31 July 2009


Arghh, I love dirty dubstep. Period! Vancouver-based Self Evident’s mix has just tore a big hole in my brain moving through sensitive neurons with a grace of a Stalinist-era Russian tractor. Definitely, it is THE music that Darth Vader would listen to with guilty pleasure. Deep, heavy, teeth-grinding, dark sub-bass excursion into the deepest pits of hell. Music of the future military spaceships flying to the distant stars to fight some unknown evil extratterestial robots. If these are Summa Jamz I already fear Self Evident’s winter offering…


j_Oddio - The Jershman Cometh mix

The Jershman Cometh mix – j_Oddio

I nearly forgot about this ultra tight mix by Houston's j_Oddio. Thanks to my bro Montek who is a big fan of this particular 62 minutes hit-parade, I decided to post it on my blog. It fully deserves it. Starting from some proper Dnb action, then moving to the classic ass-kicking glitch hop tracks, e.g. Mochipet, two bombs by Kraddy with his uber hit of Android Porn (I love this glitch heaven) and another track of the year – EPROM’s 64 bytes, here in a very interesting treatment by ill.gates (feat Meesha and Mat the Alien ) plus other good glitch hop / crunk stuff like Vibesquad, Subvert, an-ten-nae plus absolutely contagious and mesmerizing joints by Nanda and KnowSleep (oh these eastern vocals really melt me inside). In general great mix with selection of top music that this rising genre has to offer !!!


29 July 2009



Arghhhhhhh, acid banger of the month !!!!!!!!!!

Various Production - Fact Mix 65

Various Production - Fact Mix 65

I am slowly digging through the backlog of music which had accumulated during my holidays. It seems I've not missed much. Maybe it's the summer time but I feel like less quality and originality emerge lately from the Internet music-wise. Thankfully there are artists who produce ONLY quality stuff. Such as the great duo of Various Production which a few days (weeks?) ago released a stunning mix in Fact Magazine series. I absolutely adore what Adam and Ian are doing. Even leaving aside their perfect engineering skills, they have an extremely rare ability of merging heavy bass with very emotional singing aeasthetics, be it folk or alternative or even grime. No wonder they are very sought after collaborators on UK scene. In their short mix, you can hear some interesting, as usually impeccably produced new tracks by VP, in particular the collaboration with MC Vex delivers properly deep experience, while Ghetto Blaster by Gunstab is the ultra-heavy peak of this versatile electronic journey crowned with jungley & spacey Reso's white.

Read more here:


28 July 2009


A kind of funny / sad media statement ....

Bassnectar - Land of the Lupes

Bassnectar shared another bootleg from his extensive collection of nearly finished / not yet finished tracks, a kind of mash-up of different music stylee. More downtempo and 'electric' than his usual bass party killers. I would say not bad at all, at all. I love Lupe Fiasco's "kick push" and I love to sing along with this song (though really, me singing is the last thing you would like to hear) while listening to it and driving my car, hereby the Bassnectar's Land of the Lupes gets my seal of approval. Go grab it peeps. It's nothing big but definitely a nice, melancholic track.

Lorin hirself says: “I took the beat of a long-overdue unreleased tune called “Stretch Reflex” and melted it together with the synths and melodies from another song that was supposed to be on Underground Communication, but ended up getting saved for later. It was written as a pensive homage to the dead, the original melodics sound like a black metal song but in this version they have kind of a nice 1990’s Orb or FSOL feel to them…that sound will never get old for me! Then i took some of the prettier melodies from that song and mixed them with a Lupe Fiasco acapella (i looooove his voice) and it became one of my favorite tunes to close a party with.
So this week we give to you ‘Land of the Lupes’ which is the working title of this goofily random combination of sounds, and an unrelated homage to one of my favorite bands in the world, Land of the Loops. It will most likely be included as an instrumental on the upcoming album this fall, and that “Stretch Reflex” beat will most likely be released on my website as a DJ Tools & Loops collection.”

27 July 2009

Skream - Calous

Rinse FM will celebrate its 15th Birthday on 31st of July 2009. Wow, quite an anniversary! As part of Rinse's birthday celebrations http://www.rinse.fm/ are releasing a download everyday counting down to the event. I have here a super dope dub from the CroyDon Skream called Calous and I f...g like what i hear in my headphones, I have to check this shit on proper sub-woofers back at home. Extremely bass-heavy, slow and soaked with proper bare-teeth digital liquidness will definitely smash (is smashing) a few dancefloors across the globe.

Skream - 'Calous'


I've just returned from 2-week holidays and feel totally out of place sitting behind my desk in my corposhitation. Fortunately ZZK made my transition from sunny beach to gloomy room more bearable. ZZK Crew released another great package . An album including 10 best remixes of Fauna (i.e. Color_Kit and Catarsis). Fauna, Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolón, Villa Diamante, El G, Nim and DJ Uter each chose their favorites out of 40 entries to create La Manita de Fauna Remixes, an album with 10 tracks that can be downloaded for free from ZZK Records.


These guys from Argentina are really on the run, this package just proves their potential. Practically all 10 tracks are at least good with a few sure-fire killers. Bersa Disco and ZZK are the shit for me right now. A few words about the contents of the package:

01- Fauna - Gauchito Gil (Black Mandingo Bass Mix). Classic cumbia refix with heavy bassline. I like!!
02 - Fauna - El Zombie (DisqueDJ Remix). Great cumbia reggae with fantastic synth work and infectious dubby rhythm !!! TIP !! Love at first hearing!! Best remix in this great pack.
03 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Un Mono Azul Remix). Slowly building spacey acid banger! another killer in this package.
04 - Fauna - El 04 (Adrian Giordano Remix). A sunny cumbia tip.
05 - Zurita - Llega Fauna (bmore Skank mix). Skanking ass-kicking remix. Nice !
06 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Lagartijeando remix). Cumbia dancehall riddim.
07 - Fauna - El 04 (Brujjas Remix). Solid cumbia work with infectious beats and vocals.
08 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Searchl1te rmx) – low-key yet extremely bass-heavy remix by Searchl1te, just listen to this button work. Second best remix in this pack! Very dark unsettling track. Quite original refix of cumbia tune reminding me of Cardopusher stuff.
09 - Fauna - El 04 (Senorita Remix). Ok but nothing more.
10 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Roche Remix). A multi-layered track, very ambitious work, just listen carefully to what is happening in the background, behind typical cumbia beats and vocals – I like the way the artist creates great spacey textures and works with ‘sonido’. Another TIP of the package!

Check the artists who are featured on the album to get more cumbia shizzle:
Black Mandingo, Disque DJ , Un Mono Azul, Adrián Giordano, Zurita, Lagartijeando, Brujjas, Searchl1te, Senorina and Roche.

Europe watch out! ZZK Records is on summer tour – catch them near you. Starting this weekend at
Sfinks Festival in Belgium Fauna embarks on a European odyssey together with ZZK Records burgeoning star Douster. Dates below:

26 July - Douster & Fauna @ Sfinks Festival - Belgium
31 July - Fauna & Douster @ Bomb Diggy - Amsterdam , Holland
14 August - Fauna & Douster @ C/O Pop Festival - Cologne, Germany
15 August - ZIZEK Club with Fauna & Douster @ WMF - Berlin, Germany
21 August - ZIZEK Club with Fauna, Uproot Andy & Oro11 @ The Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston, USA
29 August - Douster @ Zomer Park Feest - Venlo, Netherlands

21 July 2009

24th of July 2009 - mega party at Fabric!! plus 16bit remix

Oh my, Londoners you lucky bastards. Again. On 24th of July Room 3 in Fabric will be taken over by a mega crew of crunky bass terrorists namely Drop the Lime, Starkey, 16bit and Tayo. What a ridiculous line-up! I wish I was there (well, the only consolation for me is the fact that Drop the Lime will play in Warsaw on 25th). I am totally positive the guys will destroy the dancefloor with their banger bass and weird beat bombs. What is more - Room 1 will see the performance by Adam Freeland .... eh, I hate you ..... Just listen to this fantastic remix of Borgore's Foes by 16bit!

Borgore - Foes (16bit fuck hoes remix)

19 July 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs - Mochipet vs. Guido vs. Computer Jay 08.07.09

2009-07-08 Mary Anne Hobbs -Guido vs Mochipet vs Computer_Jay [HOTFILE]

Mary Anne Hobbs never disappoints, her shows introduced me to so many artists over the years I’ve lost the count. Mixes she features in Radio One Experimental are usually top-notch. For some time already her selection seemed to drift a bit away from dubstep more towards west coast / crunky / wonky / lazer / glitch hop sound (well I’m talking about certain overall and very generalized trend as MAH has never failed to cover the broadest possible range of interesting electronic music and never stuck to one particular genre). The show with mixes by Mochipet vs. Guido vs. Computer Jay is a good example here. For me personally, one of the best MAH shows this year.

Mochipet shows all his skills in operating the knobs and buttons delivering bass-heavy bullet straight in yer head, starting off with MJ’s remix, soaking his product with crazy breakcore beats and whomped synths plus head-nodding and seriously glitched hip hop and spicing all this with some dubstep. Well, I love Mochi,and I love this mix! Mochipet has just released a first remix single of his fanstastic Master P on Atari – Godzilla New Year, with great remixers such as Ana Sia, Vibesquad, An-ten-nae, Mimosa, David Starfire. Expect a longer review after my holidays when I get access to proper net connection and my paypal account :) Check the release here.

Bristol-based Guido also delivers a fantastic mix of his own productions. Urban soundz cooked in a wonky way, at first preparing listeners to the main course with some softer r&b but then, oh.. then this tastes like nothing else. Bristol has become a source of so many fantastic producers popping up all over the place that I seriously suspect some ultra-strong lay lines crossing this land or a hand of some mythic goddess of creativity. Guido’s twelve will be released on Perverelist’s label – Punch Drunk later this Autumn – you better watch out, this will be BIIIIG!!

Now moving to West Coast again – Computer Jay whose sound is described by him as “a digital and analog melt of vintage moogs and circuit-bent commodore 64’s and beat banging drum machines”. Well, I have nothing to add to this description, maybe apart from the fact that it is actually much more than that! Crunky, a bit oldschool sounding, yet extremely original IDM. Another great West Coast electronic artist on his way to fame, I have no doubt about this. You’ll definitely hear more about him in the future.

Finally, in Headz Up Section, Milos from Serbia presents one of the best West Coast labels from SF – Muti Music represented here by Great Scott’s (founder of new internet radio station Glitch FM devoted to West Coast trademark sound of glitch hop / turbo crunk / lazer bass and similar) typical glitch hop killer Theorists, Subvert’s bass-heavy anthem Speaker Humpin and Klone’s spaced glitch electronica in Can’t Remember What They.

Finally, I have to mention Nochexxx's Smashing Your System – oh my what a track weird out-of-space experimental hip-hop with ranting distorted to the max, pure aqua crunk bonanza!!! Would fit nicely into Lazer Sword mix! And Envy's Set Yourself On Fire – what a voice, what a great music. I have to memorize this name definitely.

Please support the show by listening to the stream on BBC.


17 July 2009

DefinatelyMaybe- Bass to Crush your Face in a Dubwise Style! – by Taliesin

DefinatelyMaybe - Bass to Crush your Face in a Dubwise Style! – by Taliesin

I’m on holidays. This means lots of sun, beer, swimming and playing in the sand with my kids. Unfortunately this also means shitty wireless net connection so I am out of touch with blogosphere in a hundred-new-downloads-per-day sense. Fortunately I have so much stuff sitting on my hard drive that I can easily feed my blog beast.

Today, more lazers in a great mix by
Taliesin representing Dutty Artz crew. This is what I call a proper eclectic mix of bass-heavy music, going beyond the limits of one genre formula while simply focusing on the QUALITY in track selection. Taliesin has really cooked a delicious meal with some obvious anthems from Sukh Night, Raffertie or Joker (quite accidentally I love all these young guns!!), dancehall bomb of Lexie Lee in a fantastic remix by Paceface and Sticky, dubby killer by LionDub and Shadetek from Dutty Artz or twisted synth work by one of my favorite south american producers - Cardopusher. But the absolute killing lazer thang shizz is Montrealian’s Lunice lazer remix of Don’t Trip. F…g best acqua crunk / glitch hop refix I’ve heard in a while. A sure winner for all the lazer sword or megasoid fans out there (I’m one of them, a very devoted one!).

BTW. Lunice and Novatron will invade Europe soon, they are actually looking for dates in August. Thus, I appeal to any pimp promoters out there – book’em and let them kill European dancefloors with the best lazer show this side of Atlantic. (holler at Lunicefp2@gmail.com).

Finally some fresh news regarding forthcoming releases from the Dutty Artz family:
!K7/Gold Dust Will be releasing the Jahdan Blakkamoore full length in September... Jahdan is in fine form throughout singing and chatting over riddims from diverse producers including homegrown tunes by Shadetek and Rupture, ragga techno dons Modeselektor, grime super hero Jammer, the Zizek crew’s Chancha via Circuito and globe trotter Maga Bo. Dutty Artz extended family 77Klash appears twice on guest vocal duties and provides the gorgeous uncategorizable beat for ‘She Said’ while top grime boy Durrty Goodz goes in hard with JD on ‘Mesmerized’ and Abena Koomson joins in to bring us slowly down on closer ‘Rise Again’.

Nov 10th will see the Agriculture records put out "Solar Life Raft" a fucking incredible new project from Matt Shadetek and /Rupture- future visions from a submerged world...This ones gonna step the bar up considerably for anyone working with global bass sounds!



Amusing ourselves to death - Orwell vs. Huxley

Comic strip with a 'messagge'. READ IT!!!

15 July 2009


Another mega mix in Dirty Filthy Whompcast series – no. 12 already! Turbo crunked glitchy bomb with so much lazer goodness in it that you will immediately give it an instant rewind after listening for the first time. Kat1lyst delivers soooo f..g tight mix my entire body responds like crazy, cant stop shaking my ass, head and legs. Unfortunately my fingers also dance uncontrollably on my keyboard pretty much preventing me from writing and I need to activate a spellcheck. I cannot write I cannot concentrate I need to stand up for a moment to release the accumulated energy…..Stuntin like my daddy, dead or alive, who loves me and my fast life, sha la la la la! Uff, let’s move on. This mix really wants your soul to be fully submerged in heavy bass and crazy beats crunked up to the max with fantastic hip hop rants (special mention goes definitely to the turbo crunk masters: Hovatron, Megasoid and Lunice whose tracks are highlights of this mix, although honestly speaking the Kat1lyst product is an uninterrupted flow of super hits). This is the music of the future for real!

Kat1yst – cadillac trunks mix


10 July 2009

Lynx & Kemo - Global Enemies (s0n!ka remix)

Lynx & Kemo - Global Enemies (s0n!ka remix)

Another great remix from Costa Rican DJ - sOn!ka. Dirty, blunt, dark, apocalyptic and raw as hell, bordering on industrial aesthetics (which I have liked for years) with heavy bassline, creating great moody atmosphere. Raw darkness imprisoning me ...

Warn A Brother!

This shizz made my day :))))))

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

09 July 2009


Big, big nu-cumbia mix by Belgian Max Le Daron!! Best summer mix , there can be no doubt about this!

Well, I’ve never been a “funky guy”, in a sense that from my early heavy metal years (pre-history) I have acquired a serious distaste for anything cheesy or kitschy and always look at the darker side of the moon (hence my love for dubstep). For many years South American pop/folk music was put into the box with “don’t touch, it’s mega cheesy” sticker. Cumbia (and kuduro before) has seriously changed my attitude towards “tropical/third-world” beats, thanks to the new producers who treated local latin sounds with more modern tools. And honestly, this music is as intensive as nurave or electro bangers, makes by body move like crazy and makes me smile wild. Sunny tip definitely. Just listen to any Sonido del Principe, El Remolon or Uproot Andy track, you will know what I mean . Thanks to weird science blog for this fantastic tip.

Most of the artists represented in this mix are associated with two most energetic labels promoting cumbia across the world. One is Californian Bersa Disco which released music by, among others, Toy Selectah, Sonido del Principe (best cumbia track in my private ranking – Cargegena), Chancha via Circuito, with one name missing from the selection – that is Uproot Andy. The other is argentinian DJ collective and label – Zizek Records. Villa Diamante, El Remolon, Fauna are all associated with them (another new-comer to the ZZK rooster is none other than Douster which should ring a few bells with fans of blog music). Zizek Records has just released great cumbia compilation of ZZK Sound vol. 2. Grab it, this sound is goona be huge this summer. Check and download Uproot Andy – Brooklyn Cumbia on xlr8r, which is an opening track on this compilation .

Rave Mundial is a continuous mash-up of boosted cumbia pop beats with dancehall riddims and hip hop accapellas, the combination which works for me hot hot hot! Just listen to Toy Selectah refix of A Milli. Mega uber ultra f..g banger, one of the best refixes of this much-too-much remixed shizz!! But this cumbia version rocks hard! Or Shove it remix again by Toy Selectah. Or Villa Diamante - Chancha Via Circuito vs Lil Mama - another smashing cumbia pumping shit merged with hip hop. I bet one could sell this track easily in top-40, with one serious differrence - you could really have fun and enjoy listening to it. But the real highlight for me is El Remolon's remix of Matias Aguayo - Minimal. Minimal cumbia? WTF? Oh yes, fantastic minimal cumbia, with great bassline and slowed down rhythm perfect for head nodding. I really see serious affinity with glitch hop here! And I have to mention a very funny outro – Dizzee goes Peru by Grandpamini !!!! Dizzee's typical ranting clashed with autochtonic indian flute. Completely insane!

Douster ZZK mixtape.
El Remolon ZZK mixtape

08 July 2009


TOP 23 of June / July, more or less in order.

1. CLUBROOT – Dulcet
CLUBROOT – Embryo.
Hot off the press from Lo Dubs here comes the great release full of darkmatter, infectious basslines and moody melodies. Clubroot sounds like a merge of Burial beats with Forensics spacey sound textures. Next to Nosaj Thing’s Drift – another album of the year! Expect a longer review soon on my blog.

3. WOLF INTERVALS – All Up Under The Covers Day
Most insanely funny glitch hop remix of the year! Mother Lovers for real!

4.LOW LIMIT – Inspirational Jumpsuit

Finally, Lazer Sword’s LL releases the first vinyl – top notch crunk meditation.

5.INAUDIBLE - Game theory
Great glitch hop made in UK!!

6.HEYOKA – Alien Gibberish (Gate Code)
One of the best idm/midtempo producers in a fantastic release. Don’t sleep on this!!

7. KID606 – Monsters (Cardopusher remix)
The original track, 4/4 rave stomper, under the buttons of Cardopusher has been transformed into a slow-burning dubstep bass monster. SCARRYYY !!!

8. DJ ooooooo1 vs. MOCHIPET – Eazy-E on Atari
I f..g love these Daly City weirdos!!

9. ADAM JOHN – Dizze vs. Neptunes – Fix up like this
Mega ill mash up, hood-nodding heaven!

10.ROBOT KOCH vs. CEREBRAL VORTEX (feat. Ira Atari ) – Upside Down
Title track from the newest EP of this uber prolific and funky duo!!!

11.The Mighty Shed of Grunting
I can’t remember where I found this track, but it’s sooo deep :) and the work with vocals reminds me of some Dutch experimental project the name of which I’ve forgotten (ehh, I have a good memory but pretty short-ranging).

12.BEN SAMPLES – Players Anthem
Bad Boy Ben in a gangsta style fiya !!

13. JAHCOOZI – Watching You (Oliver $ Bassjunk remix)

Jahcoozi’s EP as a foretaste to the forthoming album and a contagious bassy remix by Oliver $)

14. PANTYRAID – Beba

First single from the most eagerly awaited full-length release. Marty Party and OOah will rock the shit out of you very soon!

15. FORENSICS – Swimming out to sea.

Salvia Divinorum trip into dark void!

16. DR. KUCHO – Eastern Promises (sOn1ka remix)
Pumping track in a very dark remix by
sOn1ka I really dig the music aesthetics of this guy from Costa Rica!

17. M4RS – blasting asteroids

Great, blasting, heavy glitch-hop track – check more on m4rs virb

18. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (2 Ninjas Dubstep Mix)
Oh gosh I love this track and the dubstep remix is sick, cold and heavy at the same time

19.+VERB – 80 cadolaccco
More glitch hop goodness coming from
+ Verb from AZ, USA.

KID606 – Samhein California
Best track on Kid606’s "Shout at the Doner". Very tight, heavy bounce in a kind of tribute to ‘80s synth-pop and early acid beat. A definite banger to smash a few dancefloors

Arrghhhh, I’m flying high!! Space trip without a spacecraft! Grab the entire Planetarium record full of tasty mind food

22. BLUETECH – Abandon all cities

Beautiful sonic landscapes taken from Call Of The Wild EP.

23. MAJOR LAZER - Jump up feat. Leftside & Supahyp (Co-Produced by the Crookers)
The best track on ML’s album.

07 July 2009


Good people from tigerbeat6 sent me a very fat package including the preview of the new EP from Kid606 - "Dancehall of the Dead" following his superb "Shout at the Döner" album (read my review here) and a few selected items from their recent back catalog.

(to be released on 21 July 2009 by tigerbeat6)

1 Soundsystem of the Dead
2 Monsters-Cardopusher remix
3 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare-Cycheouts Ghost remix
4 Dancehall of the Dead-Blnd!
5 Monsters-Doshy remix
6 Dancehall of the Dead-DJ Absurd remix
7 Baltimorrow's Parties-Duran Duran Duran remix
8 Monsters-Sickboy remix –
9 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare-Mr. Object remix

Dancehall of the Dead is the scariest and deadliest EP from the recent zombic record of Kid606. Oldschool techno rave or kitschy bassline merge here with dark, heavy dubstep sub-bass, bit of jungle, garage, broken beats, dnb or even breakcore offering a more dancefloor-oriented flavour than the original album and featurs jams from the likes of Cardopusher, Cycheouts Ghost, Doshy, Sickboy, Duran Duran Duran, DJ Absurd, Blnd!, Sickboy and the Mr. Wobble's nightmare remix contest winner, Mr. Object, along with Kid606's refixing of his own track - namely Soundsystem of the Dead - a faster and more punchy version of Dancehall of the Dead.

All remixers definitely approached the reengineering task very seriously, thus producing tight, ass-kicking versions which can and should be played out loud in big venues. However, by no means they are typical bangers, but much more than that. The absolute highlight of this release for me is fantastic remix of Monsters by Cardopusher - Venezuelan master of breakcore and dubstep. The original track, 4/4 rave stomper, under the buttons of Cardopusher has been transformed into a slow-burning dubstep bass monster with heavy beats and sick synths plus occasional jungle amens, and lotsa great voice samples. This track would easily fit into the score of any horror movie. SCARRYYY !!! DJ Absurd treated Dancehall of the Dead with heavy bassline and simple beats with great results - an obvious scorcher of any club dancefloors. Blnd! breakbeat / breakcore remix is very solid, with nice kicks and snares, amens and stuff, very entertaining and catchy. I also really dig Doshy's weird, wonky rave beats and crazy synth work. Duran Duran Duran's track of chopped up beats and pumping techno sound with lots of delays and build-ups seems to be a great DJ tool for the peak of any rave night - a definite crowd-pleaser. Sickboy's is another totally different refix of Monsters track, in whch raw, 'silly' techno clashes head-on with old-school acid beats - a bit strange and first hearing, but give it a try, you'll be surprised!! The only thing that did not work for me was dnb remix by Cycheouts, which seems to be quite formulaic and well, boring. I only wish this EP included a remix or two of Samhein California, the best track from "Shout at the Döner", but I should not complain as this EP still offers a lot, music-wise. Actually, much more than this type of EP's have usually to offer. All in all, I can easily give this release 8 stars out of 10. You should definitely check it on 21 of July.

And for all of you brave readers who managed to scrape through my gibberish I have a special bonus:

Kid606 - Monsters (Cardopusher remix)

Kid606 - Dancehall of the Dead (DJ Absurd remix)

If you dig the new Kid606 stuff, heavily influenced by his relocation to Berlin, you should definitely check Kid606 - kill soundboy kill EP in which Kid606 revamps the title track from his "die soundboy die" ep into a crazy and ferocious stepper full of electronic improvisations and bleeps and punches so typical of him. Apart from that, this EP offers thumping techno and rave tracks and remixes full of proper bass and flirtation with more UK-oriented scene. Bass-heavy "Raving cain" by Bruce Stallion (aka Black Rabbit, DJ Floorclearer), is the highlight of the release for me and this is the track you can download for free:

Kid606 - Raving cain (Bruce Stallion remix)

Bruce Stallion recently released a Big Black Rims EP on tigerbass. Bruce Stallion is actually the new project from Brighton based Dj Floorclearer (Guy Appleton), known for his frantic amen breakcore and for being part of the notorious Wrong Music party crew. He experiments here with heavy bass, crunk, garage and hardcore stuff from UK, melting all this into a weird but interesting treat of ravey voice samples and unsettling melodies, while remixers applied dubstep and bassline aesthetics to produce solid and fatter versions of the title track. In general, quite a nice try Mr. Stallion. Teaser track for you:

Finally, another interesting musician from the tigerbeat stable - Doshy, who has recently released an EP: Bad Beer, Great City Doshy is at the forerunner of the up and coming Berlin Technowobble movement. Electronic producers inspired by the cities vibrant clubscene yet bored with the staticness of it's oversaturated minimal obsession (oh yes I can only support such view!!) . Doshy moved to Berlin from Bavaria and shared a flat with Jamie Vex'd and became heavily inspired by his forward thinking productions and engineering craft. One can hear immediately what direction Doshy would like to take simple techno beats - how he tries to 'wonkify' (what a horrible verb!) them while not necessarily sacrificing their hedonistic values. His music is straight 4/4 dancefloor bangers but with weird twists in the vein of Sinden, Herve or Si Begg. Look out for upcoming Doshy ep's on UK bass label WIDE, Kanji Kinetic's Electrostimulation records, and Doshy's own Robox Neotech. Anyway, don't listen to me, judge by yourselves, listen and download Doshy's banger:

Notic Nastic - Punched at the disco

Yo peeps. Check this funky application, listen to crazy Notic Nastic songs and beats and have fun roaming around the secret places.

06 July 2009

I HATE DISCO ...................... NOT

Normally I don't listen do house or disco (unless it is some corpo party when I actually crave for some proper house tune instead of f...g blues or el guitarist shit played too loud behind my back). But today my mood nosedived to such extreme lows that I had to apply some cure to switch off my emotions and send the neurons on holidays. Apart from a good spliff which somehow did not seem a good option right now, there is no better way to forget oneself than playing loud some hedonistic, pumping, simple beats with straigtforward message: LET'S DANCE. I turned my attention to disco mixes and I found this:

Nick Thayer - Thizz Disco vol. 3 The medicine worked, I even stretched my limbs a bit. This mix is a proper funk shit - try it any homeparty, a dancefloor full of pretty girls gauranteed. I'd like to thank Nick Thayer for saving my day :)


05 July 2009

Heyoka - Gate Code Promo mix vs. Pressha - No one knows mix

Let's have some fun, shall we?

I'm not a tech guy, thus you'll not have an ultra-sleek questionnaire form (or any form in fact) to fill in, simply cast your vote in the comments section or in the shoutbox. You choose only ONE of the two mixes :) and please identify yourselves somehow as I don't want to see 10 votes cast from by one aonymous person to support his/her homie or sumting. The voting starts NOW and ends on 13.07.09 at 9.00 GMT. No prizes are expected unfortuntaly. Maybe next time. And the winner of this battle will be notified by electronic means about victory in this prestigious contest along, I hope, with a few words of support from you, dear readers.

Let's start. The first battle will be fought between two heavy-weight champions of midtempo/IDM/glitch sound. I've selected two fantastic mixes in similar spacey and glitchy aesthetics, yet offering quite diverse music (one common denominator is certainly very prolific label - Muti Music) to make the task of choosing between them more difficult on one hand but more fair to the artists on the other.

PLAYER no.1: Heyoka Gate Code Promo Mix

First mix is by Heyoka whose full-length Gate Code on Muti Music has been, without a doubt, one of the best albums released this year in the midtempo / glitch department! I'm sure that after listening to this promo many of you would like to check the proper release (go to addictech site) Gate code was mostly composed during a trip to Uruguay in January 2009. Heyoka confirmed with this release his ever-growing presence on the West Coast map while delivering pretty original trippy and dubby musical compositions full of glitched and distorted synths and instrumental hip hop. This combination usually works for me - I wonder if this will work for you?

:: Tracklist ::
1. Sonidas De La Cabesa
2. May
3. Jade
4. The Way Of The Blue Towel
5. Goo w/ Lafa Taylor
6. Phatty Boom
7. Alien Gibberish
8. Fracula
9. Bubble
10. Tangolypto
11. Shmlizl w/ Sound Of Music
12. Swamp Beat

PLAYER no. 2: Pressha - No one knows mix

Seattle-based DJ - Pressha delivers another precious gem of spacey glitch-hop goodies, with a bit more focus on the funky and dancey edge of midtempo sound. The tracklist of his mix include two tracks by Heyoka and other artistst representing Heyoka's label - MutiMusic, e.g. Mimosa, Knowa KnowOne, SeventhSwami, Klone, Timonkey (each of them released proper quality stuff this year or at the end of 2008, this I call a good stable of winning horses). Pressha also supports some local talents - Kat1lyst, Konekta, Kilowatts plus delivers a more whompy and dirty glitch hop bangers from Jantzen, Mochipet or Ill-gates. No one knows is definitely more energetic and touches slightly different areas in the nervous system than Heyoka's mix. You'll probably nod your head more frequently. Anyway, great listening experience for any midtempo fan.

1.) Lux- Interplanetary
2.) Knowsleep- T-Street
3.) VENT- Bear Crunk
4.) Konekta- Captivate
5.) Heyoka- Tanglypto
6.) Knowa Knowone- Wildness
7.) Mimosa- Kinetic
8.) Timonkey- Wet Noodle
9.) Timonkey- Funk Me
10.) VENT- Crispy Crisp
11.) Klone- Metamorphosis
12.) Kat1lyst- It’s Time
13.) Sideshow- Jantzen
14.) Mochipet- Lazy Day
15.) Myagi- Heads n Tails (ill gates remix)
16.) Heyoka- Aien Gibberish
17.) Tipper- Snot Rocket
18.) Metaphor & Timonkey- Truffle Shuffle
19.) Seventh Swami- The Great Attractor
20.) Kilowatts- Azure (Kat1lyst Trying Edit)


03 July 2009

Wolf Intervals - Pony Remix video

Wolf Intervals strike again! This time in a glitchy remix of and old-time classic hit Ginuwine - (ride my) Pony. Again - fantastic work! Wolves = fun! Gimme more beasts!

Check their previous video refix of MOther LOver by SNL! You'd laugh your asses off - guaranteed!!

Wolf Intervals -All Up Under The Covers Day

02 July 2009


Luke (DJ Boxset) and Rocco are Bluntinstrument, a duo hailing from Brisbane, Australia. They recently released a recording of their live set, a support gig for Blu + Exile for Red Bull Music Academy in Brisbane. All glitch hop headz should definitely check this bwompy shizz, full of contagious and wicked accapellas and heavy, head-nodding beats. Bluntinstrument really knows how to keep proper vibe all across the board. Their mix just hit the target, as I have been recently feeling a lack of pounding and ass-kicking live sets in lazer / crunk / glitch department in my player. Thanks guys, for filling this gap! Gimme more some time in the future :)

I wish we had more parties like that here in Poland. BTW, since my university time, I've always believed that "there is no better party than the one YOU organize" (IT IS TRUE!!!), thus Luke and Rocco if you come to Europe someday give me a shout :), I'd be stoked to hear and see you playing live.

Bluetech - Call of the Wild EP - free / voluntary donation

Music to play in the dark, preferrably in early morning hours. After body fitness, jumping your ass off to bwampy beats, do not forget to feed your soul - you have to keep your bodymind in balance. There is no better way than booking a lodge on a vessel captained by Evan Bluetech and letting him to take you for a trip into the long forgotten lands.

Evan Bluetech has been producing downtempo psy ambient for a few years already creating quite an original mixture of spacey music with etno / ancient melodies and more distinct and heavy beats than in the majority of productions in this genre. If you are a fan of Heyoka, Mimosa, Knowa KnowOne, SleepyTime and similar idm artistis you should definitely check this interesting release. I like most Abandon all cities and Another bridge burning, but all the five tracks are quality and will take you for a fantastic journey through etheric electronic landscapes. Terence McKenna would have loved listening to this music.

Autonomous Music 001: Evan Bluetech - Call Of The Wild EP

01 July 2009


BOOOOOMING MIX FROM LA's EV-1. !!!!!! Great crunky / glitch-hop / dubstep selection. I like such a combination of various bass heavy music and if they are served in a tight and top-notch way, well I could only smile and nod my head even deeper with appreciation or even stand up and move my joints a bit. Fortunately I'm at home on a sick-leave and no f..g corpo square co-slaves will prevent me from doing exactly this :) Give it a try - everyone will find something interesting and 'moving' there - trust me! Kudos for including tracks by Mochipet, Clouds, Akira Kiteshi, Balkansky in the mix - love all of these dudes!!


Dubstep! Innit?

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