30 September 2009



1 Le Clap Rap
2 Got Beatz
3 OK
4 Roarr

catalogue number: meow153
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release date: September

Yay! Gimme more, gimme more! Kid606's Tigerbeat loaded another banging shit to my e-mail. Another surprise as a matter of fact. Great gift for the International Translation Day (oh yes your humble humble narrator is the translator by education and profession). On his Roarr EP,
Humanleft aka Rémy Teruel melts and combines various music languages, that of pounding, bass-heavy glitch hop and wonky acquacrunk made in Glasgow with that of 'oh so famous' French electro 'Ed Banger' sound full of great synths and dancefloor-oriented beats. The final outcome of his translation is really stunning 4-piece of solid, extended and craftily wowen sonic texture. It's even difficult for me to mention some highlights as all these tunes, although varying among themselves, create a kind of unified block of music which should be digested in full.


HumanLeft-Roarr ep (two tracks) by Tigerbeat6


Ass-shaking, pounding and whompy glitch hop remix of the Biggie's Dead Wrong. Cooked by a new producer from East Coast of US - bartlomein. Calm, glitchy intro leads to a BIIIIGGG soundwall accompanying B.I.G.'s acapella. Wicked!

<a href="http://bartlomein.bandcamp.com/track/dead-right">dead righT by bartlomein</a>


You know you want this. If you don't yet you will soon. Lunice associated with Montreal's Turbo Crunk crew (e.g. Megasoid, Hovatron, Bearmod) has just dropped a delicious remix pack. Grab it for free:


Stanky Stanky Leg = the best remix I've heard this year! Lunice is ILL!

P>S> Glitch hop / heavy bass seems to f...g explode this Autumn, I absolutely fail to properly listen to all the stuff coming my way, without even mentioning the time required to post just a fraction of QUALITY music I hear recently. What a shame :(

29 September 2009


More glitch crunk / liquid dancehall staff from Canada. Jay WIKID has just released a package consisting of 7 quite original remixes of classic tracks. Highlights include: Nancy Sinatra's beautiful Bang Bang turned into uptempo cut-up glitch-hop roller. Prodigy's all-time rave anthem Outaspace heavily mashed up in a dancehall manner. Collie Buddz riddim Come Around (one of my personal all-time faves) pulsating with liquid bass in a Bassnectar's style. WICKED! Jamaican punther Ward 21's Rudy of the Century received a surprising bleeps and beeps treatment from Jay Wikid with funktastic, weird drums and crazy melody. Beach Boys California Girls (!!!) remix is pure madness.

Pretty broad selection I would say. You'll definitely recognize the originals yet Jay Wikid managed to pitched them up adding his trademark heavy, distorted bassline all across creating one of the most interesting and diverse set of remixes that my headphones had a chance to acquaint with recently.

You can catch Jay Wikid on
glitch.fm as co-host on Friday's, mega super dope BWAMP show powered by Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit and GlitchHop Forum Crew.

Grab a very solid mixtape from Jay Wikid which I posted on my blog some time ago: Jay Wikid - Stay Tuned Mix

Jay Wikid's crafty basslines will turn your insides out and have you grinding before you know it. His musical recipes blend infectious hiphop rhythms with light sprinkles of glitchy fun - smothered with a topping of bassline warfare. Three years ago, the Canadian producer was chosen by Bassnectar as his protege; their first collaborative release, "Select Frequency", was the #1 Hip Hop track on Beatport for over 3 weeks and subsequently licensed to MTV, where it continues to rack up international plays. Jay also works under the alias "Ghetto Blastaz" in collaboration with Colorado native Jantsen. Expect fast-paced hip hop and dancehall breaks, overdriven glitchy crunk and electrozested zipper basslines from this hard-hitting duo. Currently you can catch Jay as a Friday night co-host on Glitch.FM radio, a resident of "Whatever's Dope" at Vancouver's Shine Nightclub, and furiously locked in the studio preparing a dynamic live show for his first international tour. His enthusiasm immediately ignites any dancefloor - watch him throb and bob, energetically dancing along with his crowd, as he twists and warps his wompy style productions. Whatever genre he's playing, you can count on Jay to keep it squishy, glitchy and sexy all at the same time. Straight rowdy!

28 September 2009


01. 'Thug Tastic (Turn Up the Subs)'
02. 'Can't Fathom This'
03. 'Grind Baby'
04. 'The Times'
05. 'Detroit Gets It'
06. 'Festivities'
07. '16 Bars'

Freddy Todd, a producer from Detroit, has recently dropped a very, very interesting glitch-hop EP 'Ghost Dance Messiah' with 7 solid and bass-heavy tracks which everyone can grab for free for a limited period of time. He claims on myspace that he sounds like 'Jesus on acid'. Well, even if it is a bit overstretched, I definitely find some acid/trancey traces in his music, especially in the way he loops his basslines or the way he works various knobs and buttons (see e.g.: The Times). But most of all his tunes offer great, whompy glitch-hop sound made in Detroit. Heavy, metallic, stomping beat, glitched synths, sick acapellas and twisted melodies always please Doktor Krank very much!! Highlights of the EP are Detroits Get It, Grind Baby, Can't Fathom This, Thug Tastic (Turn up the Subs).

I've already mentioned Freddy Todd on my blog a few times. Check the description and listen to two tracks from the EP:

Freddy Todd - Detroit Gets It
Great glitch-hop track by a Detroit producer, a kind of response to „witnessing The Glitch Mob, RJD2, and Bassnectar bomb the blocks in down town Detroit". (his own words). In my opinion a very good and ass-kicking response. Tight mixing and very nice work with deconstructed vocals and if you know Glitch Mob stuff – you can easily recognize Mob-like beats and melodies skillfully woven into the composition.

Freddy Todd – Grind Baby
Another great industrial glitch offering from a city with dying industry. Excellent Detroit beats full of cleverly mixed samples from Busta Rhymes, STS9, Funkadelic, Ben Harper and more. I really dig Freddy Todd’s whompy and melodic aesthetics.

Freddy Todd - Oh Ma Gad Drap Tha Bass – Freddy Todd Very tight and ass-shaking track using a great mix of soundz plus a few classic beats and pieces. Thumbs up for Michael Jackson's sample.

Freddy Todd on Soundcloud

25 September 2009


Bombaman is ill badman, check his exclusive mix for Italian Stallions from CROOKERS. Wicked!!! (Mad Word killed me in a most beautiful way).


Tracklist and comments by the man himself:

01. Hired Goons – Herbert
- a weird little side project me and the ultimate grandma have going right now. gave me a good reason to sample the simpsons.

02. Fukkkk off – More Than Friends (Congorock Remix)
- this tune is just too sick. congorock doing it soooooooooooo badddddddddddddd.

03. Thunderheist – LBG (Bombaman Remix)
- remix grahamzilla asked me to do for them. forthcoming on big dada.

04. Egyptrixx – Everybody Bleeding
- pure. fucking. bass weight. africa proving why he is the tallest.

05. Bombaman & Steve Gerard – Increasingly Obvious
- collaboration between me and ultra-loop making genius from chicago.

06. Chromeo – Call me up (High Deaf Remix)
- bridging the gap!!!

07. Dave Nada – Apocalypse Theme (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
- heard nadastrom play this in NY, absolute madness in the clubbbb.

08. Bakir & Dubsworth – Soul Job (Bombaman Remix)
- remix for my spit bros. in SF. forthcoming on dubs alive.

09. Enur & Natasja – Calabria (Bombaman Remix)
- old bootleg originally made for a friend in SF. watch out for the asscrack edit.

10. Bombaman – Exia (Fur pie Edit)
- face down, ass up, that is the way we like to edit our fur pies. no explanation needed. (remember kids, fur pie doesn’t sell)

11. Shiny Toy Guns – Burnin’ for you
- guilty pleasure…

12. Mick Smiley – Magic
- the best of part of the first ghostbusters movie is when they shutdown the containment thing and ghosts go everywhere and it’s mad epic and shit. it could even be the best part from any movie, ever. anyways, this is the 2nd half from the song during that part.

13. Tears for Fears – Mad World
- the original kind of reminds me of REM or something, i like this version better. tears for fears 4 life.

24 September 2009


I know I am late with writing about this very solid comp from RUN RIOT RECORDS, but somehow the files get lost on my hard drive. Anyway, as the Motion Sickness promo video showed up on my friend, GRAINTABLE's myspace, I decided to find out and finally post a few words I wrote after first listening to this comp.
In general, Motion Sickness is pretty diverse compilation full of sick basslines, glitched synths, ghettotech beats and funky breakcore vistas. Actually, I should write a few words about each track but nobody would read this anyway, thus I will focus on the higlights:
Chip Chop – Launch Blank. Great opening of the compilation. I really like the work by this talented duo. Live action in such a digitially driven world will always produce an added value. Chip chop delivers properly glitched action with live drums and infections synths. Intense and deep! Gouseion remix of Kitmat's track is a pretty unsettling bomb of glitched bleeps and beeps. FoXgut in Clutha Kids offers a strange and twisted synth-hop with neon synths reminding me of the producitons of Glasgow's Lucky Me crew (Mike Slott, HudMo). Another good track is Runring by Vincent Parker. A nice glitch hop journey. Happy hardcore / breakcore joint by FoxDye is soo funny and actually much better than 99% of productions in this genre (which I rather dislike to be honest). LSP, heavy heavy bass, dirty beats and slow neck-breaking tension of this track combined with one of the best titles I’ve heard recently 'Kids Are Fucking Idiots' :) make it one of the highlights of this comp. If you like the mood and vibe of this track I suggest checking a guy from Puerto Rico – Son1ka, look him up on my blog. Another solid joint is Endykryn's Cum Again in which ultra distorted bassline and blunt beat remind me of Kid606's tigerbeat productions. Cabfree works with a similar dubstep bass in a more spacey track full of delays and knob twisting. And then , here comes the best tune of the Motion Sickness - Kitimat's AMSDN. Wow, this bass is soooooooo heavy but wait till the synths drop! Great spacey dub, the way I really LIKE! Strongly reminds me of Heyoka, Mimosa and Knowa KnowOne sonic journeys in bass-heavy ambient collages. Kitimat is definitely an artist to watch. Graintable nicely crowns the interesting compilation in his Lost Frost, with great synth-pop melodies and glitched basis.

More detailed message from the label:
"17 track compilation featuring the next wave of runriot’s unsound system and teasers from the upcoming releases of
SQUID EYE, CHIP CHOP, WUNDERLITE, and GRAINTABLE, alongside co-conspirators sleeper-celled in camps from the dirty bmb skweee of CLAWS COSTEAU, body melting 8-bit distortion funk from LEOPARDEN, the gorgeous pop shrapnel-core of FOXDYE, the mutant futures of bass from CAB FREE and ENDYKRYN, deep ghetto bliss from AUDIOCRIP, the spiny sparking jazz crunk of THE GREAT MUNDANE, time rending shift-hop from FOX GUT DAATA, and the ashy tremors of NW island dubstep by LONGSHANKS. runiot hits the ground running with the return of VINCENT PARKER, the macro-glitch madness of GOUSEION blindside bombing the remix, LANDLESS FARM crash landing drums, splattering viny synths all over the bass drop, and the stunning neo-balkan synth storm of KITIMAT bottoming out the continuum.

MOTION SICKNESS compilation is available for download now via our selection of fine digital retailers (below) as well as in a limited edition run of CDs directly from the riot September 1st.
Email us for pre-orders."

Grab the comp here:


Live Set 25mn Absurd by djabsurd

It's still Thursday but one should start mentally preparing to the weekend. There is no better way than listening to some bouncy, ass-kicking and bass heavy mix. This time the freshest beats from bassline done DJ ABSURD mixing live heavy dubstep, dirty grime, bouncy bassline shit plus some electro and glitch. Proper ill thing.

23 September 2009

Ben Samples - Intercontinental Ballistic Lazer EP Review

Ben Samples - Intercontinental Ballistic Lazer EP


Ben Samples on Soundcloud
Ben Samples Intercontinental Ballistic Lazer – download for free
on Bandcamp
Ben Samples: Inappropriate on Bandcamp (5USD)


Canada has become one of the most interesting and thriving spots music-wise on my global map. Turbo Crunk crew (Megasoid, Hovatron and the rest), Glitch Hop Headz (Ill-Esha, Ill-Gates, Glitchy 'n Scratchy, Integrated Grime Unit crew and many more), big dubstep community (DZ plus Taal Mala, Max Ulis, Self Evident from Lighta! crew to name a few). Now, I have come across a gifted banger / heavy bass producer from Toronto - Terror Tone.

I hate nationalism and all -isms as a matter of fact, but it's still nice to find some traces of Polish ancestry out there in the global music community. Terror Tone was born in Poland and emigrated with his parents to Canada as a child :) but I am not promoting his music because of this 'sentimental value', I do this because it is pretty straigthforward, pounding and ass-kicking quality banger shit.

Terror Tone's Badman Bounce EP is coming out around October / November on
Intelligenix Records. You better watch out as this release should be quite intense. As a foretaste grab his original mix off the forthcoming EP.

Terror Tone - Dirty Disco

Infectious acid-like, ravey bassline in a groovy but pretty dark and dirty house track.

Everything All The Time - Getting Higher (Terror Tone remix) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

This remix of the Toronto's group, Everything All The Time by Terror Tone is pure banger with a longish vocal intro which builds up into ultra dirty and heavy bassline. Think Hostage, A1 Bassline, The Squire of Gothos, Foamo and you get the picture. Don't miss this one!

Anna Cyzon - Reputation (Terror Tone Breakbeat Remix)

This one is another solid work from Terror Tone, a remix of pop song by
Anna Cyzon (again quite a skillful Polish-born singer!). Broken beat and cut-up vocals work quite well spicing up the original while synths add a lot of space and I really really like Anna's dirty singing.

21 September 2009


YEEEEESSSS! It's official! My favorite production duo Lazer Sword will visit Poland at the end of October. I'm uber stoked to meet Low Limit and Lando Kal finally and hear them playing live destroying the club venue with their acquacrunk brap beats. Thanks to my mate Bodek (aka DJ KOOLA) again for bringing to Poland the artists pushing the music boundries (Mochipet and Th'Mole were no exception).
I believe Lazer Sword needs no introduction to the regular readers of my blog, as I wrote quite extensively about the boys with many links to tracks and mixes. Check it here. Well, actually my very first post on this little blog was about Lazer Sword's mixtape...

Lazer Sword will play on 31 October 2009 in Białystok in Klub Metro. Expect all the details and the flyer soon.

THE AGE OF STUPID! Watch this Movie, Spread the Vibe!

The Age of Stupid USA Trailer from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

Hey, humanity!! Do you hear me? Yes, you! Earth speaking. Will you please listen to me at least once? Will you start thinking about your environment finally? What? You don't have the time?! You are in a hurry and have to earn more money to support kids and family? You have to watch the latest soap opera drama in TV? You don't think the situation is that bad? You don't give the shit about the Gaia?! Are you stupid or wot?!?!?!?

Today, 21st of September 2009 is the date of global premiere screening of 'The Age of Stupid', the new cinema documentary from the Director of 'McLibel' and the Producer of the Oscar-winning 'One Day in September'. This enormously ambitious drama-documentary-animation hybrid stars Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching 'archive' footage from 2008 and asking: why didn't we stop climate change while we had the chance? The movie touches upon climate change, oil, war, politics, consumerism and human stupidity (finally someone addressing the worst virust of this planet).

The movie will be played on hundreds of venues across the globe, check the exact times and dates on THE GLOBAL PREMIERE SITE

I'm really proud that this movie was shown practically for the first time officially in my country, Poland during the
UN Climate Conference in Poznań held in the late 2008. This movie has been purchased by some unknown distributor (I have some suspects thou) in Poland who unfortunately failed to 'cash in' on this global event and failed to organize at leaste one screening on the global date. Are these people stupid or something? Thus, sadly no exact date for Poland :(

Check the Not Stupid Organization which accompanies the global screenings of this movie and become one of the activist fighting the global stupidity cancer.

The Age of Stupid on Facebook
The Age of Stupid on Twitter

Pete Postlethwaite (drama)Fernand Pareau, 82-year old French mountain guide (documentary)Jeh Wadia, starting a low-cost airline in India (documentary)Alvin DuVernay, Shell oil man who rescued 100 people after Hurricane Katrina (documentary)Layefa Malemi, living in Shell’s most profitable oil region in Nigeria (documentary)Jamila and Adnan Bayyoud, two Iraqi refugee kids trying to find their brother (documentary)Piers Guy, a windfarm developer fighting the anti windfarm lobby in England (documentary).

America, UK, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Jordan, The Alps

Franny Armstrong (McLibel, Drowned Out)Producer: Lizzie GillettExec Producer: John Battsek (One Day In September, In The Shadow of the Moon)Editor: David G Hill (Game Over, McLibel)Animation Directors: Martyn Pick & Jonathan HodgsonComposer: Chris Brierley (McLibel, Drowned Out)Featuring the music of: Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Boots Are Made For Walking

£450,000 raised by
“crowd-funding” - selling shares to individuals and groups. Film is therefore completely INDEPENDENT.

ALTA JOYA - Perfect Cumbia ( d.a.r vs. princess superstar 'dale dale villa kill ya' mash up )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wow! Thanks to Generation Bass Blog for this one. What a pearl! I would not even dare to mash Princess Superstar's killing dancefloor anthem with cumbia beats. But this shit works big time! Such a sunny goodness on Monday - priceless!! Dj Alta Joya from Cooliado let me show you some respect.

Alta Joya - Perfect Cumbia ( d.a.r vs. princess superstar 'dale dale villa kill ya' mash up ) by Alta Joya

19 September 2009


Kush Arora – Boiling Over EP

1 : Boiling Over
2 : Alabaster Dub ( Remix of Sub Swara)
3 : The Staircase w/ Lucas Patzek
4 : Dealbreaker w/ J. Rogers & Jo Rozinski
5 : Constructing the Absence w/ Sub Swara
6 : We're Upstairs w/ Maneesh the Twister & The Spit Brothers
7 : SF Shuffle Riddim

Purchase this release here: Record Label Records, Audiojelly, Juno

RecordLabelRecords released two weeks ago a fantastic instrumental heavy bass tribal-step EP, Boiling Over, a collection of 7 tracks by Kush Arora, including collaborations with a few other artists, of which I know only Sub Swara, but will have to memorize the rest of the names definitely. I must say that the world presented here by Kush Arora is very rich, deep and moving. I love his oriental touch spicing up the dark lands of heavy bass.

Kush Arora is the trained drummer and one can definitely hear it in the way he programs drums, pads and snares. The tracks have a lively flow to them, and when they are dipped in a beautiful Eastern sauce like in Boiling Over with wide array of instrumentation including flutes, pianos and trumpets sped up to 150 bmp, one can really talk about unique quality. Remix of Subswara’s Alabaster Dub is a low frequency sub-bass journey heavily relying on pounding beat, broken drums and flute-based melody patterns. The Staircase is fantastic ambient track originally done for a film with long-time collaborator and Arora’s band member – Lucas Patzek. Middle Eastern vibes of different types of shade and modern IDM beat laid on drum and bass foundations ‘talk’ in synch here playing a kind of mysterious game with the listener all along the way. Great listening experience! I will have to check J.Rogers & Jo Rozinski as their collaboration with Kush Arora in Dealbreaker is a super solid whompy ass-kicking dubstep offering on this dynamic and eclectic ‘oriental’ release.

Constructing the absence on the other hand is a fantastic oriental dub full of infectious synths and beautiful instruments playing in the background (flute being most prominent of them again), flowing through space with a grace of a kite, yet so powerful that able to break through the toughest walls. We’re upstairs is a roots-based techno stepper, whereas SF Shuffle Riddim, is a great instrumental cut from Kush Arora’s previous, highly acclaimed release, Dread Bass Chronicles, on which he worked with Juakali from Sub Swara, a Los Angeles resident, and native of Trinidad and Tobago, one of the best vocalists in Jungle / Dubstep scene and a real “pusher” of heavy bass music in the US. Again modern beat and drums are infused with centuries old Middle and Far Eastern melodies in a kind of trademark Kush Arora sound.

‘Cultural dubstep’, the name coined to describe the type of music produced by Kush Arora, describes quite well the eclectic mix of various world traditions one can enjoy in his works. I really recommend this artists to all the listeners looking for different vibes in a too well-known heavy bass genre.

Kush was kind enough to allow me to post one track from his EP as a teaser to the readers of my blog

Kush Arora - Constructing the Absence w/ Sub Swara

Kush Arora’s short bio: “Kush Arora is active in SF, he is a member of the Surya Dub Crew which has been at the center for dread bass, dubstep, and electronica winning best club night in SF two years in a row. Opening for the likes of BassNectar, Thievery Corporation, The Bug, and Flying Lotus all in the past 9 months has kept him busy on the road. Busy as a remixer, he’s remixed Balkan Beat Box, Zion I, and many more. His work has caught attention of Pitchfork mag, calling him a “laptop musician extraodinaire who’s pioneering,” BBC 1’s Mary Anne Hobbes dubbing his Brooklyn To SF cd “a beautiful piece of work”,and great support from XLR8R, LA Weekly, SFGuardian, The CMJ, and Mix agazine. The recent release “The Dread Bass Chronicles” featured the finest mc’s of electronic dancehall: Warrior Queen (Bug/Ninjatune), Juakali (Dub War/SubSwara), MC Zulu (Ninjatune/Project Blowed), and Bongo Chilli (R8 Records), showcasing the sounds you will find at his bashment and dub sessions that have been tearing up clubs around the world.”

Check an exhaustive interview with Kush Arora discussing Boiling Over, his approach to music and plans for the future.

18 September 2009

Schlachthofbronx - Mad Instrument

Bavarian AirHORN Steppers from Hell - Schlachthofbronx have recently released a fantastic album on DiskoB - Schlachthofbronx and Belly Fulls EP (read my review here). To support the promotion of this release, the boys decided to spread FOR FREE a track for your listening pleasure. Stomping beat and great fat synths plus ridiculous hop hop hop hop dance shit and voila. Grab it - highly recommended!


I really recommend you listen to the entire release, its full of pink pills and jumpy sound. Great for indoor and outdoor fitness. Find below a few links where you can purchase this:

itunes, beatport, amazon, juno downloads and many others.

17 September 2009



Absolutely amazing mix by Dewey dB, the founder and administrator of the best music forum inda Internet - GlitchHop Forum. Very eclectic, diverse, oscillating between funky head-nodding slack and powerful heavy bass meditations. Entertaining as hell, full of emotions and multi-textured electronic voyages. Including some great original tracks by the author: ill-esha & Dewey dB - H.A.A.R.P. is f...g mental, similarly as Dewey dB & Bevvy Swift - Music Bawks (dewey's anti-wobble refix). Hey, producers out there grab these tracks while you can. This mix is a real Who-Is-Who of glitch hop / crunk covering most of the names you need to know to call yourself a glitch head. Too many to mention here. Just check the tracklist.

01. Opiou - The Freaky Bean
02. Vent - Bear Crunk
03. Pretty Lights - Finally Moving Remix
04. Mochipet - Memories
05. Gouseion - Venomous Always
06. Opiou - Slip
07. Dewey dB - Savage Cabbage
08. Opiou - Monkey Crunk
09. Tokimonsta - Startagain feat. Shing
10. Vibesquad - Shnapp
11. EPROM- 64 Bytes (Boreta Remix)
12. Vibesquad - This Earth
13. Depth affect - Street Level
14. Low Limit - Inspirational Jumpsuit
15. Graintable - Lost Frost
16. Ill Gates & Meesha - Irma Vep feat. Masia One
17. Gonja Sufi - Candycanelane
18. Lorn - The Greatest Silence
19. ill-esha & Dewey dB - H.A.A.R.P.
20. Ph Fat - Big Five (remix)
21. Dewey dB - The Adventures of Albert The Giraffe
22. Pretty Lights - More Important Than Micheal Jordan
23. Depth affect - Hero Crisis
24. Michna - Avante
25. Panty Raid - Get The Money
26. Nalepa - Sunflowers (Salva Remix)
27. Mochipet - Pachyderm Pounce
28. Gouseion - Afternoon Cassettes
29. Na$ty Na$ty - Seconds
30. Aphex Twin - Window Licker
31. Dewey dB - The Penguin
32. Mimosa - Delivery feat. Souleye
33. Dewey-dB - Natural Flavour
34. Adam Freeland - Do You (Joker Remix)
35. Dewey dB & Bevvy Swift - Music Bawks (dewey's anti-wobble refix)
36. Akira Kitashi - Pinball
37. Eskmo - Agnus Dei
38. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


This guy probably needs no introduction.
Heyoka, next to Mimosa, is the best representative of deep glitchy bass aesthetics immersed in ethno sauce with IDM / dubby space, the combination which I really dig. His Burning Man mix is full of talking, glitchy sub-bass, with tons of sound effects and great synths built on dubbed out beats. He really knows how to properly handle all the buttons and he really 'feels' the space he works in. Sadly no tracklist, but I presume most of the tunes are his own originals. Check Heyoka's music released on Muti Music - Addictech. In particuladr, Gate Code LP which definitely fits well in the category of top releases this year.


Sickfile - young glitch-hop blood in a debut mix in this genre. Sick, crunky, and powerful selection of the best fighters in this heavy-bass category: An-ten-nae, Mochipet, Mimosa, Ben Samples, plus mighty Two Fingers or one of the best underrated dubstep acts (IMHO), namely MarchMellow. Last but not least, infectious I love college, ridiculous remix of Johnny Cash by Machine Drum and Britney Spears' edit. All in all over 80 minutes of heavy dope sickness.

01. fat pat - dirty bird
02. an-ten-nae - warning feat. buccaneer
03. mimosa - flux for life
04. two fingers - keman rhythm
05. propa thingz - heavy metal
06. mochipet - godzilla new year (david starfire remix instrumental)
07. mochipet - godzilla new year
08. ben samples - autobot
09. johnny cash - belshazzar (machine drum remix)
10. asher roth - i love college (dubstep remix)
11. britney spears - if u seek amy (sas remix)
12. animal collective - my girls
13. an-ten-nae - get low
14. natasha - ildebrand i byen (2000f remix)
15. chasing shadows - flashing lights
16. 501 - mind control
17. major lazer - hold the line feat. mr. lexx and santogold
18. mimosa - dead like me
19. march mellow - real simple
20. mimosa - sirius
21. propa tingz - babylons scared feat. dakini

15 September 2009


PANTyRAiD, i.e. Josh Mayer aka Ooah of The Glitch Mob and Marty Folb aka Marty Party, have just released absolutely mesmerizing and wicked full-length album The Sauce on Marine Parade. I talked to Ooah about their music and plans for the future.


PANTyRAiD - The Sauce



Check Marine Parade for 15 min mini mix promoting The Sauce.

PANTyRAiD - The Sauce is already available at Bleep.

10 September 2009

StereoHeroes feat. Mic Terror - Juke Dem Hoes

StereoHeroes - dirty rotten frog-eating champions of banging sound. Love all their productions. Juke Dem Hoes is naughty naughty and politically incorrect and I f..g like it a lot. I could not resist myself and lifted this ultra ass-shaking shit from discobelle.

StereoHeroes feat. Mic Terror - Juke Dem Hoes by stereoheroes

Chico Sonido - Discotheka Freestyle

Chico Sonido in Discoteca Freestyle mix. This one sits on my hard-drive barely a week, but it has become my dirty pleasure ever since. I have to start my day at work with at least a few minutes of this epic tribute to ultra cheesy discoteka years. Just listen to asi me gusta a mi or corazon de cristal. Oh boy! So many classic disco tracks in Spanish versions. I don't know about you but these female (and occasionally also male) voices and wedding-style synths of long-gone era caught me like a swine flu. I have not recovered yet.




The Disciples of the Dread
Artist: Kid606/Cardopusher/BADXMAN
Catalogue number: shock20
Album title: Disciples of Dread EP
label: Shockout
Release date: September
Buy the tracks here:
Boomkat, Bleep or @other places.

Kid606 has many music faces indeed and is constantly churning new releases. This time he resurrected his tropical / digital Soca imprint - Shockout and released 6 super tight, heavy-bass tracks. All of them great riddims in a tropical / soca stylee but don't jump to conclusions hearing this term. Forget about sunny tropical cumbias or nice funky shit and scarcely clad ladies shaking their asses. The Disciples of the Dread soundsystem offers evil, dirty, voodooo beats and heavy bass addressed to real badbwoys and gals.

A newcomer to the scene, BADXMAN, shows his tight skills in two tunes with growling bassline, fat afrobeat and dark funky vibe. For me the higlight of the EP are again the tracks by one of my favorite producers -
CARDOPUSHER. After his apparent conversion from breacktore to dubstep (and more heavy bass styles) he drops one bomb after another. "Carne Sentada" and "Youthman Dread" are fantastic digital roots / soca joints with twisted beats in half-step stylee with infectious synths prominently featured on top. I bet, especially in the case of the first one, you won't be able to sit on your ass to long hearing it. Kid606 mashes the classic riddim "Mash up the place" into synth-driven, hectic and scarry (the recent strong trademark of Miguel De Pedro) anti-festival monster, full of dirty claps and snares, building into nigthmarish freestyle of some mad producer. The DigiSoca mix of Mash Up the Place is simply ridiculous. Listen to this and interpret it for yourselves :)

Listen to 3 tracks from EP on the soundcloud:

09 September 2009


BBC Radio 1 host of the cult “Experimental” show (formerly known as Breezeblock), a DJ, and motorcycle enthusiast Mary Anne Hobbs is back with her third compilation, following 'Evangeline' released June 2008 and a debut for the label 'Warrior Dubz' in October 2006. 'Wild Angels' was released on 8th of September 2009 in US on Planet Mu

As can be expected from the lady extremely versed in new music, constantly on the fringes of future beat of the scene, M.A.H. interests and search for quality experimental stuff has expanded to reach out as far as the West Coast of U.S. and the electronic music (r)evolution currently taking place there. Although being mainly associated with dubstep/grimey scene, this time Mary Anne Hobbs offers a compilation of groundbreaking electronica focusing more on future hip-hop beats, crispy neon synths and acquacrunk melodies, going much beyond the restraints of one music genre. To regular listeners of her show this would come as no surprise.

“Wild Angels” encompass a broad spectrum of bass music ranging from wonky Bristol / Glasgow sound (e.g. Gemmy, Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Mike Slott, Starkey and a few others) through thriving West Coast IDM / glitch scene (Mono/Poly, Nosaj Thing, Teebs, Architeq) to unrestrained mind-bending electronic voyages into weird neural structures (Mark Prichards in the drone of the year!) or music which escapes easy generalizations (e.g. Floating Points, electro-acoustic Sunken Foal, Legion of Two). You won’t find pure dubstep - whatever this term means nowadays - or grime here.

In M.A.H. new compilation the majority of slots are taken by wonky / acquacrunk / neon trips and most of them actually need no introduction, and they are among my favorite productions this year.
Starkey’s Gutter Music V.I.P. from groundbreaking Ephemeral Exhibits always enchants me with its dysfunctional yet totally infectious synths and weird beat. A real beauty and the beast! If you say Starkey, the chances are Rustie will emerge soon. Zig-Zag’s distorted melodies are quintessential Lucky Me material and I strongly encourage you to check this man’s Bad Science EP. Next highlight of “Wild Angels” is Spotted in which another representative of Lucky Me, Hudson Mohawke bathes acquacrunk post hip-hop beats in neon synth solos, light, warm and helping to nod your head vigorously to beautiful, laidback vibe. Mike Slott in Knock Knock crafts a very delicate sound texture for sunny Sunday afternoon walks in the park as if playing on the piano built of glass beads.

Moving to Bristol, one simply has to mention Gemmy, next to Joker, most prominent representative of the so-called “Purple Wow” sound. His Rainbow Road pulsates with fresh energy, vivacity and proper bass. It is soaked with great lazer synths, extremely infectious melody line and broken 4x4 beat making it an instant hit and the tip of the entire compilation. I am really impressed with his ultra tight production skills. Hyetal and Tranqill both work quite skillfully with spacious sound textures in smoothly flowing tunes designed for chill-out zones. Urban sound producer and remixer from London, Brackles, delivers stomping 2-step beats with synth bravado (again! Synths are the trademark of this compilation) and Kosheen’s samples in the background. Very solid track.

West Coast sound is represented by the producers heavily promoted by Mary Anne Hobbs on her show in West Coast Rocks / Pacific Clash series. The most prominent of them is of course
Nosaj Thing. I absolutely love every piece of music produced by Jason Chung, his Drift album is this year’s best release in my private ranking. IOIO is the quintessential IDM of the future, the track whose dreamy aesthetics and liquid, smooth synths melt me inside like a snowball in a Sahara heat. Teebs in his exclusive track, WLTA, takes the listener for a trip to laidback ocean of pleasant melody and groovy beat. Another big name on my US list, Mono/Poly, attacks the listener with bass heavy sonic missile and glitched to the max synths and distorted beats. This tune stands in relative opposition to neon synths of Lucky Me crew. Raw energy, cut-up bleeps and beeps, post hip-hop beats and occasional acapellas are the characteristics of producers hailing from Pacific Coast of US, just to mention Lazer Sword, Daedalus, Samiyam or Exile (some of them associated with fantastic Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder). TAKE’s remix of Secret Bear Lament by Architeq follows the same pattern with multi-layered composition full of delayed and distorted vocals, glitched synths and pulsating bassline. I LOVE WEST COAST SOUND!!

Finally, a few ‘head case’ tunes. Starting from absolutely fantastic intro drone by
Mark Pritchard called “?”. The frequency of this little gem reminds me strongly of productions created as a music guide in trips induced by some potent hallucinogenic plants like DMT or psilocybin (if you like it I suggest checking the self titled EP of Time Machines, better known as Coil). Live music duo from Ireleand, Legion Of Two, evokes dark horror images in one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. The combination of live drums and absolutely mesmerizing synths along with hellish bassline make me greet my teeth nervously and look at my co-slaves with wolfish eye. I remember the first time I heard LoT on MAH show. I thought, WTF? I was pressed into my chair by the irresistible wall of dark sound and was immediately transported into the realm of gothic knights fighting with horrible monsters (pardon my ‘gamer’ imagination). What a great way to end this fantastic compilation! I have to mention another great tune from Ireland. Electroacoustic band Sunken Foal in Of Low Count and Light Pocket has won me over with beautiful and powerful vocals, classic string guitars but most of all moog-like crispy synths reminding me of a score to independent French movies of the 70’s.

'Wild Angels' is a personal selection done by Mary Anne Hobbs, and any avid listener of electronic music would obviously have a slightly different view about what is missing or what should not be included here. But in my opinion she managed quite well to capture the ‘spirit’ of the current bass electronic scene offering quite a diverse and broad spectrum of most interesting producers exploring various territories. All in all one of the best releases this year.

Easy 8 out of 10*****

Lucky Americans, Mary Anne Hobbs starts the tour of U.S. this Thursday. You shouldn't miss her!


Thursday, September 10 Smartbar (DubFix Party) – Chicago, IL
Friday, September 11 103 Harriet St, (Get Freaky Afterburn Party) – San Francisco, CA
Saturday, September 12 The Cellar at Agenda – San Jose, CA
Wednesday, September 16 Holocene – Portland, OR
Friday, September 18 Love (Dub War Party) w/Pinch – New York, NY
Saturday, September 19 Shadow Lounge (SubDivision Party) – Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday, September 20 Barcelona (Mad Classy Party) – Austin, TX
Wednesday, September 23 Low End Theory – Los Angeles, CA
Friday, September, 25 Cervantes (Bass Invasion Party) w/Skream – Denver, CO
Saturday, September, 26 Decibel Festival – Seattle, WA

08 September 2009


I have not posted glitch hop tracks in a while, and this one is too good to be missed. Great glitchy treatment of trippy Ready or Not by!Konekta! has already landed in many DJ's crates and not without a reason. Check the soundclad of this badass bwoy for more goodies.

!Konekta! - Ready Or Not by Konekta

06 September 2009

Low End Theory Podcast vol. 7 - Gaslamp Killer vs. Mary Anne Hobbs

Low End Theory can do no wrong in the podcast department. Vol. 7 in now-becoming cult series introduces a cross-Atlantic clash of uber personalities, namely the man behind Alpha Pup Records pushing the boundaries of glitched hip hop & electronic music, an icon of West Coast movement - the mighty Gaslamp Killer who meets the Lady in Dubz, one and only Mary Anne Hobbs who needs no introduction.

Episode 7: Mixes by Gaslamp Killer and Mary Anne Hobbs


Gaslamp Killer delivers a killing set of bass heavy, dubstep and glitch smashers like e.g. Joker and Ginz remix of Zero 7 , Eprom's Humanoid (my personal top-3 track this year) and many more but then merges them with some stuff (if I am not mistaken) off his EP released recently, thus creating dark dark dark mood. Scary and infectious as usual :)
Mary Anne Hobbs presents pretty experimental and eclectic and urban mini-mix, very 'planet-mu' oriented, which is no surrprise as on 8th September, MAH releases her third compilation "Wild Angels" (IMHO the best one to-date) and goes on a US tour. Stay tuned for the review and all the details within the next 2-3 days.

No tracklist as usual.

04 September 2009

solipsistic NATION No. 156: Freqs

SOLIPSISTIC NATION PODCAST NO. 156 (I encourage you to go to the site to watch very nice videos there)


All glitch-hop fans should definitely check this great podcast from solipsistic NATION. Apart from eclectic and top-notch quality music presented, the host carried out a few interviews with well-known characters on the glitch scene. Starting from Australian Jim Moynihan (Spoonbill) and founder of Omelette Records, Great Scott a gonzo behind mighty glitch.fm, Steve Nalepa (among others, 1/2 of Bass Science together with Matt.b) and Deru. It's definitely one of the best podcasts I've heard in a while. Very diverse music (some free goodies - check the tracklist) and great interviews with artists discussing among others the current status of the so called "glitch" genre. In particular one question stuck in my mind: Do we live in a post-glitch world? Do we? What's your opinion?


Spoonbill “Gumtree (Respoon)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Spoonbill “Moth Adjust Stereo, Excerpt”
Interview with Jim Moynihan, founder of Omelette Records
Frank Riggio “Perplex People” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
HipGnosis “grainydontstop”
Ill-Esha “spook FL”
Interview with Great Scott, founder of glitch.fm
Ill-Esha “kitchen sync FH2″
Nalepa/David Last “Flatlands (David Last Remix)”
Nalepa/RND “4th of July (RND Remix)”
Interview with Steve Nalepa
Nalepa/Rena Jones “Rhodes Racer (Rena Jones Remix)”
Deru “I Want”
Deru “Hello”
Interview with Deru
Deru “What Happens When You Ask”

03 September 2009

Kid606 - Mr. Wobble's Nightmare

Kid606 - Mr. Wobble's Nightmare from Joel Trussell on Vimeo.


Mochipet Godzilla New Year Video by Savage Henry



Speaking of "cumbiasing" diverse tracks by Sonido del Principe, mentioned by me in the previous post, just listen to this mix of DJ UMB of Sonido del Principe's productions and edits. Benga & Coki's dubstep anthem Night as a cumbia dub or Box Cumbia in collaboration with Samiyam (!) sound quite weird but how would you describe Sonido del Principe's cumbia treatments of Zomby stuff (!!!!!!!!!!!).

1.Sonidoe Del Principe vs El Hijo de La Cumbia – La Mara Dub
2.Sonido Del Principe – Sexy Rod Dub
3.Sonido Del Principe – Wu Cumbia
4.Sonido Del Principe – Sole Rock Cumbia
5.Sonido Del Principe – Watch Dem feat. Horace Andy
6.Sonido Del Principe – Cumbia Curry
7.Sonido Del Principe -Horario de Verano
8.Coki n Benga – Night (Sonido Del Principe -Dub)
9.Sonido Del Principe vs Samiyam – Box Cumbia
10.Zomby vs. SDP – Shake that Strange Fruit
11.Zomby – Godzilla (Vince The Prince remix)


SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE is the best! And I don’t mean to sound like 15-year old groupie, but he f…g rocks in Cumbia department so hard I simply don’t see a proper competition to his skills at the moment on the Neuva Cumbia scene. I have been following his productions since Bersa Disco’s releases and they definitely rock my body and soul. Take this lovely, sunny, yet heavy and pumping mix full of exclusive edits and you’ll understand what I mean. This man is able to ‘cumbiase’ any track. Just listen to ice ice baby or toddla t’s remixes. I cant wait to see death metal songs getting treatment from SDP he he he. The mix was recorded at Cul de Sac bar, where Sonido Del Principe hosts a monthly night called GENERATION BASS.

Special Live Broadcast on GLITCH.FM! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT DUBSTEP Fri/Sat Sept 4th/5th

Yes, Yes, Yes. My favorite Internet radio station Glitch.FM (I am a humble writer/contributor there, remember?) prepares a f.....g bomb of the 10-hour live broadcast from Vancouver's event: "I Can't Believe It's Not Dubstep"! DiDi and MylesAWAY (part of IGU and Fridays BWAMP Radio show) started this fantastic initiative and the line-up includes the Canadian's finest, from Lighta! crew, IGU crew, HxdB and Deekay. What more do you need for a nice Saturday morning (yeah, the broadcast starts 7 a.m. on Saturday here in Poland, 6.am. GMT, 10.pm [Friday] Pacific), which means I will be able to wake up to the bwompy sounds of heavy bass and glitch hop!!! Yippie Yippie Yeah!


The Line-Up is as follows:
Dj Global vs Bevy Swift (aka Glitchy & Scratchy)
Self Evident (Lighta!, SUB-OSC) - (FREE MIX)
HxdB (BFG)
Myles Away (IGU)
Deekay (The Woods,urban ninja)

02 September 2009

Glitch Mob in a Tailer for Shane Acker's "9" (prod. by Tim Burton)

What a blasting audio-visual experience!!!!



Crookers, i.e. Crazy Italians aka super ultra EMO DJ's (he he he cheeeeessssyyy) , in a 30-min mix full of bumping beats, nice breakdowns and pumping pumping nurave music. Plus some heavily cut-up vocals, snares and what's more. Skunk Anansie remix is the SHIT, Jesse Rose mix is even better :) Bang, stomp, turn, move your ass, jump jump jump!! Love them.


Fulgeance - Smartbanging Mix

Electro meets distorted hip-hop beats. I really dig what this French guy equipped with mpc's and stuff is doing with sound. It flows and twists and hits and drops, never diverting too much of the proper course. Great mix for Earphones / Offices.

You should definitely check Fulgeance's Smartbanging EP. Ann Arbor is soooo good.

<a href="http://fulgeance.bandcamp.com/album/smartbanging-ep">Smartbanging by Fulgeance</a>