30 September 2010

Eprom - The Bay Area EP

Eprom has posted on his bandcamp a very nice collection of his unreleased bangers, with super faaaaaaaaat bass. You know you want this badly!! Great slow-burning rollers to make your subwoofers happy :)

The word from the man himself: The Bay Area EP is a collection of unsigned, previously unreleased EPROM bangers from a period where I was heavily influenced by the bass-heavy trunk rattling sounds coming from the SF Bay. This is for all my bay heads and for lovers of bass worldwide. Pay what you like!

Eprom - The Bay Area EP

29 September 2010

Forensics 111bpm MIX (October 2010)

The weather is killing me :( Rain Cold Wind NO SUN Cold Rain Wind NO SUN !!  Can't listen to pumping, heavy bass today, can't focus on anything. Creeping melancholy and anhedonia seem to occupy my reality tunnel at the moment. I won't fight, I will let my mind wallow in this mood, while for instance listening to deep, spacey 111bpm stuff in the latest mix by unstoppable Forensics. Check his mix - you will feel it instantly!

Forensics 111bpm  MIX (October 2010)

01 : A Bridge Far Away - Under the tracks
02 : The Divided Circle - Comfort
03 : Wrexile - The negative minds turn positive
04 : Robbing Hood - Civilized citizen
05 : China~ - Onion man
06 : A Bridge Far Away - Rough waters ft. Indi Kaur
07 : The Divided Circle - No going back
08 : Wrexile - Elastic
09 : Forensics & China~ - Machines of flesh and blood
10 : The Divided Circle - Summer's end
11 : Forensics & Wrexile - Last call
12 : Vishnu - Mycoplasma laboratorium

28 September 2010

Lazer Sword - Batman EP

Lazer Sword - Batman EP (vinyl and digital)


1. Batman
2. Batman (Lando Kal Remix)
3. Batman (Nguzunguzu Remix)
4. I’m Gone (Low Limit Remix)
5. I’m Gone (Rustie Remix)
6. I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk

Highly Recommended by Doktor Krank - 8 out of 10***

Lazer Sword is exploring new paths of vibrant, mutant beatz in their Batman EP which is a first step to their final release of full-length debut LP on November, 2nd. I'm grinding my teeth in high anticipation of the sonic boom the super combo will unleash on the public! I have been Lando Kal's and Low Limit's fan for years and during that time the way in which they developed their style, their extra-polished technical skills, their mutual complementarity and eclectic approach to music are simply astonishing. When playing live, either solo or as a duo, they will force everyone to heavy bounce with natural ease through their top selection and MPD wizardry. Give'em a venue, any venue, and they will easily rip it apart :) I lived through such experience during the best gig of my life here in Poland, so trust my werd! Yet, as comes to the music they produce, it is always much much more than simple stomp, bounce, push & kick. Their production skills are impeccable and they are always on a lookout for some fresh, inspiring music patterns which can be squeezed from their fancy machines, while being very open to what is happening on the global electronic scene. Yeah, they have outgrown their pure-American heritage long time ago, and now seem to be more interested in electro / mutant / UK / urban sound. With fantastic effect to say the least.

I wrote about the title track Batman on my blog already, so not to repeat myself I copy & paste my comment: "Batman is a bit different from the usual high-energy electro output of Low Limit and Lando Kal, yet it definitely bears the trademarks of their style - tons of cut-up samples, mutated vocals, cold synths and very distinct micro-beat plus wonky bassline. One can definitely hear further move towards the Europe / UK urban scene (well, to be honest the boyz has followed this direction in their releases for some time already) and Batman easily fits the Glasgow's Numbers profile (what is obvious) as well as L-vis 1990's Night Slugs or some other UK G / future garage imprints"

Apart from Batman, A-side includes two fantastic remixes by Lando Kal and Nguzunguzu. Lando Kal remade the title track into slow burning synth-driven roller, while Nguzunguzu created a great, minimalistic banger with neon synths, fantastic drums, sick button job and distinctive melody line. For me personally - the highlight of this release!  A flip side, or should I write A' side, includes an electro glitch-hop anthem I'm Gone featuring the vocals by bay-area hood-rapper Turf Talk. My car's sound system can't have enough of this track and makes me bounce pretty hard, which would be rather hazardous if not for a high roof in my car :)) Low Limit's remix of I'm Gone is a laidback affair with beutiful synths and spacey loops, while Rustie went into a different direction delivering an angry and raw bombastic dancefloor banger to be digested on proper subs with kilos of Watts. In general, one of the most interesting and inspiring releases this year. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!  


Grab the title track Batman for free via xlr8r and buy the entire release via Stonesthrow and other retailers. It's definitely worth more than 50 cent!

22 September 2010

Hovatron - "Rain in Montreal" Lookout Mixtape # 2

The flood of good mixes continues. This time Montreal's finest crunky, electro, glitchy, RnB, UK urban, you-name-it producer and DJ - Hovatron dropped a really twisted mixtape for Lookout. Lazer Sword, Lunice, Hovatron vs. Mosca, El-B, Ramadanman, Kingdom plus Lil B, Timbaland and more, the eclectic selection as usual. Nice, funky mix with great vibe for all you badbwoys and badgals out there. Makes me smile and nod my head to the beat and sing to the great acappelas.

Hovatron - "Rain in Montreal" Lookout Mixtape # 2


Run Vie compilation

WOW! So many great names on the future beatz scene featured in one album which can be downloaded for FREE!!  RUN VIE compilation is the ABSOLUTE MUST for any beat headz out there! The music quality is much more than average for this type of comp. RUN VIE is a festival taking place in Vienna, Austria at the beginning of October. Shit, I wish I was there - actually it's not so far from my hometown (a mere 700km). I have to seriously consider the trip. Robot Koch, fLako, Swede:art, Dorian Concept, 1000 Names, Free the Robots, Aloe Blacc - what more can you desire to reach a sonic orgasm! (some artists performing at the festival that did not make it to the comp incl. Comfort Fit, Derrick May, BLU). But the real discovery on RUN VIE for me personally are tunes by the German hip-hop duo JR&PH7, in particular Let's move feat. Skyzoo in The Clonius remix. Never heard of them and I believe I have to catch up fast with their discography. Grab this gem and let your body Moooooooooooooooooove.

21 September 2010

RQM - ATOMIC FUSION (official video)

A Polish-born emcee and homie, RQM from 'Berlin mafia'  :) has sent me a link to his official video of Atomic Fusion from his latests Colors Fade EP. I have covered this release on my blog some time ago - here. I'm happy he selected this particular song as this is one of the best and most memorable joints this year.


Lazer Sword - 808 Mixtape

Oh boy, what a day! First NastyNasty, then Eprom and now super dope combo of soundmasters from Lazer Sword (Lando Kal vs. Low Limit) in 808 Mixtape for International Tapes!! My player barely survives the total sonic assault I am feeding into it since early morning, but my ears feel extremely gratified. 808 mix is a bit different offering than the two previous heavy-bass artists featured on my blog, and also slightly different than the usual Lazer Sword sound explorations. The name of the mix, a kind of tribute to the immortal 808 machine, is self-explanatory, but Lazer Sword playing Kudoru ?!? Well, that's surprising. Anyway, there is no other 'group' which can so successfully mix oldschool funky vibe (and tools) with extremely nu-school, ass-kicking, mind twisting, head-nodding electro/nica. LL and LK are well known for breaking genres and styles and mashing everything into one big synth-driven electro funky pulp, and this mix is the proof of their epic skills in this area. Lazer Sword for POPE!

Lazer Sword - 808 Mixtape

1. Space Dimension Controller “SH-8040″
2. Girl Unit “Shade On”
3. 214 “Why Don’t You”
4. Ramadanman “Glut”
5. Cybotron “Clear”
6. Jacques Greene “Holdin On” (unreleased)
7. Machinedrum “808 Wonders Of The World”
8. AC Slater “Take You ft. Ninjasonik (Lazer Sword Remix)”
9. Bok Bok “Crew (Instrumental)”
10. Sepalcure “Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)”
11. Distal “Apple Bottom”
12. Lando Kal “Moist” (unreleased)
13. Dj Oddz “Blade Runner (Instrumental)”
14. Zakee Kuduro ft. Anbuley “Sane Eba”
15. Lazer Sword “Web Swag”
16. Sir Mix-A-Lot “Posse On Broadway”
17. Lazer Sword “I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk (Low Limit Remix)”
18. Krystal Klear “Anteater”
19. Dopplereffekt “Infophysix”

EPROM - RobotSexTape

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! This is the shit I've been waiting to put my ears on! EPROM finally drops his mixtape which you can download from his bandcamp. His legendary 2009 Mixtape has been on constant rewind in my soundystem for months. RobotSexTape will follow the same path, I'm sure. It is sickness all across the beats, bleeps, pieces and sick basslines. EPROM rulez. No tracklist yet. Peeps in Europe beware - in September EPROM will (or already invaded) a city near you - definitely Manchester, Amsterdam and some more. Sadly, not a city near me :(

EPROM - RobotSexTape

NastyNasty's "Puke Paint" EP and 'Lazer Soul' DJ Mini-Mix for SF Weekly Blog

NastyNasty is baaad, filthy and beautiful in this mind-twisting, bass-heavy way. I am his devoted fan and has never been disappointed with the quality of his music which combines robotic machines on one hand and a lot of deep feelings and emotions on the other. He has recently released an EP Puke Paint on FriteNite showcasing his absolutely unique mastering of distorted synths and ultra heavy basslines. The EP includes the track I fell in law from the first hearing, i.e. Toxenne. It is an absolute banger of enormous heat and the synths will burn big holes in your brain. Trust my werd! The rest of the material is equally good. One of the best releases this year without a doubt. I attach one free track for your listening pleasure.

NastyNasty - Newport

Grab the entire release on: Juno or Boomkat

That's not all from the lazer boy :) SF Weekly Blog has published an exclusive Lazer Soul Mini Mix by NastyNasty. 22 minutes of absolute bass-heavy heaven. NastyNasty himself provided insightful descriptions to the tracks in his mix :)

Lazer Soul Mini-Mix for SF Weekly by Patric Fallon

NastyNasty "Priceless (Edit)"
The live edit of one of my staple openers. It's a lonely city we live in, so on the rare occasion that you meet someone worth spending time with, you'd better tell them. If you're bad with words like I am, this is how you tell them.

NastyNasty "Choker (Dub)"
I had the biggest crush on this girl. I actually told myself last February that I wouldn't date until 2010, but I broke down in December for her. The vocal snippets borrowed from Usher's "You Got it Bad" were synonymous with the sentiments I felt at the time.

NastyNasty "Melting You (Dub)"
It's really no wonder this track mixes so well with "Choker," as they're about the same girl. Once I finally had the nerve to tell her about my crush, I then began the process of breaking down all of our silly, guarded boundaries. "Melting You" is a song about breaking down little walls to see what lies beneath.

NastyNasty "No Names V.I.P. (Dub)"
After a year of playing the original a few times a week, I was bored with this one. After another six months, I was downright annoyed by it. Undoubtedly my most popular song to date, I knew it'd be cruel to eject it from the sets altogether, so I made this V.I.P. edit of "No Names" both to keep me interested and give the audience something special. Fun fact: "No Names" is about the furthest thing from a love song. The vocal samples were originally intended as painfully tongue-in-cheek. I was in the wake of one of my most painful breakups when writing the original, and I would have given the left side of my face just to speak to her again.

NastyNasty "West Coast Hardcore (Dub)"
I didn't grow up on electronic music by any means. I listened to a lot more Misfits and Black Flag than Stockhausen or Kraftwerk. I made a series of short tracks that took aesthetics from my roots in punk and applied them to bass music. I sort of took punk's minimalistic effectiveness and simple structure and wrapped loud bass and synthesizers around it. Due in no small part to its simplicity, this track has proven itself to be one of the most effective tracks in my repertoire. Almost instantly resonating with people, this one rips through dancefloors like a slithering cattle prod.

NastyNasty "DEAD STAR"
A good portion of the stars we see at night are, in fact, dead. They have actually been dead for hundreds of thousands of years, and their light is just now reaching us. Comparatively, a good portion of the stars we see on TMZ are dead. They have also been dead for years, and are simply hollow shells of former individuals kept inflated by teams of media moguls until they lose their tabloid usefulness. Deep shit, yo.

Nit GriT & NastyNasty "Say My Name (Dub)"
Both outsiders to the scene, more or less, Nit GriT and I frequently bounce ideas off of each other. When we finally sat down in the studio together, it was sheer mayhem. Like Rusko, Danny (a.k.a Nit GriT) has a flare for pairing melodies with aggressive dubstep sounds, so I knew when we sat down together we'd have quite a pairing on our hands. Also for the record, I totally love Destiny's Child. "I'm a survivor, I'm not gon' give up..."

The Knife "Behind the Bushes (NastyNasty Remix)"
When I first started NastyNasty, I did alot of mainstream rap and R&B remixes. I got to a point where I realized that, while it got me alot of attention early on, it would undoubtedly become a crutch, and if I wanted any sort of longevity in this game, I would need to stand on my own two legs. Having put a ban on doing full-fledged remixes of any mainstream rap or R&B, I now look to other sources when it comes time to pretty up my live sets or color a blog with a remix. The Knife is pretty much awesome. Initially, I was gearing up to remix "Heartbeats," but in all truth, I'd be hard pressed to make that song any better than it already is. "Behind the Bushes" (the closing number on The Knife's Deep Cuts album), however, struck me as the perfect number to re-appropriate and incorporate into my sound.

NastyNasty "Out Here (Dub)"
In the words of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, "I am trying to break your heart." I'd say about 75 to 85 percent of the songs I make are about love or the lack thereof, and I feel like I'm failing if I don't rip your heart directly through your ears at some point during my set. One of the beautiful things about music is that it can make us feel less alone in our moments of darkness. I find most of my best music comes in times of loneliness because -- contrary to the definition of the term -- it is a universal feeling that we all take part in at some point; we are more or less unified as humans by the sense that we are alone in the world.

NastyNasty "Pictures (Dub)"
I'm not famous by any stretch of the imagination, but I have managed to make a bit of a name for myself in the last year or so. As my music travels, my name travels with it, and as my name travels, so does interest in the person behind the name. This is all kind of abrupt and a bit jarring for somebody like me, who is, by nature, a bit of a hermit. People want bios, pictures, stories, and gossip. All I want is a secluded space with some speakers and my laptop. There is a delicate dance going on between my actual person and my professional self.

NastyNasty "Bad Scene (Dub)"
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." --Hunter S. Thompson

NastyNasty "Sore Loser"
I am not a perfect person by any means, but I do want better for myself and for others. Hope paired with activity is what makes humans so special in my opinion. And not just the fact that we can wish for good, but our willingness to execute those ideas.

NastyNasty "Perforate (Dub)"
[London-based electronic music label] Planet Mu contacted me about doing a release earlier this year, and, being the longtime Planet Mu fan that I am, I was ecstatic. I instantly sent them a catalog of what I considered to be my best work. [Label head] Mike Paradinas rejected a large body of my work, and encouraged me to keep sending tracks as I finished them so long as they were "in a different musical key." It was the first time I had been called out for my endless use of G minor, and I was a bit angry, to be quite honest. I made "Perforate" as a keyless track to transition between keys during my live set, as I set out to expand my key range, and also as a kind of abrasive 'Eff you, I can totally work in other keys, dude,' track. [It's a] mean little bugger to boot.

Starkey "Robot Hands (NastyNasty Remix)"
Starkey has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now, so when I was asked to do a remix for his release for Civil Music, I jumped on the opportunity. The original is quite a weird tune even by my standards, and if anything, my remix stands to normal it out a bit. Although, it's still rather leftfield.

20 September 2010

Maceo Wyro f. Sebol - Kosmos vol. 27 Radio Roxy

One of the most eclectic Polish Dj's and radio hosts active on the scene for decades now - Maceo Wyro is a host of a radio show in Radio Roxy called Kosmos.  Here is vol.27 of his musical trip as recorded on 18 Sept 2010. Maceo Wyro, associated with hop hop scene for years, runs the best radio show for new mutant, post hip hop beatz in Poland. Just look at the tracklist, starting from the f...g amazing tune by a Russian Moa Pillar from the recent Error Broadcast comp, through Japanese heavy beat offering of RLP, and superb beatmakers like Dibiase, Starkey, Maddslinky, Nosaj Thing or Swede:Art. The top selection totally in line with my music taste! Enough said, this very podcast made me buy a few new tracks, which does not happen very often :) His show last Saturday featured Sebol, a hip-hop promoter, blog writer, journalist from Poznań who dropped more funky and straight hip hop joints along with some dubstep (Ramadamman) and more twisted glitchy electronica (Robot Koch, Dabrye). All in all the best beatz to be heard on the Polish radio airwaves atm. Beware: radio host and guests speak Polish which can be fun for all you international listeners (I hope :) ) Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!

KOSMOS 2010 VOL.27 by KosmoS

KOSMOS 18.09.2010 playlist:

01. Moa Pillar - Water Lily (Error Brodcast/Gimme 5)
02. RLP - Cheat Chords (Project : Mooncircle)
03. Dibiase - Skullcrack (edit) (Alpha Pup)
04. Starkey - Gasping For Air In This Vortex (Fact)
05. Darling Farah - Berline (Bzode! Remix) (Civil Music)
06. Maddslinky - Special feat. Omar (Chimpo Dub) (Tru Thoughts)
07. Greymatter - We Are One (Mr Lager Remix) (Unique Uncut)
08. Hypno - Over The Top (Brownswood)
09. Nosaj Thing - I Get Money feat. 50 Cent (Lazer Sword Neon Hot Pockets Remix) (cd-r)
10. Foreign Beggars - Asylum Bound feat. Ben Sharpa (Dj Trouble Remix) (Dented)
11. Swede.Art - Linguistics feat. Stray (Tokio Dawn)
12. Bilal - Robots (Plug Research)
13. Goapele - Different feat. Mos Def (cd-r)
14. M.E.D. - Candlelights feat. Georgia Ann Muldrow (VTech)
15. FUR - Polybreak (Waaga)
16. Stacy Epps - Floatin' (reprise) (Japanubia)


17. Supra 1 - Ghoster (cd-r)
18. Brodinski & Mumdance - Eurostar (Supra 1 Remix) (cd-r)
19. D Double E - Street Fighter Riddim (Dirtee Stank)
20. Ramadanman - Don't Change For Me (Hessle Audio)
21. Letherette - The Way (Ho_Tep)
22. Black Milk - Oh Girl (Fat Beats)
23. Blank & Kytt - Who Are You (cd-r)
24. Pokój Czarnych Płyt & Dj Krug - Fly Jay (Eulogy)
25. Dabrye - My Life feat. AG (Ghostly Int'l)
26. Robot Koch vs Numaads - Now (Tokyo Dawn)
27. Cee-Lo Green - Is It (cd-r)
28. Jose James - Vicadin (Brownswood)

29. James Blake - The Bell Sketch (Hessle Audio)
30. Teielte - Dark Voices (U Know Me)
31. Mount Kimbie - Carbonated (Hotflush)

x KosmoS 2010 artwork by gabinet.co.uk

Tinie Tempah "Written In The Stars (Starkey Remix)"

Uber massive remix by Starkey in the best street bass fashion with allmighty synths and heavy bassline and boosted vocals. Great tune to start the week off!

Tinie Tempah "Written In The Stars (Starkey Remix)" by starkey

16 September 2010

Bruce Stallion - Donuts EP (meow 164)

Artist: Bruce Stallion

Album title: Donuts
Catalogue Number: meow164
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release date: September 10th 2010
1 Donut 2 Heat 3 Pulmonary 4 Optics 5 Lizard

Filthy, wobbley funky heavy house from Guy Appleton a.k.a. Bruce Stallion in his new Donuts EP on Tigerbeat6 label. His hectic style gained more funky rhythm and a bit more 'accessible' melody lines here, while still strongly relying on ravey, off-kilter synths, sick kicks and bouncey oldschool vibe. Which I really like :) I dig in particular this super silly sound of Heat, with the synths I remember so well from my old ravey days at the beginning of 90's (yes, I am such an old fart). Though the real highlights of this release are the pounding, heavy, straight-in-year face title track Donut, with hard kicks and snares and  Optics with great spacey feel and f...g amazing vocal sample running on deep sub-bass. 4 AM dancefloor smasher par excellence! The last 3 tracks of EP show a slightly different, more mellow and less 'spastic' direction Bruce Stallion seems to follow, which does not mean their sound does not bear the trademark BS' distortions and sensitivity. All in all one of the best releases from Tigerbeat this year.   

As a teaser grab one track from this release and preview and buy the entire set!


meow164 Bruce Stallion-Donuts EP by Tigerbeat6

Paul Pre - 78BPM Madness (perf10.net mix series)

I've shamelessly nicked the great mix from perf10.net, it is a 14th installment in their great mix series (previously featuring e.g. + verb, pixelord, DZA, Coco Bryce), this time hosted by a German beatmaker known for his crazy beat mixtapes, Paul Pre. 78BPM Madness is way too good not to be shared. Just look at the tracklist, every single artist there is a genius of future electronic sound production, but it is the selector that put all these anthems together into one super electric collage of champion mutant beatz. One of the best mixes I've heard this year! Copy that shit and swag your head haaaaaaard, but please take care not to hit your office / home equipment, this could be detrimental to you health :)

Paul Pre - 78BPM Madness (Direct Download)

01. Shlohmo – Spoons
02. Lil Wayne – I feel like dying (Flying Lotuns remix)
03. Dizz1 – Frazzled
04. Tiago – Babel Fish
05. Hudson Mohawke – ZooOooOoom
06. Robot Koch – Vortex Cookies (fLako remix)
07. Lazersword – Gucci Sweatshirt
08. Machine Drum – Saktak
09. Low Limit – Trapperkeeper
10. Salva – Wake Ups

Autechre - see on see Pixelord remix

Pixelord remixing Autechre. Cosmic wonky trip on heavenly airwaves!

Autechre - see on see Pixelord remix by pixelord

15 September 2010

Grillo - I Had U Ken EP

I love to discover new, interesting music from the mass of sonic samples sent to me. I Had U Ken EP by an Italian guy called Grillo is such a gem. Great instrumental hip hop, mutant beatz, 8-bit extravaganza contained in 30 minutes divided into 10 tracks. EP was released on 1 September 2010 and can be downloaded for free via bandcamp. It is a kind of tribute to "the all American awesomeness of Street Fighter’s Ken Masters" :)) I always had a weak spot for chip tunes and 8-bit, videogame samples and Grillo delivers them en masse. His beatz move my body and soul and make it really hard to seat on my ass at work. The higlights are TaDaDa, Online Saltiness and Krazy Kicks series. Doktor Krank highly recommends this quality release!

Here is a word from the author himself:
Angry lo fi synth lines buzz along with deep, stilted beats in I Had U Ken, Grillo’s tribute to the all american awesomeness of Street Fighter’s Ken Masters. Videogame samples and xbox live scrubs spouting profanity during online play adorn the shorter tracks, while Ken’s own in game voice is autotuned and vocoded to sing along in TaDaDa, feeling like drunken yodeling on acid. There’s also a chiptune remake of the original street fighter 2 ken theme, a nice trip down memory lane before the dark, dubby and moody Thunder Kick closes out the record with its menacing guitar riff.

Grillo - I Had U Ken EP (Bandcamp download)
A few months ago I've covered on my blog a great Oscillations Compilation by Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break featuring a track by Grillo. Quite a nice track, but his current release shows a real progress his music made since that time.

Fronting The Weekend by grillo

14 September 2010

Guttstar - Battery Hues EP

A few months ago I featured on my blog a sick mashup / remix of Lil' John's Snap Yo Fingers by SubPrime. As it turns out SubPrime transformed into GUTTSTAR, a dubstep producer which sounds like a bit happier version of the champion of purple sound - the mighty Joker. On 31 August 2010, Guttstar released a fantastic debut - Battery Hues EP on Party Guy Records. Let me tell you, these four originals and two remixes - by street bass don Dev79 and another heavy-bass gun from Philly - Kastle (B.Rich) - are the best, tightest and ass-kicking dubstep tunes I've heard in a long long while. 6 tracks of super high quality in one package does not happen every day, trust my werd!

GUTTSTAR a.k.a. Matt Gutt hailing from Burlington, VT, drops bangers full of smashing synths, talking basslines and crunky distortions, while building spacey and melodic sonic landscapes. Riding on filthy, heavy bass his tracks nevertheless possess a humane 'soul', which does not mean they cannot destroy any dancefloor :)  Oh, quite the reverse! Fresh Produce can be easily put next to Joker, Ginz, Gemmy or Rustie tunes in terms of production quality, interesting, intelligent composition and impact on the listener, while e.g. straight-in-yer-face Bomb Blast shows more US-oriented approach to heavy-bass, reminding me of Noah D and Babylon System productions. Not Money or Show again uses purple synths and stomping beat to deliver the absolute dancefloor banger and Tracers is a slow-burning riddim with pretty decent wobble. Dev79 has seriously cut up Bomb Blast, totally changing the rhythm and beat, turning the dubstep bomb into dirty street style banger and Kastle has brought Not Money or Show to yet another level of synth-frenzy.

All in all one of the best, most versatile and satisfying releases I've heard this year. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

The album is available at Juno, Dj Download, iTunes and many other digital retailers.

Album preview:

Battery Hues EP by Guttstar

Bonus: Grab these two Guttstar tunes for free:

Ludacris - How Low (Guttstar Remix) - * Free 320 * by Guttstar

Lunar Stick Shift - * FREE 320 * by Guttstar

Soundcloud Tuesday

My inbox is overflowing with great music again. Here is a Doktor Krank's pick of new tunes shared on soundcloud which I haven't checked for some time. Less writing more listening :)) Quality guaranteed, I accept no returns or complaints.

Starting from + verb tunes which always delivers fresh quality sonic pleasures.

U Know Me by +verb

Pretendo (clip) by +verb

One of the best tracks from one of the best records this year - Swede:art's Linguistics in B.Bravo remix available on a recent Tokyo Dawn Records Compilation "The Heart" and soon to be released on the "Emotional Colors Remixes"! Check the label's site for details.

Swede:art - Linguistics feat. Stray (B. Bravo Remix) by Swede:art

And here comes the first ever completed track by a well-known trickster and champion of one-liners from Glitch Hop Forum - i.e. Android Bishop called Surveying the Landscape of Life's Choices. Hey Mr. Bishop, I am postive somebody out here really enjoys this little tripe :)) Check Android Bishop's bandcamp for free download.

The Android Bishop - Surveying the landscape of lifes choices by AndroidBishop

Kether is a duo of Stephan Jacobs and Ruff Hauser. Nasty dubstep (but retaining the "soul", which is not the case in so many dubstep productions recently) is their thing. Check it!

Kether - Droid (unreleased) by Stephan Jacobs

Ben Samples  in VIP version of really sick dubstep tune:

Naughty Naughty (VIP) by bensamples

More sub-bass bonanza in a bootleg dubstep remix of "Be" by Steve Angello & Laidback Luke, cooked by Balls of Steel. Crunchy!

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be (Balls of Steel Dubstep Bootleg) by Balls of Steel

A nice little joint by Half Man Half vs. Low Limit (half of Lazer Sword)


Finally, something completely different, air-horn carnival butchers from Munich - Schlachthofbronx ft. Gringo & Nem in Fock Me Avontade and Schlachthofbronx remix of Dj Beware & Mototpitch tune as a part of Hennessy Black Mixes.  I f...g dig your style boyz! Pure Gasolina!

Schlachthofbronx ft. Gringo & Nem - Fock Me Avontade by schlachthofbronx

Hennessy Black Mixes // Schlachthofbronx Remix by Made to Mix

13 September 2010

+ verb & pixelord - I wasss

Great track to start another wonky week. Super US/RUS collab of + verb and pixelord strikes again with fantastic sonic onslought, pumping basslines, mutant beatz and cut-up vocals. QUALITY!

i wasss (pixelord & +verb) by +verb

10 September 2010

Teielte - Homeworkz LP (UNM 001)

Teielte - Homeworkz LP (U Know Me Records 001)
Release date: 20 Sept 2010

1. shempolain
2. 3 steps
3. gumbas
4. darkvoices
5. nightstep
6. landof never
7. harpghan
8. limipid

9 OUT OF 10**** 

I am extremely pleased to write this post. Poland is catching up fast with the global electronic community and I come across more and more producers whose work makes me really proud. Teielte is a new beatz producer whose debut LP - Homeworkz is of absolutely top-notch quality and I am positive will meet with great reception across the globe. Teielte presents a very mature and sensitivie approach to production and skilfully handles the rich layers full of great samples and wide orchestration. This is a concise work by an artist who is not scared of using distorted bleeps, bits and cut-ups to create very melodic, smoothly flowing and tasty music cocktail with great synths and catchy basslines. At the same time he uses a lot of different patterns showing a good ear for diversification and offering a few absolutely fantastic gems for any open-minded fans of the current electronic music. He is definitely one of the best producers working in Poland atm and IMHO Homeworkz is the best debut I've heard in years on the Polish scene. And before you ask, I am not supporting an artist just because he is from Poland, I am doing this 'cause


I really encourage you to get acquainted with Teielte's music, the trip you are about to embark on will be rewarding. Starting from cinematic score of 23rd century love-story taking place on Mars in Shempolain, through absolutely fantastic synths and beautifully mutated vocals in Landof Never or acid-jazzy pianos and trumpets in uplifiting Limpid or unsettling and powerful Harpghan to 'moog-ish' bleeps and bits in one of the highlights of the entire release - Gumbas (just listen to this absolutely astounding button work!). Then moving to the heavy sub-bass improvisations in super fat tune of Darkvoices to finally reach the most ambitious and multi-layered track of Homeworkz - 3 steps, where asynchronous beat meets tons of samples in the background. All in all Teielte is definitely in the global top league and I am absolutely convinced this record will make proper noise in the blogosphere.

Doktor Krank highly recommends Homeworkz for your listening pleasure. Grab a free track below and visit digital stores around 20 September to buy this fantastic release. You will not be disappointed, trust my werd.

Teielte - Darkvoices

Teielte "HOMEWORKZ" LP promo by U Know Me Records

The record will be available in digital format from 20 September via: JUNODOWNLOAD (Go there to preview all the tracks)

And finally watch great video of Darkvoices on VIMEO (by Sonar Soul) !!!

09 September 2010

Amon Tobin - Eshter's Video

This new, fantastic video by Amon Tobin starts like Hardware movie but goes a bit different direction. Great cinematography to illustrate great music!

Low End Theory Podcast Episode XVII

The mighty series of Low End Theory Podcasts is back with Episode XVII by Daddy Kev and Baths. Top-notch selection as usual with new super hot shit from Lazer Sword, Fulgeance, Robot Koch and others. EPROM's Psycho simply shattered all my senses, the filthest, illest synths in a galaxy!! What a tune! The Baths' mix is also great even though on a slightly different tip than the first part. All in all a MUST for any fan of new electronica!

Low End Theory Podcast Episode XVII

And finally the podcast with a tracklist!! Yippie yippie yeah!

Daddy Kev (mix)

00:00 Take "Horizontal Figuration [Tokimonsta Remix]" (Alpha Pup)
01:57 Lazer Sword "Web Swag" (unreleased)
03:42 EPROM "Psycho" (unreleased)
05:04 Blackpocket "Ur A Sta [DBridge Remix Instrumental]" (Fat City)
05:50 JBSL "The Flu [Dorian Concept Remix]" (Affine)
06:28 Onra "The One [Another Waajeed Remix]" (All City)
08:01 Dibiase "Neighborhood Watch" (Alpha Pup)
09:08 Fulgeance "London Falling" (Alpha Pup)
11:15 Robot Koch "Water and Solutions" (Mooncircle)
13:20 Electric Wire Hustle "Longtime [Instrumental]" (BBE)
14:59 Quincy Jones "Seldom Seen Sam" (Atlantic)
15:31 Teebs "Arthur's Birds" (Brainfeeder)
18:20 Shadow Attack "They Gunna Get Me" (unreleased)
21:51 Oneohtrix Point Never "Nil Admirari" (Editions Mego)
22:38 Robot Koch "Devil Drums [Alex B Remix]" (FoF Music)
24:20 Virtual Boy "Mass" (Alpha Pup)

Baths (mix)
30:24 Baths "You're My Excuse to Travel [Baths Redux]" (Anticon/unreleased)
32:23 Baths "Damnation" (unreleased)
34:46 Fol Chen "In Ruins [Baths Remix]" (Asthmatic Kitty)
36:10 Baths "Untitled" (unreleased)
37:47 Baths "Plea" (Anticon)
39:44 Baths "Plea / ♥ [Baths Redux]" (Anticon/unreleased)
41:30 Baths "Lovely Bloodflow" (Anticon)
44:02 Baths "Hall [Baths Redux]" (Anticon/unreleased)

Robot Koch vs Boxcutter "Cloud City (Ital Tek Remix)"

A beautiful collaboration between Robot Koch and Boxcutter in Ital Tek remix, taken from the forthcoming Robot Koch's LP: "Songs For Trees And Cyborgs" which should drop at the begining of October 2010. I strongly suspect this Autumn 2010 to be super ripe with great releases!

PMC068 - Robot Koch vs Boxcutter "Cloud City (Ital Tek Remix)" (Songs For Trees And Cyborgs, 2010) by Project Mooncircle

08 September 2010

Lazer Sword - Batman

Lazer Sword has just revealed the first single from their forthcoming and much anticipated self-titled debut LP to drop on 2 November. Batman is a bit different from the usual high-energy electro output of Low Limit and Lando Kal, yet it definitely bears the trademarks of their style - tons of cut-up samples, mutated vocals, cold synths and very distinct micro-beat plus wonky bassline. One can definitely hear further move towards the Europe / UK urban scene (well, to be honest the boyz has followed this direction in their releases for some time already) and Batman easily fits the Glasgow's Numbers profile (what is obvious) as well as L-vis 1990's Night Slugs or some other UK G / future garage imprints. Now, I am even more anxious to hear the entire release, as I believe that Lazer Sword with their sample- and synth-based sensitivity and craftsmanship could bring a lot of fresh air to the growing UK electronic scene, while at the same time transferring some of UK urban sound back to the States. I keep my fingers crossed.   

Batman EP 12" should drop soon on Innovative Leisure with remixes by Rustie and Nguzunguzu.          

Lazer Sword - Batman (via xlr8r)

07 September 2010

Summer Hype in Radio Luz

This coming Thursday (9 September 2010) at 10 p.m. (CET), one of the best radio stations in Poland Radio Luz broadcasting from Wrocław, available on 91.6 fm in this city and globally via the Internet stream - will host again a fantastic show called Summer Hype (the first edition was a great success!!) showcasing the young talents of the Polish glitch-hop / dnb / dubstep / beatz / hip hop / UK G & F scene with a special guest from Southampton (UK) - DJ Jus associated with Beat Cleavers collective, a mad turntablist and beatmaker. You should definitely check the beats and pieces served by him along with local Wrocław's heavy-weight champions - Bontone, Boorgroove, Subwena and Tips'n'Tricks. From 80 to 140 bpm, from dnb to wonky and back. Spontaneity guaranteed!

When you hear more glitch than usual, please do not fine-tune your radio, just enjoy the sound!

FACEBOOK EVENT SITE (including info in Polish about the artists featured in this show)

Dance like it's 2999 - Apotheist, Liar, Mochipet

More spacey music today. This time coming from a very interesting project 2999 by a netlabel Peppermill Records from British Columbia. The authors asked the producers to soundtrack the end of the 30th century trying to envision what it might be or what they'd wish for humanity. Well, though the premises sound a bit bombastic the final results, that is a collaboration between audio and graphic arts, are really good! Dance (or rather fly in the sky) like it's 2999, indeed :) Every week on their site appears a new track along with its visual interpretation. I intend to check this site regularly, as the contributing artists will include such champions as slugabed, robot koch, raffertie, kid606, the widdler, taal mala, kanji kinetic and tons more.

Out of the already posted tracks (incl. Mochipet, DNTEL, Max Echo) the latast one - Steel God Creation by Apotheist from Vienna, Austria has simply torn me into pieces and made my mind fly really high!!

Apotheist - Steel God Creation by The Peppermill

Another tune definitely worth checking on Peppermill site is Upghostery by a Romanian producer Liar. Fat, extravagant trip!

Liar-Upghostery by The Peppermill

And finally Mochipet's contribution Petdestroyer with amazing graphic art:

Mochipet-Petdestroyer by The Peppermill

Tricil - The Emancipation

I love to receive media packages with music which really turns me inside out, which is exactly the case with Tricil and his absolutely mesmerizing spacey electronic trip through the ocean of deep bass in The Emancipation. This music attunes so well with my internal neural make-up I've put it on constant repeat like for ever while suspending my multi-tasking approach and diving deep into the beautiful sound. What is more, this track come in package with a fantastic video created by the Burning Head crew from UK. This piece is a submission to the Enter Calico project which is an exciting audio-visual compilation by UK electronica label Clear Notice. Tricil is the first artist featured. Hailing from Atlanta,Georgia he is known for many diverse styles of music. This is his contribution to the heavy bass world.

The Enter Calico album is available for purchase on ITunes


And the great video !!!

06 September 2010

Themselves "You Ain't It" (Lazer Sword Remix)

Barely a month till the final drop of the most eagerly awaited full-length by my favorite mutant beats combo of Lazer Sword, and xlr8r has posted a remix they did of a track by Oakland-based Themselves. This is a part of the remix record by Themselves called  CrownsDown & Company (also including remixes by e.g. Baths, 13 & God, Buck 65).  Low Limit and Lando Kal's version of the original tune is soooooo phat, liquid and robotic, riding on stomping beats and totally mutated (as usual) vocals. Killer!!!!

Themselves "You Ain't It" (Lazer Sword Remix)

01 September 2010

Back to virtuality with banging beats and pieces.

After nearly three weeks of deliberate No-Virtuality (just ocassional e-mail checking via mobile) in the land of Zeus, Athena and my beloved Eris, Doktor Krank gradually returns to the interweb, though I wouldn's say I missed the web too much, if you know what I mean. The reality of sun, sea, beaches and mountain trekking is way more interesting. Apologies to those who sent me messages via various channels of communication. I wouldn't be able to respond to most of them.

Of course I managed to fish out a few pieces of nice, stomping music from my overloaded accounts, which I definitely would like to share with all of you. Starting from super hot and pumping glitch hop anthem by a homie from USofA - Bartlomein. In my opinion, his best tune to-date. A real banger of sick distortion.

Camp Cognac by bartlomein

Heavy-bass banger king Hostage has dropped recently a free Roll EP on Nightshifters label. Hesitate you should not! Hostage may not be an innovator of direction-setter of the scene, but he always delivers good quality stuff and knows perfectly how to handle fat bass. Give him a try. The package includes nice remixes by Samo Sound Boy, Dj Donna Summer and Figure.


Roll Video:

Hostage - Roll from Nightshifters on Vimeo.

Finally, a mega dubstep banger by StylustBeats from Vancouver, Canada. Enjoy: