31 March 2010

Nasty and glitchy grooves for you

One of my favorite young producers of filthy, glitchy and crunky tunes, NastyNasty has just released on xlr8r for free download his sick edit of the totally mental Huarache by another young gun on the heavy bass / dubstep scene - Loops Haunt, hailing from UK. I'm a total sucker for Loops Haunt seriously twisted synths and off-the-hook non-synchronous beat or crispy industrial pads and snares. Don't know how, but NastyNasty somehow managed to turn this tune into even nastier business!

Filthy, drug-peddling midgets attack decent citizens in a highly entertaining, crunky track by Glitchy & Scratchy from the best Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit, including a few nice samples and the beat you should recognize.  More jokes of this type, please :))


Track Listing

1. Bassnectar – Here We Go
2. Bassnectar – Bass Head
3. Bassnectar & Jantsen – Blast Off
4. Bassnectar – Timestretch
5. DJ Vadim – Maximum ft. La Methode (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)
6. Bassnectar – Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi Remix)
7. Bassnectar – Bass Head (SPL Remix)
8. Bassnectar – Bass Head (MRK1 Remix)

9 out of 10***

Here we go boys and girls. Get ready for some serious heavy biznis delivered to you by a busy bee Bassnectar. He has just dropped another super sick EP of face-melting quality. You better check your amplifiiers and speakers for overload protection and warn your neighbors before previewing this stuff. As Lorin wrote on his site, the tracks on this release were inspired by a recent tour across the States. Here, one can definitely hear a very successful attempt of squeezing the sheer power and energy of big hall sound system - creating havoc on the dancefloor with timestretched build-ups and hard hitting drops riding on sick bassline, which is the trademark of Bassnectar stylee - into a digital or vinyl format to be played not only by DJ's in their sets but also at home or at work :) Of course the actual unmediated experience of going to the club to be destroyed into pieces by a big wall of heavy bass cannot compare to listening to this on any media, but ... I still expect to share a few nice jumpy and vibrating moments of serious bass pumping when playing Blast Off or Timestretch on my car's sound system with volume set a bit too high for an average listener. Ha, ha, ha this will be my personal revenge on all these wankers playing latest top-40 shit in their BMW's of SUV's. No matter how hard they pump the volume up, they will never be able to jam the heavy bass coming from my vehicle :)))

Bassnectar managed to release one of the best, most consistent and blasting EP's I've heard this year with 4 fantastic original compositions and 4 equally good remixes with top-notch production quality. Starting from a typical party smasher of Here We Go, with crunky and distorted bassline, a mandatory build-up and emcee instructing people to get ready to whatever sonic assult comes next, through pulsating wobbley extravaganza of a dubstep riddim in Bass Head to the highlight of the entire realease for me, that is Blast Off.  A collaborative effort of Bassnectar with a talented Jantsen from Colorado (I've heard tons of unreleased from Jantsen, and believe my werd - this boy knows how to twist the knobs and push various buttons) will simply blast your head off with sick and crunky, looped synths, infectious beat and a cut-up voice sample most of you will definitely recognize. Listening to this track makes me really sad when I realize how far from the epicenter of Bassnectar DJ'ing activity I live, the more so as he seems to tour only US forgetting about the rest of the world (yes, Mr. Lorin, it is a complaint from a European!). Timestretch is a full-fledged heavy bass meditation rolling through the speakers (or headphones) with a force of a 100-ton tank, crushing everything on its way, but gushing with emotions nonetheless. Then comes a nice little remix of DJ Vadim's Maximum feat. La Methode by Bassnectar and ill.Gates.  Great head-nodding business and dancehall riddim relying on a sparkling bass.  Westcoast Lo-Fi Remix of Timestretch is even more epic and spacey than the original, best remix in the pack for sure. Finally, two low sub killers in filthy dubstep remixes of Bass Head. SPL turned the original into dark and crunky wobbley affair which, when reinforced by Funktion One type of sound system, would easily rip open the chests of dancers or at least have a serious impact on the integrity of the venue's walls. This tune gives me real shivers! MRK 1 remix is also a wobble business but with more crispy clean bassline. All in all, Timestretch a must for any fan of sick subs and whompy bass. Highly recommended!

Buy Timestretch and various limited packs including CD's, t-shirts, digital downloads, vinyls  via Bassnectar.net store or other retailers.

The release of the EP is accompanied by a free Bassnectar mash-up Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado. It is "a musical mutatant marriage between elements of my song ‘Timestretch’ and Nelly Furtado’s classic “Turn Out The Lights". Me likes it.

29 March 2010


The homie RQM has released a preview of his forthcoming release (full-length, EP ?) with a great future-garage remix of U SHE ME by Octa Push from Portugal. The tune was originally produced by Robot Koch and  if this remix can be an indication of the final material to be expected from RQM Propaganda camp,  I anticipate a sure win! Bassline is simply sick and infectious while emcee's voice was cut up beautifully to match the pulsing beat. Highly recommended!

RQM - U She Me (Octa Push RMXXX) by rqmpropaganda

Let's meeet at the corner of stank and crunk with Love and Light and ProBiotik

I love to come to work on the Monday morning, still half-asleep (btw, who has invented this totally stupid clock changing scheme twice a year ?!?!?)  to be brutally woken up by an almighty sound of super ill crunky bass giving me shivers and bringing a wiiiiiiide smile on my face. One of the best surprises music-wise this year.

I've just received an e-mail from a newcomer to the scene (though his sound is quite mature and developed), ProBiotik, hailing from Reno, Nevada, who shared a few of the tracks done under the moniker of Love and Light, which apparently is a collaboration between ProBiotik and 4Centers. (correct me if I'm wrong) These tracks are the filthiest shit I've heard in a while from mid-tempo whompy department! I really encourage you to check the soundcloud of Love and Light and ask for 320's, while they still last.

A real bomb for starters, Ghosts N Stuff (ProBiotiK's Shievers Down Your Spine Remix), sporting a beautiful violin and voice samples, will definitely smash any dancefloor and irreversibly damage any unprotected speakers.  It has a really epic anthem feel to it and crunky bassline with whompy beat hit me so hard I resigned from my morning-fresh Red Bull. One of the best tracks I've heard this year. Reminding me a bit of Knight Riderz dope skitz.

Ghosts N Stuff (ProBiotiK's Shivers Down Your Spine Remix) by Love and Light

More crunky shit with heavy, wobbley bassline and sick beat, plus fantastic Beastie Boys' sample (I'm a real sucker for BB's stuff!). If this track does not work for you - please refrain from reading my blog right now, our tastes are too discrepant :)

The Corner of Stank and Crunk by Love and Light

Finally, a famous statement by Ronald Reagan: "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem" turned into super heavy crunky roller. Check more dope sound on Love and Light soundcloud.

The Solution is... (feat. Ronald Reagan) by Love and Light

25 March 2010

David Starfire - The Psychonaut Spinner Mix

David Starfire, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ from West Coast of US, has published a great, psyche-etno-bass mix on a Reality Sandwich portal or I should rather write, a community of people interested in evolution of conciousness in our hi-tech world. Reality Sandwich, is a child of the Daniel Pinchbeck, the author of great books on psychedelic exploration, e.g. Breaking Open the Head or 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (highly recommended if you have not read them yet!). I visit the site on and off and was very pleased to find there this mix by David Starfire, whose Bollyhood Bass is definitely one of the best releses this year. Great vibe, lots of fantastic remixes and mash-ups of some golden oldies and super fresh tunes. Breath-taking, pulsating bassline meandering through the beautiful vocals and oriental drums. World music, Bhangra, Balkan music mixed with hip-hop beat and heavy bass or dubstep, with a scrap of psychedelia , this is what Doktor Krank really really likes and highly recommends.

David Starfire writes about a history of the name and idea of the mix.......

There was a period of time in San Francisco a few years ago that I would be with a group of friends on psychedelics and wanted to venture out to different places in the city. I would always be the designated driver (also would be referred to as the "trip master") and was the person that would know all the interesting and lesser-known spots of the city. As you can imagine it was always interesting, funny and amazing as my passengers would share their experiences. There was one point when we were driving around and someone said that they felt like they were in a "car space shuttle" instead of a car with wheels. Everyone in the car instantly agreed and said that it felt like they were in a space shuttle car like in Blade Runner (called "spinners") or the infamous "land speeders" of Star Wars. It must of been the perception of moving without feeling the wheels touching the ground and being in a confined space. I would think back about that day and always wanted to make an awesome soundtrack to an awe inspiring journey. So that is what I wanted for this mix, a soundtrack for the psychonauts in their spinners!

**** New Working Link *******

David Starfire - The Psychonaut Spinner Mix (NEW WORKING LINK!!!)


1. Intro-Timothy Leary
2. Shout it Out-David Starfire (Feat. Lynx & Janover)-David Starfire Remix
3. Come Together-Beatles-(David Starfire Remix)
4. Shakti-David Starfire
5. Theres for a Space For Ol Dat I See-M.I.A./Rusko (David Starfire emix)
6. Shimla-David Starfire
7. Get Ur Freak On-Missy Elliott- (Koian Remix)
8. The Beat-David Starfire (Feat. iCatching)
9. Tumbi Blaster-David Starfire
10. As We Enter 2dope-Damian Marley and Nas
11. Adir Adirim-Balkan Beat Box (Nickodemus Remix)
12. Mystic Whomp-David Starfire
13. Gypsy P-Crookers
14. Paradise-Massive Attack (Breakage Remix)
15. Kashmir Punk-Led Zeppelin vs Rusko vs Daft Punk- (David Starfire mega remix)
16. Da Cali Anthem-Rusko
17. Sublow Spazm-Marc Adamo
18. Kids-MGMT (Bukez Finezt Dubstep Bootleg)
19. Is this Love-Bob Marley (Dubstep Logic Remix)
20. Hide and Seek-Imogen Heap (Jason Derulo vs Rusko-David Starfire mashup)

24 March 2010

NastyNasty - Electronic Explorations 105

I haven't checked Rob Booth's podcasts for a while but one dirty name immediately attracted my attention. NastyNasty did an exclusive 40-minute mix for Electronic Explorations including 19 !!! originals plus tunes from the usual suspect e.g. Loops Haunt, Mimosa, Salva or Slugabed, and last but not least - VIP version of the bass-heavy dirty dancefloor banger - Humanoid by Eprom (just released, check your online retailers). NastyNasty mercilessly mixes low subs with pitched, nasty, crunky synths creating filthy melody lines which in my ears sound like most beautiful classic music for an average operagoer. Check my blog for some tasty tunes by NastyNasty and visit Frite Nite, the label on which he would soon drop a full-length release Kingdom Come. One of the most eagerly awaited releses this year in Doktor Krank's camp.

TO ALL EUROPEAN PROMOTERS: NastyNasty will be on tour in Europe in May. For the love of  filthy basslines and sick synths - book him! Demolished venue comes in a package for free!

NastyNasty - Electronic Explorations 105

01] – Akira Kiteshi vs Raffertie – Graveyard Monopoly – [????]
[02] – Broken Note – Shark – [Sustained Records]
[03] – Breakage – Temper (feat. Kemo) – [Digital Soundboy]
[04] – Mount Kimbie – Vertical (SCB Edit) – [Forthcoming 'Hotflush']
[05] – Ikonika – Idiot – [Hyperdub]
[06] – Kuoyàh – Angels Dub (Sully remix) – [Forthcoming 'Frijsfo Beats']
[07] – Planas – Roots Music – [Forthcoming 'Immerse Records']
[08] – DjRUM – St Martin – [Dub]
[09] – Clubroot – ‘Orbiting’ – [Forthcoming 'LoDubs']
[10] – Eprom – Shoplifter – [Bad Acid Music]
[11] – Eprom – Never (FaltyDL Rephresh) – [Surefire Sound]
[12] – Breakage – Vial (feat. Burial) – [Digital Soundboy]
[13] – Vex’d – Killing Floor (MAH Mix) – [Planet Mu]
[14] – iTAL tEK – Spectrum Falls – [Atom River]
[15] – 16bit – EYE CALL (the clock is ticking) – [MTA Records]
[16] – Ramadanman – No Swing – [Forthcoming 'Hessle Audio']
[17] – Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental Remix) – [Forthcoming 'Hotflush']
[18] – AK Kids & Subeena – Spin the Bottle – [???]
[19] – Milyoo – Dasein – [Forthcoming 'OPIT']
[20] – VVV – saviours-sinners – [Dub]
[21] – Jahcoozi – Close To Me (Milanese Remix) – [Forthcoming 'BPitch']
[22] – Ebola – Alpha Paw – [LoDubs]

NastyNasty – In The Mix Exclusive

01 – Birdman ft. lil’ Wayne & Drake – Money To Blow
02 – NastyNasty – Poor Mans Reprise
03 – Sduk – You Nyt
04 – Rico Predicate – Xylostep
05 – NastyNasty – Turf War
06 – NastyNasty – Knife Play
07 – NastyNasty – Swollen Prostitute
08 – NastyNasty – The Reef
09 – NastyNasty – No Names
08 – NastyNasty – Melting You
09 – NastyNasty – Necking
10 – NastyNasty – Choker
11 – NastyNasty – West Coast Hardcore
12 – Starkey – Pleasure Points
13 – Eprom – Humanoid V.I.P.
14 – Doris & Kelly – You Don’t Have To Worry
15 – Phosho – Ninja Juke
16 – Slugabed – Skyfire
17 – NastyNasty – Hellish Monday
18 – NastyNasty – Chiropract
19 – NastyNasty – FourLetterWord
20 – NastyNasty – Damn Girl (teaser)
21 – Sduk – Clunge (NastyNasty remix)
22 – Salva – Weird Science
23 – MiMoSA – Duck & Cover
24 – Loops Haunt – Huarache (NastyNasty edit)
25 – NastyNasty – Visions
26 – NastyNasty – Bleeding
27 – NastyNasty – Myspace
28 – NastyNasty – Damn Girl


Ho ho ho. Now you can download Lando Kal's Fuzzy Ankles, taken from the mighty The Golden Handshake EP, for free via xlr8r. You know you want this slo-mo banger. HOT HOT HOT.


Lando Kal and Low Limit - The Golden Handshake EP

Lando Kal and Low Limit - The Golden Handshake EP (Numbers)


23 March 2010

The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole IT

First single Drive it Like You Stole  from the forthcoming, long-awaited debut album Drink the Sea, by the super trio of The Glitch Mob has arrived. edIT, Boreta and Ooah released a 320kbps version via xlr8r. To be honest - it's a decent Glitch Mob track but nothing fancy. However, let's wait till the drop of the entire album with the final assessment of their work.

The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole IT

21 March 2010



1. Rebirth Dub
2.The Inside
3. Sumptin
4. The Inside (+verb remix)
5. The Inside (Plus 2 Hyperglitch)

 Tons of good music flying from every direction recently and I barely manage to post 1/10th on my blog due to serious time constraints, work overload, kids caring and hundreds of other distractions :) However, some stuff simply needs to be mentioned at least in passing. New EP by De Novo Creation, a homie from GlitchHop Forum hailing from Bloomington (US), should definitely be saved from  a pitiless void on my hard drive, external drives or pendrives, where more and more music lands :(  

The Inside EP includes 3 original tracks and 2 great remixes. Don't sleep on this free release. It's crunky and glitchy, but much less whompy than one usually associates with this type of productions. Echoes, delays, spacey melodies, sick, twisted and convoluted bass and unsettling synths dominate the sonic landscape of De Novo Creation's progeny.  Rebirth dub based on repetitious beat, and industrial 'ferrous' bassline is a seriously crunked out starter  to the main treat and a course of two desserts.The title track, The Inside is a slowly burning stepper with sick, wobbley drops and uplifting synths in a kind of mixture of Heyoka's tribal gathering and PANTyRAiD's talking bassline. When I first heard this tune I wanted immediately to take my car and drive to some open-air festival. Then I realized I live in Poland and here such an event means shitty pseudo-indie rock bands, long-forgotten electronic oldies like Prodigy (totally weak show last year) or - God have mercy - repetitious and boooooooooooring DnB.
EP develops to reach the full maturity in the most advanced and tightest presentation of De Novo Creation's style, namely Sumptin. Soft and powerful with great orchestration and numerous sound layers (siren wails!!), the track which will draw your attention immediately, guaranteed.

Sumptin by De Novo Creation

Then come remixes. Verb + adds more electricity to The Inside, stomping like crazy with metalic yah-yah wobble. Serious treatment, I like!! Plus 2 indeed 'hyperglitched' the title track, upping up tempo and embedding some serious distortions, sick kicks, pads and lazers along the way. The whole thing vibrates in a super funky flavor, definitely a track to be rinsed by DJ's! Another great stuff I've heard recently from Plus 2 - this cat is on the rise :) For me - highlight of the entire pack. 

De Novo Creation will soon drop a remix of the Skwee track This thing is on by Stickem - one of the first Skwee producers and promoters in USA. Watch out for this!

19 March 2010



I have been waiting for this eagerly since last week  when I've learnt that my favorite psych-disco blap hop combo of Lando Kal and Low Limit a.k.a. Lazer Sword is going to drop a new propa mix in Fact Mix series. Already 20 minutes into their work my neck and shoulders hurt like hell and I realized I push the keys on my laptop in unison with the sick rhythm of grimey electro funk out skunky lazer shit - the sequence of Terror Danjah-Gucci Mane-DVA-Slugabed tracks in the middle is f...g insane!! LL and LK break your expectations of what comes next each time, twisting the beat, moving with ease between r'n'b vocals and dirty drops and kicks, electro whomp and oldschool grime or hip-hop anthems, mixing all the shit in a kind of electro cauldron. This time they serve even more eclectic music, including nice joints from their homies  like Mr. Dibiase, Zackey Force Funk (check a joint y ZFF with a Polish producer Piotruś Pan here), Machine Drum through heavy weight hip-hop to, well ... enought of that - just LISTEN. Definitely one of the best mixes this year!!!!

Quite surprisingly the mix includes only a two or three tracks by the boys themselves, they rather prefer to show their fantastic selector skills than promote their own music. Anyawy, anyone intending to rinse Lazer Sword's own stuff should definitely cop their super hot EP The Golden Handshake, recently released on the new Glasgow-based uber-label NUMBERS. 3D Action Jackson by Lando Kal or Where You Been 7.5 by Low Limit are simply THE SHIT (sorry for the repetitions but as you know I had quite an insane week at work and still have not recovered from my then-robot self). Expect a proper review of this EP on my blog soonish.

The Golden Handshake EP (vinyl) 

The Golden Handsahke EP (digital)

1. Roger Troutman ”Superman”
2. Krystal Klear ”Throw It Away”
3. Inner City ”Big Fun (Lando Kal Remix)”
4. Ghosts On Tape ”Midnight Moves”
5. Zackey Force Funk ”The Split”
6. Lazer Sword ”Shot In The Nite”
7. Machinedrum ”SXLND (Demo)”
8. Maniac ”G.R.I.M.E.”
9. Rebound X ”Rhythm N’ Gash”
10. Terror Danjah ”Haunted”
11. Gucci Mane ”Stupid Wild (ft. Lil Wayne, Cam’ron)”
12. DVA ”Keep Up (4X4 VIP Mix)”
13. Slugabed ”Ultra Heat Treated”
14. Fantastic Mr. Fox ”Brandy Remix”
15. Crookers ”No Security (Rustie Remix Instrumental)”
16. Soulja Boy “All Black Everything”
17. Lone “Waves Imagination”
18. Low Limit “Trapperkeeper”
19. Salva “Wake Ups (Edit)”
20. Mr. Dibiase “Spacely Sprocketts”
21. Letherette “Track 9″
22. Javelin “Leonard pt 6″
23. E-40 “Show Me What You Working Wit ft. Too Short”
24. Bernard Fevre “Dali”


Staff which will prepare you to the weekend and helped me to survive the end of the ultra shitty week at work where I turned into zombie robot from Siberia (or something like that). Great beat, lots of heavy bass and ass-tight mixing skills. RECOMMENDED!

Message from the authors of the mix from Get Hype Collective Crew:

"One Part Jeuce" is the first in a new series of mixtapes from Jeuce Joyriders. Full of exclusives, new remixes and generally hype tunes, it will be sure to get you moving. Check the two exclusive remixes of 'Jeuce - Flavour' by Kanji Kinetic and Bare Noize. Set to be released on April 12th


Lung – Afterlife
Timeline – Feel High
Dark Sky – Leave
Kito Ft Reija Lee – L.F.O
Numan – 7th Key (501 Remix)
Randomer – Scapegoat
Tonka – Jack Track (Black Noise Remix)
Kidda – Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)
Man Like Me – London Town (Foamo Remix)
Jeuce – Flavour (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Crookers Ft Miike Snow – Remedy (Jeuce Rework)
Eskmo – Agnus Dei
Hostage – Valhalla
N-Type & The Others – Technophobe
Jinder – Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
Breakage Ft Newham Generals– Hard (Caspa & The Others ‘Police Takover Remix’)
The Boogaloo Crew – Days Go By
Toast – Oven Bells
Jeuce – Flavour (Bare Noize Remix)

17 March 2010

Splatinum - Pumping Quarterz (Mochipet Remix)

Splatinum - Pumping Quarterz (Mochipet Remix) by Mochipet

Ghetto Blasting Rave Crunk by the Master P of Heavy Disaster!! Another killing remix by Mochi!!!!!! RAVE ON !!!!!!

16 March 2010


Stephan Jacobs from L.A., who is also half of Kether duo, has sent me a great mix feturing 100% original music and a few of his newest remixes. Applying tight mixing skills, Jacobs  presents a masterful fusion of pulsating heavy bass deeply rooted in dubstep and twisted glitch-hop beat while not shying away from softer electro touch. He devotes lots of attention to detail and relies not only on the sheer power of whomp & stomp (though this factor of course dominates his music), but also works very well with female vocals and makes sure that the space between the sick drops is filled with equally interesting content. What is more, he crunks up his productions in a manner similar to some other of my favorite 'metal glitch' artists, like Ben Samples from Denver or Freddy Todd from Detroit, which Doktor Krank LIKES A LOT!!

Starting from the highlight of the mix, one of the fattest glitch-hop-meets-dubstep tunes I heard last year You Know They Love Dat, through beautiful and infectious remix of Benny Benassi's old-school rave classic Love Is Gonna Save Us turned into crunky bassline monster, or pretty unsettling collaboration with a vocalist Binah D'Amour in Closer, to dirty, filthy wobble of Bassface remix, Stephan Jacobs delivers 30 minutes of continuous, eclectic heavy bass meditation transgressing the boundaries of traditional music genres. I really encourage you to  go for a ride with him.  

100% Original Mix Volume 1 [Crunk] by Stephan Jacobs

Track Listing:
1. Stephan Jacobs - Waltz
2. Stephan Jacobs & Jupit3r - You Know They Love Dat
3. Benny Benassi - Love Is Gonna Save Us (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
4. Stephan Jacobs feat. Binah D'Amour - Closer
5. Stephan Jacobs - Touch It (With Daft Punk - Technologic Accapella)
6. Gui Boratto - No Turning Back (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
7. Stephan Jacobs & Jupit3r - Royal Treatment
8. Stephan Jacobs - Gleam
9. Bone Thugs & B.I.G. - Notorious Thugs (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
10. Stephan Jacobs & Jupit3r - Sing It now
11. Oscure - Bassface (Stephan Jacobs Remix)

Stars (feat. Anneka) by Starkey (video)

Stars (feat. Anneka) by Starkey from Ben Curzon on Vimeo.


13th Episode in the cult classic series of Low End Theory Podcasts. You know you want this music to grace your ears. This time LET's residents Daddy Kev and Nocando take you for an unlimited fast ride, be prepared for eclectic beats, heavy bass, tons of future hip hop mash-ups and a serious amount of wicked and weird samples. Plus Slugabed's tune which has been haunting me for the last few weeks!


10 March 2010


I'm a big fan of Robot Koch and his Death Star Droid was the best album of 2009 in Doktor Krank's ranking. Some time ago Robot Koch released an EP with remixes of the tracks from that album, plus one new tune - Blind again featuring Grace who was a guest vocalist on DSD. A powerful, yet fragile, voice of Grace laced with the Robert's fluid beat and a few layers of synths builds up to heavy bass culmination in this much-too-short journey. Another new work is Robot Koch's remix  of New Day, by the Brooklyn-based Body Language (they release stuff on Machine Drum's Normrex). I don't know the original but this remix has a peculiar neon quality, reminding me strongly of sunny LuckyMe stuff.

Robot Koch vs Body Language - New Day by robot koch

Then, fLako steps in with a heavily glitched up edit of the title track Death Star Droid - for me the highlight of the entire release next to the Phon.o's remix. Loops Haunt mercilessly throws his sick drums, kicks, pads, bass or whatever he seems to have at hand into one boiling and twisting off-beat syncopation in his very unique vision of Gorom Sen.  Another remix of Gorom Sen by young, talanted beatmaker from LA - Shlohmo, has already made some rounds in the blogosphere before the release. Future beat par excellence!!

Blue Daisy takes the listener to a dreamy fairyland for a trippy ride through etheric sonic landscape which virtually desintegrates into nothingness 'in front of our ears'. TUNE!!

Robot Koch - While feat. Manya (Blue Daisy Remix) by robot koch

Gorom Sen's remixes by Body Language from NYC and Beat Laden from Portugal (props for the name!!!!) are more 'classic' joints for dancefloors, whereas Talen introduced quite a nice pumping, oldschool, electro vibe which reminds me of the late 90's parties. This track has some vintage quality it's really hard for me to verbalize :)

The successful release is crowned with fantastic Phon.o's remix of Gorom Sen. It's a great dancefloor-oriented roller with beautiful synths and pumping beats. You will be hooked up instantly with infectious '8-bit meets oldschool garage in Berlin' type of aesthetics. Cop it and blast it looouuud!

Grab the entire release here on at other online retailers:

Robot Koch feat. Grace - Blind video


J Dilla - Two Can Win (Freddy Todd Remix) by FreddyTodd

Tambour Battant - KP3 (The Unik Remix) by tambour battant

Kik to the Stomach master 3 by JmeJDJ

09 March 2010


Jammer, a badman grime emcee from UK, has come to my attention after a fantastic Party Animal EP . Now he is about to drop a full-length album on Big Dada. Better Than a track taken from this upcoming release is remixed by Brainfeeder's wunderkind and one of my favorite young guns on the scene - Lorn.

Ultra heavy, crunky bass with sick cut-up drums and pads and hammer-like beat of Lorn and a beautiful breakdown coming from the Jammer's original really boost up the badman's grimey rapping to the next level. Sick and powerful track to be heavily rinsed by DJ's across the clubs and radios!

08 March 2010


This is exactly what I call 'great Monday morning news'. Thanks to my fellow blogger from Boombox I've just learnt about a new, amazing project called ESKAMON that is the  collaboration between Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune) and Eskmo (Warp, Planet Mu). They are about (April 5th, 2010) to release their first single "Fine Objects'  on Eskmo’s own imprint “Ancestor.”

I am so stoked cause for me Amon Tobin has been one of the best producers on electronic music scene (regardless of the genre) for nearly 15 years already, and is one of the brightest examples of an artist who tries to push the envelope again and again. Just listen to Two Fingers stuff for instance. Now he joins the force with one of my favorite young producers from SF, which can promise only mind-blowing stuff. A short snippet on the Ancestor's site proves this already. The music described as "the result of the pair’s unique take on sonic exploration and the manipulation of field recordings" reminds me a bit of the experimental stuff produced by crazy Loops Haunt, Slugabed or Fulgeance, in particular as regards the sick drum sequences and twisted bassline. I keep my fingers crossed for the final outcome, but I am positive this will be a huuuuge release.

05 March 2010


Yeah!! Finally, we have our own, Polish Glitch-Hop Forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go people, check the site. Don't miss the fresh blood coming from this part of Europe. Get involved, advertise your skills, let us hear you blah blah blah. I hope the scene will thrive, which will translate into glitch-hop quality productions made in Poland (actually, more news in this topic very soon!) and more bookings of my favorite artists representing the future of electronic music.

The term "glitch-hop" of course should not be read directly as a final and closed definition of 'mid-tempo hip-hop beat with distorted, heavy bass and acapellas', but rather as a tentative name which somehow stuck and is now wide-spread (relatively at least). It is rather directed outwards to encompass various music styles sometimes also referred to as: acquacrunk, turbo crunk, lazer bass, future blap, future beatz, street bass, heavy bass, wonky, hyphy, psyphy, usually falling within the broader categories of IDM, EDM and recently, quite often flirting with dubstep", said Professor Krank (in his academic verbal diarrhea mode).

Whatever, f**k the definitions. Glitch Hop is simply trigger-happy sound that on one hand makes my ass jump and my body twist like crazy on the dancefloor and on the other ensures a lot of awe-inspiring moments when listening to music at work with my headphones on.



Piotrus Pan (Peter Pan in English), a Polish producer, who has recently moved to Berlin (oh how I envy you!) in another infectious little joint. This time it's a collaboration with an overseas artist - Zackey Force Funk, hailing from the City of Angels. The track reminds me of a strange music collage I sometimes 'hear' during my personal radio show deep inside my mind when returning home after particularly tiresome and exhaustive partying in some downtown club. When all the emotions, impressions, conversations, sound pieces blend together into a surreal mixture amplified by the images of late night / early morning city viewed through the windows of a cab which always drives too fast.


Oh boy, what a great way to start this snowy and cold Friday. Two of my favorite producers at the moment, i.e. Starkey and Slugabed will ease my corpo drudgery with absolutely fantastic music.

In a matter of days, the Starkey's new EP - Stars will drop on Planet Mu. The EP featuring a mesmerizing vocal of Anneka, includes the remixes by heavy-weight music champions like Slugabed, Raffertie or Ital Tek. On this occasion Starkey not only did a mix for NME but also released one remix for free download. And the remix by SLUGABED it is !!!! Yippie. It's a work of ART. Words are superflous, let the music speak:

But the main treat of the sonic orgy comes with the Starkey's NME RADAR MIX. Without a doubt this is the best mix I had a chance to hear this year. It is worth downloading just for EPROM's Humanoid VIP alone, ha ha. But seriously, the tracklist is just dripping street bass heaviness all over my ears, including presentation of the Starkey's music from the Stars EP and forth-coming full-length.  E.g. Capsule  has a f...g fantastic bassline and great synth while Spacecraft is simply an all-encompasing heavy bass orgy!  A few dubs from his extensive music buddies are as usual top-notch, like DNAEBeats and NastyNasty collab of lovely title Aqua Bubble Hash. This mix is tight as hell and I not only recommend it, I DEMAND you listened to it! Such a good start to this day, I wish Fact Magazine released already the next instalment in the FACT Mix series - this time by none other than electro future blap crunky warriors of Lazer Sword!!

01 - Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle "Club Games" (planet mu)
02 - Starkey "OK Luv" (planet mu)
03 - Starkey "Millennia" (planet mu)
04 - Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. Pupajim "Vampayaa (Starkey remix)" (cool & deadly)
05 - Swindle "Airmiles" (planet mu)
06 - Grems ft. Foreign Beggars "Brokabilly" (dub)
07 - Mensah "Pulse 80's" (hench)
08 - Kingdom "DPM / Juke Ya Girl Remix (Extended)" (dub)
09 - Starkey "Capsule" (planet mu)
10 - Numan "Skull Crusher (Bombaman remix)" (slit jockey)
11 - DNAEBEATS ft. NastyNasty "Aqua Bubble Hash" (seclusiasis)
12 - Rudi Zygadlo "Resealable Friendship (Slugabed's Special Friends Deepest Holes remix)" (planet mu)
13 - EPROM "Humanoid VIP" (dub)
14 - Starkey "Spacecraft" (planet mu)
15 - Kaiser "Lost in an Analogue Dream" (slit jockey)
16 - 8Bitch "G41" (slit jockey)
17 - Starkey ft. Anneka "Stars" (planet mu)

03 March 2010

Plus 2 - Kill the Dragon


I'm a real sucker for 8-bit nintendo / cheap tune soundz and if you mix this with some proper glitch, nothing can beat the final effect. This is exactly the case with the new track by John Kay a.k.a. Plus 2, a producer and a fellow glitchhopforum dweller, hailing from Victoria, Canada. His Kill the Dragon is aparently loosely based on the cult game Legend of Zelda, at least in terms of artwork and 8-bit samples used :) Probably, as I've never had a chance to play it. Montezuma's Revenge - this was the game I remember best from early 8-bit comptuers time, when I played it to death on my Atari - first PC I owned as a kid.

Anyway, listen and download this track, while a f...g soundcloud limit of 100 downloads lasts. A very refreshing and original tune for the glitch hop genre. I wish I heard more of such daring attempts at introducing less whompy sound to this scene. Great job!

Plus 2 - Kill Teh Dragon by Plus2

Glitch and crunk in da House: Lorn, Misk, J.me.J, Inaudible, NastyNasty, Mochipet


I'm a big fan of the mysterious "sworn-to-blackLORN (you may have a chance to see how big soon, I hope, but shhhh, nothing is confirmed yet). He has been signed up with the mighty FlyLo's Brainfeeder and his full-length debut Nothing Else will drop early June this year. Thus I was really stoked to see him posting a track via Twitter. As it turned out this tune was made in 2006 :) but it has a damn fine mood and this oldschool 'cold-wave' synths and pads are just killing!

Misk - Nintendont EP MegaMix by verminstreet

Preview of the super dope EP by Misk released yesterday on VerminStreet to be downloaded via the best site for glitch / heavy bass, i.e. Addictech, including dirty remixes by NastyNasty  and Petr Passive. Read more on Misk in my review of one of the best albums I heard last year - Saturation.

Speaking of NastyNasty, here is another sick mid-tempo banger Damn Girl to be released soon on Frite Nite. Oh boy...

NastyNasty - Damn Girl by fritenite

More fat glitch goodies comes with the first release of the new UK-based glitch-hop label - Skanky Panky Records. Four sick, mid-tempo tracks with j.me.j's Gut Romper and William Breakspeaker's vs. SixAm -Vowel Mouthed  being my favorite ones. Grab the entire release on Addictech. It's nice to see Europe finally waking up to the new electronic sound originating from across the pond.

Storm Therapy by inaudible

More crunky glitch hop made in UK. Inaudible, whose tracks I covered some time ago on my blog, has dropped a very tight, whompy and ass-kicking release on the forward-thinking US label - Muti Music. The ultra crunky and spacey bassline and sick synths would easily destroy any dancefloor. Production is absolutely top-notch and Inaudible has real power under his buttons, I highly recommend his stuff to you. One of the toughest motherfu****s on the scene at the moment. You can buy the release on ... well, you know already - Addictech :)

Noah23 Blackstone (Mochipet Remix) by Mochipet

Finally, an ol' good Mochipet in another epic, crunky remix.

Electro dubstep tunage: Stephan Jacobs, Jeuce, Tambour Battant, Schlachthofbronx


Stephan Jacobs from LA in a great crunky dubstep treatment of Benny Benassi's Love is Gonna Save Us. I really dig the way this guy handles the bassline in his tracks, and the modulated vocal in this one is also first rate!

Crookers release their new single 'Remedy' today (March 3rd)! Jeuce crew from UK has just released (with Southern Fried Records seal of approval) an ass-kicking remix of Crookers track. Grab this tune as it includes properly heavy bass and some serious drops to crash the dancefloors or sound systems around you. Jeuce are a live electro/dubstep act based in Leeds, built up of four members. They are now also one part of the freshly launched Get Hype Collective; a collaboration of like-minded Acts, DJ’s, Designers and Promoters.You better memorize this name as I expect some bombs dropped by them in the nearest future. The new single 'Flavour' by Jeuce will be released in April, with remixes from Kidda, Bare Noize, Kanji kinetic, Audiofun and more. Can't wait.

Missill-Chuppa(Tambour battant remix) 320 by tambour battant

Tambour Battant duo from France remixing Missil on her Chuppa EP. Some time ago, I used to listen a lot to Missil, thus I'm really stoked to hear this release. The EP comes with a bunch of remixes covering a pretty broad music spectrum to fade any dancefloor. Apart from the fast-rolling dubstep stomper by Tambour Battant, there is a fidget/kuduro version from manaia; the more clubby delivery from stereoheroes and mustard pimp, ghetto booty shit from kaptain cadillac (!!!!) or the tropical minimal version from edu-k. Grab the 12" picture disc on Juno.


Finally, my favorite air-horn carnival butchers from Munich - Schlachthofbronx has just dropped their Ayoba Remix EP and Man Recordings offers a free track for your listening pleasure. Don't hesitate! The absolutely smashing dubstep bassline of the Finnish producer - Top Billin with Spoek vs. Gnucci Banana doing the ranting = instant dancefloor anthem. One of the best tracks I've heard recently! Check the entire EP on Junodownload. GO BOYS GO. GIMMEE MORE!

Bonus: Original mix of Ayoba by Schlachthofbronx.