glitchy reworking of the main theme of Star Wars. Great, low-end, 8bit synths and heavy drums, full of chip-tune bleeps, tweaks and punches plus mandatory laser sword sample (the sword not the band, mind you!). For me, one of the best remixes of the famous pop-culture theme. I will play this to my kid who currently goes through the period of absolute fascination with Luke, Anakin and Yoda to see his reaction.

Buy this 7’’ vinyl or digital release, support independent electronic musicians. For a mere US$ 1.58 for two tracks in digital format and US$ 4 for a vinyl – it’s peanuts.


13 June 2009

Glitch FM Radio on air!!


THE Internet Radio of the glitch community is finally up and running!!!! I've prepared a totally cheesy and not very funny bollywood film teaser to celebrate the launch of this great radio "saturating your ears with delectable details".

<a href="http://www.grapheine.com">Agence communication Paris Graphéine</a>

The radio's team is looking for DJ's to fill in the empty slots - don't be shy girls and boys, it's a great opportunity to present your skills to the outer world. Contact them here: http://glitch.fm/contact.

A few rules published on Glitch FM site:
  • PLEASE NOTE: All shows are 2 hours long with priority given to weeklies. You must have the capability to record into your computer (going through a mic in doesn't count). Owning a microphone is strongly suggested as well.
  • Shows can be ANY format you wish as long as they're live. For example, you don't have to just DJ - you could host a weekly countdown, do interviews, have an industry news show, etc.
  • HOW WE DEFINE GLITCH: Glitch is not so much a genre but rather a cross-genre design philosophy in the music: paying lots of attention to fine-grain detail. You could be into glitch-hop, IDM, dubstep, breaks, house, trip-hop, or ambient for all we know - but the focus should be on the edgier more ornate productions within.

Mochipet - Master P on Atari reminder

Yeah, a few months ago Mochi the Pet released a fantastic album Master P on Atari (listen here). I wrote a lengthy review back then - check my blog. He toured Europe, and we managed to invite him to Warsaw (easily the party of the year!), sadly the photographer of the show has hidden the pictures and disappeared, we were left only with this short rave footage. The record seems to gain quite many positive reviews in the press and on blogs, and I meet this with great satisfaction as Mochipet's music is absolutely worth promoting. Thus, this short reminder for all of you and a few tracks lifted from Master P on Atari . Support Mochipet, he deserves this!!

Dem Franchize Boys - I think they like me (Mochipet remix)

Mochipet - Turbo Thizz Petnation

Mochipet - Marshall Bass Stacks

Check some videos of this hyperactive pet and give him a shout at Mochipet Blog

11 June 2009

Raffertie - Fabric Exclusive Mix

Raffertie - Fabric Exclusive Mix
Raffertie again! Yes, another great mix from the madman. A more reserved than usual with less rave-based improvisation and sick wobble so typical of him, which does not mean this features are absent totally - just listen to fantastic R1 Ryders' Rubberband or Rafferties's Temper Temper. In this mix, Raffertie experiments more with crispy metallic basslines and fluid beats (Stagga, Starkey) soaking them with tightly looped melodies and distorted samples (Sequence Thinking, Dove) in a slower but deeper manner than usual. Well, this is an exclusive mix for Fabric, a mainstream venue, rather diferent from typical Bristol's clubs. He apparantely doesn't want to scare listeners away with his boundless music insanity, ha ha ha, and has cooked a proper mix for headphones (vomit riddim excluding!) rather than dancefloor mayhem. And I f..g love every minute of this.

Londoners, listen carefully. I know you live in the dark times of credit crunch and mass lay-offs, but if anyone of you still has a decent cash stashed somewhere and would like to donate this to charity, think about me, a poor blogger from Poland who would be really stoked to get invited to Fabric on 19th of June 2009 to see the mad Raffertie playing live. Send your invitations NOW!


10 June 2009

Kid606 - Shout at the Doner review

songs about the decline of America, leaving California, broken hearts, drunken hook-ups, social phobias, soulless partying, economic downfall, gnarly basslines, ego worship, moving to berlin, diva vocals, baltimore club, obsessive compulsive disorder, the best parts of horror movies, acidhouse, ADHD, shameless irony, speed garage, megalomania, LSD, satanism and the ever prevalent Döner Kebab

1. Intro
2. Be Monophobic With Me
3. Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare feat. Jamie Stewart
4. Samhain California
5. Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend
6. The Church Of 606 Is Now Open For Business
7. Getranke Nasty
8. Dancehall Of The Dead
9. America’s Next Top Modwheel
10. You All Break My Heart
11. Baltimorrow’s Parties
12. Celebrate Yourself
13. Monsters
14. Malcontinental
15. Great Lakes
16. Underwear Everywhere
17. Good Times

Kid 606’s new album “Shout at the Doner” is an ‘old-school' sandwich with strong synth-punk pop flavor, saturated with simple beats, dark and grotesque atmosphere and rave trips into probably too well-known regions. I remember very well these great raves back then, and his newest music proposition easily clicked with my nervous system full of old time memories, giving me a few pleasant kicks along the way. But don’t worry dear young listener, this album offers much more than just a mere nostalgic muzak for old farts like me. The beat may be simple but the Kid606’s trademark bleeps, glitches and distortions are all there.
Miguel Depedro, Venezuelan laptop master (best known as Kid606), moved to Berlin some time ago and this definitely played a role in his current search for an unpretentious music in the new mashed-up and remixed unreality of the scene late in the first decade of 21st century. He decided to be faithful to his own trade-mark electronica without bowing to any fashionable trends or genres. Thanks to this we received the usual traits of Kid606 productions – ability to infuse tracks with unlimited, raw and pulsating energy, unique, twisted technical skills and intelligent approach to all these music styles floating around. He knows how to kick ass (well, at least mine) and has always had a few surprising drops and bombs prepared for his faithful fans. I’m definitely one of them – I even have a few cassettes with his old stuff at home!!! When I'm thikning about it now, I may even go to the basement tonite to look for an old tape recorder :)

Highlights of the release are: Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare: of course. The title single track has been already remixed by a few artists (with varied effect). The original mix is plain funny and properly heavy, plus it includes an interesting reference to THE sound of bass community – the wobble, hated by many but loved by others (for me personally it is overused in dubstep recently, but a good wobble is always a good party tool). Samhain California: definitely the best track in this package! Very tight, heavy bounce in a kind of tribute to ‘80s synth-pop and early acid beat. A definite banger to smash a few dancefloors. I wonder why DJ’s are not using this pearl more in their mixes?? Malcontinental – ultra-heavy distorted sound, a kind of Kid606 synthesizer solo in which listeners should immediately recognize the sample used. Getranke Nasty, Baltimorrow’s Parties and Monsters: 4/4 crazy rave stompers. Stupid fonky beat I would call it. Makes me smile wild and bark at my co-slaves at work! Bark bark bark …. Dancehall of the Dead: dance or die motherfuckers! Reminds me of the productions of hardcore rave king – Panacea. You all break my heart: a very nostalgic trip for me. This is a track I wish I had heard during my first techno parties in Poland at the beginning of the 90’s. Instead of “Who killed JFK”, “U96” and similar cheesy crap (which at that time was sooo BIIIG!!). Good times: a nice, experimental raeggeton outro.
All in all “Shout at the Doner” is not bad at all, at all. Give it a try here:

SHOUT AT THE DÖNER MEGAMiX A short teaser mix presenting all the tracks from “Shout at the Doner”

... and check this mix by kid606 –
my blog.

Dj Craze - June Mix

To celebrate his appearance in Fabric on 12 June 2009, Dj Craze invites all of you to listen to his brand-spanking-new mix. He will play alongside Scratch Perverts, Klever, Patchwork Pirates with other big names represented in other rooms.

The tracklist of this mix is stellar. I will just use three words: eclectic, bouncy and bass-heavy. He somehow managed to combine all the best tracks and remixes flying high (my subjective view at least) recently in the blogosphere and prepared a tasty mish-mash of electronic soundz, starting from the best electro track in history (again my subjective view) - i.e. Dominator, here in Herve's refix, through artists you'd see regularly on the roll in such mixes, i.e. Major Lazer, L-Vis 1990, Jack Beats Jack, Hostage, DZ, Foamo to Buraka Som Sistema. Don't sleep on it.


09 June 2009

Dirty Filthy Whompcast 011: ill-esha

Arghhh! New Whompcast in the club! Best crunchy glitchy and whomp-ridden podcasts across the blogosphere. Trust my werds!

This time representing ill-esha, a Canadian lady of dubz from Vancouver. ill-esha has performed in over 42 cities across North America and Europe, DJed on major television networks, and released top-selling vinyls on labels like Breakbeat Science, Outsider & Whisper Audio. Currently she represents drum & bass weekly on bassdrive.com and glitch hop and dubstep sounds with a prolific Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit. Together with her friends she also runs fast-expanding mekka of all glitch-hop headz, namely Glitch Hop Forum.

The mix for Whompcast can be nothing short of the total crunky, bass-heavy mayhem, yet ill-esha added also a nice feminine touch to the entire, eclectic set pulsating with energy (I’m thinking here mainly about beautiful Cherry Blossoms or H.A.A.R.P.). Pumping glitch hop bangers like Sexual Fire, Victoria Block, Move Shake, heavy dubstep sub-bass and tons of tracks by IGU crew you probably had never had a chance to hear, what else do you need? Ah yes, a nice outro – Wolf Intervals deliver with smashing results. I wrote about this remix (which haunts me sucking me dry of any negative energy every morning), in too many places.
Enjoy the ride!


08 June 2009

Feed me crunk and glitch you dirty robot!

Ben Samples - Autobot (Samples Original Remix)
Samples churns great track after great track with a speed of industrial assembly line. His glitched basslines are extremely crisp and ‘metallic’. I have always suspected him of some form of bio-technological upgrade, and in this track the truth is revealed – his robot self finally speaks!!

Wolf Intervals – All Up Under The Covers Day
This track and video just killed me!! It’s on a constant repeat since last week. Glitchy mother lover. Fantastic and totally infectious SNL’s remix. “I'm a mother lover you're a mother lover we should fuck each others mother” and “it would be an honour to be your step father” what would Sigmund Freud say?!?!?

Freddy Todd - Detroit Gets It
Great glitch-hop track by a Detroit producer, a kind of response to „witnessing The Glitch Mob, RJD2, and Bassnectar bomb the blocks in down town Detroit. (his own words). In my opinion a very good and ass-kicking response. Tight mixing and very nice work with deconstructed vocals and if you know Glitch Mob stuff – you can easily recognize Mob-like beats and melodies skillfully woven into the composition.

Freddy Todd – Grind Baby
Another great industrial glitch offering from a city with dying industry. Excellent Detroit beats full of cleverly mixed samples from Busta Rhymes, STS9, Funkadelic, Ben Harper and more. I really dig Freddy Todd’s whompy and melodic aesthetics.

Fat Pat - Dirty Birds
Heavy dubstep bassline and funny nursery rhyme melody mix. Fantastic clash of styles!! But, please do not play this music to your kids, they might go mental on you.

Johnny Cash – Belshaazar (Machine Drum remix) Crunked up version of Johnny Cash hit! Fat glitched beats by Machine Drum. Tip!

06 June 2009

Nosaj Thing - Drift Out NOW!!!!!!


Digital Release Date: May 26, 2009
CD/Vinyl Release Date: June 9, 2009
Catalog: APR-025
Label: Alpha Pup Records

I should have written about this weeks ago, but had no time to prepare a proper review :( And believe me, this release is E P I C, for me personally absolutely and without any doubt the best record this year. Trust me and grab this release, support the guy and his beautiful music. Nosaj Thing is THE LEGEND!!!! Expect much more in a full review I hope to cook soon.

* The DEBUT full length album from Nosaj Thing
* Featured this week on iTunes, Bleep and Addictech
* Record release party at Low End Theory on June 10th

Cop it now: iTunes | Bleep | Boomkat | Addictech | Amazon

Message from the crew: Nosaj Thing's VERY FIRST full length album. And now, more than ever, we need your HELP in getting the word out!!!!

05 June 2009

Another great mix from Forensics. He is the man, he is the MAN! Constant provider of quality mixes, for chilling out yet full of emotions and energy. As usual, the mix starts from spacey dubby sonic landscapes slowly moving towards its best part soaking in ultra heavy sub-bass, including one of the best dubstep tracks I heard last year by a Belgian producer Saviour. His Darkness fall is the deepest badass with amazing woman vocals. Just listen to this baaassssss!!!! Another highlight of this eclectic mix is Boy Crisis – Dressed to digress in the remix by none other than bass king Nero. 40+ minutes journey is crowned with an infectious, straight-in-yer-face grime killer by Ruckspin & Plans ft. Foreign Beggars and a top grime crew from Madchaster – Virus Syndicate.


Dubstep/Grime Top 10 - May 2009

In no particular order:

Joker – Solid State
Asher Roth – I love college (Kid Static dubstep remix)
Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex – After Shocks (Stagga remix)
Product01 – Ready2Rage (Bassnectar and Jantsen remix)
The Widdler – The Bride
Boy Crisis - Dressed to digress (Nero remix)
Ruckspin & Planas - The nature of it ft. Foreign Beggars & Virus Syndicate
Don Goliath – Mrs U (Noizy Parka remix)
Akira Kiteshi – Jeremy Kyle
Raffertie – Stomping Grounds (VIP)
Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (6Blocc remix)
Tom Encore – Jig

03 June 2009

Rouge's Foam fantastic article on aesthetics of "wonky" and much much more

Loving Wonky by Rouge's Foam

Through Zomby's myspace I caught an absolutely amazing, (if a bit too academic - not a criticism, but rather a statement of fact) article about wonky / acquafresh / psych-dubstep by Rouge's Foam. The premises for the article are very interesting and really work: to make an attempt to show the phenomena in its various shades, approach it from a theoretical angle, yet without trying to explain everytyhing (which always assumes some form of taking sides or pigeonholing). The author asks the dear readers to digest the contents and synthesize their own opinions out of the ocean of threads presented there. Although the sheer volume of details and diverse clues made my head spinning when reading this fantastic piece of music criticism.

The following paragraph is probably the best introduction to the enormous text awaiting you on Rouges' Foam blog.

As ‘wonky’ (also known as ‘w***y’ - I’d suggest ‘the music formerly known as wonky’) is one of the main fronts in the aesthetic-generational value war that rages on, I thought I might try out some of that ‘magnified listening’ on the music involved to find out what can be described as going on in it with a view to exploring the sorts of aesthetic significance (value, if you like) that it can afford. More than just an exercise in appreciation, this could shed some light on differences among the value-judgment criteria that pull the strings in discourse of/on UK popular music (that is, popular in production rather than destination) and put ‘wonky’s’ adherents and detractors into a cultural and ideological context.

Loving Wonky takes Zomby, Hyperdub, Rustie, Lucky Me crew, Ikonika, Gemini, Joker and dissects them into in an extremely comprehensive way while putting the entire avant-garde movement into so many contexts that simple listing of them would be the size of an average post on a typical music blog.

The musical characteristics of ‘wonky’, is my favorite part, which is quite obvious as being a fan and avid listener of this type of stuff, too many times had I made futile attempts at grasping the essence of my listening experience and trying to verbalize it into some coherent and comprehensible written form. Fortunately, now I have a solid basis and a reference for my future streams-of-consciousness rants about purple wonky universe.

"Simply put, ‘wonky’ features a wider range of moods and styles than the mono-mood of classic dubstep and other genres in the nuum or popular music at large. Joker really brings this aspect to life with his eloquent mood-music (I’d love to see him do a film soundtrack), and played through, collections such as the Zomby EP and Starkey’s Ephemeral Exhibits take us on a tour of assorted affects and stylistic configurations. The latter’s exquisite contemplation ‘Miracles’, bringing to mind different-ball-park acts like Boards of Canada, seems to be our chillout room - but there’s a subtly ill look on the faces of the punters gathered there. Such stylistic cornucopias/smorgasbords (oh me, I just can’t decide between those two deliciously pretentious words) seem to point to IDM’s ‘home listening’ illustrated encyclopaedias of style, suites such as Aphex Twin’s Drukqs being a prime example. "

And the real killer comes in the comments section by the author himself where he makes a sort of aesthetic associations between music and visual arts, assigning painters to each main icon of the wonky scene :)) I think I see the direction in which this comparison goes. Check it out:

Zomby - Kandinsky (agree 100%!!!)
Ikonika - Picasso
Darkstar - Paul Klee
Joker - Edward Hopper
Starkey - Boccioni
Burial - JMW Turner

And don't forget to check numerous links of the article, in particular the ones referring to "hardcore continuum" debate started by Simon Reynolds. But this is a subject for another discussion.

Finally, to all the Twitter Headz out there: BEWARE - this article is definitely not for your short-attention-span minds!!!! You cannot skim or scour through it, you have to go deeply, which means wasting your precious time. Just don't complain I have not warned you....

Pure filthy MADNESS - Raffertie and A1 Bassline in Rob Da Bank's show on BBC1

Oh my God!!! I officially proclaim Raffertie the craziest and most insane and intensive DJ across the f...g globe! Just listen to this one hour mix for Rob Da Bank & Friends on BBCRadio1 and you'll understand my bombastic statement.

A1Bassline mix is okey, bouncy, housey and kicking,
but Raffertie... Well, I'm speechless. 2 Unlimited vs. George Micheal vs. Baby D vs. Vanilla Ice / Aretha Franklin accapelas. Akira Kiteshi, Reso, Starkey and others plus ton of stuff from Reffertie himself. Pure filthy sonic mayhem, unlimited artistic expression indeed. Love or hate, wicked wobbly, style. Not for all tastes but I personally have been completely and utterly destroyed by the sound coming from my speakers.


Opiou - Physical Symptoms EP (free / voluntary donation)



1.The Freaky Bean
3.Monkey Crunk
4.Nun Cha Ka

Please head over to http://opiuo.bandcamp.com/ and download...the entire EP.
It's FREE. And if you want donate money you can. You name the price. Be generous to Opiou - this is epic EP. The fattest, heaviest and tightest crunky glitch bass I've heard recently. Low end frequency with extremely groovy and funky beat makes my ass bounce like a 16 year old chica on a Fake Blood's disco gig (pardon my imagination). Stomp, twist, jump, swing, head, head, head ... head ?!?!? where is my f...g head? Gotch ya! Uffff, that was close. Do not attempt listening to these four killer tracks while at work, unless you don't give a dub about your co-slaves or bo-asses and are concerned about your overall corporeal fitness.
Until now I've never heard about Opiou and probably would not hear if not for a great source of fattest beats and heaviest bass - namely Glitch Hop Forum. Go there, register and share the joy of music with other bass addicts.

02 June 2009

Various Artists mix of free tracks

I try and squeeze in this post a few tracks I received over the last few weeks. No music style code, no common denominator, just a good listening experience. I don't want to lose them in the torrent of music hitting me from every possible direction. A bit different from what I usually post here, but not that much :)

Tzochitl Soundsystem vs. Toy Selectah - Hay Guey (highly recommended)

A funky tropical tip for your listening pleasure. After Sonido del Principe smashing tracks on the previous release from West Cost's cumbia imprint Bersa Discos, here comes another champion sound, namely Bersa Disco numero cinque with Toy Selectah (a.k.a. Toy Hernández) and a collection of remixes. Shake your body, move your limbs let the music speak, la la la latino way. Check the label's myspace for other remixes and collaborations, including Boys Noize and Dj Negro.
Schlachtofbronx - Good To Go (zShare) - (uber ultra highly recommended hit now in 320 version)

Timberlee - Gunny Gunny (Schlachthofbronx remix) (zShare)
(higly recommended)

Schlachthofbronx -poppin.mp3 (zShare) (highly recommended)

More killing tracks by cumbia / kuduro / ghetto-bass mega ultra f....g cool crew from Germany - Schlachthofbronx who produce the best "slow latin" music in the world. This time in collabo with Spoek Mathambo (Sweat X and Playdoe) + Big Space (AKA Slush Puppy Kids).

Siriusmo - Uninvited Guest snippet (highly recommended)

Two guys from Modeselektor, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, decided to found their own label, Monkeytown Records, to create a platform for befriended artists. Modeselektor is definitely in top regions of my best electronic artistis list, thus I am very pleased to hear about this development. As they boastly claim „Anything Pharell Williams does, we can do better.“ Well, I definitely share this view ha ha ha.

Modeselektor‘s buddy Siriusmo personally invited himself to be the very first artist on Monkeytown Records. Siriusmo aka Moritz Friedrich is a real survivalist, played in a band for many years and is a fan of old keyboards. As a professional artist (painting, illustration, graffiti) Siriusmo lives off temporary jobs and even does construction work now and then. His self therapeutical way of life shows a new side with „The uninvited guest“ (to be released on 15 June 2009). Two EPs by Siriusmo will follow and album at the end of 2009, all on Monkeytown Records. I'm really looking forward to this release - a fine share of electronic extravanganza and surreal beats making you laugh and cry at the same time. Trust me, you'll really want to have this record at hand just in case :)

“Dangerous MC’s” Redman and Method Man (Bossasaurus remix) (highly recommended)
Negatron and Egon, two funny Bossasaurs in a remix of the great hip hop track from the new album "Blackout 2" by none other than Redman and Method Man. Oh yes, these guys bring us really dope beats and old-school flow in a funky refix. Note from the saurus themselves: The track was also made for a contest with other semi-exciting prizes, but like most herbivores we were in it for the big bunches of green leaves. Please help us accomplish our profound dreams: Knock this shit. BTW - check my blog for a ridiculous mix by the dinos.

Bodycode (Alan Abrahams) grew up in post-Apartheid South Africa, where polyrhythmic percussion first entered his bloodstream; he then lived in Portugal for years, sweating it out in Lisbon’s club scene while absorbing the sounds of electronic dance music and releasing tracks via numerous aliases. Three years after releasing 2006’s The Conservation of Electric Charge on Spectral Sound, the man known as Bodycode moved from Lisbon to Berlin. Now, Teutonic house music’s taut, jacking rhythms form the core of Immune, Alan’s new full-length as Bodycode. Immune is a a nuanced, intricately textured album of vocal-laced house tracks and “What Did You Say?” is the first single coming off it. Preview the entire album here.

Prairie Cartel's - Beautiful Shadow (Santiago & Bushido remix).

Potty Mouth's Santiago and Bushido in a pumping house remix of Prairie's Cartel's track with pretty heavy and ass-kicking bassline. The official release is scheduled to take place in a couple of months on the label Long Nights Impossible Odds, however the guys were nice enough to leak this 320 high quality version. The S&B 'UWLMF EP', including the single 'Make Me Feel' featuring Colette is set to be released via Potty Mouth Music on June 9 and will be available at Beatport. Watch out!

"Tom Petty meets The Pointer Sisters in a neon karaoke bar in Tokyo singing Tina Turner. The music is a sonic milkshake, a genre blending, culture-defying laser show. Synths, raps, explosive hooks, colorful bridges, sailboats, inspiration" Well, a bit bombastic description but this is really sunny karaoke music for boys on yachts. I like the synths, some beats and funky approach to vocalization. Definitely not my type of music as such, but remixes are quite cool (esp. Minidog's). Find more about Iglu & Hartly on their site.

J Goon and Fresney - Under Rated (highly recommended)

J Goon and Fresney - Damn

Finally, fresh stuff from New Zealand's guys currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Glitchy, booty mashdowns with heavy beats and tight mixing. Give it a try, you'll not be disappointed.