31 August 2009

Schlachthofbronx - Schlachthofbronx 2009 + Belly Full of Pills EP

Schlachthofbronx - Schlachthofbronx (2009)
8 out of 10****

Ghettobassdancehallairhornsteppers from Munich have just released a fantastic double feature. Full length self-titled Schlachtohofbronx digital album and a Schlachthofbronx ft. Slushpuppykids - Belly Full Of Pills EP on vinyl. I hereby announce the official opeaning of the horn step Bavarian season. Watch out for happy pranksters equipped with air-horns making practical jokes of unsuspecting party goers at venues next to you.

Schlachthofbronx came to my attention with two fantastic tracks hitting the blogosphere earlier this year, i.e. kuduro / cumbia influenced La lente and infectious dubbed-out dancehall riddim Good to Go. I have been eagerly awaiting their full-length debut and I have not been disappointed at all. 15 tracks full of stomping beats and drums but most of all crazy synths, trumpets and horns deliver a modern dancefloor-oriented world music, ranging from balkanian turbo folk through bloodclat Jamaican dancehall, flirtations with kuduro to full-grown modern banger beats.

Schlachthofbronx have created a very unique 'trickster' style with unexpectadly rich sense of humor (they are October Fest folks remember) and inclinations towards kitsch and ridicule, but at the same time full of unrestrained fun and sonic pleasure and above all, great production skills. Schlachthofbronx music would force the most stuborn and coldest ass in da house to shake at least a bit. I can easily imagine them marching in the Notting Hill Parade beating big drums and ferociousoly playing synths making stupid faces :)

Highlights of the release: Chupchik (the name seems to be inspired by Borat!) - balkanian turbo folk trumpets in a nice little joint which your mother and even grandfather would love to hear at a crazy wedding party in some far far away village in Kazakhstan. Bretto - ghetto tech banger with stomping beats TIP!!, Spot Clean - dancehall riddim of Doubla J served in a fantastic ass-shaking electronic sauce by Bavarian ravers. Regulate - more stomping ghetto stuff, We run this - bloodclatt jamaican step. Too High - f...g dancefloor killer, it will definitely make rounds in DJ sets, this autotune / vocoder Slush Puppy Kids voice is sooo off kilter but I love it. If you like this you should definitely check the EP. Regulate - heavy beat and great synths (am I reapeating myself?) Belly full of Pills - Slushy Puppy Kids again in a killing 'autotune' track. Schorschl Take 3 - turbo-folk beat vs. ghetto bass and my personal candidate for a few nice remixes. Uff, I will soon mention all the tracks from this album.

To celebrate this releases on disko b, the bwyos released one track from the album named "holdin that dick". spoek mathambo & bigspace on dirty talk, schlachthofbronx on bass & airhorn.


You should also check the Belly full of Pills mix with all the tkunes and remixes from the EP and some surprises.


Schlachthofbronx will tour Europe in November & December. Make yer air-horns ready!

You can buy the releases here:


LORN - GHOST MACHINE EP (lost and found series)


1. Watchtower
2. Paradise Lost
3. Hollow Man
4. Powertrip
5. Forecast
6. Requiem

27 August 2009

Dev79 - Live from Full Service at Club Love NYC + Donaeo - Party Hard (Dev79 Refix)

I still have vivid recollections of the brainsmashing Contra Bass party during which the ratio of killing bangers per minute went through the roof. That's why I more than welcomed the stuff hitting my mailbox from none other than Dev79 - Philly's Street Bass and Seclusiasis crew posse (Starkey, Kotchy - you all know them right??). Banging beats mood continues and Dev79 delivers what I'm craving for - namely bass-heavy ass-ripping ravey live set from Full Service at Love Club, NYC.

Live from Full Service at Club Love NYC 7-31-09 (zshare)

The tracklist is simply stellar. No exaggeration. Really. The mix starts from the earthquake and continues in the same spirit till the end. It's even hard to mention a few highlights as the whole set soaks with consistent and merciless energy downpour ranging from ravey anthems through deep breakdowns, distorted drops, punches and sick basslines to low frequency dubstep tunes, and grimey rants. Refixed, remixed and reprocessed but with one common denominator - lotsa heavy bass (or should I write street bass?). I wish I was at this party.

Well, I have to mention at least a few tracks.

Dev79 - In Ya Face (Willy Joy Remix) - smashing anthem, I've danced my ass off last Saturday to similar shit, arghhh. No f...g mercy to all beard-strokers and bar flies. Move your joints or scram.
BD1982 - Space Boots (Slugabed Remix) - f..g mental track! Slugabed has just recently released a few heavy glitched tracks and remixes and is fast gaining on appreciation. You should definitely memorize this name. Check the entire EP by BD1982 now on Seclusiasis with more great remixes by Hovatron (my fave on this release next to Slugabed), Starkey, Tayo and more.

Playdoe - Freeze Step (Starkey Remix). Philly's don Starkey never falters and delivers only quality tunnage and his remixes are class in themselves.
Backlash (Raffertie Remix) - Crazy, sick Raffertie at his best. I love this man.
Kudos to Dev79 for including Pacheko, Various Production, Dnae Beats in his mix. Great producers all of them.

Shit, I will soon list all the tracks on the mix. And music speaks better than 1000 words. You better listen for yourself.

Finally check gunky (Dev79's own term to describe this type of ruffed up funky music) bass refix of pretty infectious funky house / 2-step'ish track by Donaeo - Party Hard cooked by Dev79. The remix is definitely heavier, deeper and I would even risk saying more "funky" than the original :)

Donaeo - Party Hard (Dev79 refix)

Contact Dev79 @:



Białystok, Metro Club, 22 August 2009. CONTRA BASS. Best party of the year, great vibe. I had so much fun, I danced my ass off. My neck, my legs, all my muscles hurt for 3 days afterwards. This almost reminded me of tribal/industrial/trance parties at the beginning of the 90's when Poland had just kicked off communism and embraced the West with all its pros and cons, including acid/extasy culture and rave revolution.

Here are some pictures and vids shot by your humble humble narrator (bear in mind under the influence of various, ehmmmm nice drugs, alcohol including). Bangers were flying high, crowd was sweating and dancing, friends were there and girls were smiling and shaking their asses and DJ's definitely had the best time of all :) I was totally surprised how well everything clicked and exceeded my expectations. My best friend DJ Koola played the best set I've heard of him in like, hmm 10 years. Heavy, fast, banging and whompy, full of drops and kicks, killing basslines and fantastic remixes. My brother DJ Montek equipped with a Mac, Ableton and controlllers actually played his first full-digital / no vinyl live set and he fucking set the dancefloor on fire! He shot bangers with the speed of an Uzi and when the dancers couldn't stand more ended them with heavy dubstep sub-bass. I'm really proud of my brother's skills. Expect a heavy mix from him soon on my blog. Dtekk had to replace Montek behind the decks at 2 a.m. probably saving a few dancers but nonetheless continuing with propa sound what two rudebwoys started. Uff, this was a hell of a party and great closing of the summer in Poland. Well, I couldn't make to Flying Lotus, HudMo, Tim Exile gig in Katowice this weekend :(

Koola on the buttons !! What a hug with Montek!

Montek killing with bassline Mumdance remix! Actually this is the best track of my 7yr old kid :)

More Montek and wicked shit

Koola and some ladies (there's too many men, too many men, we need some more girls in here!)

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. Video - INSANE !!!

Best shit I've seen on youtube for a while. Thanks Briefcase Rockers, LTD for the tip.

21 August 2009

Twit Twit Twat - @doktorkrank

InImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah, I knew this day would come sooner or later. So, here I am peeps! Add me and stay in touch but don't expect 50 twits per day he he he.

20 August 2009


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

9 out of 10 ***** ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!


ARTIST: Mochipet
TITLE: Godzilla New Year Single
LABEL: Daly City Records
FORMAT: Digital Single with Remixes
COVER ART BY: Sean Griffin

01) Godzilla New Year Original
02) Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
03) Godzilla New Year (An-Ten-Nae Remix)
04) Godzilla New Year (Ana Sia Remix)
05) Godzilla New Year (Mimosa Remix)
06) Godzilla New Year (Nortec Remix)
07) Godzilla New Year (David Starfire Remix Instrumental)
08) Godzilla New Year (David Starfire Remix Featuring iCatching

Last year Mochipet released an entire series of remixes off his Microphonepet full-length album. He continues the same pattern with Master P on Atari with even better results. Godzilla New Year single is definitely the most consistent and top quality compilation I’ve heard this year. It is simply a MUST for any glitch hop fan. Mochipet collected an outstanding group of remixers, practically all of them “hot” names of the scene. Pretty diverse in vibe and quite interesting individually, all the edits add up to an extremely coherent release, glitched and crunked to the max, yet full of fantastic melodies and surprising synths, bleeps and of course Chinese gongs. From the first original track till the mesmerizing and ‘raw energy’ remix by David Starfire the listener is confronted with a thick wall of heavy sound built on a properly distorted and twisted foundation with straight-in-yer face bassline. All the artists preserved the basis and added their own diverse and contagious interpretations thus creating a killing tool for converting infidels into glitch bass. I call on you, take this record and preach Glitch Hop to the masses.

The single starts with heavy metal intensity of the original version. Fast and dirty making my head spin and arousing evil smile on my face. Pure adrenaline kick! I bet you will not be able to sit on your chair longer than 60 sec. into it. No wonder Mochipet selected this particular track for remixes.

Then, glitch hop master, Vibesquad delivers a surefire hit with contagious synths, nice build-ups and crunky beats. This track will definitely be heavily rinsed by DJ’s across the globe. An-ten-nae offers super crunky, ill electronica with heavy bassline. Just ask your car’s sound system about the opinion on this track. An-ten-nae is one of my favorite producers and he shows outstanding skills and delivers heavy weight bomb of distorted synths and fantastic melody, which reminds me of the work of another talented artist, namely dubstep / breakcore don Cardopusher. TIP of the release without a doubt! And don’t forget to check An-ten-nae’s Acid Crunk vol. 5 released recently. His music is so ill.

A lady producer, Ana Sia, steps in and takes the listeners for a trip into slowed down distortions, dark synths and fast drums in one of the fattest tracks, utilizing low frequency and sub bass in the best possible way. This girl knows how to rock hard. Mimosa plays with emotions like none other. His remix is a nice foretaste of his killing EP (Flux for Life) released on Muti just a few days ago. Dreamy and unsettling melody craftily woven into glitched beats and heavy bass. Ready-made score for a 21st century poetic docu about humanity obsessed with technology reaching a boiling point of greenhouse effect. Archaic revival seems to be the only solution…
Moving further into different areas, Mexico’s own Nortec Collective (Clorofila) delivers glitched Cumbia with very nice distorted and delayed trumpets and accordions. Reminds me a bit of Balkansky’s ethnic stuff. I thought that combination of Cumbia and glitch-hop may be too risky, but this track proves quite the reverse! These two music genres currently occupy the top of my list thus I simply can only appreciate this nice little joint. Keep’em coming Nortec!

Finally, here comes the second best remix by the head of Six Degrees Records - David Starfire. Ultra heavy glitch hop in a mesmerizing oriental sauce. I love such sweet and sour treats, simply delicious. Gong Gong Gong. If instrumental is great and rules in my car’s sound system, the version featuring a vocalist is just unbelievable, utter, proper shit. Kudos to iCatching for finding a right flow and raw energy fitting so well the production of David Starfire.

The more releases of such quality hit the market, the faster glitch hop will gain the right momentum to spread really wide. I keep my fingers crossed.


You can hear all the tracks from the EP in an exclusive mix by Mochi for Bijou Breaks: MOCHIPET - BIJOU BREAKS MIX


19 August 2009


Schlachthofbronx album is dropping soon! And I'm very eagerly awaiting this release after listening to so many fantastic ghetto bangers from this crazy Munich crew recently. As an appetizer, in August Schlachthofbronx will release an EP "belly full of pills", including collaborations with South Africa chief cribwalkers slush puppy kids (spell: spoek mathambo and bigspace!) as well as great remixes. Can't wait!
As a teaser schlachthofbronx prepared a totally ill lil mix with fresh material off the EP and some exclusive 'bavarian bounce material' (he he how correct!). This is some merciless bouncy shit with heavy bass and sick vocals.
Later this year, the bwoys go for a lil belly full of pills tour, reuniting Spoek and Schlachthofbronx (Europe and South Africa). Watch out for the dates as their shows will definitely make you horny as a bull and tired as hell.


My lovely corporation decided to squeeze me dry at the end of the summer preventing me from more activity on my blog and making me hungry for more mellow and less bouncy type of music. Thanks God, I have Forensics. I've recently collected so many goodies from the man, that now is the time to offload them to the listening public.

Great remix lifted from Forensic’s blog released by the man to celebrate the 400th post. Fantastic journey through well-known Forensic’s landscapes. Disturbing and unsettling.

Forensics + beautiful voice of Indi Kaur = heavenly delight

Forensics Virb -

Again, n'th killing mix from Forensics recorded for Example Magazine. This man is an unstoppable source of quality atmospheric music. Forensics - Endgame (R.Demon remix), an absolutely amazing remix, actually another big shot after earlier Two Oh One nice refix. Deep and heavy, evoking flood of overwhelming emotions. I love music going so deep into my mind! Lots of Joker stuff – which is good as I LOVE Joker, in particular the edit of The Heavy is big! Plus Various Production and DZ and others, do I need more from Forensics?

One of the best mixes from Forensics ever!!! And believe me, I can feel and hear quality in music, in particular Forensic’s as I am avid follower of his mixes for years now. Full of liquid dreams and extraterrestrial spacey music textures. Trip into unknown in an off-system probe. But oh my God. Moldy – Black Ice ft. Indi Kaur, this is definitely most beautiful track I’ve heard in a while. I’m fast becoming big fan of Indi Kaur’s dreamy voice. Forensics is unrivalled creator of super atmospheric trips but much more lively and full of infectious beats and deep bass growling than mere ambient or drone music. Well, he mines his precious tracks mainly from UK urban sound landscape as you can hear in this mix in fantastic joints by the man himself plus tons of my favorite producers like Gravious, Wrexile, Marlow - Back 4 More is THE SHIT!!!! and Bandwagon Junglist, well you all know this track, pure bass happiness. Plus another f…g huge remix by Joker and Ginz. Praise the sub-bass dubstep / heavy bass – this genre can be sooooo diverse at times.

And finally Forensic’s own productions and remixes in a promo mix. Including at least four of the best tracks from Forensics this year, i.e. All to waste, Endless, Exile and Your blood, my hands. If this beautiful and deep music does not encourage you to reach for Forensic’s music, you probably have no heart and your emotions are blocked. Take a deep breath and relax.

01 : All to waste ft. Indi Kaur *
02 : Up at dawn **
03 : Endless **
04 : Not Alone VIP ***
05 : Your blood, my hands **
06 : Exile ft. Indi Kaur VIP ***
07 : Midnight sky (Grooki remix) *
08 : Endless (Wrexile remix) *

* = unreleased
** = out on Digital Sin
*** = coming soon on Eight:FX


13 August 2009

Dabrye - AIR ft. Mf Doom (fLako & Robot Koch remix)

What a fantastic collaboration of beatmakers and MC's!!! Good Ole' Dabrye with support of Mf Doom refixed by Berlin-based super duo of beat-benders fLako & Robot Koch. TIP!!

Dabrye - Air feat. Mf Doom (fLako & Robot Koch Remix) by kwatro


PANTyRAiD is MartyParty and Ooah (Glitch Mob). They are about to release their full-length called "The Sauce" (should drop in August). Honestly, it's the most anticipated piece of music by yours truly. They released some time ago a single of the coming album - Beba/Get the Money, check it, it's BiiiiG! Some time ago I posted a short mix by the boys from MAH show (check it here).

But today I have a much longer treat from their camp. I don't know about you but these guys rock my ass hard and I nearly shit in my pants each time listening to their music (maybe, I'm exeggarating a bit, but just a bit). Listen to this fantastic piece of glitchy mash ups full of memorable acapellas, distorted synths and banging beats. Their music is the real essence of what attracts me to glitch hop / crunk. Keep up the good work Raiders!

PANTyRAiD Mixtape (direct link via marineparade records)


12 August 2009

Forensics ft. Indi Kaur: Exile VIP:

Shhhhhhhh.... silence .... watch

Forensics ft Indi Kaur: Exile VIP from uptown_studio on Vimeo.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It is summer but by no means my tracks are on a sunny side of the rainbow. This is more or less what I like most this season to-date. Some of the tracks were probably released earlier, but I’ve heard them just recently.

MOCHIPET – GODZILLA NEW YEAR (DAVID STARFIRE RMX) Best remix on absolutely fantastic Mochipet’s Godzilla New Year’s remix EP. Ultra heavy glitch hop in an oriental sauce. Delicious!!

GS BOYS - STANKY LEGG (LUNICE REMIX) - Lunice is DA MAN, he makes no errors in his remixes! (check it on Sample’s mixtape)

RQM – BARELY EVIL (BIG DOPE P GHETTO NASTY REMIX. F…g bouncy, killing ass-shaking ghetto tech booty

FULGEANCE – ANN ARBOR 4x4 looped synths and infectious IDM melodies. Memorize the name of this French producer – he is on the rise.

ZOMBY – HELTER SKELTER After a listening a few times, this seems to be one of the best tracks on the newest release by one-and-only Zomby (maybe because it reminds Zomby EP most). On the whole I need some time to get convinced about his new album.

FORENSICS - ALL TO WASTE FT. INDI KAUR Beauty lies in the Ear of the Listener! Wonderful and spiritual track. Forensics never disappoints.

DAEDALUS - C'EST SUPER (MICHNA REMIX) Well well well ‘weird’ remix of even weirder song. Quite accessible for a Deadalus track.

CHIP CHOP – LAUNCH BLANK A highlight of the recently released “Motion Sickness” compilation on Run Riot Recordings. Proper glitch action with live drums and infections synths. Intense and deep.

KITIMAT – AMSDN Another killing track from Motion Sickness comp. Wow, this bass is soooooooo heavy. Plus very nice and infectious melody and synth work – spacey dub joint par excellence! (Download Motion Sickness FREE Minimix.mp3 and check the entire compilation as it includes much more goodies)

RUSTIE – BAD SCIENCE I know you’ve heard this track many times but I cant have enough of it and finally Bad Science EP drops on 17 Aug.

BASSNECTAR – COZZA FRENZY This bass will make you scream and shout and kick wild around! Don’t try and drive a car while listening to it! Banging indeed, even if too much on a Rusko tip! Bassnectar did it again!

SABBO (FT. MC ZULU) - SPANISH FLY (NOIZ IN ZION REMIX) Dancehall funky dubstep. I want more!

HOCKEY - SONG AWAY (JACK BEAT'S ANGER MANAGEMENT REMIX) Crispy production and pumping, pounding all-encompasing joint by Jack Beats'. Acid tip again!

MOCHIPET – GODZILLA NEW YEAR (AN-TEN-NAE RMX) Super ill glitched electronica with heavy bassline and fantastic melody. Ask your car’s sound system about the opinion on this track – your car will be delighted!

MIKA - WE ARE GOLDEN (JOKERS OF THE SCENE REMIX). Acid banger of the month!

M83 - WE OWN THE SKY (UDACHI REMIX) Drill core banging dubstep! I feared this track will make holes in my car’s roof and windows will fall shattered… and it begins so innocently.

AN-TEN-NAE – ILL The illiest glitch hop / crunk producer coming back with 5th installment in his Acid Crunk series. BIG!! (a similarity of Ill to his HTL’s remix is no accident)

MAJOR LAZER – HTL (TAMBOUR BATTANT & THE UNIK REMIX) Great bass-heavy and glitchy remix of the remixed-to-death HTL by the French electro outfit Tambour Battant and The Unik

FAUNA - EL ZOMBIE (DISQUE DJ REMIX) (download the entire record of Fauna’s remixes for free) Great cumbia reggae with fantastic synth work and infectious dubby rhythm.

WILEY VS. SKEPTA - TOO MANY MAN (DJ ABSURD FUNKY BASSLINE REMIX) DJ Absurd's refix added more depth to the pretty fast grime flow of the original and the bassline is veeeryyy tasty.

SELF EVIDENT - THE WALK Proper stomping beats with dancehall riddim with great drops, kicks and snares. Dirty bassline and delayed vocals create very dancefloor oriented vibe. I love Canada.

KAT1LYST-STARING BACK AT YOU AS YOU FADE (DE NOVO CREATION CUT) Great glitch hop track of Kat1lyst in a warm and deep edit by De Novo Creation.

Low End Theory Podcast vol. 6 - Mono/Poly vs. Nobody

I can post Low End Theory Podcasts to my blog without first listening to them. I simply KNOW that my expectations will be fulfilled. This is exactly the case with installment no. 6 in this extremely original series pushing the boundaries of music experience further and further. Besides, I'm a big fan of West Coast sound and Mono/Poly is definitely one of the most interesting representatives of this 'movement'. His sound collages and solid beats are so diverse and fluid, full of glitches and distortions and he switches smoothly between whompy midtempo songs and bleeps and beeps of electronic improvisation and a bit suprisingly he started his set with properly heavy dubstep (I LIKE)!! An artist you should definitely check and momorize. Of course, Nobody's set is pure quality as usual ranging from glitch hop and heavy bass extravanganza to lazer synths, stomping drops and kicks to reach its port of destination in neon-light coolness. Well, let's not waste time on reading, just listen to this piece of wonderful music.

11 August 2009


Great heavy-bass dubstep mix from Canadian duo of Dan Solo & Mr. Geography (Piranha Piranha) promoted through their site therinseout.com/

Funny enough they came to my attention for the first time when I heard their bass remix of Dance Area’s disco tune. Now they dropped their mix and the selection could not have been better. It is absolutely aligned with my music taste and apart from original, very good tracks and remixes by Piranha Piranha (Payment Required is f….g killer!!!!), it includes many of my favorite artists, like Cardopusher (absolutely one of the best producer on the scene right now and this remix of Kid606 track is in my top10 tracks of this summer), Clouds, Moderat, Raffertie, Kode 9, Djunya, The Widdler plus spacey “deep medi / Hyperdub” joints like Geiom or Joker and the best atmospheric dub I heard this year, i.e. Clubroot – Low Pressure Zone (go check his full-length, it will tear you into pieces). The mix is properly heavy but at the same time leaves lotsa space for breath when moving through laidback music territories. I like the flow and would really recommend this mix to anyone who still thinks that dubstep / heavy bass must equal Rusko or Caspa and/or their numerous copycats wobble sound. Diversity and intelligence of the music presented here is really uplifting for a heavy bass geek I am. The tracks maybe not be the freshest, dopest shit making rounds on blogs and forums but they are all class and quality. Well, it’s the first official mixtape by Piranha Piranha. I can hardly wait for a sequence. Gwon Bwoys! Keep’em coming! All in all – one of the best mixes I’ve heard in a while.

07 August 2009


Paris Bassline Don, DJ ABSURD, dropped his funky 4x4 bassline remix of one of the biggest grime tracks recently, at least in my private ranking. I'm not a big fan of bassline as such, but as in nearly every music style, there are exceptions to the rule. DJ Absurd's refix surprisingly added more depth to the pretty fast grime flow of the original and the bassline is veeery tasty. Recommended!

MLK/MJ MASHUP - w/pied piper and BK2 - Beats Antique

Beats Antique released a free mash-up of Martin Luther King vs. Michael Jackson. You can grab it for free on their website - Beats Antique.

I'm not a big fan of MJ and am really disgusted with media craze after his death but somehow I can't escape listening to his music or remixes made as a tribute to the King. Well, saying that still want promote a good track and I really like this mash-up. Typical Beats Antique's track 'orchestration' combined with stompy beats and funky percussion in the background plus well-known voice samples from two famous Afro-Americans create quite a nice little joint. I will definitely play it aloud in my car's SS.

06 August 2009


Self Evident is a member of Canadian Lighta! Sound crew (aka Bass Coast Project, Pacific Dubstep). The crew includes a.o. Michael Red, Taal Mala, Tusk, DJ Cure, Tank Girl, Max Ulis. His tracks have been played by: DJ Hatcha, The Bug, Kid Kameleon, EDU K, Headhunter. He collaborated with Warrior Queen, Fefe (Lil Monsta), Rider Shafique, Phase, Max Ulis, Taal Mala, Michael Red and Played alongside: Skream, Starkey, The Bug, Caspa, Excision, Bassnectar, Maga Bo and many others. His music is heavy on the dubstep tip but goes much beyond incorporating elements of glitch, heavy bass, grime and even dancehall.

Self Evident hit me with three heavy non-released tracks. They are by all means worth promoting.

ASSES UP ‘Face down ass up that’s the way we like to fuck’ – everyone has definitely heard this shit by (correct me if I’m wrong) Miami Bass dons - 2 Live Crew. Self Evident refixed this track leaving all-to-well-known lyrics and adding ultra slow, heavy bassline with totally infectious, drilling synths! Great work.

THE WALK Proper stomping beats with dancehall riddim with great drops, kicks and snares. Dirty bassline and delayed vocals create very dancefloor oriented vibe. Best track of the three I had a chance to hear.

EVBC Again, dirty bassline and proper button job with nice breakdown in the middle and warm vocals. Definitely a trademark track of Self Evident’s style (if I may put it this way).


Bounce bounce stomp stomp kick kick jump juuuuuuuuuuuuuump !! CLP is in da hause!

I LOVE CLP (Chris de Luca and Phon.o). These two Berliners do not like nuances, complicated music patterns or soft basslines. No, they love to attack listeners with an avalanche of banging noize and fast beats with hardly any room for breath. I can clearly imagine myself jumping my ass off and sweating like an Eskimo in Ethopia to their music. Well, for now i have to hold the desk pretty hard and use all efforts to keep my head focused on a screen (please be a good head please). What a fantastic warm up to Saturday's hedonistic pleasures awaiting me at Audioriver Festival.

I don't give a f..g damn about MJ and media craze but CLP's refix of MJ's smooth criminal during their live show at Midsommer Fest simply killed me. Just listen! (sadly, no tracklist).

CLP DJ-Set at Midsommar Festival 2009 (Berlin)

and another dancefloor destroyer:

CLP Live at Friendly Integration (Blondies/Detroit)

Moderat on Audioriver this Saturday!!

YEEEEEESSS, finally a good fest this weekend. Audioriver in Płock over few years has become one of the strongest spots on the summer holidays map not only in Poland. This year I'll go there only for a Saturday night. I could choose just one day and I had to resign from seeing and hearing Friday's performances by such artists as DJ Hell (best electro DJ ever!!), Rusko, Caspa, Dub Fx or Chase & Status. Well, just one name convinced me to Saturday - Moderat!!! Love this Modeselektor + Apparat + Pathfinder bass mafia and hope to see great live show. Apart from that Telefon Tel Avi, Dirtyphonics, Joakim and many others. This will be a f..g great time.

In the meantime check the new website of
MONKEYTOWN RECORDS from MODESELEKTOR and the debut release of SIRIUSMO (well guys need some work on web designing or this is my shitty IE 6 my corpo still uses can you believe that??)

05 August 2009


Tom Encore is one of the best dubstep producers hailing from Poland. And his "Jig" (included in this mix in teh VIP version) made some noise among fans of sub-bass across the world. He is on the rise definitely, check his productions and listen to this fantastic more-than-dubstep mix.



Debruit - Soles Sweat (Reso Remix)
Starkey - Gutter Music
Bar 9 - Amalgamation
Reso - Busted Crunk
Ill.Skillz & Concord Dawn - Be There 4 U (Tom Encore Remix)
Excision & Datsik - Boom
Distance - Night Vision (Skream Remix)
Benga - Crunked Up
Untold - Anaconda
Reso - TikTak
High Rankin - Bubble & Squeak
Mr.Oizo - Flat Beat (16bit Remix)
Rob Threezy - Your Love
Excision - Obvious
DJ Madd - Reasonz
Joker & Ginz - Re-Up
Propa Tingz - Babylon's Scared (16bit Remix)
Excision & Liquid Stranger - One
Datsik - Nuke Em
Milanese - Mr Bad News
Mistabishi - Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
Tom Encore - Jig (Bounce Dat Ass VIP)
Tom Encore - You Make It Feel Right
Rusko - Soundguy Is My Target
Two Lone Swordsmen - Brother Foster Through The Phones
Milanese - Wonderful World (feat. Ben Sharpa)
Cursor Miner - Fructalbeak
Ultramagnetic MC's - Poppa Large (acapella)
Subvert & Excision - Dirt Nap
ZôL - Syphilisupastar (borgias edit)
Evol Intent - South London
Aphex Twin - Beetles


Well, well well. Skream is an artist who maybe sometimes tries to catch too many threads at once, producing much too many remixes but his new project of Future Garage / 2Step is really good! It's 2 step beat but with much deeper and heavier bass typical for dubstep. I really like the vibe and the space he creates! Sounds like a cross between Burial and Hyperdub wonky stuff but with a definite Skream trademark. I really really like the melodic side of this 2 tracks.

Check it:

Euphoric 2Step Project demo - Skream

04 August 2009


Ben Samples is definitely one of my favorite producers I came to know through the mighty Glitch Hop Forum. His tight production and mixing skills combined with heavy, straight-in-year face aesthetics always do the trick for me. On the simplest level, I am never bored listening to his stuff and this is what music should be about – entertainment, but properly ill one!

In his newest mix Samples delivers mega ill acapellas in a totally glitched out sauce with proper heavy bass and pounding basslines. Solid and tight shit especially from 18:45 mark and on with my personal best Samples’ track Players Anthem through great Skanky Legg remix by Lunice (this is another f…g enormous track by Lunice – Europeans catch him and Novatron in Europe, they are on tour right now) and PantyRaid mash-up to the very end. Definitely the glitch hop mix of the month!

According to Samples: “Pretty much inappropriate for all ages, unless you're doing coke off some strippers tits backstage of a Queensyrche show. 35 minutes, heavily influenced by strip clubs, Enjoy!” Thanks, I have enjoyed myself a lot!


03 August 2009




“The girl is so nasty, trashy, dirty mouth, actually ready to fuck,
She’s asking me getting down happily, grabbing my like gravity,
Sweet agony swallowing calories killing me gradually
First the tip than all of me ….
She’s so evil, that’s barely legal”

I am very very pleased to write this post. I always like to support true and quality artists from my homeland, Poland (I only wish there were more of them). Łukasz aka RQM is definitely such a person. In my humble opinion he’s currently one of the best vocal cord artists doing great job in lyrics department and his new EP Barely Evil is simply the best thing I’ve heard this month and definitely one of the most interesting releases this year! RQM left Poland many years ago as a kid and Berlin has become his home base for some years. Well, actually at the moment he lives in a sunny Barcelona but he relocates soon. He is part of the huge music expatriate community (too many names to mention here) living and working in the capital of Germany for the benefit of all of us, avid listeners who receive a constant inflow of quality and original stuff (if maybe sometimes too much bent towards raw minimal sound). His extensive Berlin Bass Mafia is on the rise, so don't say I did not warn you about them!

Well, let’s start from some basics first. This concise bio will definitely help in providing more details about RQM:

If you're really into Electronic music, then knowingly or not, you've heard RQM's mellow voice at some point. Be it on the intro teaser for the Maryanne Hobb's BBC1 show or on the Jahcoozi, Stereotyp, Mochipet, Al Haca, Tolcha, Milanese or The Tape records. It's also possible that one of his tunes was on that DJ Shir Khan compilation, an XLR8r Podcast or a CLP mixtape that was pounding on your stereo. Or maybe you heard one of his tunes on a Sinden radio show. Chances are you probably even danced your ass off to one of the countless remixes of his tracks, while checking out the likes of DJ Mixhell, Jesse Rose, the Acid Jacks or Oliver$ .
The point is - this multi-versed shape shifting emcee is practically ubiquitous. Over 30 features and counting, shows alongside the likes of Missy Elliot, M.I.A., Buraka Som Sistema, The Stereo Mcs, The Rapture, Radioclit, Peter Kruder, Kool Keith and The Cool Kids and RQM says he might be ready to release his solo Opus.”

Barely Evil EP by RQM is released today 3 August on OMG! Recordings. This is Beatport exclusive release: listen and buy it here. Apart from the extremely infectious and sleek original track, the EP includes a very diverse array of fantastic remixes and each track deserves a proper description in itself, at least a brief one not to overload your sensitive “short-attention-span” senses.

Barely Evil original mix is a sleek and funky joint with great, dirty lyrics which are the trademark of RQM’s unlimited imagination and of course the props must go to the production duo of Marvin Suggs who are responsible for such an impeccable crispy and modern pop sound which should make Tiga jealous. Great for partying great for chilling, fantastic for singing unter die dusche

Brain Matters remix is a simple banger with a straight heavy kick, dirty bassline and lyrics cut short to “The Girl’s so nasty, trashy, dirty mouth”. A catch phrase which will work perfectly in dimly lit club rooms at the peak of some crazy party. BANGER ALERT!

Bass Weazal track is the heaviest and dopiest (literally) shit in this package. Just listen to the percussion and totally distorted vocal and then wait to be smashed by the typical urban UK bassline. Insane!

Filewile Alpine Dub Minimal is a warm and organic journey through the sea of minimal structures and dubbed out beats. Listen carefully, you’d be surprised how much actually happens in this track. Music to play on yachts in the early morning hours just after the sunrise.

Big Dope P Ghetto Nasty Remix. Well, the name speaks for itself. Big Dope P delivers a f…g bouncy killing ass-shaking ghetto tech booty. Makes my head bob like crazy. Party treasure, aye!!! Another BIG remix. Check it also here.

Lars Moston Remix. Dirty-on-purpose tech / fidget house joint which transforms into oldschool 'silly' stompy banger with Made In Berlin written across it with capital letters! It reminds me of the tracks I heard back in the days at underground parties in Tacheles! But at the same time would nicely fit into some recent Kid606 mixtapes. A real modern old-school fusion!

Stereotyp VooDoo Remix. Probably the least accessible, yet most sophisticated and deepest track on the entire EP. I have serious problems with describing the listening experience here. This type of music has to sink in first. Definitely it's dubstep'ish in the use of low-end frequencies and strong bass, yet goes much beyond the typical characteristic of this genre. Interesting.

All in all, Barely Evil is definitely one of the best' remix' EP's I've heard in ages. Besides, one can immediately hear that producers put lots of efforts and heart into their work. All tracks are completely diffferent from each other, and I love such diverse approach to all arts, music including.

For me personally, easily THE EP OF THE MONTH and one of the best productions this year. Close to ideal - 9 out of 10 stars!!!

The package includes sooo many great remixes but you will have to check them by yourselves. I selected the original 'source' track from which everything started. IT'S REALLY GREAT! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK RQM.


We had a small chat with RQM about his new release and plans for the future.

We should probably do this interview in Polish, but then the exposure would be limited, so I guess we better use our lingua mundi.

I'm with it - lets go global...

A tricky question for a start: Vodka, Beer, Wine, Whisky or maybe straight-edge?

Tricky indeed. Put it like this - if you're family and we're celebrating - it's definitely vodka! If it's hot and we thirsty - ice cold beer. If we're dining on a relaxed tip and the food calls for extra taste bud stimulation - i'll go with some good wine. And then once in a blue I'll chase a whiskey buzz.

Do you party a lot?

Nah. Not really. Not anymore. If I'm doing shows the party vortex sort of swallows me up, but I don't go out of my way to get twisted up, but I go through my phases. I mean you can't go on stage with Jahcoozi without vodka - it's impossible!

On 3rd August your EP will be released on OMG records. After your first solo release entitled Miss Pacman, which came out last year, you return to the theme of a bad girl on Barely Evil. Do you have a special penchant for bad party girls?

These two tunes in particular, which by the way are a part of wider concept series of songs that deal with relationships and love in general, are part retrospection - part observation. When I was younger I was definitely attracted to some troubled ladies with a serious appetite for life, pitfalls included. But you play with fire for a little bit or maybe for a long while and eventually you learn that you can't tame the element and that if you let - it'll consume you. That's on a personal tip. But the songs are also a celebration or maybe a documentation of the type of women that our culture has been celebrating recently. I mean the bad girl archetype is nothing new, it's been around since day one, but it seems these days she done hijacked popular culture and she's running it. And the concept for these songs is my take on Kieslowski's Three Colors series. Miss Pacman and Barely Evil are the Red tracks - they deal with lust, desire and raw uncut sex.

Marvin Suggs from Berlin did a great production job on your track. Very sleek, clean and properly heavy. But honestly speaking I’ve never heard of them.

You ever heard of Micatone? They started out playing jazzy drum n bass influenced soul back in the day and over time they morphed into pure soul music. I think they're still on Sonar Kollektiv. One half of Marvin Suggs is Boris from Micatone. He produced Miss Pacman and this was the second tune we did together. I needed an updated disco inflected jam to get all raunchy with the lyrics and he hit me with this one and it felt right. Name any other producer whom you’d love to remix Barely Evil. I have to say that I'm really happy with the remixes that I got. Of course some bigger names would help me break through the noise in terms of promotion and distribution, but then chances are they would also make the EP sound more generic. I expected Stereotyp to do a Kubo remix for me cause I love the project, but on the flip the remix he delivered is like nothing that I heard before so I'm not sour.

All the remixes for the song are pretty diverse, ranging from pounding ghetto bangers to minimal dubs, did you have any key when selecting them? Was it difficult?

Actually I have another five remixes or so that I dropped from the final cut of the EP, and that's not because they weren't bangin'. I wanted a compact, versatile release so some joints just had to go. And it was really hard choosing, which tracks to drop and even harder telling cats that they didn't make the final cut. I know how much love and effort goes into making a tune - so when you get bumped off it bruises your ego a bit. Which is your personal favorite remix on the forthcoming EP? I love all of them for different reasons. The Filewile remix for example is unique in the use of organic sounds as if they were electronic. The brothers played a gutted echo chamber with a stick. Bonkers! Brain Matters is that simple complex combo that I love. The track appears to be all basic on the first run, but when you listen to it again you hear all these subtle things going on in the arrangement. And their vocal cut up is a classic sing-along. When I perform, I use this version. Bass Weazal got the sickest synth drop and that Ketamine like vocal treatment - I can only imagine what goes on in London when this one hits the system. The Lars Moston version is the most punky one to me - it's a bit all over the place, but at the same time it 's huge and it's sort of the same thing you've heard before a million time, but the drugged out avant-garde version of it. The Big Dope P jam is pure fun - made to be played out at strip clubs. And the Stereotyp take on it, like I said before, it's absolutely unique. One of a kind. I don't think a lot of people will get it - i would think of crossover with this one, but it's hands down sick!

Barcelona or Berlin? I love Barcelona and wonder whether you will not miss it after coming back to Berlin?

Definitely Berlin! I broke my neck, my spine, sold my liver and my kidneys to pay my rent in Barcelona - I won't have to do that in Berlin. But on the flip - you can't beat the weather or the beach or the fresh seafood. If I could combine the two - I think I would have me a micro paradise in Europe. But then if that were possible I think I would actually lobby to change the immigration laws. I would do everything in my power to stop the invasion of the consumer hipsters. If you consume music like it's fast food, look cats up and down to check what labels they're rocking. If you go out to parties and talk about your next project while artists are sweating it out on stage - can't come into my city! Sorry! BIG ASS REJECTED stamp in red ink in your passport. Contemplate it and try coming again some other time.

What are your plans for the future? I heard you are about to release more goodies in a few months.

Yeah. I got a few more of these love and relationship related tunes dropping. Lover's Voo Doo, which is a song about sex and telepathy or telepathic sex is coming out on the Bass Brains compilation next month. It should be a nice little drop - Jahcoozi, CLP, Lexi Lee, Robot Koch is on it, as well as Data Mc. I'm looking forward to this one. Also in September Shir Khan will drop his double CD compilation for Exploited Records. I got a very cerebral, liquid poetry tune with Milanese on there called Sandman and another concept tune with Sirius Mo called Atomic Fusion, which I love to death! It might be just me, but I think the tune is gold - it's sort of a Dub Step Pop something. And on a storytelling tip it's about the life cycle of a relationship told from end to beginning, but using nuclear war related imagery. And now I'm shopping the final installment of the concept, which will be a four song EP about infidelity, jealousy and braking up.

Finally, do you plan on performing in Poland anytime soon? (I hope)

I'd love to come - it's been a second. Last time I played in Poland was 4 years back or something around that and it was in Krakow with Al Haca. And I don't what it is with the bookings back home, but every time I'm supposed to come out and play shit just falls apart. All in due time I suppose.

Listen to some of these tracks on RQM's soundcloud. RQM contact data: myspace, website, twitter , facebook

02 August 2009

Th' Mole - I hate you video and update

Uber funny video joint by Th' Mole of one of the best songs from his Greatest Hits vol. 1 ha ha ha album (check my review here) - "I hate you". I'd even risk saying "Poor girl" :) But probably she deserves this, so .....

On the other front: Th' Mole is back from 3.5 month tour of the world - I strongly suspect he is partially augmented to survive such a sleep-deprivation, no-rest traveling and all those different kinds of food he most probabl had been fed by promoters (oh yeah I know sth about this). And he is working on a new stuff - two or even three FREE maxi-singles to slap you in the face in the next few months. Can't wait Jonah!! Read a nice wrap-up on Daly City blogspot.

01 August 2009


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Great bass-heavy and glitchy remix of the remixed-to-death Major Lazer’s HTL by the French electro outfit Tambour Battant and The Unik. Ben & Chico from Tambour Battant are both drummers by trade, and similarly as The Unik are very sought after live performers, thus push and kick factor is properly represented in their production, which I really really LIKE! Actually the first remix I really liked since An-ten-nae’s shit (check it here). Honestly speaking, I did not expect to hear any more remix of this song which would not be nothing but irritating. You see, I'm pretty alergic to "hyping" and HTL ting was absolutely blown out of any reasonable proportions. OK, enough of this bitching, just listen to good music.

Also check a nice, funky ghetto track by Tambour Battant YO!


Last year they released a full-length album, check it here. Intelligent D'n'B and more!

Some information about Tambur Battant from their myspace (sorry The Unik, I was unable to find info on you in English and I don't speak French :()

Ben and Nico couldn’t have chosen a better name.Both drummers by trade, percussion lines have always determined their musical style, acting as a solid anchor around which everything else is fluid and flexible.Having relished the energy of Rage Against the Machine, the experimentation of Sonic Youth and Jazz music, the hedonism of Daft Punk (Da Funk / Rollin’ & Scratchin’ period) and the booming days of hip-hop, it was at free parties that the two school friends discovered their passion for rolling bass and broken beats. But at 19 years old, tormented by the aggressive, formulaic drum & bass that they were hearing, the pair took the initiative to produce their own interpretation of breakbeat: ‘We ran out to buy a Yamahah because we were always attracted to the idea of composing. That’s why we established ourselves on live sets. Playing and mixing vinyl’s has never appealed to us. Given a basic rhythm we can do anything. We’ve been touring for three or four years and we haven’t even got a demo to give out! It’s by playing live that people know us. We’re drawn to the stage more than anything else.’